Another Rock Singers in the Voice Kids Worldwide

  • Published on Oct 12, 2016
  • A few more performances of some rock childrens in the world, this in particular with several performances of Netherland (country where the program started). See below the songs and the singers
    Anouk - Hotel California (The Voice Kids Netherland)
    Liz - Bring Me To Life (The Voice Kids Netherland)
    Alanis - Don’t stop Believing (The Voice Kids Mexico)
    Nikki - Sweet Child O' Mine (The Voice Kids Netherland)
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  • bruh nice
    bruh nice 2 years ago +148

    Haha, i know Liz for real. :D love these Comments here.

  • Kati P.
    Kati P. 7 days ago

    I hear no rock voice...

  • Fraylin Rosario
    Fraylin Rosario 14 days ago

    Como encuentro a la chica que canta bring me to life

  • Swei-Shiro Pamela
    Swei-Shiro Pamela 16 days ago

    these judges from other countries are so weird! they don't know what talent is! it this was Blake and Adam, they would be hitting these things as immediately once they hear that authentic voice

  • Ruslan
    Ruslan 19 days ago

    спс чувак что выложил это

  • kittycasino29
    kittycasino29 21 day ago


  • No one here
    No one here 22 days ago

    I am still wondering why those parents thought the note from "only you are the life among the dead" would cause them to turn... that note's not that special.
    The third girl was my favorite.
    I am still waiting for some kid whooping everyone's asses by attempting to sing something of Nightwish's Oceanborn. That would be so daring. Or Jinjer's Pisces😂

  • khaie pl
    khaie pl 22 days ago

    In perfomance i will go with Liz..wishing to see her as a big star in the near future...but the 3rd is damm beautiful😘

  • edgar espinoza
    edgar espinoza 23 days ago

    like si mientras escuchabas la primera canción te imaginabas la voz de tongo

  • Sierra Pinelli
    Sierra Pinelli 27 days ago +2

    I got immediate chills on the second girl

  • David M
    David M 28 days ago +1

    All of them were really good, would have been hard to pick a winner.....

  • Perry Arrington
    Perry Arrington Month ago

    these people from The Netherlands need to take on less difficult songs from the likes of Amy Lee and Axl Rose....those voices are once in a lifetime treasures

  • Perry Arrington
    Perry Arrington Month ago +2

    it takes a lot of courage to sing one of the ICONS of American Music, Amy it would be difficult for a person from the Netherlands to pick up the southern accent of the Great Amy Lee...but she did well

  • walter aguiar
    walter aguiar Month ago

    Que jurados vacilões!...

  • Greg Chapman
    Greg Chapman Month ago

    Does anyone know who the girl was who sang Hotel California? I can't find any mention of how far she made it or the following series at all.

    • Ralph Mumbeck
      Ralph Mumbeck 29 days ago

      If you click on the little triangle below the video on the right, there is a drop down box with more info 👍

  • Carmen Luque
    Carmen Luque Month ago

    No pues... Paulina????

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    The second singer has a beautiful voice...who is she?

  • Kamarul Zaman
    Kamarul Zaman Month ago

    wow... kids too can do it..

  • Techie LAB
    Techie LAB Month ago

    All judges should turn around but except one song, judges are lazy or lame not to turn around together.

  • mike campbell
    mike campbell Month ago

    Hotel California was a horribly dull song to audition with, but I heard runs and tones in her voice that told me she could handle faster, more powerful songs

  • Harley Cain
    Harley Cain Month ago +2

    The second one was great love the song bring me to life

  • life in general
    life in general Month ago

    boy the dutch are one good looking group of people

  • life in general
    life in general Month ago

    this lady could be big time, come to the states

    • life in general
      life in general 3 days ago

      shit don't even want to bring up led zeppelin

    • life in general
      life in general 3 days ago

      or adba for that matter!

    • life in general
      life in general 3 days ago

      @Keeping it reel . . . tell that to the beatles!

    • Keeping it reel . . .
      Keeping it reel . . . 3 days ago

      By the way, all of those songs were made in America!

    • Keeping it reel . . .
      Keeping it reel . . . 3 days ago

      One can do well, as a singer, in any country, but if you really want to make it, the USA is the place to reach the top of the world! Just ask all of those that have reached the top of the world!

  • Harold Kelly
    Harold Kelly Month ago +1

    Liz is totally amazing what a powerful voice

  • Jrmythito
    Jrmythito 2 months ago

    2:21 why I always see that woman in every the voice kids videos? 😂

  • Dennis Taft
    Dennis Taft 2 months ago +3

    Judges were tough on these girls. The first two deserved all chairs turned early. Great job girls.

  • xTristanx
    xTristanx 2 months ago

    Amy Lee would be proud of that second girl she sounded just like here at like a quarter her age lol that's impressive

  • libra8a
    libra8a 2 months ago

    It amazes me when English is not their first language. It's so cute when they mispronounce words slightly.

  • Grim Reaper NZ
    Grim Reaper NZ 2 months ago

    its weird that i cant find a video of the first one on youtube...

  • Михаил Кузнецов

    голоса не для рока

  • Ryszard Sawczenko
    Ryszard Sawczenko 2 months ago

    Fajna 😍

  • Mailis Wuilmot
    Mailis Wuilmot 2 months ago

    1.40 MAGNIFIQUE LOVE chanson thanks YOU GOOD musik remember souvenir😍😍👍💌💓💖.... remember....


  • Douglas Mclean
    Douglas Mclean 2 months ago

    WHO is she that shows the way. JESUS IS LORD IS THE SON OF GOD.

  • risumotus
    risumotus 2 months ago

    Prachtige stem!!

  • Maniak
    Maniak 2 months ago +5

    Hotel California, best singer best voice ❤️

  • Rahul Chetry
    Rahul Chetry 2 months ago +3

    Hotel California 😍😍

  • Евгений Серебряков

    А довольно неплохо! Зачёт!
    En best goed! Ladder!

  • Original Master
    Original Master 2 months ago +24

    The first girl smashed it, judges were abit tight in pressing that button wtf?
    Thumbs up if you agree?

    • life in general
      life in general Month ago

      it's just what the director want's, trying to keep the show more interesting is all that is.

  • Christine Walters
    Christine Walters 2 months ago

    I would definitely turn around

  • Angela Magic Salveson
    Angela Magic Salveson 2 months ago

    Any Lee's song are hard for ppl to sing. She nailed it!

  • ilov69
    ilov69 2 months ago

    The last girl even looked like Axl

  • William Brammer
    William Brammer 3 months ago

    All of them sent chills on me

  • William Brammer
    William Brammer 3 months ago

    Where are these kids coming from beautiful little girls that can sang and they sing very well also

  • Frogstafara holix
    Frogstafara holix 3 months ago +1

    Bring Me to Life......))))))))))))))))

  • rudi fain
    rudi fain 3 months ago

    Good luck to everyone ! With great love, I wish with all my heart Jerusalem-Israel

  • pianocovers PK
    pianocovers PK 3 months ago

    The girl who sang Sweet Child O Mine looks so much like Axl Rose

  • pop 118
    pop 118 3 months ago

    guns n' roses!!!!

  • Sean White
    Sean White 3 months ago

    First girl was like this is some bullshit

  • jeanthree
    jeanthree 3 months ago

    Amazing you women

  • Lucky Emmanuel
    Lucky Emmanuel 3 months ago

    Wow you guys are real nice ,we do love what you are doing

  • Helge Wilmann
    Helge Wilmann 3 months ago

    First part of nr 2 was just like a movie song.. amazing..

  • Walter Valadão
    Walter Valadão 3 months ago

    As vezes este jurado é extremamente vacilão, burro mesmo...

  • tea leaf potato
    tea leaf potato 3 months ago

    Loved the Guns N' Roses audition

  • David Burtenshaw
    David Burtenshaw 3 months ago

    You all got great talent good luck to you all

  • 60 Old Fart
    60 Old Fart 3 months ago

    this is nothing check out the best boys singer in the world are the one and only....TNT BOYS

  • Cristina Balangan
    Cristina Balangan 3 months ago

    Hotel California wow!

  • Xjanaf
    Xjanaf 4 months ago +1

    Se sings well but her voice isn’t powerful enough for that song

  • Валерон Мороу

    Ангельские голоса и лица. Браво.

  • Brian Gibbons
    Brian Gibbons 4 months ago

    This is one of the best collections of tunes thanks dude

  • Brian Gibbons
    Brian Gibbons 4 months ago

    OMG!!! I am an hufge Eagles fan at 55 years old and I have never heard the tune done with a voice like hers for Hotel California. Can anyone point me to more of her??

  • Ronnie Rioux
    Ronnie Rioux 4 months ago

    Yuck. So wrong.

    KITTYKATSKORNER 4 months ago

    Are all of u haters tone deaf? Some of those girls are Stars in the making! Brilliant!

  • jozef kollár
    jozef kollár 4 months ago

    Angel voice -Nightvish.Úžasné All.

  • jozef kollár
    jozef kollár 4 months ago

    Very Nice.

  • Drayken Spiva
    Drayken Spiva 4 months ago

    my favorite ones have to be the first one or the second one for sure they were the best ones

  • Felix Jörlèn
    Felix Jörlèn 4 months ago

    =D Been procastinating from studies watching differant voice top 10s and stuff.... these kids are way better the all the other adults.... all four of them.

  • Klasix iβLost
    Klasix iβLost 4 months ago +1

    Her instagram??

  • jairo aldana
    jairo aldana 4 months ago

    Excelentes niñas interpretando las diferentes piezas, magnífica la niña que interpretó "Sweet Child O´ mine" de los Gun´s and Roses.

  • Findlay Robertson
    Findlay Robertson 4 months ago

    These kids were amazing, if was a judge I'd have turned for each of them.

  • CRD0204
    CRD0204 4 months ago

    Number 2. That girl was awesome