Sean Evans Drinks Spicy Beers | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • From chipotle-packed porters to habanero-infused IPAs, chili brews are heating up the craft-beer scene. To get familiar with the latest crop of Scoville-kissed suds, Sean Evans heads to Jimmy's No. 43 in the East Village for a spicy-beer tasting with Lineup Brewing's Katarina Martinez.
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Comments • 879

  • cigar FMFDoc
    cigar FMFDoc 8 days ago

    I have a bottle is that Rogue saved after I drank a bottle. It's a stout which is a favorite of mine with some heat.

  • FakeBlocks
    FakeBlocks 9 days ago

    Spicy beer is horrendous

  • pitobrain
    pitobrain 27 days ago

    I've had spicy beer before. It's like drinking dip spit.

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    Sean gets overly excited when he has females on his show he tries too much LOL 🤭

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    Sean try not to involve yourself to look like a douchebag

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    She's using too many big words to act like she's intelligent in front of this white guy LOL 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    Let's make this Mexican girl sound very white LOL where's your f****** accent let me guess you've been Americanized 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    Sean is actually a pussy after every cut in the video he runs out like a b****😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez Month ago

    Sean you look like a f****** Geico lizard

  • HollyweedCA
    HollyweedCA Month ago

    I have had all the ballast point spicy beers after the first one just really to have tasted them all. Ewww lol. The dark stouts and porters with Chipotle or anchos work well because they are smokey but anything lighter with habaneros , Thai Serrano etc just do t taste good. They leave an oily pepper taste and have kind of a vegetable taste to them.

  • Aventus
    Aventus Month ago

    I love sours, I think it would be a great combination for some zingy and spicy flavor. I like spice and I love some zing.

  • MrWalkerpercy
    MrWalkerpercy 2 months ago

    Mix 3 parts grapefruit sculpin with one part habanero sculpin. It’s a perfect blend.

  • Chris 61982
    Chris 61982 2 months ago

    the modern times monsters park mexican hot chocolate Im having now would destroy these kids

  • Camille Alinsod
    Camille Alinsod 2 months ago

    This girl katarina.. Mix between Ellie Goulding ang some other artist can't remember she's pretty

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla 3 months ago

    She sounds like that actress from "Ready Player one"

  • Gunz Money
    Gunz Money 3 months ago

    this dude must shit fire everyday

  • Hasitat
    Hasitat 4 months ago

    I ship them

  • ThePepjam89
    ThePepjam89 4 months ago

    Punishment by Stone Brewing is the spiciest beer I've ever drank!

  • Tiny Supreme
    Tiny Supreme 4 months ago

    Shock Top Strawbeñero is fucking disgusting so my opinion on spicy beer isn't a very good one.

  • deathtoreligion
    deathtoreligion 4 months ago

    They're fulla shit, they don't even have the ORIGINAL spicy beer "Cave Creek Chili Beer" with the Serrano pepper in each bottle....

  • Christian Vance
    Christian Vance 4 months ago

    Honestly I could probably drink all of those 😂

  • sacdawg5000
    sacdawg5000 4 months ago

    Billy’s Chile and Ghostface killer out of twisted pine brewery in CO

  • jimmymcnulty789
    jimmymcnulty789 5 months ago

    ballast point is usually the best thing you can get in most categories

  • shashank shanbhag
    shashank shanbhag 8 months ago

    Beer + spice = naaah man, u just can't....

  • Steven Carbuhn
    Steven Carbuhn 8 months ago

    Sean does a good job at accepting his role as the spice king.. it seems like such a painful life, but he's totally ok with it lol

  • Richard Cheese
    Richard Cheese 8 months ago

    I've had the sriracha beer. Shit is fucking gross.

  • RSPDiver
    RSPDiver 8 months ago

    I need to marry her, but need to get divorced first.

  • Spencer Jenkin
    Spencer Jenkin 9 months ago


  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman 9 months ago +1

    “Not my walk on the beach” I like it.

  • Darren Clark
    Darren Clark 10 months ago

    One of my all-time favorites is Hawaiian Sunburn Pineapple Habanero Sour from Elysian Brewing Company.

  • 579gooney
    579gooney 10 months ago

    Ghost face Killa' and billies chillies are great beers

  • ChungKingCanSuckIt
    ChungKingCanSuckIt 11 months ago

    You sound a bit buzzed by the end.

  • Jens9807
    Jens9807 11 months ago

    Thank you Sean for sacrificing your intestines for our viewing pleasure

  • Metallizombie
    Metallizombie 11 months ago

    Ballast Point is legit

  • gvstradamvs
    gvstradamvs Year ago

    Sean's the only sober irishman in the world.

  • Andy Wilson
    Andy Wilson Year ago

    Their children would be true spice lords.

  • groudon282
    groudon282 Year ago

    Just now seeing this, but no Prarie Bomb? Disappointed!

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L Year ago +1

    1:15 the eyebrows. Damn 👌 Spicy beer chick, I’m into it

  • Jan Nicolaisen
    Jan Nicolaisen Year ago

    Ægir Bæver with Mango and Habanero. Not sure if it's available outside of Norway, but I highly reccomend it.

  • McBiteyFace
    McBiteyFace Year ago

    I've had the Habanero Sculpin, that shit is no joke SPICY!!! I challenge anyone to try and drink a 6-pack!!!

  • Indigo Beats XL
    Indigo Beats XL Year ago

    He drunk

  • Kebuin Kebuin
    Kebuin Kebuin Year ago

    evans is tooo numb dlets fucking go ghost pepper or carolina reaper

  • Jack Kruger
    Jack Kruger Year ago

    Shoot your shot Sean

  • navi singh
    navi singh Year ago

    1:53 when u havent busted in a week and she touches your Chili!.

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon Year ago

    Katarina's cute!

  • Christian Vance
    Christian Vance Year ago

    Sean if u didnt know who could drink a whole bottle of that u do now hahahhaa

  • Jennifer Zhang
    Jennifer Zhang Year ago

    You guys should definitely round up some funny people and taste test other spicy alcohols (naga chilli vodka anyone?)

  • vilaniol
    vilaniol Year ago

    wtf cant be the only one with that question in mind : will it make your weener burn ?

  • Mike M
    Mike M Year ago

    Couple of the year!!

  • Gage Vickers
    Gage Vickers Year ago

    come to kingman Arizona. Go to Black Bridge Brewery and try their Scortched earth Ipa and I promise you that beer is PISSED

  • Gage Vickers
    Gage Vickers Year ago

    Get stone punishment

  • rascal1717
    rascal1717 Year ago

    My local microbrewery brews a Carolina Reaper ale...most delicious beer I've had in my life

  • jek ertfms
    jek ertfms Year ago +1

    Fuck man this is like my all-time favourite channel, Sean is straight fire. So professional and likeable. Everything from the audio to the whole style of the vids are just so well made. Keep up the awesome content!

  • IBmaster4
    IBmaster4 Year ago

    How she gonna say an IPA is a "light/lite" beer.....dafuq??

  • MarkDuhShark
    MarkDuhShark Year ago

    They totally fucked my doggies

  • Robert Jarvis
    Robert Jarvis Year ago

    Stone Punishment... please try

  • Matt Boselli
    Matt Boselli Year ago

    Your the man!# shit had to be hot. Why would anyone want a hot, spicey beer?

  • Jesse Young
    Jesse Young Year ago +1

    She's so fucking attractive

  • Michael K
    Michael K Year ago

    Sean said cimmanon

  • Michael K
    Michael K Year ago

    Cayenne cider would make me die of happiness.

  • Zach Shaw
    Zach Shaw Year ago

    First we yeast

  • Kapow Ltd.
    Kapow Ltd. Year ago

    I've had half those beer and
    ... No.

  • Kapow Ltd.
    Kapow Ltd. Year ago

    That Ballast habanero is the worst

  • David Kolakowski
    David Kolakowski Year ago

    You should try ghost face killa beer

  • Calvin Taft
    Calvin Taft Year ago

    Cigar City Cider & Mead in Tampa does spicy ciders a lot. I think ciders are a MUCH better vehicle for the peppers and heat than beer

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz Year ago

    I would say habanero margaritas from barrio chino in soho are way spicier first time I had them I was takin a sip of it then a sip of water but I would love to try them spicy beer !!

  • Yrcanos Starbug
    Yrcanos Starbug Year ago

    Fun watch but I'm a little sad they didn't have a couple bottles of Stone Brewing's Crime and Punishment beers. Those were an experience..

  • Tysief Mcafee
    Tysief Mcafee Year ago

    Sean where can i get that i feel like ice cream shirt

  • Kyle Shasteen
    Kyle Shasteen Year ago

    Sean needs to try ghost face killer berr

  • Copuloxi Ranbooi
    Copuloxi Ranbooi Year ago

    Those sound awesome! I've never had or even heard of a spicy beer!

  • Jonathan Stokes
    Jonathan Stokes Year ago

    That chick is fiiiiiinnnnnneeeee af

  • iFightPenguins
    iFightPenguins Year ago

    Yeww! Ballast point the home town brewery!!

  • big chew
    big chew Year ago

    What up shawn @big chui youtube how lite bowl with no 🔥 it be hit share 🍁@Stardelta9 TVclip tide soaps and recipe.

  • IsmaelZ
    IsmaelZ Year ago

    Spicy beer sounds absolutely disgusting

  • Temp Name
    Temp Name Year ago

    Do a mark wiens episode of sean in the wild!

  • Temp Name
    Temp Name Year ago

    Lol she sounded nervous.

  • destroyMRK
    destroyMRK Year ago

    In Germany it is illegal to call this beer...

  • PutOnAFlannel
    PutOnAFlannel Year ago

    You should do an episode where Sean licks sauces off her body. Hot wing in one hand, hard dong in the other. Either way, it's ending in hot sauce.

  • David Towles
    David Towles Year ago

    I like the habenero sculpin, but it’s biggest problem is the heat level is wildly inconsistent between batches.

  • Matthew Prestia
    Matthew Prestia Year ago

    She looks like the chick from Super Troopers in the thumbnail

  • MagicRice
    MagicRice Year ago

    Mmmm those slow pans

  • Ethan Hernandez
    Ethan Hernandez Year ago

    I've had the Rogue stout.. it's super good.. i paired it with steak quesadillas with actual sriracha sauce on them.

  • Alexavier Driskill

    I hope Sean piped her

  • Sweet Daddy
    Sweet Daddy Year ago

    I wanna be right up her alley

  • honey
    honey Year ago

    beer doesn’t make you feel good, neither does heat. lets put them together!

  • boba1mighty
    boba1mighty Year ago

    Wife Material.

  • Pinoy Locc
    Pinoy Locc Year ago

    She likes the D

  • EyesWithoutAFace
    EyesWithoutAFace Year ago

    Spicy beer and no Michelada in the mix 🤒

  • The Swedish Gaming Vikings

    BP Habanero Sculpin is easily one of the best chili fused beers i've ever tasted! And it's stronger on flask than on barrell!

  • Tomás Cullen
    Tomás Cullen Year ago

    I'm just amazed by the fact that Sean still has any sense of flavor.

  • A B
    A B Year ago

    she's beautiful and can review spicy beers! wowza!

  • James Chun
    James Chun Year ago

    Mr Evans. Big fan, but you need a new intro line boss.

  • Daniel Dionne
    Daniel Dionne Year ago

    I feel some chemistry in this video ...

  • Ian Curran
    Ian Curran Year ago

    That chick is nuts, in a good way she def loves anal

  • Michael Greer
    Michael Greer Year ago

    Sean Evans u gotta come to the valley and get some spicy food down here.!

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago

    Check out Stone Crime/Punishment. I love the BP stuff too.

  • Derek Placeholder

    Carolina reapers-- whoa-- shit. I think I may have my peppers mis-labled. Is it a very tongue heat and the peppers have no redeeming flavor?

  • JustDoug Productions

    I like Sean in this one

  • Cody Sorensen
    Cody Sorensen Year ago

    Wasatch makes a good Jalapeno Cream Ale you should try

  • Krzysztof Zięba
    Krzysztof Zięba Year ago

    Damn, man, between this episode and your regular suite of hot sauces, I gotta say, I feel sorry I can't get any of these easily, living in Poland and all... but I will try!