Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Playing the Joker can take everything out of you, learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the iconic character, right here!:
    The Joker... versus the Joker. Heath Ledger... versus Joaquin Phoenix. Two incredible actors … one role. Join WatchMojo as we pit the late, great Heath Ledger against living legend Joaquin Phoenix to see who gave us the superior big screen incarnation of iconic Batman villain, the Joker, from their portrayals in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "Joker" (2019), respectively. Come along as we evaluate a wide-range of categories to determine which interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime reigns supreme. Which Joker performance is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!
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Comments • 10 719

  •  15 days ago +755

    Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!:

    • Dope
      Dope Day ago

      @1966Zodiac ye ikr?

    • Mike Cool
      Mike Cool 2 days ago

      I think u dont have to compare this two

    • Doğukan Ayan
      Doğukan Ayan 4 days ago

      Come on phoenix joker better

    • Davon Griffin
      Davon Griffin 5 days ago my favorite joker who is the one from the movie

    • Kami Sama Loves Me
      Kami Sama Loves Me 6 days ago

      I recommend you all go watch Film Theory latest video on The Dark Knight Rises

  • Lena Storm
    Lena Storm 12 minutes ago

    I think you can' compare them. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger are amazing Jokers! (But at least we can all agree that Jared Leto is the worst, right?)

  • Geeky Metalhead
    Geeky Metalhead 14 minutes ago

    Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson: They must be crazy to leave us out

  • Stu Patch
    Stu Patch 23 minutes ago

    They can only be ONE!!!!!! Heath!!!!!

  • Spellz Nez
    Spellz Nez 39 minutes ago

    I'll just say it's hard to be honest with ourselves, but I don't want to fit in that category. So for me if I'm honest I'll say Heath ledger joker is probably going to never be beat-probably! Phoenix played enough of the character for me to truly believe that, and Heath ledger didn't just play the joker the best but as an actor he was the best... Phoenix did the origin story of the joker probably better than Heath could have, but we will never know and Phoenix played the joker in some areas waaay better then Heath-such as the laughs etc... Overall they're both the best joker actors and actors in general, they're top tier, they should be favorites to most people. Leto can't be compared to Phoenix and Ledger, but he wasn't bad at all...😁

  • sulabh ghimire
    sulabh ghimire 47 minutes ago

    But regardless we want to see joaquin in his prime as joker

  • sulabh ghimire
    sulabh ghimire 51 minute ago

    This comparison doesn't make sense! If thought I. a more deeper way..
    Phoenix as a joker was a person transforming into a villian and heath's joker is a well established joker after about 20-30 years! !! As the dark knight story portraits batman as a what say a mid-adult

  • Bravo Six
    Bravo Six 57 minutes ago

    People trying to compare Heath with Joaquin is so wrong. I mean, c'mon guys, can we all agree these two guys are the best Jokers?

  • Linda R.
    Linda R. Hour ago

    Heath Ledger's Joker is the best, period.
    Though Phoenix is doing an amazing job as well

  • Masa Ikramul Haq
    Masa Ikramul Haq Hour ago

    Honestly joaquin phoenix Joker character lacks high intelligence for which Joker know for... 🃏

  • Camarosspr Camarosspr

    1. About leto worst joker, lookup:
    "You've Got to Stop This": Jared Leto Fumed Over New 'Joker' Movie
    2. Is leto better/worse as joker or in blade runner?

  • Red Harrison
    Red Harrison 2 hours ago +1

    Joker's Jaquin Phoenix is the same as putting lipstick on a pig call it great

  • Backalley of reddit
    Backalley of reddit 2 hours ago

    They are both amazing actors, and they play their roles perfectly. That's the thing, they're not the same joker. One of them is a criminal mastermind trying to burn gotham meanwhile one of them is a depressed and mentally insane man who has the world against him. They cannot be compared.

  • Nargol Payman
    Nargol Payman 2 hours ago

    It’s interesting because when we got out of the theater for Joker I told my friend that Phenix’s portrayal was amazing but the voice didn’t work for me. I just kept expecting his voice to sound more like Ledger’s in its connotations

  • Rb Maynard
    Rb Maynard 2 hours ago

    I liked Phoenix .. but not the movie, way way too depressing even for the origin. It made him seem like a hero vigilante not a criminal- villain.
    So therefore I’m an always ledger fan and just because he always will be the joker of my generation who pulled it off better than anyone else ever has.

  • soloflight1975
    soloflight1975 2 hours ago

    Rated r DC movies do very well in box office, i could only imagine what its gonna be like making a r rated movie on the greatest superhero, Superman, unlimited superman!

  • Random Lee
    Random Lee 2 hours ago

    They're both phenomenal and I personally like Letos joker I like the ganster / lover they all fit the movie they were in

  • conor
    conor 2 hours ago

    The last round you would compare the voice of a PERSON to criticize and divulge the character . you are just simply Wrong

  • Sunny Khattak
    Sunny Khattak 2 hours ago

    Jack Nicholson’s Joker - First Joker
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker - Second Joker
    Heath Ledger’s Joker - Third Joker
    Jared Leto’s Joker - Fourth Joker

  • Roshan Singh
    Roshan Singh 2 hours ago +1

    Cheap way to get views.
    Just appreciate both of the chilling performances. Why compare anyhow. I absolutely loved Joaquin's Joker but it does not mean I'm putting Heath's at 2nd.

  • astan fartin
    astan fartin 3 hours ago

    agreed..but we must remember the latest film is a origin story... the transition from man to monster... so the voice would not yet be the traditionally maniacal joker we all associate with the character. really its a draw between the two performances.

  • mohdridzuanzainal
    mohdridzuanzainal 3 hours ago +1

    It's very very tight..but my vote goes for Joaquin. Perfect joker

  • Katrina Young
    Katrina Young 3 hours ago

    Heath ledger 👍

  • Renu and avraz GREWAL art and dance 1200 Grewal

    Sorry ledger I gotta go with phoxienxe

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar 3 hours ago

    Smiling part goes to Heath Leger . Like if agree that they made a wrong decesion.

  • Shubham
    Shubham 3 hours ago

    Chaos in the comment section

  • Head God
    Head God 3 hours ago

    Joker? Erm.. we all are.🤣

  • Sports Manic
    Sports Manic 3 hours ago

    Because of Ledger, we idolized the Joker. He bring Joker on the top of Superheroes.

    • freeweights101
      freeweights101 2 hours ago

      @Sports Manic A comic book fan. The fact ppl say Ledger influence ppl to like joker is too funny. The actor who played Joker perfect based on the actual character was Jack Nicholson.

    • Sports Manic
      Sports Manic 2 hours ago

      @freeweights101 Jared Leto fan?

    • freeweights101
      freeweights101 2 hours ago

      that's false

  • milopotatis gaming 2
    milopotatis gaming 2 3 hours ago

    Heath ledger fuck yeah

  • rosseline rose
    rosseline rose 3 hours ago

    I loveee joaquins acting and but heath is the most psychotic one
    I rlly love the new Joker movie

  • Сталин
    Сталин 3 hours ago +1

    Heath ledger 10/10
    Phoenix 9,8/10
    Nicholson 8,2/10
    Cesar 7/10
    Leto -1000/10

  • Greg Ingram
    Greg Ingram 4 hours ago

    Jaochim is way better. This watchjo 'clown' has no clue. Its not only a much better joker, more believable, but the movie excelled above any other batman/joker film - by some way. I watched Joker 4 times at the movies. I have to say its years since i seen a film that had a character that i felt for deeply - and was rooting for him. THe other batman/jokers - are more characatures/not serious - JP - added reality to a sad man that perpetually fucked him over.

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 4 hours ago

    I'm speaking the truth.. Heath's version is better than Jaoquin Phoenix's one

  • LOL Hachecorne
    LOL Hachecorne 4 hours ago

    Ledger, you can't change my mind

    DEVIL É 4 hours ago

    Pretty much simple to me,
    Ledgers Joker was from after when he was born to its prime transformation in criminal activities,
    Phoenix's joker is when it was taking its birth, they are the same joker but of different times...

  • MrNacho1955
    MrNacho1955 4 hours ago

    Ledger had 17 minutes under the Batman movie and Phoenix carried the movie by himself. You can’t compare them as they both deserve their respect

  • A Random Depository
    A Random Depository 4 hours ago

    It's illogical to compare them Heath ledger played the joker in his prime -he has been killing for years-
    While Joaquin joker played the founding of heath ledger's joker
    If you watch yhe movie and focus on every detail will taking heaths joker in mind you will believe this is heath's joker at the beginning
    Joaquin acting was priceless and very hard he surely took us into the mind of the joker

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird 4 hours ago +1

    Hearth ladger

  • jericho jominol
    jericho jominol 4 hours ago

    The joker dark knight is better

  • zrrry
    zrrry 5 hours ago

    Jared Leto's Joker is the best.

  • is nye Reckoning
    is nye Reckoning 5 hours ago

    Still can't believe dark knight released at 2008

  • Sean Matz
    Sean Matz 5 hours ago

    I think it’s pointless to compare the two performances, they are not really the same character.

  • Random Volgs
    Random Volgs 5 hours ago

    Hate to say this but Phoenix is trash at joker no wonder avengers endgame was better

  • Ava O'Bryan
    Ava O'Bryan 5 hours ago

    I think what we all want is a Joker sequel. One with robberies and Batman, blowing up hospitals, gangs, fight scenes, gassing the city with laughing gas. That’s what the Joker movie was leading up to. But had no time to quite get there. I think if a sequel where to be released it would be packed with action and all that stuff we were all waiting to happen in the film. In my opinion they’re both very different characters one an ordinary man with a mental illness. The other the king of crime. But a sequel would show the newest joker in his prime.

  • BALDEDE Movie Mixer
    BALDEDE Movie Mixer 6 hours ago

    1989 - Jack Nicholson Joker, audience: WOWWWW that is the best joker ever, nobody will ever beat that performance!!!
    2008 - Heath Ledger Joker: audience: WOWWWW that is the best joker ever, nobody will ever beat that performance!!!
    2019 - Joaquin Phoenix Joker, audience: WOWWWW that is the best joker ever, nobody will ever beat that performance!!!
    I guess.. we will get better Jokers in the future?

  • All Times
    All Times 6 hours ago

    You can't compare them
    Heath and Joaquin
    They are two sides of a coin

  • Rdr2 Fanatic
    Rdr2 Fanatic 6 hours ago +1

    They are both incredible

  • me Google
    me Google 6 hours ago +1

    You can’t compare Picasso to Da Vinci. You’re seeing different art.
    Can we just all agree that the man deserves an Oscar.

  • Hazz
    Hazz 7 hours ago

    No need to even make this comparison🔥🔥

  • Amin Hussain Shikari
    Amin Hussain Shikari 7 hours ago

    Phonix is my favourite

  • antreas ross
    antreas ross 7 hours ago

    Jared leto the best joker ever

  • Neelam Gupta
    Neelam Gupta 7 hours ago

    No comparison can be done from these two characters

  • ArZon Tan
    ArZon Tan 8 hours ago

    Lady narrator is the best

  • George Jackson
    George Jackson 8 hours ago

    Definitely yes joker of Batman is the best

  • Sanu Rawat
    Sanu Rawat 8 hours ago

    Talking about makeup Ledger takes the point because the perfect makeup doesn't suits the character of joker....

  • Magnus Corvinus Albus
    Magnus Corvinus Albus 8 hours ago

    "Joaquin Phoenix sports the legendary purple suit" ok am I colorblind for seeing that suit as red?

  • hermon olita
    hermon olita 8 hours ago

    HEATH LEDGER is still the best Joker of all time🃏

  • Kushal Shahi
    Kushal Shahi 8 hours ago +1

    Phoenix joker was outstanding but Heath joker was phenomenal.

  • black centipede
    black centipede 9 hours ago

    heaths joker is superficial but great , joaquins joker is pure joker in every aspect

  • Bekezela Hadunka
    Bekezela Hadunka 9 hours ago

    It's obvious Heath is the best!!!!! Why are we even comparing????????