Andy Goes To Space Camp - Conan25: The Remotes

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • (Original air date: 06/18/98) Andy attends a space camp for children. Watch the definitive collection of field pieces from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and CONAN @
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  • joshreaper Rodriguez
    joshreaper Rodriguez 29 days ago

    5:10 i haven't had dipping dots in 10 years i only see them at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels tx

  • Tiancong Zhang
    Tiancong Zhang Month ago

    Where is this camp?

  • KoizumiAyumu
    KoizumiAyumu Month ago

    I went to this space camp in Alabama in 2003 and 2004. Not the week long one though. I think it was over the course of 2 or 3 days.

  • Loonytoones85
    Loonytoones85 3 months ago

    Least funny/interesting person on planet earth.

  • hemmojito
    hemmojito 4 months ago +2

    Einstein babble in the zero gravity thingy has got to be the best Andy's ever done

  • Aleks Ignjatovic
    Aleks Ignjatovic 4 months ago

    Andy had the first red apple watch. Lol.

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol 4 months ago +1

    Andy in peril - I like it.

  • DY_Physics
    DY_Physics 4 months ago +1

    Did that kid actually pass out in the centrifuge??

  • Leo
    Leo 4 months ago +1

    2:02 LOL Evil villain status

  • Antonio Montana
    Antonio Montana 4 months ago

    Team coco sucks, make all the videos available to Canada wtf

  • ConditionRed
    ConditionRed 4 months ago

    How much is space camp

  • L C
    L C 4 months ago +1

    “That really moved my luch along” hahaha

  • Drami Rak
    Drami Rak 4 months ago

    Here we see the first space force warrior of all time. And trump will bring the legend back.

  • Eric Eckhout
    Eric Eckhout 4 months ago

    He's really not that funny and neither is conan. In anything he reminds me of a pedophile

  • Moki Boki
    Moki Boki 4 months ago +2

    Omg Andy looks like a teenager in this 😂

  • Tomek BEBUL
    Tomek BEBUL 4 months ago

    Who is this fat guy

  • TheKijib
    TheKijib 4 months ago +1


  • Mr. W
    Mr. W 4 months ago +1

    I think space camp just ends up creating less astronauts and more adrenaline junkies who backpack around the world wearing dreads, climbing rocks and jumping off really tall things.

  • Jeff Rutan
    Jeff Rutan 4 months ago

    I think Andy needs to go to fat camp 😂👍

  • Aadit Deshpande
    Aadit Deshpande 4 months ago +15

    Why does Andy look like he is midway through his hulk transformation in the thumbnail ?😁💚💚

  • DavidArcherArts
    DavidArcherArts 4 months ago

    Dang this old

  • Michael Abercrombie
    Michael Abercrombie 4 months ago

    A television personality ? And we use the term loosely.

  • nivenfres
    nivenfres 4 months ago +1

    Brings back memories of going to Space Camp and Space Academy in Huntsville (almost 30 years ago).

  • That'sWhatSheSaid
    That'sWhatSheSaid 4 months ago +4

    "I'm sort of an actress".

  • Mat S
    Mat S 4 months ago

    32 year old babyface andy

    FRIGGIN' BROBOCOP 4 months ago

    ooooooh, HD

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen 4 months ago

    How did Conan get more ginger later on in his life

  • v axel
    v axel 4 months ago +2

    Andy looks like WWE's Kane in this.

    • Death Adder
      Death Adder 4 months ago

      lol yeah kind of....a little bit......not in the body though, 1998's Kane was basically a giant red tank, man I miss 1998......

  • Alaskan1Medic
    Alaskan1Medic 4 months ago

    Should have went to fat camp.

  • HerrBratwurst
    HerrBratwurst 4 months ago

    Back when Conan was actually good. Andy’s the only person that’s funny on the show now.

    • Red Stilletto
      Red Stilletto 4 months ago

      HerrBratwurst better than Jay Leno lol

    • HerrBratwurst
      HerrBratwurst 4 months ago

      @Red Stilletto I prefer to think I work for Craig Ferguson

    • Red Stilletto
      Red Stilletto 4 months ago +1

      You must work for jay Leno.

  • Jarod Gordon
    Jarod Gordon 4 months ago +1

    2:08 that Conan the Barbarian music though...

  • Troy Kimberlin
    Troy Kimberlin 4 months ago +3

    andy quick with the jokes

  • AxelL No1
    AxelL No1 4 months ago

    Andy really lost a lot of weight.

  • Tommmmmmobile
    Tommmmmmobile 4 months ago +2

    Andy the bambino!

  • Avery H
    Avery H 4 months ago +118

    And for 2019: Jordan Schlansky Goes To Space Camp.

    • hemmojito
      hemmojito 4 months ago +7

      "You know it's funny that you mention that. It's actually a common mistake. People call it space but it's not the per se equivalent of the meaning of the word space. You see when we say space as in ....

    • Moki Boki
      Moki Boki 4 months ago +1

      Avery H that is an amazing idea

  • Aric Goss
    Aric Goss 4 months ago +3

    I went to the space camp 3 years after this on a school field trip 🤣the nostalgia is real

    • Michael Abercrombie
      Michael Abercrombie 4 months ago

      In Huntsville? I literally live right over the hill I can see the Rockets from my house.

  • Tiffany Do
    Tiffany Do 4 months ago

    1:49 This scene reminds me of DeVoe from The Flash.

  • armancz
    armancz 4 months ago

    Andy was actually funny and did much more than just laugh at Conans jokes.

    • Death Adder
      Death Adder 4 months ago +1

      Andy's original Late Night run in the 90's was great, I remember thinking he was funnier than Conan.

  • GC
    GC 4 months ago

    Is it me or did the kid black out in the centrifuge at around 5:50? Man, space camp was HARDCORE!

  • Wesley McNeese
    Wesley McNeese 4 months ago +1

    Was this at the space camp in Huntsville, AL?

    • peytdawg s
      peytdawg s 4 months ago

      Yea it is he says it at the end roll tide

    • peytdawg s
      peytdawg s 4 months ago +1

      I think so it looks like it plus the ladies accent

  • LongDuk Dong
    LongDuk Dong 4 months ago

    I wanted to do that in the 80’s. Think the price was just over 1k

    • DanglingHammer
      DanglingHammer 4 months ago

      That's expensive
      Idk how much will it be now, but a lot ig

  • _kr¡mzen_
    _kr¡mzen_ 4 months ago +13

    Some people call Andy the space cowboy. Some call him the gangster of love.

  • Breaking in Vain
    Breaking in Vain 4 months ago

    It's the humidity.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 4 months ago +2

    If bubbles was somewhat normal

    UNCANNY VALLEY 4 months ago +2

    We love Andy

  • SimpleSoda
    SimpleSoda 4 months ago +10

    Ice cream of the future: dippin dots

  • Berry MiCokiner
    Berry MiCokiner 4 months ago +1

    02:52 WTF is that!?

    • Eluvyel
      Eluvyel 4 months ago +1

      What, the payphone?

  • zoperxplex
    zoperxplex 4 months ago

    The early episodes when Conan's hair lick had yet to make its presence felt.

  • leeroy jenkins
    leeroy jenkins 4 months ago +1

    I love Andy

  • Jozz Wheeden
    Jozz Wheeden 4 months ago

    In the year 2 thOOUGHSAND!

  • Ghergusi Alexandru
    Ghergusi Alexandru 4 months ago +4

    5:50 Ignore Andy, just watch the kid's soul go out of this world :)))

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 4 months ago +1

    Seems Andy used to be more about physical comedy. Now he's a witty boi.

  • ItsMeJon
    ItsMeJon 4 months ago +4

    Conan is still the best current late night host imo

  • CJSchecter96
    CJSchecter96 4 months ago +2

    Wait Jinx didn’t accidentally launch him into space? No fun lol

  • Syed Humza Reza
    Syed Humza Reza 4 months ago +87

    Dude this is like if the Andy from Toy Story grew up

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD 4 months ago

    Camera technology has come a long way...unfortunately Andy’s Career hasn’t 😕

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago +1

    Why is the quality so bad? What is this the 90's?

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 4 months ago


  • 13orrax
    13orrax 4 months ago +10

    so space camp was just a bunch of rebranded carnival rides? i was under the impression that every child get to accidentally go to space for a few minutes

    • Kasper
      Kasper 2 months ago

      I know, right?!
      Family Guy lied.

    • Jaydeep Bose
      Jaydeep Bose 4 months ago

      Are you crazy?

  • Steven Farmer
    Steven Farmer 4 months ago +10

    Andy looks like one of those husky kids that can almost pass as an adult in this.