Mistreated by Mcdonalds Employee

  • Mcdonalds employee arguing with customer because he gave one of "his people" a soda

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  • Michael Mcdowell
    Michael Mcdowell 20 days ago

    The guy filming this video is a punk chicken shit, prick that has nothing better to do than try to pick a fight that he wouldn’t be able to finish if that guy he was fucking with came from around that counter.

  • Avery Porter
    Avery Porter 2 months ago

    Bro what a legend

  • random uploader
    random uploader 6 months ago

    Yeah chill , you didntnget a free drink. I would off smacked you one and sold your camera to pay me for not having a job. Bully hill billy.

  • Frederick Nunez
    Frederick Nunez 7 months ago +1

    Just by the way the employee responded thats not how they respond.

  • yo mama
    yo mama 9 months ago


    SCLaP SCLaP 9 months ago

    so why was he mad in the first place. Not getting a 1 dollar drink

  • Jo'El R.
    Jo'El R. 9 months ago

    White people always fucking with people then want to cry wolf when shit backfire

  • rick taylor
    rick taylor Year ago

    The bloke recording is an absolute fuck head. Angry because a girl was able to get herself a free soda? Fuck off mate.

  • Brookie Rex
    Brookie Rex Year ago +1

    This man is a racist conservative. It's pretty evident. I am a Michaels Arts and Crafts employee, if there was a comment made like that directed towards me from a customer, however, I would simply call my manager to take over my transaction and ask to take a breather rather than lash out against the customer. I don't believe that the comment you made was respectful whatsoever, and I think the description of this video is completely different to what actually happened in the video. Very misleading.

  • Simon Botros
    Simon Botros Year ago +1

    A coward is someone who treats people with less respect given authority, but can't do otherwise when this advantage is taken off.

  • West Texas
    West Texas 2 years ago

    hes a trump supporter

  • Don Sperrazza
    Don Sperrazza 2 years ago

    This guy sounds like a racist pig

  • LightningTTfan14
    LightningTTfan14 2 years ago +6

    Sure sure, only start filming AFTER you made a comment.

    • DV M
      DV M 7 days ago

      Like Tommy Robinson

  • fingolfin897
    fingolfin897 2 years ago

    Gtfo you dumbass racist bitch

  • stevo
    stevo 2 years ago

    This street urchin will never learn to be trustworthy.........Period!!

  • Tilikum
    Tilikum 2 years ago +1

    The guy recording this is a piece of shit

  • thebaddog410
    thebaddog410 2 years ago +3


  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez 2 years ago +1

    if it was family,they get discount. sometimes the manager is nice and will give you something for free if they know you. This guy was just starting trouble for nothing.

    • Leslie Hernandez
      Leslie Hernandez 2 years ago

      Brittany Brower the discount for a manager is free,they literally pay nothing. An employee discount is like $2 off the meal,depending on what you get. The guy said he saw a lady get a free drink,which a possibility was that she was either a family member or an employee or just someone the manager knew and decided to use his code so she didn't have to pay for a $1 drink. The guy was being over dramatic for a simple drink,yea the employees should never act like that but they both were doing too much over a simple drink,that's all. I know it's not an private establishment but the workers do get some kind of discount depending on the level of work they do. just like a lot of other stores and fast food chain restaurants

  • Christopher Bradley
    Christopher Bradley 2 years ago +4

    So.....we aren't seeing the actual event, just the aftermath. That doesn't convince me of anything.

  • GhostGrind
    GhostGrind 2 years ago +6

    Recording is not allowed at any private establishment unless you get permission from management/owners.

    • Brookie Rex
      Brookie Rex Year ago

      McDonald's is NOT considered a private establishment.

  • nagareh
    nagareh 2 years ago

    So Damn rude... OMG.

  • Kiisha Arnold
    Kiisha Arnold 2 years ago +11

    I think its the other way around. Ignorant hill billy

  • shawna lewine
    shawna lewine 2 years ago +3

    This dude was actually upset, over not getting a free soda!....Really?...He lucky that he didn't get served, because he could've got some spit in his drink, or some Ball juice in his food!...That's how stupid he is, he still wants to eat food from a disgruntled fast food worker that he pissed off!...Lmao!...What a petty little douche!

  • shawna lewine
    shawna lewine 2 years ago

    Sooo many stoopid fat people, that are still eating these turd burgers, that's been zapped, and chemicalized!....There's always a fight at your local Mcdonalds, or the ghetto shit-cken shack, while they peddle their artificially plumped, nuked, plastic filled garbage!..Just working around that mess, and preparing it is dangerous, if you work there, you might as well eat it!...I feel a tumor growing, by just watching this shit!...lmao!

  • Sherry Barner
    Sherry Barner 2 years ago

    he was not rude

  • Passionate About children
    Passionate About children 2 years ago +18

    he should be a Mcdonald employee for a month then maybe he would have a new found respect for fast food workers. ..fast food workers should be paid more...because you almost need to have a degree to deal with different people and the conflict they can bring

    • Joshua Hatfield
      Joshua Hatfield 2 years ago

      Passionate About children I work at McDonald's as well and I disagree so much lmao. I'f I woildnt have to keep making the same plain big Mac because the fuckin servers grab the wrong food, and they get the food out in time, they yeah MAYBE. but no... McDonald's is by far the easiest job ice ever had and if u don't like being paid minimum wage, get off ur ass and do something about it.

  • Kbeattie1
    Kbeattie1 2 years ago +2

    Whoever is doing the videoing is a POS who is taking advantage of an employee who can't do anything because their job is more important than beating their ass.

  • Baby K
    Baby K 2 years ago +3

    So you mad cause some lady got a free drink and the employee didn't tell her she can't?

  • Katy Sanders
    Katy Sanders 2 years ago

    just for your information since you probably don't know if you're not a senior you do not get free drinks

  • Katy Sanders
    Katy Sanders 2 years ago +5

    Robert in the real world if you're going to disrespect the employees of course they're not going to serve you! and in most cases before you started recording there was a lot of out of like shit that you probably said that you didn't get on camera and you try to make them look bad as soon as you start recording.

  • HeadshxtzØnly
    HeadshxtzØnly 2 years ago +3

    robert you a bitch

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 2 years ago +3

    only ignorant people eat mc donalds

  • Red X
    Red X 2 years ago +2

    This dude just jealous he don't have the free drink hookup and McDicks

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu 2 years ago +1

    In my spare time I like to go to fast food restaurants and harass people at their jobs. I'm also an annoying racist btw.

  • NoWurENragedTOOBAD.
    NoWurENragedTOOBAD. 2 years ago

    I HATE MCDONALDS and their customers but at the same time that black employee is out of line with the customer and so was the hispanic guy. You can't be threatening someone while working and not even I would go into the place if I heard this. Not that I WOULD BE SCARED but I would want to avoid a confrontation. If someone said this to me I would probably insult them and see how tough they really think they are but guy who probably is a wimp probably did the right thing and walked away. IF U DON'T LIKE WHERE YOU ARE WORKING find a better JOB AND elect someone that will provide U A BETTER JOB= THE KEY TERM IS SOMEONE THAT WILL PROVIDE YOU A BETTER JOB . If u don't want to listen you deserve what you get BECAUSE IGNORANCE GIVES YOU BACK INGORANT RESULTS.

  • blkindians
    blkindians 2 years ago +34

    lololll wait,, how can u go 2 someones job and make a racist coment and den get mad when dey don't want 2 serve u?? wth

  • Tommy Blair
    Tommy Blair 2 years ago

    always a black thing

  • Sabrina Ivy
    Sabrina Ivy 2 years ago

    so the employee and the customer was stealing?

  • Rida
    Rida 2 years ago +1

    wat een leuke video!

  • Terra Llanos
    Terra Llanos 2 years ago +7

    So what if he gives a free soda to one of his friends? So what? You're a dumb, unmanly snitch. Lol I swear you're acting like a girl all snobby and complaining and shit. Leave people the fuck alone and mind your business

    • xerox5473
      xerox5473 2 years ago +1

      Did you see his shirt? That was a manager's shirt. Managers get free meals and are allowed to promo items. And even if he wasn't, most managers and employers don't care about one little drink. And if you heard the guy in the video, it wasn't a friend of the employee, it was some random chick who went and got themselves a drink, and the employee didn't demand she pay for it.

    • xxdamonxx77
      xxdamonxx77 2 years ago

      It's called theft of product. They could get arrested for that.

    LUF LUOS 2 years ago

    so...what happened? does he still work there

    • Robert Kaufman
      Robert Kaufman  2 months ago

      and no he got fired 3 days after i took this video

    • LUF LUOS
      LUF LUOS 2 years ago

      Your soooooooo funny ! Wow incredibly funny and gifted. Must be mummys titty juice eh

    • SamuraiSamara 69
      SamuraiSamara 69 2 years ago +4

      They both got into a fight the next day when the customer showed up after the employee clocked out. It was a hard fought, bloody, fight. Both of them ended up on the floor not able to go on anymore but then they got up, held each other up, and walked to the nearest Catholic church where they asked to become priests. They now preside over their own churches!