🔴 Andrea Kelly is MUCH DIFFERENT When Cameras Arent Rolling (Drea Kelly FB LIVE)|@TonyaTko Reaction

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • R. Kelly Ex-Wife Andrea Kelly shows her true colors when the documentary cameras aren't rolling. She's dancing to R. Kelly music with her new "Baby Daddy" cursing and carrying on. This is the SAME woman who was crying puddles talking about the abuse she faced at the hands of Kelly. She's even giving Relationship advice.
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  • Don Lang
    Don Lang Day ago

    I used to feel Sooo sorry for Drea, but I knew she had a fiery ghetto mouth and that's too dramatic for me ..
    She's a fucken actress and makes me sick to my gut ...
    Dunno what the fuck she talking about .. She Ugggly as hell .. Sorry Gurrl but you talk too much smack ..
    Hey Gurrl, your theatrics was too funny ...
    Much Love yallxox

  • Dakota Reno
    Dakota Reno 3 days ago

    Its obvious that she is drunk not giving a fuck talking her ass off. How many times we all have done that either high drunk etc

  • Darnice Williams
    Darnice Williams 3 days ago

    Bitch I hope you go to jail to bitch

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell 4 days ago

    She is a piece of shit!! 😡she is a gold digger and has absolutely no talent! She is living large on Robert’s money! I hate her and I have muted her

  • Pam Crampton
    Pam Crampton 10 days ago


  • carla v
    carla v 14 days ago

    she is the abuser the only the that traumatizes her is the fact that he will not sleep with her.The only mistake he did was leave his kids with her

  • Lorraine Sealie
    Lorraine Sealie 16 days ago

    I think we all are suffering from mental retardation. And we talk too much.

  • quintez smith
    quintez smith 19 days ago

    really bitch really u all on da floor smh u crying this is why im making a they lying video u need to stop idk how u came across my feed but u will never come across again this bitch making this video is trash

  • Victor Brown
    Victor Brown 20 days ago

    you were really beside yourself watching this video, it was a little extra for me.

  • Roshonda Rodgers
    Roshonda Rodgers 20 days ago

    I just saw two crazy mfs on this video

  • Antione Palmer
    Antione Palmer 20 days ago

    Really do hope they lock this BITCH up please🤨

  • Dierdra Durham
    Dierdra Durham 21 day ago +1

    What's wrong with u?

  • Cali Travels
    Cali Travels 21 day ago

    I don’t get why if this video makes you dramatically sick why do you report on this?!! There are millions of r Kelly videos.

    • Cali Travels
      Cali Travels 20 days ago

      Tonya Tko Show aww you’re a trooper! I mean I was loosing my breath just by looking at you watch that. Thank you for for the video and sorry you had to go through that emotional rollercoaster. 🤗

    • Tonya Tko Show
      Tonya Tko Show  20 days ago +1

      I didn't know I would feel this way until I started watching

  • Vernesther Mallard
    Vernesther Mallard 21 day ago

    😂😂😂 I dont cosign R. Kelly but this commentary and drama is hilarious. Out of all the blogger videos i have viewed regarding R. Kelly, this one... Smmfh..😂😂💀 I cant..

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 21 day ago +1

    Tonya ur face expression is classic lol

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 21 day ago

    She cant even sing js

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 21 day ago

    She barley knew step in the name of love tho.. She just like the attention..what else is she doing 👀

  • Keven Woods
    Keven Woods 21 day ago +1

    You was in the twilight zone watching her, I know her dam mind is flowing around between the twilight zone and the Bermuda triangle she is lost R Kelly didn't do nothing to this woman she was already stupid when he met her she been stupid

  • Saisha Thomas
    Saisha Thomas 22 days ago

    You a fake ass b**** so since he your family why are you doing this to him why you spread lies about him why are you recruiting b****** to say stuff about him that's not what family do b**** you are going all out your way to make his life miserable you been better since you was on that reality show b****

  • Colin Nembhard
    Colin Nembhard 22 days ago

    My thoght on this all u blogger. Making money off these fuckry. If u wouldnt post it

    STACEY BRADFORD 22 days ago +1

    You say you don't like R.KELLY but your crying why don't you just tell your story and have them look it up their self but the thing is you want TVclip money 🤔 she want baby daddy money you want youtube MONEY 😆

  • keria page
    keria page 22 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinking, maybe she different because he knows alot of this shii is just lies....🤷🤷 She don't know how to continue playing victim.

  • Ebony Reese
    Ebony Reese 22 days ago +3

    Wtf did I just listen to 😒😳🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ebony Reese
    Ebony Reese 22 days ago +2

    She look like her “Other Baby Daddy” 🤣

  • shanna Gray
    shanna Gray 22 days ago +2

    Okay so why are u crying... u need to get a acting job

  • Jonathan Van Horn
    Jonathan Van Horn 24 days ago +1

    Your demeanor is just as psychotic as hers.

  • Diamond Wilson
    Diamond Wilson 24 days ago +2

    My husband always says a wise man can play the part of a Fool!!! But a Fool can never play the part of a wise man🤔🤔

  • Ahmad2423
    Ahmad2423 25 days ago

    She was happy because she had just learned she would be added to the cast of Growing up Hip-Hop Atlanta. So all her lies and deceit landed her the bag of 💰

  • Star Dycus
    Star Dycus 25 days ago +1

    Hilarious😂😂😂 Tonya you need a Emmy thus shit is classic your while reaction Shocking and Hilarious😂😂😂 Andrea is too far gone she been looking for clout since the divorce. The Bitch is just crazy and keeps switching horses in the middle of the race right before us. 😂😂😂😂 Wack Job he fucked her up!!!

  • Flowers Flowers
    Flowers Flowers 25 days ago

    No...that doesn't mean anything..i still have my husbands last name...i have children...our house was in both of our names...insurance...bills...so it was easier to leave it alone...that divorce was in 1995.

    • Tonya Tko Show
      Tonya Tko Show  25 days ago +1

      Was your husband allegedly physically abusive and a supposed pedophile?

  • teflon couture
    teflon couture 25 days ago

    I believed u watched this before you got all on the floor bc u seemed so uninterested from the beginning not really looking for nothing or paying attention to what she saying for details u jus play tew much all on the floor n shit like is that why they call u knocked out or sum bc u took away from the whole video

    • Tonya Tko Show
      Tonya Tko Show  25 days ago

      Chile no. If I saw this before, I would NOT have subjected myself to it again! Nope

  • Adjoa Adeipena
    Adjoa Adeipena 26 days ago

    Tonya you need to eat shit and die bitch you are totally against r.kelly

  • Aunt Phyllis
    Aunt Phyllis 26 days ago

    This is sad to see women tearing women down. Give her a moment to feel good. Do you think victims always feel like victims. Good for her holding on to the good memories.
    Support your Sisters. She isn't the only accuser. That's the saddest party about the whole R Kelly thing is seeing women not believing each other. Supporting the man first. This thinking is what leads to pedophiles getting away with it. Women don't listen to each other.

  • Emma fagan
    Emma fagan 26 days ago +1

    You look crazy ! Getting weak and the faces your pulling, you’re so extra

  • Laura O'Regan
    Laura O'Regan 27 days ago

    Why ain't no fucker pulled her up over this video....saying rkelly abused u etc jog on love

  • Seestar Pick1
    Seestar Pick1 27 days ago

    You alright😲😵

  • Dolo 9
    Dolo 9 27 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with this chic crying? Get a grip.

  • Jasmine Primas
    Jasmine Primas 28 days ago

    Get a hold of yourself now

  • Jasmine Primas
    Jasmine Primas 28 days ago

    Tonya you look crazy as hell. Get your ass off the damn floor!

  • Michael Midax
    Michael Midax 28 days ago

    When she said "then she was talking about baby hair & her hair line starts behind her ears." I friggin bust out laughing. Lmbo

    OPPORTUNE 97 28 days ago

    She should go to jail

    OPPORTUNE 97 28 days ago

    New guy like I'm just getting money and ass IDC

    OPPORTUNE 97 28 days ago

    She didn't know all the words LMAO

  • Pamela Jacobs
    Pamela Jacobs 28 days ago

    Somebody needs to show this to the producers of Surviving R Kelly and ask for that money back they gave her

  • Ericka Dates
    Ericka Dates 28 days ago

    Girl please stop it .... you just as bad as Drea !!!

  • Ronnita banks
    Ronnita banks 28 days ago

    She is being way too dramatic 😂😡😂 gurl stop it !😂

  • Luna Oya She
    Luna Oya She 29 days ago

    Wow, two completely different people. Unbelievable. She's not even making sense though. What the arse going on here?! But Tonya, you had me HOLLERING when you were on the floor. I can empathize because she sounds like a Banshee to me! Nails on a blasted chalkboard! And hearing you say "Eowwww" tickled me!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mpume Sibiya
    Mpume Sibiya 29 days ago

    And this is the man you claim abused you for years? The hell is waiting for you!

  • Rosa Taina of Diamonds

    LOL... I don't know what to say your facial expression said it all.

  • Ladiosa Amor
    Ladiosa Amor Month ago

    Dreadful knew everything about this man, she pretends now for the cameras n money!

  • Neki O.J
    Neki O.J Month ago

    Lol.. the host is more foolish than drea. Is she passing out lolololol

  • Percy Jones
    Percy Jones Month ago

    She lied for a check dirty bitch

  • Shinaie Watlington
    Shinaie Watlington Month ago +1

    The lady on the floor...I cannot!

  • Master Right Devine

    One thing I have learned in life is that WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT......And you need to take into consideration that R Kelly is an uneducated and illiterate man whom obviously has a problem if all the alleged accusations are true but you people need to know that most abused people are themselves ex victims. Furthermore, you need also to understand that there are a lot of our Black folks out there who are truly ignorant due to the oppressed system that they've been subjected to in America. I don't condone what R Kelly has been allegedly accused of but nonetheless I do strongly believe that those parents who have driven or taken their young daughters to live with a grown man should be held accountable. I am a bit disappointed that some of our black females are quick to throw the black men under the bus nowadays for fame and fortune. While you all are clapping and want hell for R Kelly, remember that currently the most vile and disgusting White man is seating in the White House as your president surrounding by other vile and disgusting White men plotting to find more ways to oppress and destroy BLACK PEOPLE......So you all need to get your priority straight.

  • iSmile4Him
    iSmile4Him Month ago +1

    I can't focus on Andrea bc I'm watching Tonya act a darn fool. Lol

  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb Month ago

    Victim! Lol. She looking for a bag.

  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb Month ago

    She a real piece of work!

  • Angelina Sanchez
    Angelina Sanchez Month ago

    She talking about Kell's, indirectly speaking though, she still love him, shooting shots at his other queens.

  • ExposingMiLabs
    ExposingMiLabs Month ago

    roflmao at your physical reactions. lol She is messed up.

  • 4 ever
    4 ever Month ago

    She is not a good person. Why does she talk with that potty mouth.
    What woman talks like that? TRASH.
    Rkelly ruined this woman as he have ruined his other women too. very sad to see this in a society.
    No respect. No morals. Neither one of them.
    That was 10 years ago when she was abused. She is happier now and trying to be herself.

  • Lashawn Reid
    Lashawn Reid Month ago

    Besides being bipolar , she’s an opportunist for sure.
    Drea has no respect for her other “baby daddy” sitting right there.
    What type of a mess is this.? She doesn’t appear to be traumatized
    to me. It’s about the $$ bill & lights and attention.
    No, it’s not about the children at all. They’re her meal ticket.
    .Drea is very ignorant and ghetto.

  • Karen Aquarius
    Karen Aquarius Month ago

    See when you sit back and let nature take it course real shit come out.. CRAXzy stuff here!

  • Sherry Carter
    Sherry Carter Month ago

    Both all of yall need jesus

  • michelle hines
    michelle hines Month ago

    Double the pleasure double the damn cray cray!!! Both of these damn nuts need help hunty Chile!!!!!!!! Wat n all the hot damn extra mess is this!!!! Baaaaby I can not!! Ms tonya u did entire to damn much😂😂😂😂😂

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Fake ass Bitch.. OMG my stomach hurt from laughing at her stoopid ass

  • Careese Martin
    Careese Martin Month ago

    I cried laughing seeing her on the floor on my goodness😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alisa Lund
    Alisa Lund Month ago

    Tonya!🌹 1) Did you hear HER explanation BEFORE you made this? 2) Do you know she was messed up/not herself (for a reason) and she knows that?
    Not saying you are immoral, just checking. 🙏
    (Everyone are, when leaving from abusive relationship. Factors might be: financial abuse, protecting children, shame, saving face, Stockholm syndrome, acting and kissing ass because you are too afraid to move on etc. Nobody who don't have experience about close narcissist can't understand, because victims do loose their self. Takes years to connect one's self and heal. You know all this.)

  • Soni B
    Soni B Month ago +1

    While she was singing his song, I was singing “lost and turned out” in mine.
    I couldn’t make it through the entire video. The level of brainwash and desperation is nauseating.

  • Tammy Frayer
    Tammy Frayer Month ago +3

    I don't blame r.k.to get away from this p.o.s.with no class

  • Jana Garza
    Jana Garza Month ago

    This video was made when he was still paying child support

  • Tammy Frayer
    Tammy Frayer Month ago

    Nobody wants to hear this foolishness she talking how can you give advice to other women ?when you settle to be a sex slave for your own husband

  • Nola 62
    Nola 62 Month ago

    She's straight up hood, she sounds stupid

  • Nola 62
    Nola 62 Month ago

    She sounds like she's defending R. Kelly

  • Nola 62
    Nola 62 Month ago

    I wish they would have played this while she was doing all that crying on the the TV show the View

  • Ashley Webb
    Ashley Webb Month ago

    WTF are u rolling around on the floor 😂😂😂😂This shit is funny

  • Shennia Bryant
    Shennia Bryant Month ago


  • Naturally Dope
    Naturally Dope Month ago

    I have to laugh when she said the GPS don't know what it's talking about and I was thinking dumbass it's doing exactly what you put in the GPS

  • Torvarris Brown
    Torvarris Brown Month ago

    I love ur personality

  • Torvarris Brown
    Torvarris Brown Month ago

    love ur vedios,

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    I've never been so confused my entire life.

    PICKLED TOE JAMS Month ago

    From what I have observed. EVERY MAN that is with Andrea Kelly is SUBJECT AND FORCED to listen to R KELLY. Because she wants them to feel inferior. To say "IM THE WOMAN THAT LOCKED DOWN R KELLY SO WHO YOU THINK YOU IS - IF I CAN HAVE R KELLY I CAN HAVE ANY MAN - CLEARLY IM ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE I WAS MARRIED TO R KELLY" . To typical standards in society she is not an attractive woman. I fell out on Hollywood divas when she was married to that guy or dating that guy and she said "maybe tonight he MIGHT give me some...depending on HOW DRUNK I CAN GET HIM"...I said "yeah, you gotta get em drunk with that face". So because she does not feel honestly attractive and because she does not have a solid identity of her own. SHE WILL ALWAYS REVERT BACK OR USE R KELLYS NAME. She does this to everyman. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Which is why she can't keep one. Because they use her for what they need at that moment and then she always emotionally and mentally abuses them by throwing R kelly in their face.

  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson Month ago +2

    Stop giving her STUPID ASS a platform.

  • syllocs
    syllocs Month ago +2

    Why is this lady crying in confused? Thanks for sharing the video but you doing to much.

  • Deja Johnson
    Deja Johnson Month ago

    Why are you on the floor?

  • Miss Love
    Miss Love Month ago

    Dude should've told her to get off the phone. I cant stand a rambler. She's too old to be acting like that. It looks and sound so bad.

  • Bradley Minefee
    Bradley Minefee Month ago +1

    I feel that she is a freak

  • kyasmeen
    kyasmeen Month ago +3

    Self love specialist is acting like a damn fool...#gettagripgurl, it sad how brown Women love to judge and down each other, You're on here trying to show ppl how righteous you are smh...Try sitting in your chair with some dignity...

  • Yaye Fatou Diop
    Yaye Fatou Diop Month ago

    Tonya TKO, What’s going on sis? Why are you reacting to this so much? A few days ago I came across a video by the comedian Luenella (I think I am spelling her name wrong), dragging Drea Kelly about this whole R.Kelly situation. Here’s one of the links to her going in on Drea Kelly: tvclip.biz/video/PwuP0XLIoyE/video.html
    All I have to say about this video here about Drea Kelly is, she truly is making herself look bad. Also, she comes across to me as someone who plays into whatever the propaganda is in order to fool the masses, but she is only fooling herself.
    I am not saying that whatever R.Kelly has done is not wrong. For what we know, and what he is being accused of, it’s extremely horrible if he truly has done it all! But this right here with Drea is simply simple minded and super low class! Not to mention how much this lowers her credibility.

  • lakeisha Whitehead
    lakeisha Whitehead Month ago

    The bitch just admitted the money dried up, he could no longer provide for her like she was used to so the bitch tryna get the money any way she can smdh this is just sad

  • Elianna Middleton
    Elianna Middleton Month ago +1

    I am appalled at her behavior. Like you I didn't want to watch, but I wanted to see the rest to in hopes her behavior would change.

  • Spectacular Rich Beauty & Brilliance

    @ 19:09 “game peep game when ya’ll try to play with a gamer.” STFU! 🥴 she is a dysfunctional old head hood rat just like her “baby daddy.” She is not even a little bit cute. TRASH BEGETS TRASH...not surprised. 😏

  • missme1937
    missme1937 Month ago

    STOP with your BS....you are just as ignorant as Drea with your dramatics, you are unscribed!

  • missme1937
    missme1937 Month ago +1

    you doing too much, you just as crazy as she is....all that “you can’t listen to his music” crying as if it has an affect on you is some fraggle naggle bs, get yourself a life, we know she still want to be revelavent, but why does this have such an affect on you is crazy!

  • Shaunna Smith
    Shaunna Smith Month ago +4

    This women was never a victim. She is a disgrace to all women. That why real victims are never believed. She makes me feel 🤮🤮

  • Kera Mommyof5
    Kera Mommyof5 Month ago

    She addressed this during an interview. She claimed she did it because she had been threatened by him. This was made when she first started starring in reality shows.

  • Donna the Crazy Cat Lady Buchanan Smith

    So many layers...there's always more sides to every situation. The side of each individual's perspectives, and reality. It's the revelation of a new perspective that helps us get to the truth. I find it so hard to trust people anymore. So I have cats lol. Love your videos. Thanks for keeping us informed. 👍❤💯😻

  • Chemical XR
    Chemical XR Month ago +1

    When did drea come out with this video?

  • Solid&Solo Sam
    Solid&Solo Sam Month ago

    In my opinion, this bullshit of a woman was indirectly throwing jabs at her new man. Singing and dancing to her ex-pedo "babbiesdaddy" as she stated; SHE TRIED IT! Welp her chickens have come to hatch, all pun intended. #gamepeepgame


    Lol wth

  • Porter Shabazz
    Porter Shabazz Month ago

    Omg it’s taking everything in me not to be over acting like Tonya’s ass. No one wants to hear this foolishness. Is it over yet? Damn.