Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet: Love at First Sight

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • James congratulates Jason Momoa on recently marrying Lisa Bonnet, and learns the pair started out enjoying some Guinness and grits and never looked back.
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Comments • 1 584

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns
    Jasmine Houston-Burns 21 hour ago

    The spiritual elevation surrounding them is awesome

  • Anderson 1990
    Anderson 1990 23 hours ago

    Great dude not into those fake idiot women.This is luv man.

  • Lauricia Thomas
    Lauricia Thomas Day ago


  • Conchita Nelson
    Conchita Nelson Day ago

    He so looks like Aquaman!!!!

  • Christopher Patterson

    Much love homie !

  • Lita Lim
    Lita Lim 2 days ago

    Find a man who love u like him .... damn she is so lucky 🍀😍😍😍

  • Sandra Fernandez
    Sandra Fernandez 3 days ago

    Baywatch almost typecast him as a Bimbo man. I'm glad he pushed hard for his career!

  • Mary
    Mary 4 days ago

    NOT the worst looking guy. I prefer Keanu Reeves. With the longer hair. Naked in my bed.

  • Mick Martin
    Mick Martin 6 days ago

    James stop your fucking yelling! there a metre away FFS!

  • emad Shawky
    emad Shawky 7 days ago +2

    He's one of this guys that men that are not gay have a crush on him.

  • Sixten Hansson
    Sixten Hansson 7 days ago

    nuclear landing much igpucyb emission currently perfectly winter feeling properly comment third

  • denzel Goredema
    denzel Goredema 7 days ago

    Im a hella straight dude and cant get over this man, swag, charm, looks...goals man...goals

  • King Zuproc
    King Zuproc 7 days ago

    meisha tate is the perfect match for this dude

  • ClarkKhan1
    ClarkKhan1 7 days ago

    All men stalk. :D

  • Frank Guerrero
    Frank Guerrero 8 days ago

    That is the sweetest story ever

  • Hoggar Krababbel
    Hoggar Krababbel 8 days ago

    He's awesome, because he tries to involve everyone in his vicinity into everything that's going on. He divides his attention proportionately, which means, that he wants every person to be involved. Psychologically a very good sign!

  • Sheep Dog
    Sheep Dog 8 days ago

    Big ups.

  • Bravonanda Moirangthem
    Bravonanda Moirangthem 9 days ago +1


  • george mikal
    george mikal 11 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the little guy in the suit sitting next to him lol

  • Melinda Durham
    Melinda Durham 11 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else think his body language is just a taaaad too flirtatious with the other guest on the couch? He's sitting close, he has his knees leaning towards him almost touching, he leans in when he talks AND his arm is on the back of the couch! If that other guest was a girl, it would have been recognized probably much quicker.

  • girl Number 33
    girl Number 33 12 days ago

    Omg HOT!!!

  • K Breezy
    K Breezy 13 days ago

    If he doesn't react like this 1:36-1:42.. He's not the one 😂

  • Charlie Football
    Charlie Football 14 days ago

    Mr Steal Your Girl :D

  • ang itinakda
    ang itinakda 15 days ago

    he is a fuck god

  • Karen
    Karen 15 days ago +1

    He’s so fine

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 15 days ago

    Fuck she is 50 and he is 38. Another Hugh Jackman

  • Stephanie King
    Stephanie King 16 days ago +1

    He seems so sweet. He is so sexy, and confident and down to earth. I hope they stay married forever.

  • Candida Izolda
    Candida Izolda 16 days ago

    Ele é infiel!!

  • Suzie Paris
    Suzie Paris 16 days ago

    He needs a bath

  • Wikoli-Kulolo Niele-Kapalama

    Jason was in Baywatch Hawaii the last 2 series, I think it was from 1999 to 2001. He's hott!!

  • Elrod Jenkins
    Elrod Jenkins 17 days ago +1

    She's not his partner, they are not in business together. She is his WIFE!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 18 days ago

    What a pussy

  • Jordyn Brown
    Jordyn Brown 18 days ago

    Wow men like this do exist

  • Geeker Az
    Geeker Az 18 days ago

    Cringe Cringe Cringe

  • Angelica Delgado
    Angelica Delgado 18 days ago

    Yuck they both look nasty, they looks like homeless rather than celebrities!!!

  • madam lyné
    madam lyné 19 days ago +1

    lisa please give us your secret how you getting all these hot men,from lenny kravitz to jason nahh girl spill the tea lol...Im so happy for them.

  • Vedete Live Romania
    Vedete Live Romania 20 days ago

    if from Romania HIT LIKE :D

  • ㅤღنورღ ㅤ
    ㅤღنورღ ㅤ 20 days ago +1

    She's old and ugly. He's wasting his fucking time

  • a4amit
    a4amit 20 days ago

    He is THE man

  • lite Mareshalite888
    lite Mareshalite888 21 day ago

    How... hooooot!!!

  • Bella Reese
    Bella Reese 21 day ago +1

    Love him and Lisa

  • helium 30
    helium 30 22 days ago +1

    He is ridiculously good looking.

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 25 days ago

    In love and. Happy. Love. It.

  • DreMontanna252
    DreMontanna252 25 days ago

    Steven Freaking Adams

  • Charlese Harrell
    Charlese Harrell 25 days ago

    Shoot can I get a stalker like him!!!

  • MrKoharwala
    MrKoharwala 26 days ago

    Ladies !!
    Tell me 10 things u love about Jason Momoa ! Gays can answer too.
    I just wanna know why girls just drool over him 😣

    • Dil_is__not_amazing nor_on_fire
      Dil_is__not_amazing nor_on_fire 18 days ago

      1. He’s kind 2. He’s hot 3. He’s strong 4. His voice is deep and manly 5. He’s got a good since of humor 6. He treats his wife like a queen 7. He’s good with his kids 8. He know’s how to throw axes 9. He is adventures 10. He’s faithful to his wife.

  • Killer of White Supremacy and Coons

    Lisa Bonet got herself a cave Man Lmaooo

  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 28 days ago +1

    I love him so much!! He is so manly and strong but at the same time so sweet and caring 💗💗

  • Shanti Arlandria
    Shanti Arlandria 28 days ago +2

    This man is so beautiful 😍

  • Alexandra Cohen
    Alexandra Cohen 28 days ago +1

    Beautiful..I love this..I need an amazing handsome guy like Jason!!

    ALL DAY 29 days ago

    Similar to Pique xD kekeke

  • Arlene Davis
    Arlene Davis 29 days ago

    Love how he's showing his ring and saying finally, like she made an honest man of him lol 🤣 very cute.

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister 29 days ago

    beta on the inside

  • Veronica X
    Veronica X 29 days ago +1

    They make an awesome couple

  • Key
    Key Month ago

    Proof that the law of attraction does work!

  • Kris Tina
    Kris Tina Month ago

    Scull took 4 years to carve?!

  • Annointed One
    Annointed One Month ago

    Would explain why he married a Skelton fascination with death.

  • Classic Covergirl
    Classic Covergirl Month ago

    I need a man that will let out a scream like that for me...

  • D F
    D F Month ago

    He have gigantism? Looks like a barbarian

  • fefejewell
    fefejewell Month ago

    God bless, can you imagine sleeping next to that man at night?!!!

  • bug
    bug Month ago

    The first thing I said to my boyfriend was “I stalk people”.

  • queenb
    queenb Month ago

    That is true love right there. It is very rare. It pains me that men like this are absolutely rare. He only has eyes for one woman. While most men these days just want to stick it in just about anything that moves, sleep around and trash as many women as they can to feel like big dudes. Scared of approaching, committing and rejection.

  • mag nhorme
    mag nhorme Month ago +2

    I wish one man would talk about me like Momoa talks about gorgeous and smart Lisa.

  • Anna Laurent
    Anna Laurent Month ago

    Did Jason Momoa just restore my faith in love? 😭😍

  • Farah Mo
    Farah Mo Month ago


  • lulun neitham
    lulun neitham Month ago +1

    Y marry an old hag.

  • marco rodriguez
    marco rodriguez Month ago

    You are a prince of their tribe.
    No hommo.

  • marco rodriguez
    marco rodriguez Month ago

    Jason mamoa.
    You must begin to return to Isreal..
    No joke.
    I've been with the Lord thy God constantly.

  • marco rodriguez
    marco rodriguez Month ago

    A buddy if your reading this you are of the tweleve tribes of isreal.
    You are of the tribe of Ephriam.

  • HeatherLoves
    HeatherLoves Month ago

    Why does he have on a shirt?

  • Breeanne Daniels
    Breeanne Daniels Month ago

    it dont even make any sense how fine this dude is.

  • lnfreeman
    lnfreeman Month ago

    You don't have to yell James, you're miked

  • Mahrus Guroo
    Mahrus Guroo Month ago

    U r inspiration looking forward to meet my celeb crush

  • Johnathon Santiaro
    Johnathon Santiaro Month ago +1

    Ewwww his wife looks like a dude

  • doca tello
    doca tello Month ago

    Lisa Bonet. do a black magic to jason....hhhhhhhh

  • Sarah Ling
    Sarah Ling Month ago +1

    She's stunning i'd scream too lol

  • Jasmin Seidel
    Jasmin Seidel Month ago

    Opportunity schedule vessel wcmqbm estimate extremely collect Supreme evening framework area receiver architect.

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson Month ago

    Is he dyie his hairs? How to get this effect? Dyie and wax using?

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones Month ago

    1:38 that laugh is faker than any jimmy fallon laugh.

  • guesswhat74
    guesswhat74 Month ago

    He's really hot but he is making me feel uncomfortable watching him sit next to that guy. I'd feel boxed in.

  • JKL
    JKL Month ago +1

    I love it that he shows off his ring... Too cute

  • Ganymedes Cupz
    Ganymedes Cupz Month ago +1

    They been together for over 12 years but after his big hit movie for made his ass marry I bet. Lol

  • J Mac
    J Mac Month ago

    "she was a queen always" all women hold out for this love!!!! i stopped believing in it and then theres jason mamoa to make us all fertile and depressed that none of us have him to procreate and populate the world with his beautiful alpha children 😂😢

  • J Mac
    J Mac Month ago

    oh my god how precious how he speaks of his wife. bless that kind of love existing

  • Xc Pl
    Xc Pl Month ago

    Idk what the science is behind it but I love men that have that cave man kind of look. Kind of rough looking huge guys with a big beard and long hair 😍 I love it

  • 43copacabana
    43copacabana Month ago +1

    She is so ugly!

  • Kris LaWho
    Kris LaWho Month ago

    Why isn't he on wwe?

  • Shannon Faugue
    Shannon Faugue Month ago +1

    He’s so crazy about her 😍

  • Brookelynn Loneman
    Brookelynn Loneman Month ago +1


  • Martha Octavia
    Martha Octavia Month ago

    Who is the man in the middle?

  • Jermaine Cole
    Jermaine Cole Month ago +1

    He snagged Denise. Lucky mf.

  • Kelly Rae
    Kelly Rae Month ago +1

    Sooooo? They've been faking marriage all of this time.
    Still love them though.

  • cosmic light
    cosmic light Month ago


  • Tanya Tressler
    Tanya Tressler Month ago +2

    He was pretty upset at first when it got out about marrying her FINALLY..he was not married and kept calling her his wife for many many years! I guess Lisa finally told him "You better put a ring on it!" He tried to have a secret wedding but someone leaked it...oh well!

  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips Month ago

    Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Love at First Sight Scene: tvclip.biz/video/uPSgAgEufO8/video.html

  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips Month ago

    Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Love at First Sight Scene: tvclip.biz/video/uPSgAgEufO8/video.html

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez Month ago

    This fool looks like he gonna fuck gael ha ha

  • Life is Good
    Life is Good Month ago

    Guinness and grits, now that's love. LOL. 💛 Love them together. I love Kenny too. Lucky woman.

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Month ago

    Hey look, a proper a alpha male, that's rare.