Adam Savage Becomes an Extra in Blade Runner 2049 Short!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Adam Savage steps into the world of Blade Runner 2049 as an extra in one of the prequel shorts that sets up the newly released film! But before he can make his appearance in the Luke Scott-directed "2048: Nowhere to Run" short, Adam visits wardrobe and makeup to transform into a street merchant in neo-noir Los Angeles.
    Watch the 2048: Nowhere to Run short film here:
    Edited by Joey Fameli
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Comments: 757

  • Furious eco
    Furious eco Day ago

    theirs a bug on the dressers back

  • Roboartist
    Roboartist 3 days ago

    Adam lives a nerd's wet dream

  • PokéSuFan
    PokéSuFan 4 days ago

    i watched the short and adam was only shown for like 2 seconds

  • Campbell McDonough
    Campbell McDonough 5 days ago

    Oh my god there is a bug on the back of her shirt at 2:09

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun 5 days ago


  • hadron89
    hadron89 6 days ago

    I guess the director didn't approve of the costume? :D

  • Caesar TG
    Caesar TG 9 days ago

    2:15 anyone else notice the bug chilling on her back?

  • Nathan Morrow
    Nathan Morrow 10 days ago


  • lxwvandenberg
    lxwvandenberg 11 days ago

    Anyone else notice the stink bug on the costume lady Mortine??

  • katherine parker
    katherine parker 12 days ago

    Do something with Deadpool stuff!!!!!

  • KaBĞRaFfx313- ĐïŘĶ

    Jared Leto At The Beginning!! ??

  • Ova Chambers
    Ova Chambers 17 days ago

    you are the best , i admire you so much , my dream is to have a workshop like your workshop ,, ill try to have it

  • Ginger Adventurez
    Ginger Adventurez 18 days ago

    Oh man what a cool experience. How does one be an extra??

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 21 day ago

    Sorry but who is this Adam Savage guy?

  • patman0250
    patman0250 21 day ago +1

    sad that this wasn't in the movie .. oh well maybe next time Adam ..

  • colethefatcat
    colethefatcat 22 days ago

    The Lady at around 1:55 -ish has what appears to be a bush cricket or something on her back.

  • Alex Hetherington
    Alex Hetherington 22 days ago

    Everything Adam does on this channel is just designed to make you feel puny and under accomplished. I hate you Adam savage and love you at the same time.

    RAINY 22 days ago

    3:51 I want that coat

  • Lee Paul
    Lee Paul 26 days ago

    Got cut from the movie

  • Nick Edds
    Nick Edds 26 days ago

    This is beyond envy, I want that🤤

  • burlhorse89
    burlhorse89 27 days ago

    i didnt see this

  • Teriyaki
    Teriyaki 27 days ago

    I want that coat.

  • pistol2
    pistol2 27 days ago

    1:55 there's a grasshopper on her back

  • Jon Kentucky
    Jon Kentucky 28 days ago

    he can now cosplay as himself.......

  • Dato Temi
    Dato Temi 28 days ago

    the lady dresser is good .

  • Slevin Kelevra
    Slevin Kelevra Month ago

    Wow cool 👍🏻👍🏻

  • TheBigPuffa
    TheBigPuffa Month ago

    So dope 20 years from now people are gonna be like look Adam savage is an Easter egg in this cult classic

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel Month ago

    She weathered Adam's hands like he does props.

  • Scott Mantooth
    Scott Mantooth Month ago

    it's good to be geek

  • SonKu
    SonKu Month ago

    lol this scene wasnt in film

  • ErikVaughnDillinger

    This is basically Kanye's Yeezy clothing line.

  • Jan Humbert
    Jan Humbert Month ago

    I`ve not seen him on the movie.. :(

  • GMB
    GMB Month ago +2

    Adam looking like a ghetto Rebel Soldier on Endor xD

  • Aleksei
    Aleksei Month ago

    It’s not Mythbuster,
    It’s Masterbater!!

  • Philip Almqvist
    Philip Almqvist Month ago

    I hope the blu-ray of 2049 includes all these shorts

  • elevenstar
    elevenstar Month ago

    I'm jealous. But in a positive way and I am pleased for Mr. Savage for this extraordinary experience. Great!

  • Matthew Horton
    Matthew Horton Month ago

    Waaaayy to recognizable...

  • Faiq Ramli
    Faiq Ramli Month ago

    he looks so happy

  • turmat01
    turmat01 Month ago

    3:40 is the part of the costume Adam loved the most! It's weathering!

  • Hayden Jorgenson
    Hayden Jorgenson Month ago

    2:15 there is a bug on her back

  • 5erazoR
    5erazoR Month ago


  • Emery Erze
    Emery Erze Month ago

    Go Adam!!! Check that one off your ''bucket list''!

  • Lucas Seara
    Lucas Seara Month ago

    Did anyone else catch the small cockroach on the back of her sweater at 2:11? I thought it might have been a prop or something, but it flies off at 2:25.

  • Karl von Donnerbalken

    Kanye west would blush

  • Bubble Bath
    Bubble Bath Month ago

    2:13 OMFG!!! COCKROACH!!!!

  • MrCupcakemonger
    MrCupcakemonger Month ago

    First hat was better that one looks way to nice should have burned the fur a bit or something.

    ZONAVELHA Month ago

    it dind came on film~

  • Elton Carneiro Gimenez

    very nice Adam

  • GandalfTheDank
    GandalfTheDank Month ago

    Anyone else notice the bug on the back of the costume lady's shirt?

  • God Christ
    God Christ Month ago

    and the expanse

  • Cian Hume
    Cian Hume Month ago

    cant believe i missed that only seen the film last week

  • Bandit101
    Bandit101 Month ago

    Adam got turned into the king of hobos , I LOVE IT!

  • Curtis Chase
    Curtis Chase Month ago

    You can tell Adam was rocking full chub. Glad you got to have a part in a sequel to one of your favorite movies 👍

  • upsidedown ben
    upsidedown ben Month ago

    He said he got certain part of line in that scene.. but i didnt see him say something.. just expression
    But anyway, i hope i can live until that era coming.. hehehe nice one Adam!

  • Modlio
    Modlio Month ago

    AAAAND it's not in the movie... it was terrible anyways

  • steeve cordier
    steeve cordier Month ago

    amazing :)

  • TheTukTuk2008
    TheTukTuk2008 Month ago

    So, so great!❤️

  • Doctor Monty
    Doctor Monty Month ago

    Wish he was in the new one as an extra lel

  • Semi-decent guy
    Semi-decent guy Month ago

    didnt this get cut?

  • come on man!
    come on man! Month ago

    Fuck me just seen the B-R short. I think I had a bigger / longer part in the latest James Bond movie. And I just happend to be walking down a street. You got mugged of with that shit Adam.

  • Rogue Ghost
    Rogue Ghost Month ago

    what does it take to get a job where you just follow Adam all day and do what he tells you

  • Jodie Peng
    Jodie Peng Month ago

    who noticed the bug on the lady's back the whole time

  • LB
    LB Month ago


  • Jope DE
    Jope DE Month ago

    Just awesome

  • Jeff Hutchings
    Jeff Hutchings Month ago

    Now you can recreate your OWN costume from a movie!

  • Feng Zhao
    Feng Zhao Month ago

    Watched this clip, didn't know you were in it. Awesome

  • Sir Retsnom
    Sir Retsnom Month ago

    Anyone notice how Batista sounds a lot like Lance Hendricks?

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony Month ago

    And... it's already listed in his acting credits at imdb. Woo hoo!! :)

  • Rik van der Mark
    Rik van der Mark Month ago

    Super stoked to see you living your dream!

  • Coolio Ash
    Coolio Ash Month ago


  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton Month ago

    that guy needs to be shot dead, I am so SICK AND TIRED OF THAT IDIOT
    why does he deserve such credit ? he's just another fucking stupid nerd, HE DID NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING AT ALL!
    Fuck that piece of shit, fuck him dead

  • Victory Maker Jake Gaming

    Who else misses mythbusters

  • The Real Mr Goose
    The Real Mr Goose Month ago

    Wow. Preeeeetty cool!!

    PUBHEAD1 Month ago

    My dream is to be behind the scenes of Adam being behind the scenes.

  • tazmon122
    tazmon122 Month ago

    even if this video wasn't focused on Adam and his day on set, and even if i didn't know Adam was gonna be in the shot, he still steals the scene. his awkward pushy movements are so exaggerated juxtapose to such a stoic and stagnant Dave. you can feel this energy ooze off him that causes tension......but it's not exactly his fault. the action around Dave is that of a bazaar, and thus that kind of energy and background is natural, so either there should have been more play between Dave and Adam (like Dave elbows Adam accidentally and Adam tells him to "watch it", and primary dialogue continues, or Adam should've been in Dave's way, or Adam interrupts the dialogue to try and sell the blood bag, ext) or Dave should've been more fluid. either way it's on the director to fux with, so everything flows better than the edit WB allowed for this video.

  • Dave Freeman
    Dave Freeman Month ago

    I think what I've always liked about Adam is he knows exactly how lucky he is to be doing this stuff. That grin on his face when they finished adjusting his garbage bag says it all.

  • Danilo Soares
    Danilo Soares Month ago +1

    Shame the scene got cut.

  • Kyle Ashley
    Kyle Ashley Month ago

    im always excited watching him being excited about exciting stuff.

  • Greg Barnes
    Greg Barnes Month ago

    I’ll live vicariously through Adam.

  • Sokar80
    Sokar80 Month ago

    Damn Adam has lucky "litle bit of hard work " to get his fantasy real

  • Márk B.
    Márk B. Month ago

    5:14 a hungarian shouting "mennyen mán el innen" :D

  • Carwyn Morris
    Carwyn Morris Month ago

    So does this mean at the next Comic-con Adam can go dressed as himself from Blade Runner.

  • MrMelodyCold
    MrMelodyCold Month ago

    I remember being a kid and dreaming about being an astronaut but now I think I dream about being Adam Savage

  • Calvin K
    Calvin K Month ago +2

    Is that bug on her top at 2:07 a costume too or does someone just chuckle at her right now?

  • 82 Pythons
    82 Pythons Month ago +1

    GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! Get your parents, grandparents, neighbors, everyone to go see this movie now people! Mind blowing and game changing!

  • kbahrami346
    kbahrami346 Month ago

    Ha, now I gotta go back and re-watch the short! Nice overview vid!

  • frank gonzales
    frank gonzales Month ago

    so badass

  • Peter James Ledwith


  • 160rpm
    160rpm Month ago

    I only do eyes.......

  • Rick Reed
    Rick Reed Month ago

    I think Adam is a skin-job.

  • Jayem Plays
    Jayem Plays Month ago

    did anybody else notice the bug on the costume designer lady's back

  • Englewood Frank21
    Englewood Frank21 Month ago

    That's cool, very lucky.

  • Shahriyar Mustafiz
    Shahriyar Mustafiz Month ago

    I knew I thought I saw Adam !

  • beardmachine
    beardmachine Month ago

    I wonder how they made Adam stop smiling during the actual shooting, seeing as he almost always smiles :P

  • jamrollz
    jamrollz Month ago

    Yo Adam looks LIT

  • katpottz
    katpottz Month ago

    aaaaaaaand they cut the scene.

  • Silva Silvia
    Silva Silvia Month ago

    Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Full Movie Online Free. Watch Now ►►

  • WhiteHawk
    WhiteHawk Month ago +3

    People saying this isn’t in the movie, your right, it’s in the Short, and says that in the title of this video.

  • Liam Toole
    Liam Toole Month ago

    Can't believe I didn't recognize Adam in the final product! He was RIGHT THERE.