Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Change the Fuel Filter in Your Car

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • Why you should change your fuel filter. Here’s what happens if you don’t change the fuel filter in your car, DYI with Scotty Kilmer. How to replace fuel filter. When should I change my fuel filter? How often should I change my fuel filter? Reasons why you should change your fuel filter. Fuel filter replacement. Everything you need to know about fuel filters. You never want to keep a clogged fuel filter in your car. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  Year ago +64

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Professional Socket Set:
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    • Vincent Novick
      Vincent Novick 4 months ago

      I thought your first car was a Chevy Biscayne wasn't it??? Not an opal

    • austin h
      austin h 5 months ago

      Scotty Kilmer what if your fuel filter is in your truck with the fuel pump

    • Thomas kokholm
      Thomas kokholm 6 months ago

      hi scotty i got a mercedes 2009 with a M271 kompressor engine that we got some trouble with... the fuel pressure are 4.3 BAR and the pressure should be 3.8 BAR do you think that the filter mayby clogged up? i told the workshop that i wanted a new filter but they said that it was not necessary because it was a lifetime filter which i belive but they can clog up to

      kind regards

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith 6 months ago

      I have a 511 dollar fuel filter. How? My Chevy Lumina was throwing a service engine light on start up. The reading said a bad plug. We changed the plug. Car ran good for a month. Then car threw light again....on start did this every week or two or three. So, new plugs, coils, nothing! Went to the dealer. They wanted to change fuel injectors. Another shop did not help. Neither suggested a clogged filter. So one day I decidrd to change the fuel filter. $11 bucks and 15 minutes. End of problem. Two shops that did not even think of after $500 bucks of repairs advice etc it was a fuel filter. LOL. BTW do not fill up your gas tank if you see the gas truck at that station filling the tanks. Go elsewhere!

    • MrPureSin
      MrPureSin 7 months ago

      makes me so mad too they decided to put the filters in the tank. think mines in it too, i have a 2010 grand caravan, anyone know if i can get to it without dropping the tank would be much appreciated.

  • Heelix Ranier
    Heelix Ranier 2 days ago

    The problem these days is some mfrs are mounting the fuel filter on or near the fuel pump, and in some cases, requires replacing the fuel pump as it can be one unit in some models/brands. The other thing is if you use quality fuel it's less of a concern. I have 147k on my vehicle right now, and no signs of issues with the fuel system. Still pretty much get the same gas mileage as I did from day one. I do run super concentrated fuel cleaner through the engine though periodically, which I think has helped but I have not noticed any difference in fuel economy over the years.

    TRUMP SUPPORTER 12 days ago +1

    Easy to get to on my impala scotty.

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 13 days ago

    What happens when you have a car that wasn't designed to have a self contained filter, so in 23 years no mechanic ever repaired/replaced it. Only in the last year since doing services myself have I discovered it. Do you think I can find a "like for like" replacement. "No part is avaliable for your car model".

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 23 days ago

    SK I have a versa 08, 1.8eng. I can't find the fuel filter on it help me please! If you ever come up on a job with a filter in the tank please post that job on here thanks in advance!

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 28 days ago

    Your stupid if you don't

  • AZMike
    AZMike 29 days ago

    Times so change! Nowadays we cut filters from organic cereal boxes.

  • Utku
    Utku Month ago

    Another A+ Scotty Kilmer video. Learnt A TON of stuff from this.

  • ThE Wizrd
    ThE Wizrd Month ago


  • MultiSly21
    MultiSly21 Month ago

    On RAM 1500s the filter is part of the submersible fuel pump assembly so you have to drop the tank to get to it...ridiculous

  • Jeremy Sickx
    Jeremy Sickx Month ago +2

    I like to watch these when my cars broke down by the road

  • Robert M
    Robert M Month ago

    Would using a fuel system cleaner help prolong the life of a fuel pump?

  • Charles T
    Charles T 2 months ago

    My 1991 Nissan Stanza GXE is having a difficult time accelerating. I shift it into 1st gear and it takes a while to get up to speed. RPM's match the speed. It's fine on highway speeds but at low speeds it is very sluggish. Taking it to the shop tomorrow. Hopefully it's just the fuel filter and nothing else. :(

  • Bug
    Bug 2 months ago

    My 97 Honda Civic had no check engine or other lights come on, just all of a sudden car would not start. Battery was fine but engine would not turn over so just took a guess that maybe it was the fuel filter. I changed the fuel filter and the thing started up no problem. It had been about two years since I replaced it earlier.

  • danny franco
    danny franco 2 months ago

    Its nice to own 91 nissan sentra 98 frontier fuel filter is easy to replace lol

  • Benny C
    Benny C 2 months ago +3

    "Engineers and their questionable wisdom."

  • David Ahders
    David Ahders 2 months ago

    Herko out of Florida sells fuel assemblies for Corolla for $125 with new pump assembly and filter sock. Replaced mine. Pump still good but changed filter sock. Found alot of foil tabs and cardboard round tabs from drygas and cleaner bottles. Sock was almost clogged with junk almost black colored.

  • CanadianBullFrog
    CanadianBullFrog 2 months ago

    Your voice dropped a few octaves. Interesting.

  • Wallace Durango
    Wallace Durango 2 months ago

    opal = benz

  • Charles Charles
    Charles Charles 2 months ago


  • Cameron Bennett
    Cameron Bennett 2 months ago

    I bought a 2001 Camry with the 5SFE back in Feb. Driving to work this morning and I couldn't rev past 3k RPMs in second gear, going 25 mph. Engine light flashing. Car's got 400K miles on it, and the filter is the original one that comes with the car. That's probably what my problem is... Now I have to work on a street parked car.

  • Arash Hashim
    Arash Hashim 2 months ago

    I have a volkswagen jetta 2013. Every time i fill up gas, the car is giving me hard time to start. I push the accelerator hard to start the car.
    Please tell me what is the problem qith my car. Thanks

  • GrimeHavoc
    GrimeHavoc 2 months ago

    Hey Scotty. Any idea on where I can find my fuel filter on a 2015 Kia Forte EX GDi?

  • richard evans
    richard evans 3 months ago

    Does having a clogged up filter mean the car smells of petrol ?

  • ava cazares
    ava cazares 3 months ago

    I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu and recently I was driving with only a quarter tank of gas. I was driving at a fast speed on the high way but as soon as I came to a complete stop, the gas pedal became unresponsive and when I pressed it, the car wouldn't move. Do you think it could be the fuel filter?

  • vElite Savior
    vElite Savior 3 months ago

    I had to change the fuel filter and hoses on my chevrolet matiz after 30,000 miles... and this is in the uk

  • Jesse Aldo
    Jesse Aldo 3 months ago

    My 4.8l vortec shakes when i rev it in park or neutral. But not in drive. I installed New plugs,wires,fuel regulator. Cleaned mass air sensor and throttle body. No codes. Please help! !
    P.s... i watch all your videos. Your the best

  • Alastair Lyon
    Alastair Lyon 3 months ago

    Scotty is sick.

  • Eli Lillie Szinats
    Eli Lillie Szinats 3 months ago

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  • Aye ayye
    Aye ayye 4 months ago

    Who are the know it all idiots who jeep disliking?😂

  • live and let live
    live and let live 4 months ago

    03 civic easy job under the seat

  • AngelTheFiend
    AngelTheFiend 4 months ago

    Know your asking well how do i check it, just buy an obd2 that reads air fuel ratio, also phone companies actually sell them like sprint

  • Prop Ability FPV
    Prop Ability FPV 4 months ago +2

    when a manufacturer says that a normally serviceable part has a "lifetime" part or fluid, it translates to "buy a new car quicker"

  • mad ass
    mad ass 4 months ago

    It's been a couple yrs , haven't done a lot of miles but it's about time, the about of crud that comes out is always impressive.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 4 months ago

    This guy from Houston? I'm from houston 👌 ayyyye this guy smart af bruh ❤

  • Mariah C
    Mariah C 4 months ago

    Thank you for explaining that to me... I think this maybe the problem in my vehicle. 👍👍💓

  • Lenny D.
    Lenny D. 4 months ago +4

    Engineers come up with stupid ideas sometimes. Like the filter in the tank. A $10 part turns into an expensive job.

  • Biggie Chiquito
    Biggie Chiquito 4 months ago

    John Lennon x Richard Dawkins

  • Kevin Diaz-Lane
    Kevin Diaz-Lane 4 months ago

    a lean condition will NOT make your catalytic converter run hot. Catalytic converters will overheat when there is unburned fuel (rich condition) going out your exhaust - the catalyst will aid combustion between the unburned fuel and oxygen so it doesn't exit your exhaust pipe unburned - Hydrocarbon pollution.

  • Joshil Vas
    Joshil Vas 4 months ago

    Revup ur Engines😁😉

  • Daniel Moeller
    Daniel Moeller 4 months ago

    That reminds me, it's been close to ten years and my filter is due to be changed on my FJ62....

  • BOXLighT
    BOXLighT 4 months ago

    wath is that tiny filter that shows up on the top right corner at 3:34 ? can someone tell i got one in my car but i dont what its for

  • Marco Gonzale
    Marco Gonzale 5 months ago

    I have a 2014 versa s and the filter is integrated to the fuel pump canister so you have to change the entire fuel pump.

  • jacob piña
    jacob piña 5 months ago

    My bmw

  • frederik2807
    frederik2807 5 months ago

    Thanks Scotty, that was real good information and advice.

  • Angel Mx5
    Angel Mx5 5 months ago

    Giant pains in the rear end type beat

  • DOC
    DOC 5 months ago

    Gas filter glogs up the car can shut right down

  • Willie Watra
    Willie Watra 5 months ago +1

    Diesel every 40k miles. Or more frequent when you know the fuel you put in is dirty/water

  • Tim Travasos
    Tim Travasos 5 months ago

    That's disturbing

  • bnikanor
    bnikanor 5 months ago

    Yeah, but my nissan - Renault car got in tank fuel filter that not be seperated from the pump. So u need to buy the whole assembly. What were they thinking at nissan engineering?

  • Brian
    Brian 5 months ago

    Love ya Scotty!!!! Hoorah!!

  • minnesota kid
    minnesota kid 5 months ago

    my original toyota fuel line filter had 115k. on it before it started acting up..wouldn't go above 50mph...put new one in..problem solved. ......mike from minnesota

  • EvilMonkey7818
    EvilMonkey7818 5 months ago +1

    I have a strong feeling after replacing multiple parts in my emissions system and still having codes pop up that the fuel filter is at the root of the problem. 308K miles on the car, thinking I should replace the fuel filter now for the first time!!

  • Lindy Kaz
    Lindy Kaz 5 months ago

    Do you need a little air baby? You working up a sweat. Making me HOT.

  • Kurt Simmons
    Kurt Simmons 5 months ago

    Scotty can I put an in-line fuel filter if it doesn’t have one? Do I need to do the quick disconnects or can I just do a clamp style?

  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin 5 months ago

    30 min and $600 for a filter... Glad I got a VW, $10 and 10 minutes, new filter.

  • Brotologist
    Brotologist 5 months ago

    Anyone else looked at their phone because they thought they got a text because from the sound of the video?

  • Pastmasterdan
    Pastmasterdan 5 months ago

    Engineers make everything better, for other engineers.

  • Warriorbob07 07
    Warriorbob07 07 5 months ago

    Funny I found this. I’m replacing my fuel filter and pump hanger assembly on my 94 k2500.

  • Kelly Bocock
    Kelly Bocock 5 months ago

    On a new car most don't have fuel filter.