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  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Grace's past finally catches up with her and she has no choice but to face it. Here, the ‘Greenleaf’ cast discusses how Grace's big secret is a game changer for the Greenleaf family. For more on #Greenleaf, visit
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    The original drama series Greenleaf from award-winning writer/producer Craig Wright takes viewers into the unscrupulous world of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis megachurch, where scandalous secrets and lies are as numerous as the faithful. Born of the church, the Greenleaf family love and care for each other, but beneath the surface lies a den of iniquity-greed, adultery, sibling rivalry and conflicting values-that threatens to tear apart the very core of their faith that holds them together.
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    Grace's Big Secret | Greenleaf | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Comments • 93

  • A.Tanyale
    A.Tanyale 5 days ago

    All her secrets and she's not annoying 😂😂😂

  • jessie notyobis
    jessie notyobis Month ago +1

    seems like the whole world will be mad at Grace. Noah because she didn't tell him they had a son. the son because she give him up. I pray for the whole family. i feel like this season will be emotional

  • Dominican Princess
    Dominican Princess Month ago +1

    So is this what Bassie sister was talking about??? I bout choked on my drink 😁😁😁.

  • Nmendenh 2017
    Nmendenh 2017 Month ago +6

    Grace is a secret child with a secret child ....I can’t.😂

  • JJ Black
    JJ Black Month ago

    black women out here hiding children oh i dont have any children what about them twins in california acting just like these black males

  • Mildred Brown
    Mildred Brown Month ago +4

    I knew Grace wad carrying a big secret. Wow.....a child by Noah. Come clean now Grace about your daddy and your child

  • Damilola Fasina
    Damilola Fasina Month ago

    She's the what 😯

    STARDUST Fire Month ago +3

    I am so excited for this season. #BigGreenleafFan ❤️

  • Keith B Jones
    Keith B Jones Month ago +1

    I seen episode 2 already i want spoil it tho 😆

    • Keith B Jones
      Keith B Jones Month ago +1

      @LaToya Brown i have a season pass it popped up there Thurs i guess it was a mistake cause they took it down now but i watched it before they did 😆

    • LaToya Brown
      LaToya Brown Month ago +1


  • RawwEnt
    RawwEnt Month ago +1

    Somebody fill me in

  • Chanel B
    Chanel B Month ago +1


  • A Mo
    A Mo Month ago +5

    If...she got pregnant by that sorry a** uncle, i can forgive her for keeping that secret..

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago +6

      A Mo seriously what show have y’all been watching this whole time? Mac never touched Grace. This is Noah’s child.

  • David Jay
    David Jay Month ago +1

    Grace done got thicker

  • Sheena Leena
    Sheena Leena Month ago +1

    Grace was a thot!!??😳

  • MrSuthrncomfort
    MrSuthrncomfort Month ago +11

    Sophia DEF like "F this noise. Now I'm moving out FOR SURE! Y'all can keep this mess!"

  • SonitaLuv & Family
    SonitaLuv & Family Month ago +2

    Oh Lord! I just finished watching season 3. I can't

  • Monique
    Monique Month ago +2

    I was wondering if Noah was coming back,and he came back with a boom lol...This is gonna be good😌

    MONIQUE KNOX Month ago +9

    Ooowee the skeletons are falling out the closet Grace

  • Fantasy Torres
    Fantasy Torres Month ago +1

    I was 😮

  • CeeJay611
    CeeJay611 Month ago +8

    I love this show

  • Isletfemme
    Isletfemme Month ago

    This show is rife with messy hypocrites. Accurate potrayal of basic judgemental Christians.

  • Angela C
    Angela C Month ago

  • Lasalle Perkins
    Lasalle Perkins Month ago +20

    Just like blabby mouth Clarissa said every since grace has gotten there that family has been on downward spiral

    • J Smith
      J Smith Month ago +14

      That family had it coming grace ain’t perfect but they were living a whole mess before grace came back in a way grace is there karma.

    • Katrina Jackson
      Katrina Jackson Month ago

      @Keisha Kenya Stiger yes girl, I'm going to watch it again!

    • Keisha Kenya Stiger
      Keisha Kenya Stiger Month ago +2

      Lasalle- I loved that scene the most, it gave me life !!

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris Month ago +88

    Grace is definitely her mother's daughter😂

    • Myesha Gooden
      Myesha Gooden Month ago +1

      Baby I been knowing that since Season 1. Her and Lady Mae just alike 😂😂😂😂

    • Mzjojo10101
      Mzjojo10101 Month ago

      Kevin Harris ON GOD

  • Camille C
    Camille C Month ago +45

    Oh baby, this season is going to be good. So the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Grace is just like her Momma🤣

  • Jasmine B
    Jasmine B Month ago +17

    She kept the second baby but not the first damn she may be like her mother after all.

    • India Shanté
      India Shanté Month ago +9

      @Marcus Melancon I think Grace didn't keep her son because she wasn't married and really young unlike Lady Mae.

    • Jasmine B
      Jasmine B Month ago +1

      Marcus Melancon yeah but they keep deep secrets this may be the best season they have.

    • Marcus Melancon
      Marcus Melancon Month ago

      Jasmine B well at least Lady Mae kept her

  • Ms BeautyBoss
    Ms BeautyBoss Month ago +36

    Why I am thinking her mother (1st lady) know about the son. I hope the father is not that uncle....

    • Dominican Princess
      Dominican Princess Month ago

      @Nene Loveless I remember that too.

    • JC Carpenter
      JC Carpenter Month ago +1

      @Nene Loveless but she said he molested her but never actually raped her, she told her aunt that

    • aboriginal_Reina Garcia
      aboriginal_Reina Garcia Month ago

      She said she got away from him when he tried it . So I don’t know .

    • yvette pretty
      yvette pretty Month ago +2

      She said Noah is the Dad.

    • Nene Loveless
      Nene Loveless Month ago +1

      @Lady Rock its cool 😎.

  • Jarron Peacock
    Jarron Peacock Month ago +43

    Those P.K kids those one that Hide and sneaky around and got all those Secrets

  • Cheri Clark
    Cheri Clark Month ago +21

    Her and her mom's secret will shake up the family. Not just Grace's secret. But, I really believe that the Bishop knows Grace isn't his bio daughter.

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN Month ago

      JC Carpenter ok

    • JC Carpenter
      JC Carpenter Month ago +1

      @FutureLPN/RN yes she did, granted she didn't actually say the words you aren't my father because he stopped her from saying it when he realized that's what she was trying to say and he cut her off by telling her that no matter what she will always be his daughter...

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN Month ago

      JC Carpenter grace never told bishop that he wasn’t her father!

    • JC Carpenter
      JC Carpenter Month ago +1

      @FutureLPN/RN he knew before she (Grace) got around to telling him herself but he NEVER even knew that Mae had slept with his friend let alone that he could've possibly been Grace's father... When he found out he was in total shock, so much so that he stopped talking to his "friend" completely and almost didn't go see him before he died.. Even after Mae confessed to cheating on him with his friend he still hadn't realized the possibility that Grace might not be his... My point was he didn't know her whole life, he only found out last season (season 3)

    • FutureLPN/RN
      FutureLPN/RN Month ago

      JC Carpenter BISHOP KNEW! Before hand when he called her “ his beloved daughter” that who conversation! He knew it

  • Rashanda Grier
    Rashanda Grier Month ago +8

    What is the secret.

    • M.D. White
      M.D. White Month ago +3

      It’s new information from the first episode of this season

    • Rashanda Grier
      Rashanda Grier Month ago +4

      Okay I did not know that grace have a son with Noah.

    • M.D. White
      M.D. White Month ago +5

      Her son appears to be in prison

    • M.D. White
      M.D. White Month ago +5

      Rashanda Grier grace has a love child with Noah but he didn’t know

  • David Aikels
    David Aikels Month ago +21

    I hope it's not Mack's son?

    • David Aikels
      David Aikels Month ago

      @amcra1 Did Grace left Memphis because nobody believed Mack (her uncle) molested her.

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      David Aikels what show have you been watching??? Mac never touched Grace. It’s clearly Noah’s.0

    • Chelsciely Carey
      Chelsciely Carey Month ago +1

      😂😂 Mack's son

    • M.D. White
      M.D. White Month ago +7

      David Aikels Hell no it’s Noah’s

  • carlosandmuriel
    carlosandmuriel Month ago +17

    Grace got some damn nerve!!!!

  • Doris Coleman
    Doris Coleman Month ago +15

    Ok someone help me understand Grace has a daughter, How old is this son to be locked up? How old is Grace? How did she well I just don't understand... Lol

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      Patrick D. Wright Jr. all wrong

    • Marcus Melancon
      Marcus Melancon Month ago +8

      If Grace left over 20 years ago the son is most likely in his early 20’s he’s probably one of the reasons she left

    • x Solid x Gold x
      x Solid x Gold x Month ago +5

      Someone else summed it up fairly well Grace had been gone 20 years when the show first started and it seems about 2 yrs have gone by

    • B.J. Simmons
      B.J. Simmons Month ago +5

      Patrick D. Wright Jr. thanks. I’m reading the comments and you really did help lol

    • Doris Coleman
      Doris Coleman Month ago +8

      @Patrick D. Wright Jr. Sounds very well. Thank you so much.

  • Ebony Daniels
    Ebony Daniels Month ago +68

    Noah is back! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Gizzy's Corner with Tj and Aubrey

    This season is going to be good!!

  • Ms Lsw
    Ms Lsw Month ago

    Subscribe to mr_kanobe