HOW TO SKIMBOARD W/ 3X World Champion Blair Conklin: Perfecting the basics

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
    If you want to try the wax Blair uses in this video, check out
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  • Skid Kids
    Skid Kids  5 months ago +61


    • mahitis pliktrologiou
      mahitis pliktrologiou Month ago +1

      Hi i am 13 yars old and i started skimboarding last year with a wooden made skimboard i learned sone tricks and now i want to catch some waves what board should i buy please answer

    • dokvist
      dokvist 3 months ago

      Offcourse i did, keep the videos coming :-)

    • Pedro  Moran
      Pedro Moran 3 months ago

      Does anyone know what skimboard is?
      and what measure?

    • jlydon29
      jlydon29 4 months ago +2

      Is it true that TFUE landed the first 900?

  • Alex Vazquez
    Alex Vazquez 3 days ago

    what type of skimboard should i get for my weight 250lb

  • Subscribe for Monkey jizz

    4 hours away from any beach but it’s the oregano coast and I don’t skimboard why am I here

  • Tony Matano
    Tony Matano 5 days ago

    Ok, I'm Goofy foot....... But I also throw down as a regular foot would. So my landing on the board is backwards. I havent had any problems when I was on my old Vic. However, I just went and got a new Exile, similar shape but wider and longer. I'm realizing I cant throw the Exile down like the Vic. I think I have to adjust my total start off. Any suggestions?

  • Chris Jenkins
    Chris Jenkins 6 days ago

    "one is called eel snot" lol fuckin board culture I love u

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 11 days ago

    Can I skimboard whith a boogie board

  • Duviel Morales
    Duviel Morales 11 days ago

    I thought he was from joogsquad for a minute

    • Chris Jenkins
      Chris Jenkins 6 days ago

      Joogsquad are cringey af rich white boys with dreds. Conklin is a literal god. Gtfo

  • jorge tisera
    jorge tisera 11 days ago

    You're a fucking genius!

  • Nacho Pretzel
    Nacho Pretzel 14 days ago +1

    Again , not a fat and slow guy sport.

  • lone Alien
    lone Alien 14 days ago +1

    I can skim already but i ordered i new board and im too excited

  • Mike Hodgkins
    Mike Hodgkins 15 days ago

    Why am I watching this I live in Afghanistan

  • Damien Simon
    Damien Simon 18 days ago

    Does it matter what skim board you use???

  • Tudy 094
    Tudy 094 19 days ago

    Hello!I tried to skin but when i drop the board with speed by rocker is go under the water.

  • Parker Hinds
    Parker Hinds 19 days ago +1

    My question is who fell

  • Jeffrey Culberth
    Jeffrey Culberth 20 days ago +1

    I wish we had surfable waves that close to shore in texas. All i can do is play in the skinny water

  • seanfishingtexas
    seanfishingtexas 21 day ago

    Some kids had these at the Texas coast,so I tried one of those hey yall watch this,Busted my ass hard!

  • Miles Cotton
    Miles Cotton 22 days ago +1

    This is so helpful

  • Stephan Fischer
    Stephan Fischer 22 days ago

    hey, what was the name of the other wax you used for dry sand? I couldn't understand it. the problem is, that zumwax costs about $70 in Germany - that's really expensive! by the way - love your videos :)

  • Jules Cebrant
    Jules Cebrant 22 days ago

    Les français likes

  • Vladimir Polievets
    Vladimir Polievets 23 days ago

    Hey is a blue fedmax borad a good borad for a beginner like me?

  • Vladimir Polievets
    Vladimir Polievets 24 days ago +1

    What bored do you have

    • Vladimir Polievets
      Vladimir Polievets 23 days ago

      Skid Kids thanks also I am getting my first skim board and it’s by fed max I’m asking to see if that’s a good bored for me sorry is something is mis spelled

    • Vladimir Polievets
      Vladimir Polievets 23 days ago

      Skid Kids thanks man I’m getting a new bored and I’m probably going to get that bored my next birth day when tern 12

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  23 days ago

      Exile skimboards blairacuda. it is the shape i designed with Exile

  • Vladimir Polievets
    Vladimir Polievets 24 days ago +1

    What bored do you use I’m asking because I want to buy the same one

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  23 days ago +1

      just responded to your previous comment

  • Jack Romiza
    Jack Romiza 24 days ago

    What skimboard do u use?

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  23 days ago +1

      Exileskimboards Blairacuda. you can find it on the home page of

  • Brennan Kirby
    Brennan Kirby 27 days ago

    So is it going to be harder to board if it's a high undertoe?? I am a competitive waterskiier, so most things on water come naturally to me... but holy this is tough man!!

  • Rhine River Surf
    Rhine River Surf 27 days ago +2

    where is the place? Will visit from Germany!

  • Dizy Lestition
    Dizy Lestition Month ago

    Goofy gang

  • Jonas Merk
    Jonas Merk Month ago

    all he needs is a cool buzz some tasty waves and hes fine....Aloha Mr Hand

  • Finn #
    Finn # Month ago

    Hey Nice vid, I got a question, how do you turn your board to turn when you’re by the wave

  • AJ Eves
    AJ Eves Month ago

    I’ve never tried skimboarding but I want to get into it. What board should I use?

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson Month ago

    I have a large Victoria foamie...where can I get black traction pads or similar? Also where can I order some of that lotion wax for the board

  • James Hall fishing
    James Hall fishing Month ago


  • Alex Liendo
    Alex Liendo Month ago

    Nice video bro, i want to practice this deport, my altitud its 1.80 so what size of board recommend? And brand. 🤙

  • AMD_Hawk
    AMD_Hawk Month ago

    I broke my wrist when I got my first fiberglass board

  • GrizyBer
    GrizyBer Month ago

    Do u need grip

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  Month ago

      GrizyBer you do not but it will help with foot placement for learning

  • Edgardo A. Pagaza
    Edgardo A. Pagaza Month ago

    i’ve been skim boarding on and off (a few sessions each summer) for almost ten years, and i’ve ALWAYS ran after it for at least five steps, then jump on it with both feet. maybe i’ve gotta try this method 🤔🤔

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  Month ago

      Edgardo A. Pagaza try to re-teach yourself this way! It might help

  • Satisfactory Centre ASMR

    I don’t even skim board but this was fun and entertaining to watch👍

  • Tyler Moses
    Tyler Moses Month ago +1

    My birthday is coming up and the skimboard I have now was a hand me down from my brother and it's really old and beat up but what do u think would be a good starter board

  • Pate Futch
    Pate Futch Month ago

    That black exile and the swallow tail are sick!! I’m a surfer don’t really do much skimming but enjoy your videos yeeew

  • Frank Schoonhoven
    Frank Schoonhoven Month ago

    Lekker man

  • Yex
    Yex Month ago +1

    Ok this is possible and affordable... because sports like wakeboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing e.c. which i would love to try are kind of expensive but skimboard costs like 50-100$ so i will try it when i can.

  • Fantastic player 123
    Fantastic player 123 Month ago +1

    I live in hot ass Arizona why am I wacthing this lmaooo

  • Gama
    Gama Month ago

    is increivol

  • Zach& Ash
    Zach& Ash Month ago

    I have always put my front foot first. Maybe that’s why I’m not a 3xs world champion lol

  • Peter Anthony
    Peter Anthony Month ago

    Anyone know what skimboard he has?

    • Skid Kids
      Skid Kids  Month ago +1

      Exile Skimboards! Blairacuda

  • Jokester
    Jokester Month ago

    Wow had no idea you could ride waves like that on a skimboard

  • colts 07
    colts 07 Month ago

    where are you?

  • MurdaFaze N.E.C.
    MurdaFaze N.E.C. Month ago

    Seems like you don’t even need water after applying that grease on your board lol you slid a good amount on dry sand

  • LilAssKicker 73
    LilAssKicker 73 Month ago

    Actually hella helpful

  • Wayed K
    Wayed K Month ago

    This is so much harder than I expected it to be. Thanks for the great info I was doing it wrong

  • myimmigrantson
    myimmigrantson Month ago

    I live in Montana why am I watching this

  • Thomas Møl Bramming

    Is your board made of plastic or wood

  • Naruto Uchiha
    Naruto Uchiha Month ago

    Why am I watching this I already know how to skimboard

  • The real marz
    The real marz Month ago

    No offence but why does this guy look like he likes cheese puffs

  • kinglaing
    kinglaing Month ago

    Hey, where do I get a board like the ones you used ?

  • I quickscoped a child

    Ima try skim boarding in a skater and want to skate in water but don’t wanna learn to surf so ima do this this feels weird getting on the back of the board

  • XD R4FE
    XD R4FE Month ago

    Dislocated my fuking toe on one of those contraptions 😂

  • Kade Stephens
    Kade Stephens Month ago

    Ok broker my foot trying to do this don't try it

  • bullheaded Ole fart

    Is this a tapered board 3/4 to 5/8th?

  • Dux Stuff
    Dux Stuff Month ago

    What board is he using