In A Child's Name-Full Movie (1991) Valerie Bertinelli, Christopher Meloni

  • Published on Jan 7, 2015
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  • Dorota Fry
    Dorota Fry 2 days ago

    Good movie

  • Mary Fetters
    Mary Fetters 2 days ago

    People who abuse someone is the first one to cry foul when it happens to them. Ten foot tall and bullet proof until they get it back. Then they cry to the cops. It's ok to stand by your child but good old Ken's parents are as deranged as he is!

  • sni greta
    sni greta 2 days ago

    We should listen to people who really love us and want the best for us 😐

  • Sonya Jones
    Sonya Jones 2 days ago

    They should’ve listened to their dad’s father when he reacted to Ken at the dinner table 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • B Luv
    B Luv 3 days ago

    I would never forget the man (playing the brother-in-law character) getting raped in that jail scene in the tv series OZ. I just cnt forget. #funny

  • Donna Jo Monson
    Donna Jo Monson 4 days ago

    Grandma Taylor was also the nurse on One flew over the cuckoos nest with Jack Nicholson
    Many Christians lie, cheat, steal, murder....hiding in sheep’s clothing! does Waco, Jim Jones ring any bells

  • TheHeatherjane
    TheHeatherjane 4 days ago

    I am really surprised they let the grandparents back in the house where she was killed.

  • Gwendolyn Pittman- Tharpe

    No+What a great movie 🎬full of suspense waiting for the psycho husband next move the Italian girlfriend that became the wife saw all the clues of a man that could become a killer, in my opinion, the girlfriend married because she didn't want to be an old maid and wanted to please the family really she would have married anyone that would have asked her instead she married an abuse psycho killer dam. Still, a great movie ending was overwhelming.

  • patricia Rivera
    patricia Rivera 5 days ago

    And justice has been served

  • Carol Bryant!
    Carol Bryant! 6 days ago

    Thanks for this movie I enjoyed it there is so much wife abuse out there that is never know about until it is too late this guy was a womanizer and a drug addict the word of God says you reap what you sew

  • Barbara Lujan
    Barbara Lujan 6 days ago

    I read the book. This man was so much sicker. His parents were even more weird than they were portrayed in the movie.

  • Frankie Raman
    Frankie Raman 8 days ago

    Some woman fall for anything.

  • 116mickeymouse
    116mickeymouse 8 days ago

    This is like the Baby M story, only difference is that there was no murder or evil father, but there was multiple trials to determine who would get custody of the baby. The mother and baby Andrew are the real victims. A man like that should have been locked up or gotten help a long time ago, too bad his parents are too one sided to see that.

  • Tara Collins
    Tara Collins 8 days ago

    The book tells a lot more. Ken developed a heavy cocaine habit, but Theresa also did cocaine too....but not nearly as heavily as Ken did. Theresa also got pregnant, before she & Ken got married. Theresa had an abortion, she & Ken BOTH agreed on this. The book also says that after she & Ken were married, and after Acupulco, that when she gets pregnant again..that Ken at one point tried to convince Theresa to abort again. Near the end of the book, as in the film, they mention Theresa allegedly trying to abuse their infant son by fellating him.....but in the book, its implied that Ken may have allegedly suffered this abuse by his own mother. The book claims someone in the family says its supposed to 'calm a fussy baby'. But the book says nothing definitive, everything seems to be hearsay. But regardless of what is true or false, Ken was a psychopath who had a loving family (more than one, according to the book) and he destroyed them for no reason at all.

  • Jennifer wellman
    Jennifer wellman 8 days ago

    OK it’s kind of creepy when your future brother-in-law, is hitting on you, before he marries your sister.. I’m just saying

  • Eva F
    Eva F 8 days ago

    מאד נהנית מהסרטים תודה יופי תמשיכו כך

  • R Gutridge
    R Gutridge 8 days ago

    This movie shows that some people can really “ snowball “ and deceive you in so many ways. It’s amazing that a husband could do this and think he could get away with it. He really thought her family would buy his act , good acting . Angela was right, he’s way too rehearsed .

  • Andrea Everson
    Andrea Everson 8 days ago

    I read the book. The sisters weren’t close at all. It was a cousin

  • rochelle123ist
    rochelle123ist 9 days ago

    Should have gotten life in prison for killing his beautiful young wife.

  • Betty Alford
    Betty Alford 11 days ago

    As a parent i love my children, but never would i cover up for them.

  • IslaSkye
    IslaSkye 14 days ago

    I remember watching this when it first aired on tv and the real aunt Celeste White gave an interview after the movie aired. The luminol scene gave me nightmares.

  • Tania Mcphelim
    Tania Mcphelim 14 days ago

    There no way one key would open all the doors in the prison

  • saveusmilkboy
    saveusmilkboy 14 days ago

    Chris Meloni is such a wonderful, underrated actor. That dude has range for weeks...

  • Sheila Ryder
    Sheila Ryder 17 days ago

    I hate people kissing it's the noise of it yuk xx

  • Esther Amoah
    Esther Amoah 20 days ago

    AV been seeing this movie but have never tried watching..guess I shud give it a try

  • Jameika Mcravin
    Jameika Mcravin 21 day ago +1

    Stabler from SVU

  • Mike Toomey
    Mike Toomey 22 days ago +2

    Nurse Ratchet is SOOO good at giving that icy stare>>>>haha, gotta love her!

  • CoCo Renee
    CoCo Renee 23 days ago +2

    He is BEYOND crazy...accusing his ‘victim’ of sexually abusing their 5 month old son. People need to take DM more seriously. When his father asked his mother if she’s ever heard of a mother sexually abusing a son and she never responded....BIG RED FLAG 🚩

    • IslaSkye
      IslaSkye 14 days ago

      IKR? It's a true story. It reminds of Chris Watts claiming his wife killed their children and he killed her in retaliation.

  • CoCo Renee
    CoCo Renee 23 days ago

    Amazing how abusive behavior runs so deep that families simply ignore the signs.

  • Geraldine b
    Geraldine b 25 days ago +2

    She put the baby on his stomach....

    • TheFunk Phenomena
      TheFunk Phenomena 20 days ago +1

      Back then in that time period, that was not known as well as it is now. The back to bed campaign only recently started within the last probably 12 years. Give or take a couple years.

  • Anita Ruiz
    Anita Ruiz 25 days ago +1

    I so remember watching this when it came out. The part where the room glowed was really creepy.

  • Laronda Johnson
    Laronda Johnson 25 days ago +1

    Such an evil man!!!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 27 days ago +1

    Pa pa already knew something bad about that guy

  • Beautiful Diva
    Beautiful Diva 28 days ago

    He was released in 2014

  • Beautiful Diva
    Beautiful Diva 28 days ago +1

    When I saw her father cry it broke my heart.

  • Joseph Bertinelli
    Joseph Bertinelli 29 days ago +2

    I Love Valerie Anne Bertinelli in this movie and she was the one who played the character
    Angela Cimarelli and she is such a great actress in general but she was really great in this movie

  • Joseph Bertinelli
    Joseph Bertinelli 29 days ago

    The Cimarelli father said that they don't hold the Taylor's responsible for what their son Kenneth Taylor did and he killed Teresa Cimarelli but I think that they should hold them responsible because they are the reason why he is the way he is
    it's because how he was brought up and raised as a child growing up and he is a sociopath and a psychopath and I love the way it ended
    when little baby Andrew ended up being legally adopted outright by his Aunt Angela Cimarelli and his Uncle Jerry by marriage and too bad so sad that baby Andrew will have to grow up without a mother and he's going to miss his mother really bad and this is going to traumatize him and ruin his self-image but he was legally adopted outright and not have to be shared him with the Taylors and now that's what I call an Happy ending

    • TheFunk Phenomena
      TheFunk Phenomena 20 days ago

      Cimorelli was Angela's married last name. Silvano was Teresa's maiden name.

  • Breymond Jones
    Breymond Jones Month ago


  • Joe Brock
    Joe Brock Month ago +3

    Kenneth didn't Love Teresa at all she might be his wife and he might be her husband but
    he didn't Love her or anything else like that at all

  • Jacki M Halm
    Jacki M Halm Month ago

    The lady who played the mother of Ken looks like a man

  • Jazz Smith
    Jazz Smith Month ago

    New lifetime suck

  • Gwendolyn Whethers
    Gwendolyn Whethers Month ago +1

    If that was me........I would have ran for my fucking life once I found my earrings!!

  • Gloria Soto
    Gloria Soto Month ago

    What sort of parents bring up these sociopaths?

  • Janet Kazlas
    Janet Kazlas Month ago +1

    who would put a baby to sleep on their stomach

    • lora 1111
      lora 1111 Month ago +1

      It's the way the drs told us to when our babies were little..they changed it later..

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis Month ago +2

    Tries to kill his 2nd wife and she thinks he deserves a second chance 😳

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis Month ago +1

    Teresa was only 25 when she was murdered , ken was 35

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis Month ago

    The real ken Taylor’s release date was in November 2014... so he’s out ?

    CEE-CEE Month ago +3

    Now...Why did she show him the earrings? I would've waited until I went to my parents, then I would've went straight to the police.

  • Step Collazo
    Step Collazo Month ago +1

    Can anyone tell me about teresa sister real name and their wereabouts now..

    • Step Collazo
      Step Collazo Month ago

      @ashes195 thank u

    • ashes195
      ashes195 Month ago +1

      Step Collazo I believe it’s Celeste white. I saw an update years ago and it actually had a wedding announcement of the little boy from the movie! She was listed as his mother and her husband as his father. Their kids were in the wedding too it seemed like

  • ava Goldsby
    ava Goldsby Month ago

    I am in indiana

  • Tonia Fedorko
    Tonia Fedorko Month ago

    And it all begins

  • Mikey's Wife
    Mikey's Wife Month ago +1

    I love this movie; but it really pisses me off how this all went down. The father murders the mother and instead of the families coming together as they should have for the sale of Andrew, the fathers parents decided to keep this child from the mothers side of the family..... I’m sure if the Simarellis had Andrew they would have shared, no doubt, regardless of their dismay for the father. They had no empathy for the fact their son killed this woman, all they’ve done is be judgmental and rude.

  • RED
    RED Month ago +1

    Kenny's parents raised a narcissistic killer and were almost given a chance to raise their grandchild the same..I can't believe the shit they almost got away with..laws should be changed..if a parent murders the other parent the parent who committed the murder should have all parental rights taken away..its ridiculous

  • Jacquelyn Moore
    Jacquelyn Moore Month ago +1

    This movie had so many key parts, Grandpa, then the sister overheard his parents talked about him being married before! The blood scene lumino was scariest shit!!! That part when the sister was in the hospital! When the bastard came in the room there would have been some furniture moving going on!! Weird shit he didn't have any marks on him!!! Mmmmmmm!!!

    • IslaSkye
      IslaSkye 14 days ago

      @Beautifulbajan86 Yes, it's missing a lot.

    • Beautifulbajan86
      Beautifulbajan86 Month ago +1

      Jacquelyn Moore it’s also missing a lot of scenes!! I watched another video and this one is missing many scenes

  • MzBombshell06
    MzBombshell06 Month ago

    I love this movie

  • Maria Dolores Power
    Maria Dolores Power Month ago +3

    I can’t watch this - she nearly dies on her honeymoon by the hands of her husband, has a loving family and stays with him. No excuses. No young children and like I said a loving family to take her in. So done with chicks like this

  • Sharon Sheehy
    Sharon Sheehy Month ago

    A loving understanding husband compared to the child’s murdering father ,,,.the sister so deserves the child ,,,,

  • Joni Smith
    Joni Smith Month ago

    The grandparents were awful trying to illegally adopt Andrew , I'm glad they got him in the end it's what her sister would have wanted .

  • Unique Howard
    Unique Howard Month ago

    NaTaHN. Unique. Sxelove off. 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒❤💙

  • Unique Howard
    Unique Howard Month ago

    NaTaHN. Unique. Sxe Kiss. 💮💮💮😊😊😊😊❤