House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The House of Representatives is investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers he provided in the Russia investigation, the House's general counsel said in federal court Monday.
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  • Stanley Hudson
    Stanley Hudson 14 days ago +1

    🔴 Muller will be missed...
    Russian hacking will be missed
    What's the next story?

  • Adriana Jacobs
    Adriana Jacobs 15 days ago


  • joanne morris
    joanne morris 16 days ago

    your mom must be weird the way she brought you up to have that hair do its like a doll weird

  • joanne morris
    joanne morris 16 days ago

    come on kate its years now with that aweful hair cut do something with your hair it is terrible to look at

  • With Nail
    With Nail 16 days ago

    “Of course he lied”
    I’ve never seen SO MANY bot comments in my entire life 🤣 every two comments start out the EXACT same

  • Kmak Milly
    Kmak Milly 19 days ago

    So not behaving Presidential Isn't Grounds For Impeachment. The President's Tweets Are Technically Formal Presidential Announcements? That alone should out him then. Presidential Privilege?

  • justmemadison
    justmemadison 19 days ago

    Kills me that they still act surprised to find out Trump lied. If he's breathing, he's lying. The media is continually chasing its tail. They don't want to report real news. UGH! It's not fake news, it's just not news.

  • Sean OQuinn
    Sean OQuinn 19 days ago

    Not Donald Pinocchio 🤥 trump. That fake news not. trump lie to God who are we. 😂

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 20 days ago


  • Cancun American
    Cancun American 20 days ago

    --No Quid Pro Quo--
    *Si Quid Pro Quo*
    •On audio, video & in writing✓
    *#CULT45GOP* 🇷🇺 Idiots 🥴🤡
    *The* 🇺🇸 *Constitution is meaningless? Laws & Government issued Subpoenas are to be ignored as long as you swear your loyalty to Donald* 💯% *& you're a member of the GOP!*
    *There seems to be no other option but the* 2020 🇺🇸 *elections and that's being set up again for a win by outside forces.* 🇷🇺
    *Impeach & Convict, but DonTheCon is fully protected by MoscowMitch, Miss Lindsey, Minion Barr & the Republican party!* 🇺🇸🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gary Reid
    Gary Reid 20 days ago

    Russia has infiltrated the american government as far back as McCarthy.
    McCarthy was a Russian asset using the russian technic of accusing the people opposing them as being the Russian agents.
    The Republicans and trump are russian assets doing the work of russia to stop democracy in the world.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 20 days ago


  • Cyrus Theowl
    Cyrus Theowl 20 days ago +1

    Of Course Trump Lied, he can not help it.....It would be much easier to find anything that Trump has not lied about in the last 70 years...!!!

  • Paul Stanitz
    Paul Stanitz 21 day ago

    do you need an answer to that question? Really?

  • Ryan Odonnell
    Ryan Odonnell 21 day ago

    Trump did lie.. Infact give him a couple more days and he will tell us what he did.. Roll the video

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 21 day ago

    If his lips were moving, then yes

  • Matt911
    Matt911 21 day ago

    Really CNN.......REALLY!! word! how bad are all your reporters. You really have no idea what the f....k you all doing or talking about, how stupid do you think the rest of the world is..............watching this crap day in and day out, how bad are your ratings......and falling even further.....keep trying to lie to the people around the world, Trump will win......why because he's cleaning up your corrupt parliament.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 21 day ago +1

    Really your still put focus on Muller. The Democratic establishment and mainstream media is just full of lies and hatred. I used to be independent voter. But thanks to how Democratic establishment and Mainstream media i am now a conservative. Because they have lied, taken thing out context and only care about power and greed. The Democrats have spent millions of dollars on false accusations. That money could have gone somewhere else. Malcom X was right. If you. Note Democratic your political chump.

  • Richard Alevizos
    Richard Alevizos 21 day ago

    Where are Jared and Ivanka and douchle jr now? Duck and cover? Maybe they need to get out of the country, seek asylum in Russia to avoid prosecution?

  • SOUR S4G
    SOUR S4G 21 day ago

    I’ll save y’all some money. Yes, yes he did lie. He is a pathological liar.

  • Darth Vader LXXI
    Darth Vader LXXI 21 day ago

    Snort some more Crack, Donnie. You will feel much better.

  • James Burns
    James Burns 21 day ago

    CNN worldwide known as FAKE NEWS

  • ShamrockShylock
    ShamrockShylock 21 day ago

    Trump LIED?!

  • andrew chambers
    andrew chambers 21 day ago

    The house will investigate his turds and come up with the same result

  • C myfriendscallmeColin Powell

    Trump lying to Mueller??? 😳😳😳😳😳😳 Color me SURPRISED!!! 😂

  • Thang Ta
    Thang Ta 21 day ago

    A random shoots another guy in front of a bunch of people in day light with security cameras footage as proof already available.
    Americans: Let's investigate if he actually shoots the guy.

  • Nicholas Mullen
    Nicholas Mullen 21 day ago

    Literally no shock. Hes a habitual liar just like my pathological lying dope head step brother.

  • Lane Kelly
    Lane Kelly 21 day ago

    I find it interesting that all of a sudden right before the IG. Horowitz report comes out that a lot of the Democrats seem to be trying to jump in front of what’s coming.

  • Oscar Gold
    Oscar Gold 21 day ago

    We don't care about your investigations. Trump 2020, there is nothing you can do.

  • Shelley Bee
    Shelley Bee 21 day ago

    Well, duuuhh....of course trump lied. Whatever comes out of his arse lips/fk knuckled fingers is frigging lie. 🙄

  • sara
    sara 21 day ago

    Did trump lie when he was in trouble? does a bear shit in the woods?

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 21 day ago +1

    Trump lies about everything....hell he even believes the lies he tells himself.
    You think Mueller is any more special?!

  • Andrew Hopkins
    Andrew Hopkins 21 day ago

    My god you people are stupid...

  • richard knight
    richard knight 21 day ago

    CNN calls Trump a liar and a racist they need to look into the mirror I think CNN gets bonuses as long as they keep lying for them

  • richard knight
    richard knight 21 day ago

    CNN has no credibility anymore lies after lies hatred so much so bias they prove it time after time

  • Daniel Liljeberg
    Daniel Liljeberg 21 day ago

    I hope, for the sake of Trump to look anything like an even semi-stable person, that he didn't lie. I mean, he was talking about how much he wanted to talk to the investigators under oath and his own lawyers felt it would be hard for him to tell the truth. So he, after a lot of back and forth, writes up a small number of answers to a very limited subset of questions. All in order for him and his lawyers to be able to really think the answers through. If he still LIED then it will be hard to call oneself a "stable genius" and on a much more serious note it will eradicate any sense of belief in the presidents word, even when written.

  • My Cool Moral Lay Ha

    Lol they don't care about people lying under oath
    For example, Brett kavanaugh or as he should be known the butt chugging, beer loving, constitutional monarch.

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Tomee Gunz
    Tomee Gunz 21 day ago

    I wonder how much he lied before he became a hated president?

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos 21 day ago

    Wondering if Trump lied? That is so absurd. The man lies every minute and chance he gets.

  • kac2868
    kac2868 21 day ago

    Yes, Traitor Trump lied! He will also lie and tell everyone he's never lied! The sad thing is, his loyal brainwashed repub followers don't care if he lies, cheats, commits crimes or does anything else wrong! Trump and the crooked repubs have radicalized the right so much to hate the democrats, that Trumps base doesn't care about American democracy or the constitution as long as the democrats don't have the power. Trumps boss Putin has given him orders to divide and weaken America by whatever means possible so Russia will be stronger than America. Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office ASAP!

  • James Mckellar
    James Mckellar 21 day ago

    So they are trying to revive the failed Mueller investigation? Well I guess this latest attempt to remove Trump is going absolutely nowhere for the Dems. Oooohhh Come on the Horowitz report, cant wait for the actual corrupt Dems to face the music

  • Alicia Taylor
    Alicia Taylor 21 day ago

    Of course Trump lied that's all he does he needs to be in jail along with his cohorts.

  • JK JK
    JK JK 21 day ago

    Lock him up!

  • Gabriel Sauceda
    Gabriel Sauceda 21 day ago

    😂 what else are they gonna try to get Trump for?? Haha! You would think they’d learn their lesson.

  • Gabriel Sauceda
    Gabriel Sauceda 21 day ago

    😂 what else are they gonna try to get Trump for?? Haha! You would think they’d learn their lesson.

  • shifter1919
    shifter1919 21 day ago

    This dude is about to be impeached, while being impeached

  • P C
    P C 21 day ago

    Toasted, he's toasted...

  • jane dais
    jane dais 22 days ago

    Who cares, Mueller had his chance and blue it.

  • Helicopter Dad
    Helicopter Dad 22 days ago

    Fake News and lies. “The narrative” brought to you by the fake news. Trump will beat the communists again in 2020. Eff you fake news libs.

  • Hazel Guillen
    Hazel Guillen 22 days ago

    Lying is his biggest asset

  • Cielo McMeekin
    Cielo McMeekin 22 days ago

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say... Yes, Of course he lied. Is this really a question?

  • Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 22 days ago

    Fucking piece of shit lies to everybody. Why wouldn't he lie to Mueller?

  • Sasa Princip
    Sasa Princip 22 days ago

    Bring impeachment on already and release all ugliness from your black boxes. It will only play in Trumps favor...time is ripe.

  • Luong Truong
    Luong Truong 22 days ago +1

    The history America always remember him president Trump

  • Luong Truong
    Luong Truong 22 days ago

    I' don't like CNN

  • Luong Truong
    Luong Truong 22 days ago

    Don't talk bad for Trump

  • Luong Truong
    Luong Truong 22 days ago

    Trump great 👍 is a president of Americans people

    • Jeff Novack
      Jeff Novack 22 days ago

      Learn some English, then learn the facts, then come back when you have something real to say.

  • Luong Truong
    Luong Truong 22 days ago

    Trump 2020

    • Jeff Novack
      Jeff Novack 22 days ago

      TRump 10-20...years in prison.