Spectacular Zen Inspired Dream Tiny House

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • The stunning Zen Tiny Home in Byron Bay, Australia has it all. It's spacious and beautifully designed with influence borrowed from both Japanese and Scandinavian architecture to form a wonderfully functional house on wheels.
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    Best of all, the tiny house has been designed to be ultra liveable, taking the needs of it's dynamic occupants into consideration. It's filled with clever storage solutions and has been beautifully finished to create a home which feels wonderful to be inside.
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  • Living Big In A Tiny House
    Living Big In A Tiny House  11 months ago +151

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    • Diamond Dia
      Diamond Dia 28 days ago

      How much cost them this particular tiny house ?

    • dusty cole
      dusty cole Month ago +1

      My fave tiny house so far, super functional and stylish, sum worth more than their parts. Great couple, too.

    • Annie Acosta
      Annie Acosta Month ago +5

      By far the most functional tiny living space I've seen. Tiny but spacious, every inch is used I am blown away with this beautiful space. Outstanding!

    • Petra Searles
      Petra Searles 7 months ago +1

      Living Big In A Tiny House San diego

  • unicayespecial54
    unicayespecial54 14 hours ago

    Waoooooooooooooo muy linda casa y muy espiritual....me gusta el buda....

  • Jesse Dias
    Jesse Dias 23 hours ago +1

    This guy is for sure the nicest dude on earth every video.. he seems so kind.

  • Sonam Yadav
    Sonam Yadav 2 days ago +3

    I have never seen any curtain in tiny house???

  • Sonam Yadav
    Sonam Yadav 2 days ago +1

    Whatever tiny house videos I have watched, most of them are between shrubs and trees, are there no mosquito problem there??

  • Kolten Jones
    Kolten Jones 5 days ago

    3:30 Look!! MONK

  • daniel rosa
    daniel rosa 6 days ago

    Please. Legenda em português

  • nondelicate
    nondelicate 7 days ago

    This is my faaaavourite house so far 😻😻 LOVE

  • Donna Womack
    Donna Womack 9 days ago

    Love this house !!!

  • a human without name
    a human without name 10 days ago

    That picture is from candi borobudur?

  • Julia Graham
    Julia Graham 10 days ago

    Each time I watch a video on this channel I’m like “that’s it. I’ve found the tiny house I want to build” and then I watch another video and my ideas change. Argh! Stop doing this to me

  • Caiser Suze
    Caiser Suze 10 days ago

    Жена трындит а муж объелся груш. Смотрит как его жена с мужиком базарит. Ну и нравы.

  • helenrushful
    helenrushful 11 days ago

    Plywood is and amazing thing, quite beautiful, cheap and easy to work with. Love the space, though quite astounded that this cost them 73K....

  • Laura B
    Laura B 12 days ago

    You can tell right away they are such genuinely nice people. What a beautiful home!!

  • 7 strings
    7 strings 12 days ago +2

    So homeym so beautiful ! That sleeping loft light! Brilliant ❤

  • Taty Gosuen
    Taty Gosuen 13 days ago

    Chuveiro fora da casa não é pra mim. De resto, tudo lindo

  • ru elsamman
    ru elsamman 14 days ago

    l looooooooov it

  • skylightowls
    skylightowls 16 days ago

    This is probably the best planned house I’ve seen, personally. I’m in the midst of planning my own tiny house and this one lines up almost perfectly with what i want. Some small changes considering it would just be me and my dog lol. Seeing something so similar to what i want helps me figure stuff out more, i love it!

    INVENTORINDO 16 days ago

    very nice

  • pulangtuldok
    pulangtuldok 17 days ago

    One of my favorite episodes

  • Mickey Rosa
    Mickey Rosa 17 days ago

    I will say this again as I've said on other videos, when it comes to tiny houses, European design is so much better than the US. This couple have thought of everything when it comes to storage, space, width which is so important in a tiny home. The windows are so beautiful and love the ideal of a zen philosophy. That kitchen alone is worth this tiny house. I also like that they were able to fit a nice, small coffee table in their tiny home. This is one of the best tiny houses I've seen lately. I am floored! Keep them tiny house videos coming Bryce and I recently saw the tiny house that you built for yourself and your girlfriend which was so cute.

  • Zelyan Fauzan
    Zelyan Fauzan 19 days ago

    its essential!

  • Tami Weber
    Tami Weber 20 days ago +2

    Spectacular house and the view out every window is so delightfully tropical 🌴 a little piece of heaven 💙💚💜

  • Warwick J Marshall
    Warwick J Marshall 23 days ago

    Gee that is so cool. Well designed

  • Warwick J Marshall
    Warwick J Marshall 23 days ago

    Is there Plans for this Tiny House?

  • J Thompson
    J Thompson 23 days ago +3

    What a spectacular home. One of my favourites. I think plants add a lot to any space and this is a beautiful "privacy screen".

  • Jennifer Sallis
    Jennifer Sallis 23 days ago

    Agree with all of the compliments below - bravo! One question: is there a washing machine somewhere?

  • Fanessa
    Fanessa 27 days ago

    lovin the quotes at the end of the video!

  • Diamond Dia
    Diamond Dia 28 days ago

    Amazing tiny house
    I adore tiny houses

  • loh22
    loh22 28 days ago

    This is almost exactly the same as the one I designed. A few minor details but even the size is similar. Mine was 380 sq ft

    • Gloria Fairlamb
      Gloria Fairlamb 26 days ago

      loh22 Designed as in you have a blueprint? 😁🙏

  • pimpmyride
    pimpmyride 29 days ago

    Her husband is fucking gorgeous as hell!!! She must be either a beast in bed or loaded with money.

  • fay2223
    fay2223 Month ago

    This house brings me so much joy!

  • Ann Reyes
    Ann Reyes Month ago

    Beautiful house, lovely couple

  • Kimberly Atwood
    Kimberly Atwood Month ago

    My favorite tiny house ever! thank you for so many ideas - I hope to bring them to fruition at some point. WOW!

  • Julieta Correa
    Julieta Correa Month ago

    I loove the host of this show. Charming.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Month ago

    He says dosn't it or havn't it a lot

  • Toshiharu Kobayashi

    love also the window in the bathroom😊🤗

  • Toshiharu Kobayashi

    love this !!! 🤗 my fav a combination of japanese & scandinavian deco!!!!😁

  • Haroun Ben
    Haroun Ben Month ago

    Cheerful Aussies are just English people who had the chance to move to live in a country with warmth, sunny days, and equatorial looking landscapes. 😂💗

  • Han reality.
    Han reality. Month ago

    Crumpler bag! Yay!

  • Angie Osborn
    Angie Osborn Month ago

    My daughter wants to build one just like this with a few of her ideas added to it as well. She wants to finish it before she graduates highschool next year. We're going to help her all we can! What are the dimensions in feet and inches please??

  • Samiksa Love
    Samiksa Love Month ago

    my favourite parts were the kitchen window, the plants in the little meditation room and the dog :) Fantastic home. Also thank you to the enthusiastic knowledgeable host for making the ambiance of the videos awesome

  • Philicia Borgeson
    Philicia Borgeson Month ago

    This is what I want. I feel one with this tiny heaven.

  • Glücklicher Regenschirm

    This is the best one I’ve seen, hands down

  • Татьяна Мосиенко

    Дом красивый, а заборчик вокруг страшненький.

  • Ammu Jayakrishnan
    Ammu Jayakrishnan Month ago

    Lovely thanks for sharing ... its so inspiring to get into the thought how simple we cud actually be ..living with minimum and above that a satisfied life 💐

  • Malvika Sharma Baru

    Great storage in here...

  • Putri SN
    Putri SN Month ago

    The design is so brilliant!! I always appreciate my space at home, but i would not be complaining if i live here

  • Always Believe
    Always Believe Month ago

    😍 I would like the floorplan for this! Love the design.

  • Sona Gangurde
    Sona Gangurde Month ago

    How much it cost?

  • Laura Irtanucci
    Laura Irtanucci Month ago

    Awesome solution and style.

  • Atticus
    Atticus Month ago

    "It's like the Tardis."

  • sharma
    sharma Month ago

    I love the couple's more than the house

  • Space Chick
    Space Chick Month ago

    Now this is my thing! I could move in here tomorrow! It has the perfect little reading corner, a quiet place for yoga exercise, and a beautiful corner for doing meditation, plus an outdoor shower!!! What else do you need in life?
    Watching from Hungary, love your show Bryce! :)

  • Cheniorita PH
    Cheniorita PH Month ago

    This is by far my favorite!

  • Madusha Silva
    Madusha Silva Month ago

    I really like

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey Month ago

    You lost me at ...get on your knees.😁

    • Mia Schu
      Mia Schu Month ago

      Yes, I couldn't cope with a low ceilinged bedroom either. You need to be fit and arthritis free to use that space.

  • Silver Tora
    Silver Tora Month ago

    A fantastic build - thanks for sharing

  • Sherrilee Forbush
    Sherrilee Forbush Month ago

    Lovely 😊

  • Hina Akhtar
    Hina Akhtar Month ago +5

    Hey bryce. I really m surprised with what u have done to my mind. YOUR program has made me love tiny houses so much that I was once watching a luxury house tour just for a change but i felt kind of bore. I even started loving my own house which is also a small one. THANKS for everything.

    • Mia Schu
      Mia Schu Month ago +1

      I feel the same about my tiny studio flat. For a start, it doesn't seem so small after watching these videos. And seeing how people use their limited spaces for multiple functions makes me feel less self conscious about how I use my space. I am even becoming a little more ruthless about getting rid of unnecessary items, as these minimalist lifestyles seem more free, and my (once necessary) bookcases feel like a luxury now!

  • Ginny Lorenz
    Ginny Lorenz Month ago

    Another PERFECT production. I'm so inspired. (Even down to how the lovely lady is dressed!). Again, I'm in love. A perfect home. (Sigh and a bit of tears.) Thank you, Bryce.

  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos Month ago

    that bedroom is not suitable for unconventional sex practices.

  • Ачина Ала бичи

    Круто ✊ уважуха респект

  • P Last Name
    P Last Name Month ago +2

    "Now, this tiny house is a little bit bigger than normal..."

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G Month ago

    Beautiful home. The lot on which it is located truly makes it a stunner.

  • Doughnut Bunny
    Doughnut Bunny Month ago

    Can I live there 😂

  • Kate LaSalle
    Kate LaSalle Month ago

    This is a perfect design! Goals for Hubby and I

  • TheRealVivia
    TheRealVivia Month ago

    I really love this house

  • VermilionLotus
    VermilionLotus Month ago

    By far one of the best tiny home designs I've seen. For me, I'd like to have a higher ceiling where I sleep. I've lived in a loft space before where you had barely any space above you if you were to sit up in bed (on a single mattress). I don't really care for that. Other than that, the space is GORGEOUS!

  • Russell Trengove
    Russell Trengove Month ago

    Sugar mamma.....

  • Elise Kuby
    Elise Kuby Month ago

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Jacqueline Ibbott
    Jacqueline Ibbott Month ago

    So inspired! Thanks for this wonderful tour!

    YDM MDY Month ago

    wow. is she going to let him talk? lol guess she wears the pants.

  • IreneTivz
    IreneTivz Month ago

    My dream design💖

  • Anki King
    Anki King Month ago

    That’s it! I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of tiny houses. This is the one for me! Absolutely love it!!!

  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent Month ago +3

    What a lovely couple! And such a beautiful and functional home.
    Love the wrap-around deck and the black-framed windows. So superbly designed for comfortable living.

  • Kaan Girginer
    Kaan Girginer Month ago

    TARDIS 😍


    Bravo c’est inspirant 🙏🏻

  • maggie craigie
    maggie craigie Month ago

    Love love love this tiny house. So happy for you guys.

  • AccordingToCrys
    AccordingToCrys Month ago

    See, they are speaking my language! I need all the storage I can get.

  • Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    So he showers publically naked

  • Dean Carver
    Dean Carver Month ago

    I am in Sydney - Can you please advise details of builder so that we may contact them? or alternatively owners details to contact them. Much appreciated

  • cate1926
    cate1926 Month ago

    Beautiful.. looks relaxing

  • Sam Raynnjek
    Sam Raynnjek Month ago

    💞 what great storage use ,verry handy ,verry inspiring .

  • inmyroom
    inmyroom Month ago

    These tiny houses were really just my dream cubby house haha

  • chatter gas
    chatter gas Month ago

    Amazing I'm in love with this house

  • Priya Ps
    Priya Ps Month ago

    how much fr tis house

  • Covert Geopolitics
    Covert Geopolitics Month ago

    Functionality and simplicity of design, certainly worth emulating. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Cobra Strike Down
    Cobra Strike Down Month ago

    Beautiful home, and I'm not trying to take away from it, but the missing few inches of siding over the pop out window area in the living room really bugged me every time they showed the outside. It seems (according to the last drone shot) that it is just a crooked cut and goes unevenly across the top of the pop out? It would gravely concern me with moisture able to get in there. I hope they fix it.

  • Veligandla Chakradhar

    73000 what?

  • Alihan Taner Mutlu
    Alihan Taner Mutlu Month ago

    çok beğendim çok güzel. bahçenin geniş olması daha da güzel olmuş.

  • Heather Schmidt
    Heather Schmidt Month ago

    Out of all the tiny homes I've seen, this is my favorite

  • Miss Brutally Honest

    I love how aesthetically pleasing their house is...

  • Tom WA
    Tom WA Month ago


  • THE
    THE Month ago +1

    i love love love the telly projector and the doors without knobs and the windows without blinds !!! and also the open lift window at the kitchen immedietly converts the house into a foodtruck

  • Valeriej English
    Valeriej English Month ago

    I hope my ma watches me like that.

  • ImIva Xo
    ImIva Xo Month ago

    The dog shot . Gold! 🐶

  • Jade Corpuz
    Jade Corpuz Month ago


  • Sally Lemon
    Sally Lemon Month ago

    I once thought Zen is the only life too, since they're all over anime and samurai movies. Now I realized damnnn my ancestors had all the nature and calmness in their old age architecture and I am so gonna adapt and keep that in my dream house book in case I could afford building one

  • a b
    a b Month ago

    Bilbo is very sweet and sincere, but his hair's a mess in this video