Ghostbusters - Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 13, 2016
  • The movie from which the most hated movie trailer on TVclip is here. Is it worth the hate? Was the movie worth making to begin with? Here's my review of "Ghostbusters"!
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  • Kid Vohnz
    Kid Vohnz 2 days ago +8

    Anybody else here in 2019, after the Ghostbusters afterlife trailer to pay their respects 😂😂😂

  • Akhtar Zamil Sirajudeen

    This movie is gonna be decimated by Ghostbusters Afterlife

  • Matthew Swenson
    Matthew Swenson Month ago

    Badly written. As if nothing was actually scripted; the actors were just told the basics of their characters and the point of a scene and told to improvise. But if you enjoy comedians overacting, you're in luck!

  • J Run
    J Run Month ago

    God I remember when I first saw this movie in theaters and I liked it. But since than I re watched it and than realized that I was a dumb 14 year old because oh my god this movie was terrible. Like no laughs at ALL!!!

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod Month ago

    Jeremy Jahns: Do you have a brother named Jimmy?

  • milking cow suprise
    milking cow suprise 2 months ago

    I finally saw the movie last week... i liked it... i am not listening to the internet anymore...

    • SongJiangShiJin
      SongJiangShiJin Month ago

      @milking cow suprise well, looking at meta critic scores no, not at all. I don't like any Adam Sandler movie, cause it's always the same, a dude acting like a retard and lots of fart/dick jokes. But this is what Ghostbusters was as well. This is the reason why I thought there movie sucked. Not the casts fault, everyone wants a paycheck. But still a (juvenile) bad movie imho

    • milking cow suprise
      milking cow suprise Month ago

      @SongJiangShiJin just a few.... billy madison, zohan, happy gilmore... everybody likes those...

    • SongJiangShiJin
      SongJiangShiJin Month ago

      Just as an information, how old are you? And do you like Adam Sandler/Rob Schneider movies? Cause if you like this movie, you ought to like Adam Sandler movies.

  • Jay ThankYou
    Jay ThankYou 2 months ago

    Are you seriously saying Lesley Jones had the best lines. " The power of fatty compels you ". Sony execs got to you Jeremy. They should of gone for Wanda Sykes. Ghostbusters is a bit like Star trek in that it has it's own rich lore which. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis built brilliantly. Would you like to go up against Gozer? Chris Hemsworth character I dont even remember. Ghostbusters 2016 was a Cash grab by Sony pure and simple. A perfect example of not understanding the source material or audience. I hate to say it but Bill Murray was right all along. People are saying this is about strong females. Duh yeah being told what to do by a man.

  • makeen awadee
    makeen awadee 2 months ago

    Sorry but as a fan I was 😒

  • Orochi Yagami
    Orochi Yagami 4 months ago

    This guy had 90s hair in the 2010s

  • dimitris bam
    dimitris bam 4 months ago

    saw it by accident on a ship on my vocation. ..this movie sucks dick

  • Caeden
    Caeden 5 months ago

    I got this movie for free in 2016 and still haven't watched it.

  • John Doyle
    John Doyle 5 months ago

    You were to kind on this movie

  • April Harmony
    April Harmony 5 months ago

    That movie was awful. I think that was the last movie I saw before I stopped going to the movies smh. It's was awful compared to the original.

  • Cole REVIEWS
    Cole REVIEWS 5 months ago

    My Ranking Of Ghostbusters Movies
    1. Ghostbusters (1984) A+
    2. Ghostbusters (2016 Remake) C-
    3. Ghostbusters 2 (1989) D-

    • SongJiangShiJin
      SongJiangShiJin Month ago

      Stop doing drugs, please. Obviously damage has been done already, but damn...

  • noless
    noless 6 months ago

    Why not just admit that the movie was a disaster instead of trying to find anything positive to say about it. You, and many other youtube critics, obviously didn't like the film.

  • solterohugo
    solterohugo 7 months ago

    They should have called it “SNL’s Ghostbusters”

  • William Dinkel
    William Dinkel 7 months ago

    I rewatched the original, and its terrible. I probably only liked it because i was a kid and liked movies like the gremlins.

  • Osman Matthew
    Osman Matthew 9 months ago +1

    It kinda reminds me someone tells off there parents you know what I’m moving out I’m Independent I’m strong I can make it on my own awkward silence for 10 seconds then jeremy Jahns says can i borrow 20 bucks brah I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tamsyn Shaw
    Tamsyn Shaw 9 months ago +1

    I actually liked it..... sorry.

  • Scott Prazak
    Scott Prazak 9 months ago

    This is one time I believe Adam Sandler and his gang could’ve gelled.

  • Danny Platt
    Danny Platt 9 months ago

    I got no problems bout a all female Ghostbusters movie but it wasn't funny that my main problem with this movie

  • Connor Raabe
    Connor Raabe 10 months ago +1

    Hair on fleek today, Jeremy!

  • Paul Rizzo
    Paul Rizzo 10 months ago

    - Chris Hemsworth saves this film
    - editing was horrid
    - Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were UNBEARABLE and cringeworthy

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 10 months ago

    Guys, there's 2 reasons why Jeremy didn't address the "Controversy" surrounding this film
    1: It's nonexistent and it doesn't matter
    2: Jeremy is a movie reviewer, not a political talk show host

  • sixstringman
    sixstringman 10 months ago

    Absolute fucking dogshit

  • Aidan Farren-Hart
    Aidan Farren-Hart 10 months ago

    Never in my whole life will I give this movie money.

  • david granda
    david granda 11 months ago

    4:34 HAHAHAHA

  • Joel Najar
    Joel Najar 11 months ago

    How can you defend this movie? Man this movie sucks Ass. All copy’s should be destroyed.

  • DJ7223
    DJ7223 11 months ago

    Now to comment. You chuckled? What are you watching because that is not what I was watching.

  • Jelena Paunović
    Jelena Paunović Year ago

    more ballbusting

  • Mikayla Barton
    Mikayla Barton Year ago +1

    I’m rewatching this video since I forgot this whole film. Also wow... was it really released 2 years ago?

  • daniel dunbar
    daniel dunbar Year ago +1

    none of them were funny man

  • southweststrangla420

    leslie jones was face palming horrible imo. i only chuckled 1 time. chris hemsworths intro. that was it. i wouldnt advise anyone to watch this trainwreck

  • RazaFF11
    RazaFF11 Year ago

    Its garbage

  • Stephen Herrington


  • Blaze The Movie Fan

    Just letting you know, I commentated on this video.

  • Megan Lowe
    Megan Lowe Year ago +1

    I agree with your review, Jeremy. It wasn't as bad as it was expected to be, but, it wasn't as good as some had hoped it would be. It was just kind of meh. It just is, as you put it. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were definitely the best parts of the movie.

  • Joseph Kong
    Joseph Kong Year ago

    This was a comedy movie? All jokes were falling flat for me. Nothing memorable

  • ninjaa54
    ninjaa54 Year ago

    This movie sucks dont watch it.

  • CrazyComic Guy
    CrazyComic Guy Year ago

    i would of said its one big pile of DOGSHIT!!!

  • David Perez
    David Perez Year ago

    I think you are being generous, i would have gave it a dogshit..

  • jonny5777
    jonny5777 Year ago

    Truly horrible movie. Why remake a film that was brilliant originally? The story's was boring and was almost like a dream sequence as the city was undamaged after the final battle. Can't wait to see what Hollywood will try ruin next... maybe casino or goodfellas with an all female cast?

    • Aimee Ward
      Aimee Ward Year ago

      Please don't give them any more ideas.

  • TheBrendon67
    TheBrendon67 Year ago

    Ha. Nice reference.
    Very good and terrible review.
    I loved it and hated it at the same time.

  • Jason Tong
    Jason Tong Year ago

    U have some bad humour

  • VTH Universe Nightskyline 2016

    Probably the one making the reboot could have put in a female character or two in the movie instead of replacing them all with females... Great and original idea everyone could have thought about, right? No. They just jumped straight into that without putting any thought into the idea.

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas Year ago

    i didn't see it and i won't want to fucking see it because this is something that out of the original ghostbuster's asshole

    • Talia al Ghul
      Talia al Ghul Year ago

      From someone who did see it for free streaming while it's in the theaters, DON'T. I still feel ripped off due to wasting 2 hours of time in my life which I will never get back as well as internet bandwidth.

  • Rat Poison
    Rat Poison Year ago +3

    This movie sucked so fucking bad. I'm a huge fan of Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wigg but, good grief, this was abysmal.

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor Year ago +2

    I didn't even bother watching this movie. Not because the cast were women though.

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake Year ago +5

    "Something smells like fish, in my neighbourhood who you gonna call? Cuntbusters!!!!" I ain't afraid of no blood :D
    Movie was terrible

  • Lisa Hood
    Lisa Hood Year ago

    Okay this is a weard story in November i went to black Friday and i saw ghostbusters (2016) and i said to my self I CANT BELEAVE i saw that so after that i bought LOGEN

  • MC
    MC Year ago +1

    its not a great movie but the hate for it was WAY over the top. the reddit MRA crowd gets a little insane at times lol

  • Zack Reynolds
    Zack Reynolds Year ago +1

    Stranger Things Season 2 made a better Ghostbusters movie than this.

  • Miguel Lee
    Miguel Lee 2 years ago +1

    This movie was bad... not as bad as the Emoji Movie but still pretty bad! 🐶💩

  • Otbaht
    Otbaht 2 years ago

    honest i just expected it to be a big meh movie.

  • Gehtea.
    Gehtea. 2 years ago

    I liked all the weapons at the end

  • Crestfire
    Crestfire 2 years ago +1

    The movie is so dumb...😢. The dialogues are so dumb....just so so dumb...😭

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 2 years ago +2

    For fucks sake people, grow the hell up. Stop with all these comments bashing Jeremy for not just telling you what you wanted to hear by saying the movie is horrible (I think that's the only reason people are defending Angry Joe's review) Look, I personally thought this movie was really bad but I respect Jeremy’s opinion, he didn’t think it was that bad, good for him, do I think it’s 1 of the worst movies of all time? Hell no, but I still really didn’t like it. And just because he didn't think it was awful doesn't mean he was paid off or afraid of getting backlash, I mean tell me, when has Jeremy ever been scared of getting backlash? (I mean just look at his review for Drive, a movie that tons of people loved that he didn’t like, did he lie about his opinion and say that he liked it? No, he just went right ahead and said that it wasn’t his type of movie and he didn’t enjoy it, sure he ended up getting a lot of hate for it but he was still honest about how he felt about it and that’s all that matters) So stop yelling at him and saying he pussed out, because he didn't, he's just being honest, he didn't go into the movie already declaring that he hates it like you guys, he went into the movie with an open mind, maybe you should too

    • noless
      noless 6 months ago

      But that's not the same thing. No one is going to write articles about Jeremy calling him a womanhater if he didn't like Drive. They would do that if he said he hated Ghostbusters 2016 however. Just look what happend to James Rolfe when he just said that he didn't want to see the film. Article and article calling him sexist, manbaby and so on...

  • wholetruthy
    wholetruthy 2 years ago +1

    The four actresses suck especially the big fat unfunny black one

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 2 years ago

    This movie is shit and only exist to cause drama on the internet. And if anyone comment that I'm sexist for saying that, then you've just proven my point.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    I know how to win this.

    I like these actors and actresses yet I hate this movie. Eat that internet. Master Debate over that!