Adam Savage Becomes an Extra in Blade Runner 2049 Short!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Adam Savage steps into the world of Blade Runner 2049 as an extra in one of the prequel shorts that sets up the newly released film! But before he can make his appearance in the Luke Scott-directed "2048: Nowhere to Run" short, Adam visits wardrobe and makeup to transform into a street merchant in neo-noir Los Angeles.
    Watch the 2048: Nowhere to Run short film here:
    Edited by Joey Fameli
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Comments • 851

  • Vladimir Ocampo
    Vladimir Ocampo 2 days ago

    Wow didn't noticed you there when I watched this

  • White
    White 7 days ago

    And they cut this part

  • Sleestak
    Sleestak 7 days ago

    ehh... you gotta whistle in...lucky fucker...

  • Katarina Taylor
    Katarina Taylor 8 days ago

    Think this scene was cut out of the final.

  • Mohammed Omar Salameh

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool وحش

  • Ash Boucher
    Ash Boucher 12 days ago


  • ronn mattson
    ronn mattson 19 days ago

    Music sounds like 1970's Planet of the Apes.

    COZMICTOM Month ago


  • Sir Shotty
    Sir Shotty Month ago

    I didn't even noticed that was you in the movie

  • Gary J Smith
    Gary J Smith 2 months ago

    I think I was as excited for you - if not more excited - than you were. It's contagious!

  • Todoliver69
    Todoliver69 2 months ago

    I clicked on this because I saw the thumbnail and realized I have those exact goggles, now I'm thinking of modifying them to look like those

  • Stephen McMahon
    Stephen McMahon 2 months ago

    Anyone else see a cockroach on the back of her shirt at 2:09?

  • technosasquatchfilms
    technosasquatchfilms 3 months ago +1

    Too bad this scene wasn't even in the movie....

  • Szymon Boratynski
    Szymon Boratynski 3 months ago +1

    did I miss it or it was cut out of the movie??

  • seth steadman
    seth steadman 3 months ago

    Anyone else catch the bug on her back at 2:16?

  • Frogboy
    Frogboy 3 months ago +1

    I remember seeing you in the movie awesomeeeeee!!!!

    • Frogboy
      Frogboy 2 months ago

      it was in the directors cut you troglodyte!!!!

    • assboye
      assboye 2 months ago

      This scene was not used in the movie

  • mosfet51
    mosfet51 3 months ago

    You lucky dog

  • Hugo Foulquier
    Hugo Foulquier 3 months ago

    how do you call these hats at 2:57 ??

  • maning04
    maning04 4 months ago

    I did not see that scene in the movie?

    • Hugo Foulquier
      Hugo Foulquier 3 months ago +1

      it's because it's in the short movie blade runner 2048 :)

  • Chris Back
    Chris Back 4 months ago

    You are awesome man. Totally jealous.

  • Narque
    Narque 4 months ago

    was this scene even in the movie?

  • Ádám Varga
    Ádám Varga 4 months ago

    mennyé mán el innen! imádom ezt a filmet XDD

  • Marte van Vechel
    Marte van Vechel 4 months ago

    why was this scene cut

  • Marcel Jeannin II
    Marcel Jeannin II 4 months ago

    how coool was that!

  • X-15
    X-15 4 months ago

    His costume looks modern to me. ☝️👨‍🚀

  • Sebastian Perez
    Sebastian Perez 4 months ago

    sorry the scene was deleted ... i never saw it in the movie

  • Mike K.
    Mike K. 4 months ago

    Haha that is soo cool, I've seen this clip few times and never notice you ! awesome

  • sporktar
    sporktar 4 months ago

    Adams excitement is infectious

  • Zyx
    Zyx 4 months ago

    Is that her little buddy she brings to work on her back? :-P

  • darkdrewmo
    darkdrewmo 4 months ago

    Wait so why did the jacket and hat get changed?

  • Seth Gordon
    Seth Gordon 4 months ago

    Too bad it got cut from the main movie

  • 011i3 L
    011i3 L 4 months ago

    did anyone else notice that Martine had a bug on her back half the time her and Adam were talking

  • Fs-Kris-Fx
    Fs-Kris-Fx 4 months ago

    That was so cool haha

  • KutWrite
    KutWrite 4 months ago

    Adam made being an extra look cool and fun!
    (for me, it was mostly boring, but with some fun & OK pay)

  • Miffed Max
    Miffed Max 4 months ago

    you get a cool jacket, and YOU get a cool jacket, and *YOU* get a cool jacket, but not you... you get a plastic bag

  • SebastianTV
    SebastianTV 4 months ago

    For everybody who says he wasn't in the movie, you are right. He was featured in the Short 2048: Nowhere to run. You can find it on youtube.

  • Bobble Head
    Bobble Head 4 months ago

    "Do you know what you'd be selling?"
    "I dunno... uh, eyeballs"
    **reference finger snapping**

  • Bobble Head
    Bobble Head 4 months ago

    lucky >:V

    FILMANIACOS 4 months ago

    So cool!

  • Firefly
    Firefly 4 months ago

    2:07 she has a bug on her back

  • Muris Halilovic
    Muris Halilovic 4 months ago

    looks like character from moebius world.

  • higity
    higity 4 months ago

    @2:08 Did anyone else notice the bug on her back!!!!

  • Pandrew's magic
    Pandrew's magic 4 months ago


  • BelligerentTruth
    BelligerentTruth 4 months ago


  • Eric
    Eric 4 months ago

    IMO 2049 was the best film of the year

  • marc
    marc 4 months ago

    Soooo that means they might release the 4 hour version of BL2 so we can see adams movie debut?!??! its going to happen... oh yes... it will

    xANTHQNY 4 months ago

    Theres a bug on her back...

  • Kyle Narkiewicz
    Kyle Narkiewicz 5 months ago

    I love the casual insect just chilling on her back.

  • Summi
    Summi 5 months ago

    Urgh who saw the bug at the womans back at 2:15 ? :) :)

  • Qilt
    Qilt 5 months ago

    you got to whistle!

  • Daniel DS
    Daniel DS 5 months ago +1

    I don't remember this scene.

  • The End Game
    The End Game 5 months ago

    i wish. so hard. put me in star wars

  • Conran Thomas
    Conran Thomas 5 months ago

    I think I've just found my 2018 Donington Festival look.

  • Gixxer983
    Gixxer983 5 months ago


  • Linus Newman
    Linus Newman 5 months ago +1

    too bad the scene wasn't in the movie

    • Hugo Foulquier
      Hugo Foulquier 3 months ago

      it's in one of the 3 short movies they made ! it's in blade runner 2048

  • oliverdots
    oliverdots 5 months ago

    Nice! Congrats

  • Collateralcoffee
    Collateralcoffee 5 months ago

    2:14 on Martine's back.... That's awesome. You can see him leave at 2:25 :)

  • Nusszucker
    Nusszucker 5 months ago

    So Adam was in the Expanse and in one of the Blade Runner shorts ... damn. That is awesome :D

  • Mateo Alvarez
    Mateo Alvarez 5 months ago

    Stop saying Budapest in Hungarian pronunciation adam. It makes you look like an ass

  • Terry Thompson
    Terry Thompson 5 months ago

    That was awesome!
    So happy for you.
    Very cool!

  • miles knight
    miles knight 5 months ago

    2:15 is that a bug on her back?

  • stikowsky
    stikowsky 5 months ago

    it seems in 2049 there still are people in PUA costumes

  • Dylan Kraus
    Dylan Kraus 5 months ago

    big roach on her back at 2:13

  • Katherine Rammell
    Katherine Rammell 5 months ago

    I have created some of my own props, costumes, and characters even back stories to go with them.
    Do you know if people hire anyone at comic cons, at lease for the ones you've gone incognito to?

  • Katherine Rammell
    Katherine Rammell 5 months ago

    Hey Adam...What kind of schooling does someone like me, need to get a job in costume, prop, or set designing?

  • online12plus
    online12plus 5 months ago

    there's a bug on her back at 2:08

  • the smelly smell that smells smelly

    Wait, so is he gonna be in the movie?

  • Filigann
    Filigann 5 months ago

    2:15 the little bug on her shirt ö.ö

  • zog noty
    zog noty 5 months ago

    villeneuve is clearly superior than scott's and is already one of the more junk movies that are just basically big useless bang bang without a's normal he's quebecois allez denis continue!

  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas 5 months ago


  • Jonathan Taulbee
    Jonathan Taulbee 5 months ago

    So happy for you Adam! What a day!

  • Peach
    Peach 5 months ago +1

    at 2:09 she had a bug on her back

  • - Bonecracker -
    - Bonecracker - 5 months ago

    Even though Adams part was not included in the movie it is in one of the three short films made. You can find it here:

  • Mason Yang
    Mason Yang 5 months ago

    Yo that jacket is so sick does anyone know where I can purchase it?

  • NothingBetterToDo
    NothingBetterToDo 5 months ago

    I don't remember that scene from the movie though :/

  • Kellen Bluestein
    Kellen Bluestein 5 months ago

    Adam has wares if you have coin

  • Daniel Hellgren-Derry
    Daniel Hellgren-Derry 5 months ago

    anyone else notice the bug on her back at 1:57?

  • MilkCap
    MilkCap 5 months ago +18

    This scene was cut from the final movie.

    • Kacper Olszewski
      Kacper Olszewski 5 months ago +2

      Whooa, I didn't know about those shorts, thanks

    • Andrei Solomon
      Andrei Solomon 5 months ago +14

      this is one of the three shorts before the release of the bladerunner 2049

  • n6yun
    n6yun 5 months ago

    We live our geek life through you Adam good job

  • v1m30
    v1m30 5 months ago

    Maybe he's the reason the scene got cut out :p

  • Thomas Darem
    Thomas Darem 5 months ago

    Trannyfaggot Adam "Gender is a spectrum" Soysavage loved the part where makeup was applied.

  • BennyGesserit
    BennyGesserit 5 months ago

    What is Blade Runner and Aliens is a shared universe? Just saying...

  • severdnerv
    severdnerv 5 months ago +1

    And this scene was not in final cut....oh well

  • Brúnó Ádász
    Brúnó Ádász 5 months ago

    I'm think this gona be a Oscar dude!

  • Phillguy
    Phillguy 5 months ago

    I got distracted by the bug on her back.

  • Neo Occisor
    Neo Occisor 5 months ago

    I didn't see this scene, I feel like i'm missing something!

    • Jason Zak
      Jason Zak 5 months ago

      Neo Occisor Probably the fact that he mentioned several times in this video that this was a scene from a short film, not the full movie.

  • Hazey
    Hazey 6 months ago

    Anyone else notice the bug on her Shirt at 2:12?

  • Mike Trites
    Mike Trites 6 months ago

    I's nice to see that somebody who has basically had his own show for ten years still geeks out about a few minutes of screen time on a set he likes

  • Xandr 41
    Xandr 41 6 months ago

    2:18 what is in her back

  • Dark Shades
    Dark Shades 6 months ago

    theirs a bug on the dressers back

  • Roboartist
    Roboartist 6 months ago

    Adam lives a nerd's wet dream

  • PokéSuFan
    PokéSuFan 6 months ago

    i watched the short and adam was only shown for like 2 seconds

  • Campbell McDonough
    Campbell McDonough 6 months ago

    Oh my god there is a bug on the back of her shirt at 2:09

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun 6 months ago


  • hadron89
    hadron89 6 months ago

    I guess the director didn't approve of the costume? :D

  • Caesar TG
    Caesar TG 6 months ago

    2:15 anyone else notice the bug chilling on her back?

  • Nathan Morrow
    Nathan Morrow 6 months ago


  • lxwvandenberg
    lxwvandenberg 6 months ago

    Anyone else notice the stink bug on the costume lady Mortine??

  • I'm Gumball Watterson
    I'm Gumball Watterson 6 months ago

    Do something with Deadpool stuff!!!!!

  • The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube

    Jared Leto At The Beginning!! ??