In A Child's Name-Full Movie (1991) Valerie Bertinelli, Christopher Meloni

  • Published on Jan 7, 2015
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  • Tara Hill
    Tara Hill 5 hours ago

    I hate how the murderers parents dont see that their child is evil

  • darnell anders
    darnell anders 17 hours ago

    those old azz bitches and witches think the r entitled to raise that baby when there sociopath son killed the mother, they got life backwards. just as narcissistic as there son with no remorse or empathy. the other son seem to be slow but has some wits about him. narcissist don't valure love friendship or beauty they believe people r objects an extension of there worthless selves.

  • theyahoo you
    theyahoo you 18 hours ago

    Abusive men know who the desperate women are....that’s why these women are abused....

  • Gina Nicole
    Gina Nicole Day ago

    Great movie! Thanks for the upload!

  • Adoracion pahati

    This is a beautiful movie..really wonderful

  • maria parker
    maria parker Day ago

    What a sicko.. I would love to shove a dumb bell where the sun don't shine!

  • Z H
    Z H 2 days ago

    One of the sadess movies I have ever seen... I hated the scene with the grandparents in the bedroom and they were still delusional...

  • Miss k
    Miss k 2 days ago

    Such a sad story,poor Teresa.Just so glad the little boy was raised by his aunty and uncle.God knows what sort of life he would of had with those lunatics in Indiana

  • Kamie Zulauf
    Kamie Zulauf 3 days ago

    She is a very nice women I wrote to her back in like 1983 or 82 an she did write me back an gave me a picture with autograph also same with Joe on facts of life she also wrote me back at the same era 1980's

  • Sandy OTELLI
    Sandy OTELLI 4 days ago

    What is the story? There is no résumé👎😕😦anyone could help?thanks!😄😾👱

  • debbie541
    debbie541 5 days ago

    would like to know what grandpa said

  • Jennifer keeponfighting

    One of the best movies they ever made! Grandpa knew!!!

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 11 days ago +1

    It said it all when Ken didn't want to meet the family at first

  • Tracy Adam
    Tracy Adam 12 days ago

    The ending always gives me goosebumps n always makes me cry. Such a sad story.

  • trace d
    trace d 12 days ago

    brilliant acting from all very well directed,

  • rudyvs2002 bsboyz
    rudyvs2002 bsboyz 13 days ago

    she baited him when she put on the earrings that she thought that they were stolen in Mexico and then when she when she put them on and when she was told to go to bed and didn't go then he killed her to make her do what he wanted

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 13 days ago

    *** Here is the ACTUAL NY TIMES ARTICLE about the custody case. It also includes additional information about the attack in Acapulco, as well as the murder itself. This guy was a real POS. When she was attacked in Acapulco, she was attacked while she was sleeping (she remembered she went to sleep, then woke up in the hospital). Her throat was slashed with a jagged broken bottle, and all her front teeth were broken, among many other injuries. He was released when Teresa refused to press charges. When he killed her, he bashed the back of her head in 9 times with a 20lb barbell. And the monster said he walked in on his wife giving fellatio to their son (as if attempted murder, then murdering her wasn't enough). And when he found out she was pregnant, he urged her to have an abortion.

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 13 days ago

    The paternal grandparents should be arrested for kidnapping, and the lawyer who helped them by going behind the judge's orders, and lying to the second judge, should be disbarred. After seeing all that blood (which they wouldn't see, because they have to have a special light on the blood sprayed with Luminol), his parents are absolutely disgusting to be fighting on his behalf like that, as are any of their friends. Dumb ass church goers OFTEN do shit like this; they picket on BEHALF of a damn murderer, because they don't know any of the truth, and couldn't be bothered finding out. They just blindly believe what they're told by their pastor/priest - AS USUAL!
    (That's why I refer to them as Christers - although that's from Stephen King. It's not at all surprising that they are often scammed out of money by other people that go to their church, with their pastor confirming that the person is such a good man/woman - sometimes it's the pastor himself, but STILL, they fall for it. Because the entire religion - all organized religion - is based on BS people are told without any actual facts backing it - just the opposite, actually.)

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 13 days ago

    The second I saw those earrings, I'd go to the local cops and call the Mexican ones. I knew a girl in an abusive relationship - VERY controlling. And boy, did he hate me. Both of her abusive boyfriends did. They both said I was a "bad influence". I guess all that making her think for herself stuff. I know it's different when you're in it, because it happens gradually (usually), and the woman often thinks of the good things, or she's scared to be on her own, but the one guy was really bad. Very dangerous. Enough that when I had him drop me off one night (when we were being nice to each other), I had him drop me off at a different house (I was mostly afraid for the cats; I didn't think he'd hurt any of my family members, except possibly me - although, as strange as it is, I think he was scared of me; maybe because I wouldn't back down to him. Or he recognized my last name, and knew who my dad & uncle were). Once, we had a tug-of-war in my car, when he was trying to pull her out, and another time, he beat the crap out of her with me and his best friend (who she was having an affair with - guess she wasn't that scared of the BF; she should have been) watching. I picked up the phone to call 911, and he stopped me. I thought about it, then let it be for the moment. Mostly because he previously went to jail for viciously raping and beating her, yet she still went back to him; I asked myself if I wanted to put myself in jeopardy if she was just going to turn around and go back to him, so I didn't call. Staying up with her and trying to convince her to leave him was severely hurting my schoolwork (I was still in high school), so I had finally had enough.
    If you want to kill your wife, I wouldn't suggest marrying an Italian (close families, and you never know who they might know; of course, that's true with everyone - you wouldn't have wanted to kill my dad's child either).
    PLEASE tell me that isn't true (I can't imagine it is): If you can't initiate a missing person's case unless the husband reports it (which can't be true), then all husband's could get away with murdering their wives simply by never reporting them missing!

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 13 days ago

    This is why you don't get married to people you barely know. Meet their family, move in together to see if you can live together (plus, that's when you really get to know them).
    My God! It's not bad enough you murder your son's mother, but then you tell him that she left because she doesn't LOVE HIM?!? I know he wouldn't understand it yet, but clearly, that was the plan. Psychopathic POS! Either the cops would get him, or I would, if I was from her family.
    No, the cop should have read him every single right he has to by law. If the creep wants to waive them then, fine. Cops know your damn job, and stop screwing up cases because you were lazy or incompetent.

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    She knew when. She put those earrings on that something will happen to her

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Pure evil he is

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Never put a baby on its belly after his milk

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Men like him crave this attention they love themselves way to much they love the danger and kill there prey within intent

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Compulsive lier

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Papa knows he's a bad man

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    The lawyers are currupt

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    The father lost that concent when he killed his mum

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Like mother like son

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    The grandmother looks a total bitch

  • Eve Green
    Eve Green 13 days ago

    Who would put a body in full view of a road

  • Hayley manoban yongsun

    what kind of parents are they....their son killed his wife and they are tryin so hard to keep the baby. They shouldnt done that even thou they love their killer son.....they should respect what the decease family wants

  • ana*
    ana* 14 days ago

    I didn't watch this movie but noticed stabler of SVU is in the beginning noticed him before I even saw his face😃

  • Tina Bruce
    Tina Bruce 17 days ago

    I wish they would bring back some of the old movies. They are the ones who moded me today

  • Bright Star
    Bright Star 18 days ago

    "Anything you say son" these parents believe everything their son tells them.😕

  • TheSlipperyGypsy
    TheSlipperyGypsy 19 days ago

    Nurse Ratchett!

  • Ellen osbourne
    Ellen osbourne 20 days ago


  • darnell anders
    darnell anders 20 days ago +1

    first the sociopath rushes to secure there target to get to the abuse, then they try to isolate u from family and friends, true pigs who r never satisfied appreciative, they never value love beauty or friendship, they want to control u as if u r there submissive slave and even if u give up your total self it wont be enough, to beat a defenseless woman who did nothing but love him could only define u as a coward and thief of the heart and soul, u can trust and believe he will be condemn to hell and fit right in there with the devils.

  • darnell anders
    darnell anders 20 days ago

    such a beautiful woman to be beaten down like that on her honeymoon, brought tears to my eyes to see her in that wheelchair approaching the family. I would have killed that devil if I had an inkling he had something to do with it. how she could defend that demon beats the hell out of me then to toy with that psychopath by showing him the ear rings he claim were stolen during the supposed robbery during there honeymoon. he should have gotten the death penalty for leaving that baby without a mother.

  • iris weber
    iris weber 22 days ago

    And isn't it" interesting" how the terrorists always get religion when they want a child to control/torment/terrorise. The child is the "property" of the degenerates. People like that need to stop EXISTING !!!

  • iris weber
    iris weber 22 days ago

    1.52 "...if he'd be brought up with good old fashioned "christian" values!"...2.15 onwards -Terrorist preacher later on excuses child ab"use", what a bunch of DEGENERATES. Thank GOD that child was rescued !

  • Tabatha DeReamer
    Tabatha DeReamer 22 days ago +1

    I think this channel is so good that it's one of my favorite ones to watch so good I enjoy the movies I enjoy them so much that I get interesting to watch all of the Hallmark movie Channels you guys have online

  • Veervenky Venkat
    Veervenky Venkat 23 days ago

    Legal procedures are too complex and defying. Why should laws differ from place to place , after all Human is a Human across the Globe .

  • Latoya Godfrey
    Latoya Godfrey 23 days ago

    He is a sick ass man

  • Rushakiel Nina
    Rushakiel Nina 23 days ago

    Happy and sad ending, with goosebumps 👍👌👍

  • Mel Kal
    Mel Kal 23 days ago

    Wow. This is a great movie.

  • BossLadyMel
    BossLadyMel 23 days ago +1

    I learned about luminol bc of this movie! I’ll never forget the bedroom scene & The look on the snooty ass mothers face when the room was all lit up!

  • BossLadyMel
    BossLadyMel 23 days ago +5

    Who else is watching this in 2019?

  • Nicki Nixx
    Nicki Nixx 23 days ago

    Scary to think people like Ken actually exist

  • Melanie hadley-tsosie
    Melanie hadley-tsosie 24 days ago

    Bring back the old movies back to Lifetime. The most new recent ones are just not too interesting.

  • redMonkey
    redMonkey 24 days ago +1

    What a psycho!!! Anyone who is abused once, will be abused forever. And Im not talking only about women, but men as well! Please, do yourself a favour and run away! Especially if you have kids, please don't ruin their lives only because you believe "s/he will change".

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 24 days ago +1

    If Teresa would have talk and came forward she would still be alive right now

  • nula1998
    nula1998 25 days ago

    Why can't the police initiate a missing person case unless the husband files a report? Why can't anyone else in her family file a report? How weird is that? It's not like the husband owns his wife. There are other relatives. WTF?

  • Marissa Marie
    Marissa Marie 26 days ago

    Creepy the similarities to chris watts. He kills her. Lies. The parents defend him. When they search the house they are like its so clean. He first blames it on her that she was doing something to the baby. Weird

  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza 27 days ago

    My comment is pretty trite🌹But I just *have* to say something about this movie.... I always thought of relationships like the 10 plagues of Egypt..... Ten Red Flags I always looked/look out for before and after one.....
    Red flag #1 being... Any woman, who's boss wants to date her is a problemo number 1!!....
    Red flag #2... New Girlfriend in this movie, knows that New Boyfriend already had one failed marriage, and a child(that she knew of,, even though New Boyfriend, was actually married *twice* before).....
    Red flag #3.... New Girlfriend already has suspicions due to her New Boyfriend's constant late night calls & canceled plans...
    Red flag #4.... New Girlfriend doesn't even try to know New Boyfriend's past before marrying him.....
    Red flag #5... New Girlfriend, becomes *New Wife* and then... nearly dies in a beating on the honeymoon, & the *New Husband* has no scratches on him...
    Red flag #6.... Just how the beating was brutally done... the New Wife, beaten so badly, would have *at least* been taken advantage of(raped) or disposed of, and New Husband would have been killed too, being a witness... but, again,,,, yet... New Husband didn't have a scratch on him.....
    Red flag #7.... New Husband is *not* happy about the New Wife's pregnancy....
    Red flag #8.... New Wife *knows* New Husband is a drug addict & sees an uncharacteristic human demand from her New Husband that *wants* his New Wife to do *COCAINE* after *JUST HEARING* about his now *New* growing child inside his New Wife's tummy.
    Red flag #9.... New Husband's parents don't like his New Wife's family....
    And the final Red flag #10... New Husband has unpredictable mood swing outbursts.

  • Kim Backus
    Kim Backus 27 days ago +5

    Grandpa instinctively knew Ken was dangerous! Too bad no one realized that!

  • Jennifer Santillana
    Jennifer Santillana 27 days ago +1

    Elliott make a guest appearance on SVU!!! I like him without hair but he's still handsome with hair..The mom on Teresa's side also comes out on SVU. She plays a judge...damn that luminol scene still gives me the creeps

  • birdy elke
    birdy elke 28 days ago +1

    see, don't mess into others people matrimony without knowing what you're bargained for.... sad that she didn't think that, that man could had been his fate. and that family of him, are covered up beast.

  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine 29 days ago +1

    Ugh I wish she never confronted him alone like sad
    I love Valerie she is gorgeous

  • Shapree Mallory
    Shapree Mallory 29 days ago +1

    This movie has thoroughly pissed me off! But this is yaw judicial system. It's sad that this is what a FREE country could come up with. Laughable