• Published on May 8, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! At this point we all know... I'm the queen of FaceTune. EVERYONE edits their photos, whether they want to admit it or not, and I love openly talking about it because I love photo editing. I asked my followers to send in their unedited selfies & in today's video, I photoshopped them for you guys and teach you some of my secret tips and tricks. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up!!
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  • Aashna Khambholja
    Aashna Khambholja 2 days ago

    💀😂💛 omg i put emojis

  • Maggie Kimono
    Maggie Kimono 2 days ago

    They looked good before but James just sister shocked me 😮

  • Connor Kuykendall
    Connor Kuykendall 4 days ago

    Hi I miss you

  • Haley Avveduto
    Haley Avveduto 5 days ago +1

    I feel like this is mean to the followers

  • Saharra Marcelino
    Saharra Marcelino 6 days ago

    This is fun, do more!

  • Carla Jimenez
    Carla Jimenez 6 days ago

    The thumbnail is a joke... right...?

  • Katherine Weir
    Katherine Weir 7 days ago

    Hey James I’m not trying to be mean or anything just giving you a tip. I am by no means a makeup artist but I think it might look a little better if you went a little less orange on your forehead. It kinda gives an effect that makes it look like you have a sunburn.

  • Olivia Rowhm
    Olivia Rowhm 7 days ago +1

    I don’t know why this video made me very sad...

  • Carolyn Ecklord
    Carolyn Ecklord 7 days ago

    lol 3:57

  • Merisa Sutrovic
    Merisa Sutrovic 8 days ago

    June 2019

  • lookie what we have here

    Lmao listening to him faster than normal is hilarious

  • wafa abid
    wafa abid 10 days ago

    Ur so talented

  • Danaka Brooks
    Danaka Brooks 13 days ago


  • lola ducklings
    lola ducklings 13 days ago +1

    0:44 to 0:45 is the thumbnail he looks so cute

  • Karla Editz
    Karla Editz 14 days ago

    What app us this?

  • kpop Pro
    kpop Pro 15 days ago

    He like katy perry

  • Parkway Drive
    Parkway Drive 18 days ago +1

    i watched two facetime videos and now it’s the only ads i’m getting

  • D.A_Productions Kitten

    Couldn’t even understand what he said, talked toooooo quickly. Love u tho💜

  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose 19 days ago +2

    First OF all he has the right foundation colour

  • WarK bloc
    WarK bloc 21 day ago +1

    T'es un Travesti

  • Shadow boss art
    Shadow boss art 24 days ago +2

    How are you famous

  • Tracey Grace
    Tracey Grace 25 days ago +1

    All for fun? In actuality this is just promoting the increasingly unrealistic standard of beauty. This isn’t just a fun game. This shit is damaging. I honestly feel as though you are just another beauty influencer than has fallen victim to the idea that your insecurities are a digitally malleable “problem” that have to be fixed to be seen as socially acceptable. And now you are touting that philosophy to hundreds of thousands of impressionable young viewers.
    In short, everyone is beautiful exactly as they are. And the insta culture of editing “imperfections” away is toxic af.

    • cg standing
      cg standing 2 days ago

      @Νάντια Lol James very clearly gives a shit about beauty standards. Have you heard all his insecurities?

    • Νάντια Lol
      Νάντια Lol 23 days ago

      Lmao this is for fun and you are taking this way too far seriously no one gives a shit about beauty standars so does james.Stop making everything so serious

  • bitch ass hoe
    bitch ass hoe 26 days ago

    wow u are so talented oml.

  • jas garcia
    jas garcia 26 days ago +1

    him smiling in the thumbnail made me sooo happy, love you 💜

  • Lexie_Boo
    Lexie_Boo 27 days ago

    Love you x

  • dutch 013
    dutch 013 27 days ago

    I love you sister 💕

  • pinkipoxi
    pinkipoxi 28 days ago

    I never edit my photos.

  • Noemi Balan
    Noemi Balan 29 days ago

    Gosh...is it just me or his forhead is kinda......


  • Gillian Quinn
    Gillian Quinn Month ago

    Flashback Mary 2.0

  • Sky Bell196
    Sky Bell196 Month ago +2

    It’s sad so come back and watch a video where you are so happy after watching your most recent.

  • hayitsk
    hayitsk Month ago

    he thinks that actual makeup and face tune are both art forms i-

    KANATSIZ MELEK Month ago +1

    Noooo🙄🙄you are man or women?? What are you think?? 😏

  • Queen999
    Queen999 Month ago +1

    “ *BYE SISTERS....* “

  • Scottie_ chan
    Scottie_ chan Month ago

    When James Charles didn’t go down AHEM AHEM

  • Zack Lynch
    Zack Lynch Month ago

    You talk to fast slow down

  • Sunflower Aesthetics
    Sunflower Aesthetics Month ago +32

    How many are here after his career flop😵


    • D-Brent
      D-Brent Month ago

      I'm legit just going around binge watching his videos before all this drama lol, pretty fun

  • Elijah Tomaquin
    Elijah Tomaquin Month ago

    Bash james here😊

  • Gacha wolf XD !!!
    Gacha wolf XD !!! Month ago +1

    If you think Jane Charles is beautifuller you comment

  • C Rowland
    C Rowland Month ago +3

    “As long as you’re not actually editing makeup ON...”
    ...proceeds to edit makeup onto everyone. Idiot.

  • Mistake
    Mistake Month ago +3

    omg cant wait for the 1 sub special sskskskskssksksk

  • Michelle Qureshi
    Michelle Qureshi Month ago

    So this is James' back up career plan....a professional facetuner.....at least he had a back up thought out.

  • Lexi L McGuire
    Lexi L McGuire Month ago +1

    look at his face 14:57

  • scarlett gamboa
    scarlett gamboa Month ago

    Anyone noticed Ethan's tweet?? 15:43

  • Dancer NBT 17
    Dancer NBT 17 Month ago +1

    This was filmed on my birthday 💩

  • Olivia Melendez
    Olivia Melendez Month ago

    What app ?

  • and thats the tea
    and thats the tea Month ago

    missing our old james. fame got the best of him. 💔

  • Billie Eyelash
    Billie Eyelash Month ago

    He's so gurly

  • Nxck HD
    Nxck HD Month ago +1

    id pour gas on you

  • kaylynn Sito
    kaylynn Sito Month ago

    But that makes me sad I wish this video he the entire world's likes

  • Quirky Destin
    Quirky Destin Month ago

    Pause at 12:22 😂 ❤️

  • Lenin Escobar
    Lenin Escobar Month ago +1

    Y u r so perfect !

  • AppleYum Yum
    AppleYum Yum Month ago +1

    10,434,313th! im a bit late

  • Ivonne Stoianov
    Ivonne Stoianov Month ago

    May 2019 anyone?

  • Sydney Johns
    Sydney Johns Month ago +2

    This isn't healthy at all. You should encourage your subscribers to focus more on having a positive impact on the world instead of spending hours editing photos just to get likes and attention online. I think your video just encourages people to edit their pictures and plays on their insecurities.

  • Rumeysa Akkurt
    Rumeysa Akkurt Month ago +1

    şühesiz biz onları ibret olsun diye yarattık" bakara suresi.

  • Soydan Pamir
    Soydan Pamir Month ago +1

    I cant catch your words 😂 you are soo FASTTT fkdllslslsldld

  • 김석진Seok Jin
    김석진Seok Jin Month ago

    OMG you are just...BEAUTIFUL...this is my first video!

  • Nisa Yetgin
    Nisa Yetgin Month ago


  • Tuana Gedik
    Tuana Gedik Month ago

    Like bla bla bla why are you talking so fast ?? I’m tired when i watched this video...

  • simi dutta
    simi dutta Month ago

    3:57 His notifications had me dying lmaooo 🤣

  • elifsdiyebiri
    elifsdiyebiri Month ago

    Cute ❤️

  • GachaGirl _
    GachaGirl _ Month ago

    the second girl looks like simplynailogical

  • Amna Nadeem
    Amna Nadeem Month ago

    Are you a girl or a boy if you mind that comment so sorry for that

  • Julianna Legaspi
    Julianna Legaspi Month ago

    OMG James u r sooooo cute

  • V H
    V H Month ago

    And after watching this video I now feel terrible about my self image. Lovely. 😒😒

  • Whitney O'Connell
    Whitney O'Connell Month ago +2

    **Title** there is an apostrophe after the s in followers because it is possessive...

  • Cierra Tan
    Cierra Tan Month ago

    i dont edit my photos cuz i look even worse lol

  • Esii Bozz
    Esii Bozz Month ago


  • Kiera Pest
    Kiera Pest Month ago

    11:39 those are face tuned eye lashes

  • Hea Andrews
    Hea Andrews Month ago

    I don't like that I have some freckles. It just makes me uncomfortable. I am blessed to not have acne tho.

  • She Loves To Edit
    She Loves To Edit Month ago +1

    James you live in Los Angeles too omg❤️

  • Dosuno Kioshi
    Dosuno Kioshi Month ago +2

    Simply nailogical, watch and learn

  • emilee joseph
    emilee joseph Month ago +1

    Who else came here after Christine's video

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago

    2:39 did anyone else notice the “fixed picture” under it

  • The Last hunter
    The Last hunter Month ago +1

    I know this is an old-ish video but your saying you don’t edit makeup on....yet that’s what you did with sister Nikita 🤨🤨

  • Reece’s Pieces125

    19:14 ummm James what is going on with the hand reaching for the fri looks huge am i just seeing things orrr

  • Stephanie R
    Stephanie R Month ago

    can u do a full face on face tune of yourself?

  • Swara Modi
    Swara Modi Month ago +4

    The only editing I do to photos is add filters and remove blemishes and stuff

  • Dahlia Blackheart
    Dahlia Blackheart Month ago

    Looove this video🔥💯

  • Gracie Peterson
    Gracie Peterson Month ago

    Is it just me or did James match his foundation

    Oh just me ok

  • Dolls and Everything

    Who else was watching the notifications that were coming down lol

  • Gabriella Rocha
    Gabriella Rocha Month ago

    I love his look😍

  • Della Lynn Rupple
    Della Lynn Rupple Month ago +1

    I watched this video when I got a surgery that I had 2 be awake 4, and Im only 13..... I was balling before I got the surgery...So THANK U for helping me. The surgery I don't care for, it was the needle, that I got stabbed with that stayed in for like, 2 minutes. I'm terrified by needles, that's what my birth mother uses everyday for d**gs...... So I'm scared..... But watching this video, I let them stab me with the numbing.....

    U truly are an *amazing* person !!

  • Kendra Yee
    Kendra Yee Month ago

    The thumbnail is cute 👀👀

  • fire FLY
    fire FLY Month ago

    My playback speed is at 1.75 and I can still understand him..

  • Duh it’s Katie xxx
    Duh it’s Katie xxx Month ago +7

    James: My FAVOURITE part of my makeup routine is my eyeshadow!!

  • GirlysVidz
    GirlysVidz Month ago

    I have Really much acne but I never wear make-up. I’m not insecure about my acne but I don’t like it. I love you James! Amazing video♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Amelia DykstrA
    Amelia DykstrA Month ago +2

    this was so funny, but I wish you were sister serious about it :/ no hate, I love James ❤️

  • infinity animals
    infinity animals Month ago

    Why does he look like a toad🐸

  • It’s Just Lani
    It’s Just Lani Month ago +1

    Tell me why u look so cutesssssss in this!

  • Perine Francisco
    Perine Francisco 2 months ago


  • Zachary Zimmerman
    Zachary Zimmerman 2 months ago +2

    That forehead contour is killing me it looks freaking red

    • cg standing
      cg standing 2 days ago

      @D a n n y Congrats on the obvious statement. nobody has to ask. That's how youtube comments work.

    • D a n n y
      D a n n y Month ago

      Congrats. No one asked

  • Bean Leahigh
    Bean Leahigh 2 months ago +1

    I'm not liking this

  • Nash Natera
    Nash Natera 2 months ago +4

    Can we juss talk about how cute James looks in the thumbnail🤩🤩

  • Moggie loggie
    Moggie loggie 2 months ago

    At 3:57 someone tweeted someone tweeting something on james's phone saying "it's not ur fault u were born with all that ass mawmah" hahaha

  • Ashley Noland
    Ashley Noland 2 months ago

    I can't figure out facetuning 😂

  • Art Tuber-pk
    Art Tuber-pk 2 months ago

    why he does makeup and talk like girls

  • Festive40
    Festive40 2 months ago

    1:14 no thanks

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke 2 months ago

    Thats ur hidden crew not followers lol

  • Duaa Elsayed
    Duaa Elsayed 2 months ago

    I don't see myself editing my photo one just because I am too lazy to do so, so I have no fav technique but ummm you said to comment so how dare I refuse