Razer Blade Pro (2019) - The 17" King

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 2019 Razer Blade Pro. Their best gaming laptop with awesome thermal performance.
    Laptop skins from www.dbrand.com
    Running the new 9th Gen Intel CPUS and RTX 20 series GPUs the newly redesigned Razer Blade Pro has the absolute best thermal performance from a Razer laptop.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  27 days ago +1127

    SO much better than the previous blade pro. The thermals are crazy good. Thanks for watching!!

    • Mohammed Moheet
      Mohammed Moheet 4 days ago

      Dave does this device support g-sync??

    • Marcell Pócs
      Marcell Pócs 8 days ago

      @Neel Shah Its always depends on what you need exactly. Read reviews and decide yourself, wich parameters you are interested in. Build quality (metal/plastic), design, size/weight, connections/ports, keyboard, touchpad, screen quality, CPU, GPU, gaming performance, thermals, fan noise, audio quality, battery life are usually the most important things. Most of the laptops have many weaknesses so try to find what is fit for you. You will have to make compromises.

    • Marcell Pócs
      Marcell Pócs 8 days ago

      Looks like super but that battery life is terrible and that fan noise is horrible. May fit for hardcore gamers but not a perfect all round laptop like we expected after the brilliant blade 15 2019. Im disappointed...

    • Lesego M.
      Lesego M. 10 days ago

      I'm the 1,100th like 😈

  • Jack P
    Jack P 16 hours ago

    Plans to review Lenovo’s new S940?

  • Nick Lounsbury
    Nick Lounsbury 20 hours ago

    I got a Razer Blade Stealth ad on this vid

  • Juju Zanola
    Juju Zanola Day ago

    Please compare with the new m17 Alienware!! ❤️❤️

  • Daniel Vásquez Domínguez

    I would like to see something about the new m15 and m17 alienware laptops and maybe a face to face against the razer advance 15 and 17 pro😁

  • tin tin
    tin tin 2 days ago

    MacBook Pro 13 inch or razor blade pro?

  • Chuck Esterbrook
    Chuck Esterbrook 4 days ago

    Will Razer ever stop putting the [UP] key where my finger will be trying to hit [SHIFT]? No one else in the industry does this. And I love the lack of ten key which makes the keyboard centered, but would also love to see the track pad centered with the keyboard home row.

  • The Good Kush
    The Good Kush 4 days ago

    N I C E L O O K I N G U N I T

  • Kaan CNY
    Kaan CNY 5 days ago

    does it not haven a mini displayport connectivity? I'm asking because of the oculus rift s

  • Marcin Zemla
    Marcin Zemla 6 days ago +5

    How does this Razer compare to the Zephyrus S GX701 with the 2080 RTX card?

  • Fritz Asuro
    Fritz Asuro 6 days ago +1

    I think the batter life won't really be an issue. Like my Blade 15", it's usually at home almost acting like a desktop. Obviously, that's how I use mine so your mileage may vary.

  • Samyuerux A
    Samyuerux A 9 days ago +1

    This or an ASUS Zephyrus S GX701? Which has better thermals and performance?

  • Seb Owski
    Seb Owski 9 days ago +3

    The cooling is better in this then in the 15 inch... so does it show in games, in improved framerates? Or is it the same as the 15 inch rtx 2080?? Thnx for a great video :D

  • edgeofugly
    edgeofugly 10 days ago +2

    Dear Apple, this is how you justify your expensive macbook pro, by listening to us consumers on what we need... USB ports, SD cards

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    This is the Gaming Version of MacBook Pro
    Thin And Extremely Expensive

  • 09shadowjet
    09shadowjet 10 days ago +1

    Hmmm the only problem for me is there's no option with 1TB SSD. I don't mind if they charge more for that but at least give us an option.

  • 김영일
    김영일 11 days ago

    한국에는 안나오나요? 지금 15까지밖에 없던데요

  • Kongari Ramu
    Kongari Ramu 11 days ago

    Please giveaway to me please i really need it

  • Cyclone Storm
    Cyclone Storm 12 days ago

    No more media keys?

  • stockjonebills
    stockjonebills 13 days ago +3

    Like these razer blades, but I'm still wary of buying a laptop from a gaming peripheral maker. Waiting on the new XPS

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G 14 days ago

    What's up with the video quality of this review? Seems a bit muggy.

  • 2pe
    2pe 14 days ago

    @davelee can you please make a video on how you set your nvida control panel? I'm sure a lot of your followers would love to see that from someone credible. There's too many videos here but everybody is different which makes it confusing for someone new to the pc gaming world. Thanks in advance.

  • Fan OfBabes
    Fan OfBabes 14 days ago +1

    Razer Blade Pro 2019 vs MSI GS75 Stealth
    Which would you recommend?

    • Marty Modus
      Marty Modus 12 days ago

      Was wondering the same thing. And which gets louder or more frequent fan noise.

  • Evin Joseph
    Evin Joseph 14 days ago

    What an absolute unit

  • k9azn4soul
    k9azn4soul 16 days ago

    lol I am not sure why cc was turned on and by default it was set to Chinese.

  • Mateusz Duraj
    Mateusz Duraj 16 days ago +2

    This is the best design laptop in 2019 look like a macbook pro but this razer is a The best.

  • K. N.
    K. N. 16 days ago +1

    The best 17" laptop for graphic design... any advice?

    • Marcell Pócs
      Marcell Pócs 8 days ago

      Not rly because it has no 4k version yet

  • Nadeem Furqan
    Nadeem Furqan 16 days ago

    The thumbnail King..

  • John Choi
    John Choi 17 days ago

    The bottom panel looks like squidward's house

  • I'm Not Using My Real Name

    The Blade Pro Studio has the 8 core non-k CPU.

  • I'm Not Using My Real Name

    Dave recommends the RTX 2060 for this laptop. I can get a laptop with an RTX 2060 for less than €1200. Granted it has only 8GB of RAM and lackluster build quality but it's waaay cheaper.

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Imma gonna laugh out loud at my friends who though ROG have the best gaming laptop...
    their bulky ass laptop didnt even know the power of Razer lol

  • Tooba Nadeem
    Tooba Nadeem 17 days ago +12

    Wow, it's true. My whole life's been a lie....
    His been standing the whole time 😲

  • Circuits and Cigars
    Circuits and Cigars 18 days ago

    I'm buying a Lenovo P52 because battery life means nada to me. I have a mid 2015 MacBook Pro with great battery life ... If I actually used it on battery. I checked the number of charges (500 means the battery is end of life) and they are under 100. Mine is almost always plugged in.

  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar 18 days ago

    Hey, does ANYONE know any laptop with a "piano finish" keyboard? It doesn't have to be "The" laptop, I used to have a Toshiba Satellite (zebra special edition) and I was in love with its keyboard. It seems these kind of keyboards are not that popular but for me, it was the best. I know this is not related to this video at all but people on the comment section seem to be very well informed about the Tech world. Thank you in advance!

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity 18 days ago

    Dude, intros be so cheeeeeel.

  • JiaYu An
    JiaYu An 18 days ago

    gx701 or razer pro?

  • Aparna Roy
    Aparna Roy 18 days ago +1

    Hey, please do a video of best latest laptops for designers or those laptops which can do rendering and graphics pretty well.

  • Justin
    Justin 19 days ago

    I've seen a lot of reviews where laptops get cracked open to expose the internals. This was the first (Aside from the new Alienware M51) that actually surprised me. Thermally speaking, I'm leaning more towards the Zephyrus S, but...maybe I should consider this one more? Plus the Thunderbolt three is a serious plus. And sense surface book 3 is no where in sight, I guess I can just decide between this or the Zephyrus.
    Thank you for your quick and thoughtful reviews.

  • iTrolley
    iTrolley 19 days ago

    Thanks for the informative video Dave, I'm stuck deciding between these (the 2019 versions anyway) and this has really helped :)

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me 19 days ago

    #Dave Lee - Full HD on 17 inch screen in 2019 ....seriously? MBP 17 in 2011 (last gen) had 1920 by 1200 (native) #waiting for #RazerBladeStudio?

    • Jitendra Pandey
      Jitendra Pandey 19 days ago

      It's not bad. also a laptop is laptop you have to have some battery.

  • Jos Timanta Tarigan
    Jos Timanta Tarigan 19 days ago

    I really don't get it, why laptop makers made 4k 15 inch but no 4k 17 inch. Is there a problem in putting more pixel in 17-inch monitor? Even the newly announced Razer Blade Studio comes with 4k 15 and FHD 17. It's so confusing.

  • Luke North
    Luke North 19 days ago

    This Vs Alienware Area 51m???

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 20 days ago

    I've watched this video 15 times already I really want that laptop have to wait until December to get it

  • lilmoris1
    lilmoris1 20 days ago

    Bring ze kuzgesagt video

  • Ancients Nox
    Ancients Nox 20 days ago

    I love kurzgesagt!

  • kam grus
    kam grus 20 days ago +1

    To be honest I like to have less battery but better cooling. Love this idea. I’m am mac user... I wish I could just jump to this machine...

  • The Yellow Goblin _
    The Yellow Goblin _ 20 days ago

    Get a cooler for a laptop. If you want to get a gaming laptop, BUY A COOLER! ITS WORTH IT!

    I still own an 8 year old laptop and the only reason it works is because i use a cooler, you don’t need a good one, you need a functioning one

  • Christian
    Christian 20 days ago

    if only i could afford this...

  • Teal Girl
    Teal Girl 20 days ago

    i hope they do it in pink

  • Pasha Boss
    Pasha Boss 20 days ago +1

    Are those a 1.4mm keyboard?

  • Klasby Visuals
    Klasby Visuals 20 days ago

    You tryna give that away to, let’s say, a subscriber who happens to need an editing workstation upgrade? lol

  • Aquarius Wright
    Aquarius Wright 20 days ago

    Idk 2500 can buy u a grate custom desk top set up from BLD NEXT.com with better speck and u can buy a 4k monitor problems solved

  • E.J. Yu
    E.J. Yu 21 day ago

    5:33 Bruh, when he slid that laptop's lid against the table's surface I was cringing.
    I hate sliding my laptops. Like, you have no idea. XD

  • Mustafa SH
    Mustafa SH 21 day ago

    i will chose the 17 cz i can go 4tb and 64 ram only but the 240 ghz is sick

    RUSHIL JOHAR 21 day ago

    I love the simplicity Matt black

  • Maxim Lacroix
    Maxim Lacroix 21 day ago

    Like the pc very much but at that price, no

  • Tribhuwan Datt
    Tribhuwan Datt 21 day ago

    Which one is better Acer Predator Triton 500 or hp omen 15

  • Rahul John
    Rahul John 21 day ago

    Hey Dave, I'm from india and wanted to buy a laptop under 2000$ . I loved the razorblade pro but the lack of customer service in India would be a issue. Suggest a good laptop under this range. ( I'm a student so assignments and some gaming is what I need and a good display )

  • J4K3_Naughty
    J4K3_Naughty 21 day ago +5

    My girlfriend said I was the 17” king... :(

  • Willy Setiawan
    Willy Setiawan 21 day ago

    so excited for Lenovo LEGION Y540, please Dave it is now on sale!

  • JustYourAverageStemGeek

    Sees 2500 for the RBP 17, you know what specs you can buy jn a 13 inch MacBook pro for that money. Literally less than the RBP 17

  • DarthKrayt Gaming
    DarthKrayt Gaming 21 day ago

    What’s the best laptop for a college student and for a little gaming ?

  • Shenya Senewirathna
    Shenya Senewirathna 21 day ago


  • Tony me
    Tony me 22 days ago

    Very expensive? Not really.

  • Digital Caveman
    Digital Caveman 22 days ago

    Nice review Dave. Yep, agree, I'm actually using the 2019 Blade 15 Advanced and would definitely recommend it over the Blade Pro 2019. They should have used the 8 core cpu in the Pro, fixed the "?" situation and put a higher capacity battery in it. All your getting that is extra are ports and screen size which potentially for photographers on the go might be the only reason to get this thing.

  • Karan Chugh
    Karan Chugh 22 days ago

    Which Rtx laptop so you suggest right now?

  • Sean Paul
    Sean Paul 22 days ago

    I've been waiting for this damn update from RAZER for about a year now. And right on cue, they delivered everything I could have hoped for...
    Except the for one of the most important things I've been looking for, which is long (off the power grid) battery life. (at least 4-6 hours min unplugged)
    The less than 3-hour battery life is simply unacceptable to me since I travel a lot, and I need more robust on-the-go power. I love the new cooling tech they incorporated into the design, but it directly compromises one of the key areas that I was hoping to improve in my next laptop purchase. This tiny battery will have no better battery life than what I have now, so it wouldn't make much sense to spend nearly 3k for a 17" laptop 'upgrade' over the one I'm using now. (17.3" MSI )

    I agree that the 2060 GPU is the best option for this new chassis. (a perfect balance of power/performance)

    I guess you can't have it all! *sigh*

    My search continues...

  • Dean Sandy
    Dean Sandy 22 days ago

    Legion Y540 please...!!!!

  • HollywoodShono
    HollywoodShono 22 days ago

    Here is my take on the device.
    Is it worth $200 for an Ethernet Port, an extra USB-C port, an SD card reader, and most importantly, an open M.2 slot for an SSD, plus a bigger screen for 1080p gaming? YES!
    The OLED is actually $100 more than the 2080 17" model

  • Colin H
    Colin H 23 days ago

    Can anyone direct me towards a laptop that has:
    1. Solid Build Quality
    2. Very good CPU (Willing to go all in on this)
    3. Meh GPU (MX150 seemed fine to me)
    4. 15 Inches?

    I was looking at the Huawei Matebook X pro, but if I could get something slightly larger that would be awesome.

  • Jack Fliegel
    Jack Fliegel 23 days ago

    Dave can you review the 2019 MSI GS65 with the 1660ti...

  • Dre Don
    Dre Don 23 days ago +1

    Who's broke and can't afford this?

  • Miguel Vazquez
    Miguel Vazquez 23 days ago

    I agree, 1080p on a 17' is just not good enough. Alienware is preparing a 1440p screen for the Area 51m and that would be the sweet spot for me.

  • Chaos Black
    Chaos Black 23 days ago

    Bought a 15” blade with 240hz panel and 2060maxq in UK. The keyboard layout is also UK: half-sized shift key drove me crazy!

  • Samruth SMT
    Samruth SMT 23 days ago

    World thinnest gaming laptop ever. see more details about it.amzn.to/2VLw8sb

  • amongst ourselves
    amongst ourselves 23 days ago

    almost 4k cad for that fuck that

  • Secret Wang
    Secret Wang 23 days ago

    i have a razer blade 15, and find almost no different between the 15 inch and 17 inch model. maybe only the screen size?

  • Curtical just curtical

    I had that nickname in high school

  • Deep Bhatkar
    Deep Bhatkar 23 days ago

    Do video on HP Omen X 2S 15

  • Kevin Medina
    Kevin Medina 23 days ago

    No joke, I was going to buy this laptop the other day. But I didn't when I saw there wasn't an option for 4K HDR screen. And now that I know it has such small battery too. I won't be buying it any time soon.

  • shakh94
    shakh94 23 days ago

    I still want that new MacBook Pro. Good review

  • carbon
    carbon 23 days ago

    Under 3 hours of battery life? What is the purpose of making it slim and smallish then if it is not for portability?

  • Canmanpan1
    Canmanpan1 24 days ago

    Why are there really no other reviews of this device?

  • Derquan
    Derquan 24 days ago

    Ew 2.5k dollars? Just by a desktop and you’re good.

  • Bob Coco
    Bob Coco 24 days ago

    If you don't check the timeline, it's so unpredictable how Dave goes to the outro roughly, & I think it's originally akward .

  • Christian Degas
    Christian Degas 24 days ago

    I'll bite if they offer an OLED model for sure...

  • blackhole9387
    blackhole9387 24 days ago +3

    Don't buy a razer blade as servicing options are super poor!

    • PathlessBullet
      PathlessBullet 21 day ago

      Don't buy a razer blade from the razer store as servicing options are super poor! Buy a razer blade from Amazon or Microsoft with an extended warranty instead! Fixed that for you.

  • LIJyxep
    LIJyxep 24 days ago +3

    There should be a disclaimer on each and every Razer laptop about quality control. For review purposes, Razer sends a unique unit without any flaws. Anyone who is considering buying it should do their research about all issues these machines and tech support have for this money.

  • Manas Chaturvedi
    Manas Chaturvedi 24 days ago

    Which is ur favourite gaming laptop??

  • Nader Shammout
    Nader Shammout 24 days ago

    Hey Dave, I'm looking for a good thin and light laptop that can handle 4k video editing. I was going to get the Matebook X pro but because of the ban, I'm thinking it's not such a good idea. Would the Surface Laptop 2 or the razor blade stealth be any good for 4K editing compared to the matebook?

  • anon
    anon 24 days ago +1

    Razer is crap... terrible support and heaps of hardware issues. Do your research...

  • therealtyrant
    therealtyrant 24 days ago

    Do yourself a favor and don’t buy razer.

  • Sarrin .P
    Sarrin .P 24 days ago

    how was the temperature on gaming mode?

  • Dheorl
    Dheorl 24 days ago

    You didn't explicitly mention much about how solid it is. I'm in the market for a 17" laptop, but coming from a macbook pro I'm used to things being rock solid, and I just can't bring myself to buy something flimsy like the GS75. How does the Blade compare?

  • Yamin Haqani
    Yamin Haqani 24 days ago

    Can anyone tell me if dell G5(5590) 9th gen with gtx 1660ti is worth to buy?

  • Daniel Mora-lopez
    Daniel Mora-lopez 24 days ago

    No num pad it's a no from me dawg

  • Mo’s Variety Channel
    Mo’s Variety Channel 24 days ago +1

    Hi Dave, could you do a review on the new Lenovo L340 Gaming? At just $825 (USD) with a gtx 1650, it is the successor to the Lenovo y530 in my opinion. I've been trying to find reviews online but there aren't many as it's a fairly new product. Please upvote this so he can see!

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker 24 days ago

    thanks for the review

  • A T90
    A T90 24 days ago

    Can u make a video of this laptop vs the alienware 51 ?