‘The Sopranos’ Cast Reunites For 20th Anniversary: Full Interview | TODAY


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  • SamoMalo2
    SamoMalo2 16 minutes ago

    "When I was a kid, you two Paulie and Junior were old. Now I'm old, and you're still old!"

  • kasHkan
    kasHkan 19 minutes ago

    Love the laughter of Laurene braco

  • Mac Prus
    Mac Prus 38 minutes ago

    wheres Bobby?:/

  • Sadri778
    Sadri778 Hour ago

    I cried and laughed....AMAZING INTERVIEWER!!!

  • Frank Sandi
    Frank Sandi Hour ago


  • ReptileGuardian
    ReptileGuardian Hour ago

    AJ still looks like a little punk

  • Annie Carriero
    Annie Carriero 2 hours ago

    What a talented and a pleasant bunch. When show first went on I thought I wouldn't care for it. Being half Italian. But I was hooked. Great cast! 👍🎞🎥💯

  • Cee Gee Incorporated
    Cee Gee Incorporated 2 hours ago

    R.I.P. Tony Soprano!!!

  • Pavli Treska
    Pavli Treska 2 hours ago

    Only the boss is missing 😐

  • Michigander Michiganian

    Meadow is still hot

  • haden baillie
    haden baillie 2 hours ago

    So much love for all these people,for who they are and there honesty and the characters they played,they touched me as actors and as people in the way they've become family,heartwarming and breaking...bittersweet,much love to chase and the entire cast,rest in peace gandolfini one of the greatest actors in my time

  • dayvin41k1
    dayvin41k1 3 hours ago

    you will always in me heart

  • Garnalenpeller
    Garnalenpeller 3 hours ago

    Who's the lady sitting on the upper-right? I don't remember her

  • Dom Ran
    Dom Ran 3 hours ago

    Is lorraine bracco fckin annoying or what,and where's Janice?

  • J wilson
    J wilson 3 hours ago

    Tony: I killed the cat. I killed him. I had no choice.
    My God he's still hilarious 😂😂😂

  • ImDino
    ImDino 4 hours ago

    In Silvio’s head:
    once I thought I was out.. they pulled me back in!

  • Kenneth McAllister
    Kenneth McAllister 4 hours ago

    200+ dislikes are from the people who never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

  • khatoum
    khatoum 4 hours ago

    So pleased this was made. And not done 'live' as the host reflects. So important there was no audience to upstage this wonderful cast.

  • Moshy
    Moshy 4 hours ago

    Where is Drea? :(

  • Amir Aslam
    Amir Aslam 5 hours ago

    Lorraine is such a hoot, who knew Dr Melfi was so hilarious

  • Anatoly Park
    Anatoly Park 5 hours ago

    I wish James was still alive. R.I.P.

  • Zack Musick
    Zack Musick 5 hours ago

    It's crazy to me how different Tony Sirico looks. Depressing.

  • Nick Wood
    Nick Wood 6 hours ago

    'Junior's' looking well!
    'Paulie' hasnt aged well, shame. Great actor.

  • Testsubjex
    Testsubjex 6 hours ago

    Meadow still looks like she’s 17 I wanna smash

  • Matthew Morris
    Matthew Morris 6 hours ago

    Loved hearing them speak again! Thank you for the upload!

  • NJK
    NJK 7 hours ago +1

    Best written show ever.

  • fцику мцику
    fцику мцику 8 hours ago +1

    Great interview.
    I'm gonna go home, now, and get my fuck'n shine box.

  • Johnny Vega
    Johnny Vega 9 hours ago

    Watching this reunion all I can think is how great
    James was & we will miss him greatly! James RIP

  • Nonnonbutlove
    Nonnonbutlove 11 hours ago

    What did she say? 36:01

  • The Feeling Is Mutual
    The Feeling Is Mutual 12 hours ago

    Ok. Jim's gone. But what about Tony? Jk jk jk. Calm down.
    I was actually in Rome the week it happened. James, you really are missed and I wasnt even that big of a fan of the show.

  • Giacomo  Giulianini
    Giacomo Giulianini 12 hours ago

    A real Family🔥😎😆❤️...James I Miss you so much❤️😞😭
    One of the best show ever Made

  • G.I. Geno
    G.I. Geno 13 hours ago

    I keep seeing Steve Van Zandt (Silvio) n he always wearing the gypsy get-up, im wondering why, did he lose his hair, or his mind, or....?

  • Vince Barter
    Vince Barter 13 hours ago +1

    Legend has it Tony Sirico didn't know where he was.

  • Wo0sAh
    Wo0sAh 15 hours ago

    Ahhh...i miss this Tony. This show, popcorn and a lemon lime Corona was part of my weekly routine!!!

  • Ava Kate
    Ava Kate 15 hours ago

    Simply beautifully touching

  • velocityJE
    velocityJE 15 hours ago

    this is WONDERFUL. as an aside, i always loved James Gandolfini's small role in Get Shorty. I think that's the first movie I ever saw him in and when Sopranos started I knew him from that. What a show, what an actor!

  • eeiko321
    eeiko321 15 hours ago

    Lol that character (forgot his name, but wearing a bandana) couldn’t wear the wig of show the hair graft?

  • chrono050
    chrono050 16 hours ago

    The pilot was outrageous it was spoofish they def. went totally dif direction once they made more. Edie looks like she wants to scream when John is talking about being "The Chef""

  • iwant megold
    iwant megold 16 hours ago

    The best food! For the best people! Lol greatest show ever. Thank you for all the memories. Loved this show and will watch it forever.

  • Alligator
    Alligator 18 hours ago

    Greatest show the world has ever seen, god bless this cast

    THENEWSOCIETYOFTODAY 448 18 hours ago +7


  • Samantha goldie
    Samantha goldie 19 hours ago

    Where is Bobby?

  • wildman443
    wildman443 19 hours ago

    Love this. If it was 20 hours of them just talking I'd be in. Had me smiling the whole time.

  • Stephen Cunningham
    Stephen Cunningham 19 hours ago

    Why didn't you guys clone Tony

  • Joseph Galatolo
    Joseph Galatolo 19 hours ago


  • Rob U
    Rob U 20 hours ago

    This brings back so many memories of the good ole days not too many shows out there that compare to the legacy of the sopranos.R.I.P. James Gandolfini. Aka Tony soprano

  • Daniel De Oliveira
    Daniel De Oliveira 21 hour ago

    The jew guy looking like lord Rothschild over here

  • Kelley Maguire
    Kelley Maguire 21 hour ago

    Some people are so far behind in the race they actually think they are leading.

  • bluebirdrage
    bluebirdrage 21 hour ago

    Thank you for reminding me that tom i have an appointement with my psychologist!

    OG WEASEL 21 hour ago

    Colton! If you are watching this then remember.... you was only 4 years old when this show started!! And you just finished watching it this week!

  • Daniel De Oliveira
    Daniel De Oliveira 21 hour ago

    I expected to see Silvio Dante leave this set on a 1800s Romanian gypsie horsedraw carriage

  • larry Zeldin
    larry Zeldin 21 hour ago +1

    Anyone notice tony sirico aka Paulie Walnuts is wearing those same white sneakers/shoes that he always wore in the show.
    I Remeber the episode when him and tony went on the Lam and they showed Paulie packing two pairs of the same exact sneakers in the same color and he’s wearing them here again lol I love it. What are those shoes? They seem to go good with everything.Track Suits or slacks or briefs.

  • Kelley Maguire
    Kelley Maguire 21 hour ago


  • 2CB1
    2CB1 22 hours ago

    Paulie is a G all day every day

  • 2CB1
    2CB1 22 hours ago

    Amazing show. Amazing ppl
    .cant wait for an evening with the sopranos in sydney Australia in February

  • Gerard OHalloran
    Gerard OHalloran 22 hours ago

    Greatest show made in my opinion I’m a great mob fan but the show wasn’t all about the glamour of crime it showed day to day real life Of mobsters and there families both criminal and home life Still miss James Gandolfini true legend gone but will never be forgotten The whole cast of the series were all brilliant especially Edie Falco

  • StyrbjornStarke
    StyrbjornStarke 22 hours ago +1

    Imperioli just doesnt age, his hair only turns grey.

  • Noreth Suarez Pérez
    Noreth Suarez Pérez 23 hours ago

    Ohh James... 😔😔😔

  • Artur H
    Artur H 23 hours ago

    21:25 Season 1, Episode 6. 4 minutes before ending.

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' 23 hours ago

    I hated meadow and Carmella so much.

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' 23 hours ago

    Why have a reunion when the main character is dead?

  • Michael Ortega
    Michael Ortega 23 hours ago

    pauly is still in character

  • 3jcourt
    3jcourt 23 hours ago

    They are just like they were on the show. and since when are Italians not white guys? What specific race are we??

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano 23 hours ago +6


  • Whaapss Whapito
    Whaapss Whapito Day ago

    I guess Tony never made it to be a Varsity athlete 😢 RIP

  • tweedy151
    tweedy151 Day ago

    Charmaine Bucco looking as gorgeous as ever ...

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano Day ago +1

    I love you all

  • donny foster
    donny foster Day ago

    The PC police hated The Sopranos. And I loved it. RIP to this genre. We’ll never see it again.

  • I Don't Like That Shit

    How I miss this show!

  • Paul FromBrighton

    James Gandolfini is such a huge loss, but what a part to leave us with.

  • kevin james
    kevin james Day ago

    Only big man is not the

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po Day ago

    No Johnny Sac? Brilliant character. Good chemistry with Tony.

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po Day ago

    Junior was the comedy relief. He could have had a show of his own.

  • Haydn Po
    Haydn Po Day ago

    Have you seen Lorriane Bracco young? She looked like Sophia Loren.

  • Young monaco
    Young monaco Day ago

    It’s crazy how like all these guys have barley gotten any acting work since.

  • mamamar
    mamamar Day ago

    Good god Lorraine Bracco is annoying af

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow Day ago

    Sopranos was a GREAT GREAT show...1 of best ever..Only 2 things i did not like.. The therapy sessions during the shows became VERY boring and seemed to be used as just a "filler" for part of the shows...As the shows went on i would find myself fast forwarding the therapy sessions...And Tony became so unlikeable his character started to annoy me VERY much..

  • zackurban
    zackurban Day ago +2

    I just finished the sopranos today . What a show . I'm already nostalgic 3 hours after . There will never be such a show like the sopranos . And the characters chemistry .. i just wish James Gandolfini was there with them telling stories about how he began with them in the show . RIP james Gandolfini you will be missed .

    • josh berkin
      josh berkin 21 hour ago

      I plan on finishing it today as well. Episode 19 season6b!

  • Y2kSd4
    Y2kSd4 Day ago

    Silvio is soooo FAAAAATTTT.

  • Sally Feschuk
    Sally Feschuk Day ago

    Wish I'd invested the time to watch when it was still running. Watched the HBO marathon. Fell in love with James Gandolfini

  • MDKVideo
    MDKVideo Day ago

    Great cast and great show!

  • Seish's Mom
    Seish's Mom Day ago

    Uncle Jun was my fav!

  • big deezle
    big deezle Day ago +6

    I’m in awe of these Legendary cast members

  • Jim H
    Jim H Day ago

    Lorraine Bracco seems like that cool mom who let you get drunk at 14

  • Can't be touched

    I love how they gave respect to James at the beginning RIP BIG MAN

  • MmanukillaK
    MmanukillaK Day ago


  • Almighty Fonics
    Almighty Fonics Day ago +1

    I’m glad I watched this show just 2 years ago when I was 14 , one of the best decisions I ever made

  • Frank Srok
    Frank Srok Day ago

    Only the Good die young.

  • TP Services
    TP Services Day ago

    The Sopranos and NYPD Blue are the 2 greatest shows ever created. Never be another.

  • John Lunyamila
    John Lunyamila Day ago

    Adraina couldn't make it because there weren't enough room for her.

  • drethekiller
    drethekiller Day ago

    What a shame Bobby Baccala isn't in the interview. He was great in the last 2 seasons!

  • Kristian Karac
    Kristian Karac Day ago

    I will make my son watch this show when hes older .

  • سًـآُرح آلَجَوُفُ

    I appreciate these wonderful people but the absence of James Gandolfini is what we missed

  • Lawman
    Lawman Day ago

    Paulie looks very ill
    God bless him

  • blackham7
    blackham7 Day ago

    Was Tony Soprano depressed?

  • 卓俊廷
    卓俊廷 Day ago

    Where is Silvio's neck....??

  • blackham7
    blackham7 Day ago

    Wow dr melfi really let herself go, did she swallow a whale?

  • Captain Melvin Seahorse

    Best show ever!

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher Day ago

    Its been 11 years since it stopped & they all look older, apart from Edie's horrific surgery.

  • Bolum Carr
    Bolum Carr Day ago

    Lol, Italian American's that think every Italian looks Mediterranean are like Africa Americans who think all Africans are black, the level of ignorance of the American burger is staggering. 🤣😂