Organized stalking Gang Stalking by air


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  • F Stillman
    F Stillman 7 days ago

    Dude same thing is happening to me . Let's stand together and make these sob pay for this illegal bullying /stalking see my videos fellow me

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden 5 months ago

    i wonder what kind of aircraft these are?0

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden 5 months ago

    lots of activity in the sky, fucking crazy

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden 5 months ago

    when you try to explain this shit to someone, you see it in their face that they think youve lost makes me is such a complex, covert yet right in the open..the sheer amount of people involved is crazy...its hard for me to find one vehicle not involved,and i know that cant be real, but it sure seems to be

  • Destined4 Sainthood

    I'm not sure , but I really think there halograms, they just started hitting me with the Alaska planes,

    • Coastal Direct
      Coastal Direct 3 months ago

      Daniel R Christian They are demonic orbs. Hologram alien technology is used. These demons and fallen angels follow and harass God's chosen elect. If you are a threat to the NWO control agenda and or are saved spiritually and convincted of sin then you are on Satan's radar. He will continue to harass you to the end but just know he already lost this war and is in fact terrified of you. Your strength lies in Jesus Christ. Trust in the power of his name...God is watching everything and he knows your heart. Hope this helped.

  • thegreenman
    thegreenman Year ago +3

    Have they used the little gay white planes on you yet?

    • Spiritual Warrior
      Spiritual Warrior Year ago

      Red and white small airport planes. Ones that look like The Red Baron completely red, yellow planes, cessnas, bush planes you name it. County sheriff helicopter, police, and government FBI unmarked burgandy tint choppers.

    • Spiritual Warrior
      Spiritual Warrior Year ago

      Happens to me all the time. I also see a ton of chemtrails pretty frequently. They not only stalk but they poison your air you get the worst of both worlds lol

    • Video Doesn't Lie
      Video Doesn't Lie  Year ago

      a few were solid white however those are not the repetitive visitors .

  • Stormy Daze
    Stormy Daze Year ago +1

    I had to check and make sure this wasn't one of mine. This is what I go through every single day and night. Good luck to you. These are psychopaths we are dealing with.

    • Destined4 Sainthood
      Destined4 Sainthood Year ago

      Angela Smetak ,....I'm here to talk anytime Angela

    • Angela Smetak
      Angela Smetak Year ago +1

      Stormy Daze
      I'm going threw same thing I have no one to talk to about this