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  • Kadulikan
    Kadulikan 6 months ago +2

    The real genius of the green milk lies in the fact that it's green. Think about it. Originally, Luke drank blue milk, the color of a Jedi lightsaber. But now he drinks green, a mixture of blue and YELLOW. "What is yellow" you ask, you stupid mouth breathers? The color of the sun, the source of power for the Death Star 2: Genocidal Boogaloo. He is now truly ambivalent towards both good and evil, Jedi and Sith, Jar Jar Binks and Keanu Reeves.
    Ever heard the expression "every frame is a painting" you fucking Philistines? Yeah, bet you guys feel really stupid for questioning the ingenious depth of the alien titty milk scene now, retards.
    By the way Rey is not a Mary Sue she's a strong powerful woman character and if she or any other strong female wants to send me feet pics please dm me for links to my Roblox Fortnite server and my Yahoo Mail account please

  • Sif
    Sif 6 months ago

    Genius. Excellent analysis into this fantastic piece of cinematography that will assuredly become one of this generation's modern classics

  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago


  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago +1

    Also stop eating while you record

  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago

    Should really catch your breath before recording

  • Kill Kam
    Kill Kam 6 months ago +3