Spectacular Zen Inspired Dream Tiny House


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  • Living Big In A Tiny House
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    • Petra Searles
      Petra Searles 4 months ago

      Living Big In A Tiny House San diego

    • seededsoul
      seededsoul 5 months ago

      Does it block your TVclip ads?

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      Living Big In A Tiny House

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  • Claire Pap
    Claire Pap Day ago

    It is beautiful but 78.000$? Wtf?

  • Erin B
    Erin B 3 days ago

    This is a perfect home, i could move in straight away,would like an idea of cost.

  • Papillon Cosmique
    Papillon Cosmique 4 days ago

    I love the way he looks at her and the way she looks at him. They seem like such a loving couple. Beautiful people make beautiful things. What a beautiful house, it made me emotional for some reason I almost cried when we came in!

  • Bianca Schipper
    Bianca Schipper 4 days ago

    Excelente! Really would like to copy this project! I wonder about projecting a normal house in shapes of a tiny house. I wish it works!

    DIGITALCOMIC12 4 days ago

    A house that knows the sufficiency ... a very nice house, a wonderful life, a wonderful couple. More than anything, the eyes of the dog are shining.

    It is said that Buddha told nothing about heaven and hell… Buddhism is two simple questions and a way to answer these, rather than religion ?

    The first question is "Is it the truth?"
    First of all, Buddha says that you must see the things as they are, without prejudice. But only what is visible is not true.  Buddha said that invisible truth, that is, missing information, should be thoughtfully guessed and supplemented. But, you should not add extra things that is not being.

    The second question is "Is that necessary?"
    Buddha tells you to give up the extra thing which is a burden, and to relax. It is a good thing to live only with what you need. Then, if it runs short, should you endure it? Buddha says that shortage should be supplemented with effort and ingenuity.

    And in a good situation, Buddha says that you should reflect the teaching faithfully without omission.
    On the contrary, in the case of bad situation and panic, Buddha says that you should calm down your mind without discouragement, and keep the teaching faithfully.
    Because the best way is always to know the truth and the sufficiency.

    The answer to the question is "the eight right way" as it is.

  • David B
    David B 5 days ago

    Creativity is certainly something that we all benefit from. When I drive into neighborhoods with "cookie" cutter houses and lawns I often think why do we spend resources to design such living conditions. Growing up in America, with large houses and spread out neighborhoods, and haven't travelled abroad I hope that we learn that smaller homes and more compact cities make for an easier life. If people could walk to work, grocery stores, school so on I think it would have many positive possibilities.

  • Lakshmi Mayhew
    Lakshmi Mayhew 6 days ago

    Kester & Nadia what a Delightfully Beautiful little home you have in one of my favourite spots!
    My name is Lakshmi, I actually live in Tassie & I have been very inspired by your home. I want to get into the property market and have been navigating the different possibilities for a little while now, however I have decided I would really like to build a tiny home. So I had a question that I hope you don't mind me asking, please if its too personal I would completely understand. In regards to the pricing, you said that the your home cost $73,000 & $5,000 for the deck. I was wondering if you both personally build a lot of your home minimising the total cost or is that genuinely what the total build cost came to?
    I really look froward to hearing back from you!
    Have a Lovely Day,

    Kind Regards,

  • TheXanUser
    TheXanUser 7 days ago

    the window over sink looks like a 4 k display!

  • Maybe
    Maybe 8 days ago

    Es ist unfassbar, wie glücklich man in so einem kleinen Haus sein kann. Ich würde mich dort so wohl fühlen! Das ist genau das was ich suche!

  • maxleopoldmun
    maxleopoldmun 8 days ago

    this is one of my favorites! I would have loved to build even higher so you can stand up in the loft and then possible create a tiny rooftop above the living area if thats at all possible :D

  • Alison Dailey
    Alison Dailey 9 days ago

    Zen Den.

  • Miss Ann's Adventures

    Her laugh is awesome!!! they seem fun... no wonder why their friends wanted them to stay close!!

  • Kung Markatta
    Kung Markatta 9 days ago

    Wow what a nice house!

  • tal eliad
    tal eliad 9 days ago

    wow i want to buy it as it is.... just loved it

  • Engenharia Mental
    Engenharia Mental 9 days ago

    The house is phanstastic indeed! But more fantastic is the 1st class neighborhood. I wish we could have places like that in South America....

  • Fisher Mann
    Fisher Mann 10 days ago

    the bald husband is hot!

  • Amin Samnani
    Amin Samnani 10 days ago

    One of the best tiny houses I have seen even the interiors are so comfy and they provide such a homely experience everything combines so well to create a beautiful experience

  • D Lehmann
    D Lehmann 10 days ago

    So beautiful - I so want one!

  • Elizabeth Grayton
    Elizabeth Grayton 10 days ago

    This is my favourite tiny house of all of the ones which I’ve seen. It would be a pleasure to live in it. Congratulations x

  • sweetie9ful
    sweetie9ful 10 days ago

    Such a lovely designed tiny house, way big enough for a couple to live with lots of spaces for putting stuffs away, specially kitchen so cute. This is one of my favorite house styles!!

    Ayala WINGS FRISHMAN 11 days ago


  • Owen Harjie Chua
    Owen Harjie Chua 12 days ago

    Why the wife is always talking?

  • tizmon
    tizmon 12 days ago

    so minimalism is an important theme for this house hence zen? these folks didn’t claim this. it’s the uploader. it’s nice to be so simple minded.

  • Dani Miller
    Dani Miller 12 days ago

    I LOVE your beautiful home!

  • Clare Colins
    Clare Colins 13 days ago

    Oh how I would love to meet your builder. I think I need one of these 😊

  • Clare Colins
    Clare Colins 13 days ago

    Fantastic design and build... and what a wonderful place to be.

  • David Gregory
    David Gregory 13 days ago

    Like this house more than most I have seen on the series, but wonder about aging in place with the stair/loft arrangement. When they get a little older their ability to climb upstairs and use that loft will become more difficult.

  • Ovenbird12
    Ovenbird12 13 days ago

    The loft bedroom thing makes me feel kinda claustrophobic but maybe that’s just me...

  • hopeinparis
    hopeinparis 14 days ago

    Your personable tour of this really gorgeous house, as well as your commentary, is a pleasure, Bryce, as always. Thank you!

  • ellen horn
    ellen horn 15 days ago

    Is it possible to buy the plans for this house? It's the most wonderful tiny house I've seen and it's the one I want!

  • Ax Martel
    Ax Martel 16 days ago

    The Asian worship is annoying. They look like hippies.

  • Armando Javier
    Armando Javier 16 days ago

    Very nice tiny house, so peaceful and relaxing to live there. I really love the background music you play every time you enter the featured tiny house it’s very distinct to this chanel.

  • salve casasis
    salve casasis 16 days ago

    That's my dream tiny house, i love it!

  • A. R.
    A. R. 17 days ago

    The layout, the pocket pantry, the kitchen window, the planter box and if that wasn't enough.? The projector screen access aand an outside shower! Everything seems to be working so well. Oops almost forgot, and a window box.

  • Evon Marie
    Evon Marie 17 days ago


  • Franc HK
    Franc HK 17 days ago

    I want one :)

  • Kay Stammers
    Kay Stammers 17 days ago


  • Alexandra832
    Alexandra832 18 days ago

    my favourite!!!

  • Archmabel Marc
    Archmabel Marc 18 days ago

    This is my favorite one so far!

  • yukini tjilatjap
    yukini tjilatjap 20 days ago

    Really wants have tiny house to😍

  • Love4Life1
    Love4Life1 20 days ago

    ZENtacular! 🙏🏻💗✨✨✨☮️🌎😊

  • Cultural Observer
    Cultural Observer 20 days ago

    One of my favorites. 😍

  • گیتا ساوان
    گیتا ساوان 21 day ago


  • Rhi Rhi
    Rhi Rhi 21 day ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Agie Loves
    Agie Loves 21 day ago

    One of the best ❤️

  • Lynnesews
    Lynnesews 21 day ago

    You should wrap a paper Campbell’s Soup label on the house, and tell everyone you really do live in a can of soup😂

  • liveyourbestlife
    liveyourbestlife 22 days ago

    I love the host’s energy!

  • Rachel Sedacy-Lattibadare

    Is there any episodes featuring a tiny house with a family of four?

  • KavaKavana
    KavaKavana 22 days ago

    Love it. The cabinets are great. Such a great job. I’d add a small skylight above the plants and bed but other than that it’s perfect.

  • Michele Brown
    Michele Brown 23 days ago

    Beautiful I love it

  • Angelo Jeremías
    Angelo Jeremías 23 days ago

    What are the measurements of the house?): help

  • Ondrej Hrdy Guitar
    Ondrej Hrdy Guitar 24 days ago

    Jeez.. he actually looks like Leo Babauta.

  • Ramana Chandrasekar
    Ramana Chandrasekar 25 days ago

    It’s a bliss to live in this 🏡...
    God bless

  • Igaluit
    Igaluit 25 days ago

    Those bedrooms with the low ceilings are like coffins.

  • huda khan
    huda khan 27 days ago


  • Snowy//SnowyRealSnowy
    Snowy//SnowyRealSnowy 28 days ago +1

    What is zen?

  • 1234
    1234 Month ago

    IMO all the benefits from tiny houses on wheels:

    Mobile, meaning you could build it in one location and as opportunities arise you can move it. Also you can easily move it to take advantage of the sun for a solar passive style home.

    Cheaper. Cheaper means you can allocate more money to things you value more, such as investing into higher quality materials vs space. Cheaper also in the sense that you can reach the end goal of financial freedom much quicker than if you bought a standard house.

    Accessibility, pretty much every able bodied person could build a tiny house with very little help, as you don't have to worry about foundations, plumbing is easy thanks to pex, even electrical can be fairly easy with proper research.

    Control, If you build the tiny house yourself then you also can design it well! I've lived in so many houses that were just designed horribly meaning things that should be easy to work on are now hard because of bad design, or people doing janky shit over the years. A tiny home gives someone a fresh canvas to design things smart and makes the tiny home easier to manage meaning a longer life.

    Maintainability- Like I said above due to your level of control in the design, also due to the tiny nature of tiny homes, these homes are way easier to maintain than a standard home. Due to the simplicity of the home, I think it would be very cheap and easy to make repairs (depending on how well you design the tiny home).

    I think the main selling point of a tiny home is ease of mind. The more baggage you have the more stress, a large home just comes with more baggage. A tiny home represents freedom in the sense that it's just very easy to maintain and purchase. To many the idea of owning a huge home seems unattainable without working for their entire lives, tiny homes give more people the option to live within their means and attain an end goal easier.

    I think people are getting frustrated with the growing complexity and demands of modern living. People don't want to work their entire lives and never own their own house. People don't necessarily want the fancy cars, or the big houses, what people want is freedom. People want to be able to retire at a reasonable age, to be able to live more fulfilling lives, to explore, to learn, to share love with their companions. Tiny homes allow people to have that freedom, to be able to sacrifice these large inefficient homes in exchange for smaller hyper efficient homes. Less costs means more money to spend on things that actually matter. This whole lifestyle also reduces stress, people are STRESSED out of their minds in the U.S because most people are in debt. This lowers the cost of living to an easily manageable point. It also gives people more control, people are starting to want to control their electricity, and their water, and their sewage, etc. People want that control and freedom in the hopes of improving efficiency.

    Now what are the cons:
    Tiny homes are pretty much illegal. Of course it varies, but on the whole living in a tiny home on wheels, with a composting toilet, and collecting rainwater is illegal. This is a pretty huge con...

  • TheSkyhazFallen
    TheSkyhazFallen Month ago

    The house is EXQUISITE. BUT MY GOODNESS, it just breaks my heart that i cant afford to live in a tiny house

  • Moonlight L
    Moonlight L Month ago

    Japanese and Swedish design, you can't get better than that.

  • Adrea Sheena
    Adrea Sheena Month ago

    Byron Bay is my dream place to live!!!

  • Karla C
    Karla C Month ago

    I'm am in love with this house, i am a need lots of storage person, and i could probs be ok with all of what they have . The litchen is fantastic, That little indoor garden is so gorgeous, makes you feel happy . I just love this

  • Vitality1000
    Vitality1000 Month ago

    This is a gorgeous concept of a tiny home , very inspirational ! Congrats to the beautiful result !

  • D Juan
    D Juan Month ago

    I like this one

  • Laura Stanley
    Laura Stanley Month ago

    I would love to move right in!!! if I would change anything, it would be to add a skylight in the bedroom loft. if you put the window on a central hinge you would be able to open it to catch an evening breeze, and to be able to clean the window.

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris Month ago


  • Renelephant
    Renelephant Month ago

    I LOVE IT! They really planned it out nicely. I also like that they've lived in it long enough to give an honest review of how they really of how they like living it. All 4 seasons.

  • Kay Arciaga
    Kay Arciaga Month ago

    I think this is my favorite tiny house design👌👍

  • Arti Casso
    Arti Casso Month ago

    What is that book name written by zen which is shown in the video??

  • Brendan Hall
    Brendan Hall Month ago

    It's not big stop fooling yourself

  • hurricane
    hurricane Month ago +2

    Like a tardis 💕
    Omg that made me soooo happy!!

  • zing salvador
    zing salvador Month ago

    love this, one of my dream tiny house..very organize..

  • light my brain up
    light my brain up Month ago

    This is the tiny house I can most relate to so far! I love everything about it, so well thought through, practical and beautiful. I especially like the plant box with led lighting in the loft and the window box, the deck and all the finishes. Stunning! I am building in Lismore. Who made this for you?

  • Mindrolling
    Mindrolling Month ago

    My favourite so far. Though how they manage without fly screens....

  • nola bygrave.
    nola bygrave. Month ago

    Love love love this house.I need one please

  • mama maria
    mama maria Month ago

    凄く凄くすご~~~~くいい!階段収納からのベンチソファ、最高!しかもその下も収納だし。将来、夫と小さなワンコと一緒に住みたい。今の家は子供たちに譲って・・・。ですが、私は足で引き出しを開けるという発想はない^^;キッチンの一番奥の収納の扉の開け方は逆だよね?  このご夫婦は物を選ぶセンスと置き方のセンスが抜群。色の統一感も一流!物を増やす過ぎず、綺麗に住んでいる。ただ、外のシャワーはお洒落だけど実用的じゃない。洗濯機はどこかな?日本が大好きなご夫婦には日本の住宅事情も分かっておられるのかな?日本は狭い家が多いですからね。でも、日本人の心は八百万の神々のお陰で豊かです。

  • Tancy Milligan
    Tancy Milligan Month ago

    Gorgeous best I have seen so far but hopefully they don't have nosy neighbors the ones I have would be staring into my house 24/7

  • Gloria Rojas
    Gloria Rojas Month ago

    Todo me gusto ❤️menos el lava manos dentro del la bańera 👎🏼

  • Yukie From Oz
    Yukie From Oz Month ago

    Lovely design... and if they ever have a fall out with their friends they can move their home easily (jks).

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Month ago +1

    Superb job, mates! Could not believe the storage and beauty of your effort! Loved the outdoor shower!! And the an of the whole place, including the peaceful pups! Stellar house!

  • sivanagaraju rebba
    sivanagaraju rebba Month ago

    please make for me one tiny house

  • John Cutler
    John Cutler Month ago

    This has got to be the best tiny house I have seen. Thank you, Bryce for sharing along with the amazing couple who own it. They look totally at home here. P E R F E C T. 👍❤👍

  • P. Shen
    P. Shen Month ago

    This seems more spacious and comfy than our apartment. Very nice.

  • Leslie Carnes
    Leslie Carnes Month ago

    My all time favorite Tiny Home! Pure harmony & joy.

  • Kyra Kate
    Kyra Kate Month ago

    This looks really comfortable! I want to live in this kind of house. And the location is good as well!

  • 1NeoSoulChild
    1NeoSoulChild Month ago

    They're a beautiful couple. I wonder what their signs are. You have to really be compatible to live this close with someone. haha aaannnd their house is so impressive... SOOO IMPRESSIVE!!! The lines... the kitchen... the storage. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Ldd Ldd
    Ldd Ldd Month ago

    Fancy Dodgers !

  • Jorja Norris
    Jorja Norris Month ago

    Love how he opens the drawer with his toe. I'd do the same thing.

  • Dee Lightedone
    Dee Lightedone Month ago

    What's the height of the house? :)

  • fingurl ECG
    fingurl ECG Month ago

    I want one.

  • June Dobson
    June Dobson Month ago

    Hi, love your house, do you know true GOD, JEHOVAH and JESUS, is the SON, you can find JEHOVAH name, (PSAMLS 83 v 18, )look for your self , the bible, tell us everything what he got for us in his world, in future, this world so wicked, soon he will send JESUS back to kill all ones don't what him,, he's give people chance ) to get to find him and know him, he loving GOD and he says any one calls on my name JEHOVAH, will be saved , the church lied to everyone and hid is name from us, and they will get judged by him, 🙏🌈😇❤️

  • Jusa Kiki
    Jusa Kiki Month ago


  • Chelsea Hughes
    Chelsea Hughes Month ago

    where do you keep you're clothes?

  • LilaBubble
    LilaBubble Month ago

    Sounds like Australians in Bali?

  • Rosagna Delarosa
    Rosagna Delarosa Month ago

    I love this house

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlsson Month ago


  • neha jha
    neha jha Month ago

    My fave tiny house after the cabin in the woods one!

  • Shenelle Hayban
    Shenelle Hayban Month ago

    This is a really exquisite tiny house!! Everything about it is so perfect!! Really enjoyed watching this video❤ Thanks again Bryce for sharing these cool videos with us! Love from Trinidad🇹🇹💯

  • Shazia Spiritual Coach,Healer, Guide

    Soo beautiful and creative but the bedroom ceiling low and claustrophobic.

  • fairday2
    fairday2 Month ago

    You are a wonderful host, and allow the owners to talk about their homes. Your optimism makes the video alive. You find such beautiful, unique homes to show us. Great job!