Female Wildebeest Vigorously Defends Calf


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  • احمد الحسيني


  • Tarek Faham
    Tarek Faham Month ago

    This is incredible!

  • leonidas pinta
    leonidas pinta Month ago

    Bravo super madre y muy valiente

  • Jordan Rangel
    Jordan Rangel 2 months ago

    Me gustan los videos de animales salvajes qué sigan

  • Manh Bui
    Manh Bui 2 months ago

    2q q

  • Ali Kanju
    Ali Kanju 2 months ago


  • naoko o
    naoko o 3 months ago


  • Alexander Zvavambire
    Alexander Zvavambire 5 months ago

    credits to the kid also coz she knew that she has to stick to her mother's arm pits to survive

  • Марина Егорова

    Как было бы хорошо, если бы человеческие родители так защищали детей или хотя бы не бросали!

  • Salut Adorno
    Salut Adorno 7 months ago

    My mom would’ve watched and laughed

  • Акбар Таженов

    Решил вопрос на месте, как говорится...

  • Johan Johan123
    Johan Johan123 8 months ago


  • Universe Boss
    Universe Boss 11 months ago

    Happy to see this fight and victorious eventually. Congrats

  • Pradip Kulkarni
    Pradip Kulkarni Year ago

    great mother

    SHADAB AHMAD Year ago

    Very good

  • Top Shotta
    Top Shotta Year ago +2

    Nothing like mothers love.😀.

  • داود شهس
    داود شهس Year ago

    Nice mom😙😙😙😙

  • Jeongseek Park
    Jeongseek Park Year ago

    The calf is also born very strong enough to survive their furious attacking

  • MrSijinroshan
    MrSijinroshan Year ago

    Can I get the full video??! Just to see how tiring it was...

  • MrSijinroshan
    MrSijinroshan Year ago

    She just pulled of the impossible....she and her calf deserves to live....

  • 范國慶
    范國慶 Year ago

    野狗仁慈 放牛羚一馬👍

  • Michigan Wolverine in Austin

    I never saw a pack of wild dogs give up so easily. Maybe they just ate?

    • just curiosity
      just curiosity 11 months ago

      This is a short video, it took half an hour for them to give up. After half an hour the dogs were exhausted.

  • Jim Wade
    Jim Wade Year ago

    Poor dogs no supper to nite......mother toke it away...

  • Mattias Eidevall
    Mattias Eidevall Year ago

    Wow wow wow! What a mother! Let her lead the way!

  • aboi sli
    aboi sli 2 years ago +2

    wildebeest have a small heart when attack by a predator

    ABC DEF 2 years ago

    Nice video, but why this music?

  • Davis Alphonce
    Davis Alphonce 2 years ago

    And the luckiest beasts award goes to....,.

  • George Palmas
    George Palmas 2 years ago

    where is the coward father? why always a mother protects the calf

  • The Spy
    The Spy 2 years ago

    Good Job Mom!

  • Mattias Eidevall
    Mattias Eidevall 2 years ago

    Fierce mother. Unfair that her main focus must be on protecting while they can attack. She just can't focus on killing one of them. Her focus must be on the baby. She won anyway!

  • U. K
    U. K 2 years ago

    The mom is like move away from my child

  • Mahesh Jangir
    Mahesh Jangir 2 years ago

    जिस तरह से जंगली कुतो ने गाय और बछङे पर चारो तरफ से हमला बोला, गाय ने काफी मसकत की अपने बछङे को बचाने के लिये, आखिर गाय अपने बछङे को बचाने मे सफल हो गई, उन जंगली कुतो से दूर ले गई।

  • Mc Bart
    Mc Bart 2 years ago

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    • N D
      N D 10 months ago +1

      You possessed or something?

  • Shahid Qureshi
    Shahid Qureshi 2 years ago +1

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    • Shahid Qureshi
      Shahid Qureshi 2 years ago

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    • jetsat100
      jetsat100 2 years ago

      shut up

  • Davy Mac Mcmurray
    Davy Mac Mcmurray 3 years ago

    I'd love to cut the head off every 1 off them wee bastard wild dogs.

    • piper xavier
      piper xavier 2 years ago

      No,they have puppies to feed,but it was so good seeing the mother fight back

  • dimster
    dimster 3 years ago

    music - Alexander Perls - The Pull

  • CanineGrowTime
    CanineGrowTime 3 years ago +6

    Mom is smart... What usually happens is mom loses or abandons calf and the pack gets it. She made sure the pack was on HER and that only one dog at a time was on the calf. Calf is as big as the dogs, he's weak but he's got spirit (see him lowering his head during the standoff)... He can survive for a while if she can fend them off. Good girl!

  • jetsat100
    jetsat100 3 years ago

    2: 08...how a winner look like

  • Kane's Cauldron
    Kane's Cauldron 3 years ago

    Wildebeest are annoying, but man or beast, the instincts of a protective mother is the strongest willpower on Earth.

  • James Jimmy
    James Jimmy 3 years ago


  • Fisel Frazel
    Fisel Frazel 3 years ago

    African hunting dogs mainly take smaller prey that flees such as Thomson gazelle, springbok or steenbok. They run at a top speed of 55km/h for up to 3km. When a target is spotted the dogs will run it for 2 more kilometres and finally run it into the ground. With larger wildebeest and zebra hunting dogs have to be careful because the mothers and other herd members will kick and charge these dogs to defend themselves and their young so hunting dogs are more successful with smaller antelope

  • Benedito Militão
    Benedito Militão 3 years ago +2

    Muito Bom.

  • HomoEconomicusX
    HomoEconomicusX 3 years ago

    music kills eveything in those situations.

  • francis z
    francis z 3 years ago

    zombies... anyone??

  • Heidrun Schwartz
    Heidrun Schwartz 3 years ago

    if the beests would understand not to use their head but put stamp their feet on the heads of aggressors the predators would die and starve... the beests don't have the instinct to kill in defense - that's what keeps the predators in chance of surviving

    • jetsat100
      jetsat100 2 years ago

      no ..thats not true ,if the animal stamp their feet ,they risk to loose the balance,which can be a deadly mistake and they offer the underside of the body which is the point where predator attacks.Dont think you know better than those animals ..they know what they do.

  • A Chaps
    A Chaps 3 years ago +2

    this self defence video should be required viewing for all cape and water buffalo to defend their young, and even antelope and zebra should check it out too, since the latter two seem to get so easily mealed

    • Mattias Eidevall
      Mattias Eidevall 2 years ago

      I agree. Buffalos are though doing this already. When it comes to smaller antelope I would say the mother would be prey herself if she did this, only size, horns and teamwork can change that. Zebra moms protect young from wild dogs but since they don't have horns there are only so much the mother can do. Evelution should give zebras horns and predatorns would have a harder time. They already do all they can do.

  • Yohannes Beyene
    Yohannes Beyene 3 years ago

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  • Break the ice
    Break the ice 3 years ago

    I never understand prey mentality. If those thousands of wildebeest just turned around and ran towards the dogs, the dogs would just get trampled to death.

    • Break the ice
      Break the ice 3 years ago

      +theuglykwan Yeap, in fact in many animals the adult females die when their instinct to protect their young leads them into even more danger. Heart breaking yet still somehow fascinating to watch.

    • theuglykwan
      theuglykwan 3 years ago

      Yeah i think it depends on the individual. There are some which are so scared and are caught between panic and instinct to save their young, it is heartbreaking.

    • Break the ice
      Break the ice 3 years ago

      +theuglykwan True, it's still just odd though. You sometimes see a lone dog able to startle an entire herd though, lol. But then you also see 1 mother animal fight off several dogs at once.

    • theuglykwan
      theuglykwan 3 years ago +1

      +Break the ice That would probably just set of an arms race in evolution. Wildebeest likely couldn't keep that up and it is cheaper to just lose some individuals which increases their fitness.

  • Bharat Tank
    Bharat Tank 3 years ago +1

    nice lovely mother protects baby beast😁

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden 3 years ago

    Her victory strut was amazing.....Just love to see those escapes instead of the usual carnage.....These dogs must've been exhausted already, because in such circumstances they usually get their prey, because of their amazing stamina...

  • Kujtim Morina
    Kujtim Morina 3 years ago

    I can' t believe that is impossible wild dogs have more stamina

    • piper xavier
      piper xavier 2 months ago

      Usually I dont respond to a post from years ago but this is such an incredible footage. In the original the narrator stated the attack was 45 minutes long.the mother kept circling around her calf and outlasted and outfought them

  • Shyam Chandran
    Shyam Chandran 3 years ago

    You can literally see the happiness of the calf after joining the herd ! Marvelous. Will all due respect and love to all carnivores.

  • Mr Tenacious
    Mr Tenacious 3 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack being played?

  • hk man
    hk man 4 years ago

    非常堅強的媽媽,保護了初生小孩子…! 支持…!

  • Afzall Afzall
    Afzall Afzall 4 years ago


  • Afzall Afzall
    Afzall Afzall 4 years ago

    wao wao wao good mom ever..

  • Suat çelikkol
    Suat çelikkol 4 years ago

    Mother give second live her child.

  • BabyMs. Shakirery
    BabyMs. Shakirery 4 years ago +5

    Go!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quan Chew
    Quan Chew 4 years ago

    WHAT A MOM!!

  • jack floss
    jack floss 4 years ago