Adam Savage's Set Tour of the Blade Runner Universe!

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • Adam takes us behind the scenes of the filming of the 2048: Nowhere to Run short film that's part of the official Blade Runner universe. From the static set dressing to the functional props and vehicles, Adam shows how the production builds a believable science fiction world out of the pieces of our own reality.
    Watch the 2048: Nowhere to Run short film here:
    Edited by Joey Fameli
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Comments • 269

  • Eli Williams
    Eli Williams Month ago

    Adam is going to love cyberpunk 2077!

  • xyoxus
    xyoxus Month ago +1

    No, movies are not shot in higher and higher resolution they are only release in higher resolution.
    Movies that were shot on actual film still have a higher quality/resolution than 4K.
    Switching to digital was just a huge step backwards for resolution and quality and now they are getting closer to the analog movie quality again.
    Back than they just couldn't get the high resolution from the analog movies onto the screen.

  • kaan demarco
    kaan demarco 6 months ago

    Any ideas that can I use light setup seeming to Blade Runner universe marketplace?

  • Jackson Marlowe
    Jackson Marlowe 8 months ago

    What camera did you use to film this? It looks great! It's like a movie!

  • Jonathan Cowell
    Jonathan Cowell 9 months ago

    Does anyone know what they have done to the DSLR camera at 5:54? why is it in a foam shroud with that odd lens on?

  • theballack21
    theballack21 11 months ago

    0:48 magyar nóták lemez lol

  • TheRealMrMcCoy
    TheRealMrMcCoy Year ago

    This video perfectly highlights why I myself collect movie props. I’m always fascinated by the amount of detail they put into them, especially ones that play a large roll or are seen multiple times. I wouldn’t be suprised if Adam himself had a collection of blade runner props and replicas!

  • Urban Wolf
    Urban Wolf Year ago

    is this a short movie to advertise blade runner?.. where can I see it?

  • Kanashi Atisuto
    Kanashi Atisuto Year ago

    5:32 There's a German Newspaper xD I think above the picture it says "Girls in the ?" and underneath "The defeated death"
    I wonder why it was put there. I love to see all the different languages colliding :D

  • sbcfilm
    sbcfilm Year ago

    just seen bladerunner 2049 and lol what a load of crap..the ending was sooooooooooooo lame, the film has no soul..boring

  • Fly Hacks
    Fly Hacks Year ago

    You Sir have one of the best jobs(if it’s even called a job) in the World.

  • brandon brooker
    brandon brooker Year ago

    1:05 Ryan missing May 08, 2052?

  • Mike Mc
    Mike Mc Year ago

    Blade Runner: Nowhere it can make money

  • Damjan Visnjic
    Damjan Visnjic Year ago

    this channel is so cool.

  • Remy D.
    Remy D. Year ago

    I can't describe how dope this is, in 100 / 200 years people will admire this kind of art like we see Rembrandt / Vincent van Gogh today. I think this is almost the ultimate art / film we can archieve till this day.

  • Zerocyde
    Zerocyde Year ago

    When he said it's not a part of the film, what is it for?

  • Modlio
    Modlio Year ago

    Interesting how every awesome-looking set Adam visits just happens to be one in an awful movie...

  • Trains, Bangs, and Automobiles

    Im a original blade running nut. I was actually turned onto the film buy watching alot of anime and kept reading where people are saying the anime in question borrowed alot from this old film "blade runner". So when I finally watched it I was blown away. My question is, how good is the reboot? Hopefully not something deus ex magicka to tie the two together

  • Korenn
    Korenn Year ago

    It feels like Adam genuinely thought he was on the set of Bladerunner 2049, and only afterwards was explained it was for the short film instead.

  • ooDirtyMickoo
    ooDirtyMickoo Year ago


  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie Year ago +1

    flop movie
    and how.

  • TheRealCobraBurnout

    How awesome is it that we get another Blade Runner movie? Not a remake but a sequel!

  • hp9mm
    hp9mm Year ago

    if this all isnt for in the movie what it it for?

  • IKMNification
    IKMNification Year ago

    Blade Runner 2049, one of the only US movies in recent memory where they don't use the default available typeface for foreign languages.

  • wallen1986
    wallen1986 Year ago

    hey adam, are you a white male? reee! what happened to you? I guess somebody started whispering in your ear. hope you get help.

    AXX VXX Year ago

    I was pushing the refresh button 2 weeks till this video appeared

  • jraybozy
    jraybozy Year ago +1

    I love how no matter how much in-person bts Adam has seen through the years, he still nerds out like every one of us would. Never change Adam

  • Chaz's Arcade Gameplay & Restorations

    So awesome. Such a great movie too

  • Rik van der Mark
    Rik van der Mark Year ago

    Really cool. I'm going to see it next week. Can't wait!
    I'm going to be able to say "cool, Adam drove that thing!".
    Thanks for making me laugh yet again, you're great Adam!!!

  • Ferenc Banu
    Ferenc Banu Year ago

    All I want to see now is the memory maker's controller.

  • cyco72
    cyco72 Year ago +1

    I'd love to be an extra in one of these films, just to wear costume and walk around in the settings

  • BenyQuinonez
    BenyQuinonez Year ago

    Stepping where Ryan Gosling stepped? Jealous.

  • Ariel Wollinger
    Ariel Wollinger Year ago +1

    Your are the coolest guy ever! Awesome child-like enthusiasm! Just like me! I love these sets!

  • badoli
    badoli Year ago

    It's entirely possible this is not as much a fictional vehicle and it's not all that fictional dirt. Maybe they just told Adam so that he's happy...?
    (I live next to Hungary, i know they are capable to pull that stunt)

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Year ago +1

    My reaction during the opening scene of Blade Runner 2049 @2:12

    • TheRecreator
      TheRecreator Year ago

      Ryan Sams That was the sea wall sequence for me

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago

    Adam Savage's Tour of a Street Sweeper from Blade Runner 2049

  • Dorian Yates
    Dorian Yates Year ago

    i'm going to go watch the new blade runner movie and in the background see Adam walking around with a camera man just looking at stuff 😂

  • Cesar Castillo
    Cesar Castillo Year ago

    Half video for a vehicle, I would have liked to see other stuff as well ...

  • john o
    john o Year ago +3

    It's sad when a Transformer or Resident Evil movie blows away Blade Runner at the box office.

  • Hong Tse
    Hong Tse Year ago

    I didn't see these scenes in the movie

  • Moderator
    Moderator Year ago

    reminds me of the amount of detail Weta put in to LoTR. Kudos.

  • g4macdad
    g4macdad Year ago

    The movie was bad, face it. The koolaide is real...

  • Lumibear
    Lumibear Year ago

    Well, if they need to make it match many of the outdoor scenes in the new movie, be sure to digitally colour correct the the crap out of it until all those meticulous details turn to monotone background mush.

  • Keerthan Kumar
    Keerthan Kumar Year ago

    auto rickshaw in Hindi

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl Year ago

    who gives a shit? this is just for the promotional short. it may as well be a fan production, hardly even official.

    • cyco72
      cyco72 Year ago

      It's official, Dennis Villeneuve introduces them himself, shorts aren't particularly great but they are cool little pieces exploring the backstory of 2049. This set is certainly in the movie, they wouldn't build all this detail for a short movie if it was stand alone.

  • Douglas Holloran
    Douglas Holloran Year ago

    now all us blade runner fans can spend the next 30 plus years re watching this and always find something new with each viewing . now that`s movie magic !

  • Ben Clayton-Wolfindale

    I want to see a video in which Adam Savage is depressed and smashes everything up in futile despair.

  • apsims12
    apsims12 Year ago

    I love the way that Adam is almost like a little kid in a sweet shop when it comes to anything like this- sets, props, costumes; he gets giddy and super excited over the tiniest of things! :D I'm vicariously living out my geekyness through Adam :P

  • Kushal Kumar at free time

    I love the ambience so much in this movie

  • Starkswood
    Starkswood Year ago

    Is that Ben Kingsley over Adam's left shoulder in the opening shot?

  • rafaello araya
    rafaello araya Year ago

    background music sounds ALOT like ghost in the shell original score!

  • strange lee
    strange lee Year ago +13

    Do androids dream of electric geeks?

    • strange lee
      strange lee Year ago

      Knowing Adams love of a wide variety of tech from movies etc i should have said "eclectic geeks"!

    • CockatooDude
      CockatooDude Year ago +1

      That sir, was really good.

  • Mark Kiss
    Mark Kiss Year ago

    5:32 LOL Edda kazetta :D :D

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago

    after the vid he was told that snowplow was just a regular hungary mining truck

  • TonkaTruckk
    TonkaTruckk Year ago

    @5:42, I guess Smirnoff is still a thing in 2049 😂 Not sure how I caught that one lol

  • Shana Jacquet
    Shana Jacquet Year ago

    first counterpart maximum communicate olympic fade boss practical.

  • MrJest2
    MrJest2 Year ago +1

    You know, that's an interesting comment Adam made about the increase in resolution of modern films and modern digital projectors (not to mention BluRay on your TV at home). Some 20-odd years ago, I did the Universal Studios tour in southern California. The tram took us through a set that was being actively shot for some movie at the time, and we noted how it looked completely trashed and destroyed - it was just a street scene; some back alley. The guide told us that the set decorators HAD to exaggerate the filth, because once it made it onto the screen, between the lighting methods and the lower resolution of actual film, it would appear "normal" to viewers. If they dressed it "normally" as we'd see in real life, on film it would appear unrealistically pristine. Now, things have completely reversed.

  • TheDude
    TheDude Year ago

    shame that the movie sucked though.

  • Mike Ferguson
    Mike Ferguson Year ago

    I wish they had released a bunch more promo like this leading up so more people would have seen this true work of art.

  • Reece Conrad
    Reece Conrad Year ago

    Is it bad that I want to live there?

  • Eric brett
    Eric brett Year ago

    Like a kid in a candy store.

  • Theo Sherman
    Theo Sherman Year ago

    0:16 okay but can we talk about this man's swag? Mr. Savage is fresh af

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston Year ago

    Amazing! That level detail done in 2.5 days.

  • ShinKyuubi
    ShinKyuubi Year ago

    When people think of Cyberpunk...Blade Runner is one of the first movies that people think of. Also I would really to to see that street sweeper/snow plow Adam drove on the roads for real..legit that thing would be fun to see doing work and I'm pretty sure the spinning blade is for large chunks of semi frozen snow.

  • Shawn Landry
    Shawn Landry Year ago

    Saw 2049 in IMAX yesterday, and wow it was great!!!

  • Shadowsnshades
    Shadowsnshades Year ago

    You lucky son of a gun!

  • David Pick
    David Pick Year ago +4

    I had no idea so much production was put into the 2048 short film.Sometimes behind the scenes takes away from a film.This definitely adds to it.

  • Esteban Dufanzo
    Esteban Dufanzo Year ago

    Wait... who’s idea was it to have a snow plow in Los Angeles? That’d be like having air conditioning at the South Pole

    • Esteban Dufanzo
      Esteban Dufanzo Year ago

      You’re saying it snows in the actual movie?

    • Ellie Garness
      Ellie Garness Year ago

      In the Blade Runner universe the earths climate has severely changed because of climate change, that's why in 2049 it snows in LA, and there was a Sea Wall to protect the city from ocean levels rising.

  • Cortarna
    Cortarna Year ago

    Would that happen to be the same quarry the scene from expendables is filmed in?

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb Year ago

    I'd love to see interviews with the set decorators, explaining all those little details we glimpsed in this video.

  • Rebel Yell
    Rebel Yell Year ago

    Yes please

  • Mr. Awesome's Animations

    2:14 That laugh 😀

  • GoodFriendsForever

    Too bad the movie flopped

  • Christian Terrill

    Ugh payday is on Friday can't see it till this weekend.

  • callofdutyguy9
    callofdutyguy9 Year ago

    What is that cool music called 5:10?

  • 1337W422102
    1337W422102 Year ago

    I came kipple.

  • ObiWanBillKenobi
    ObiWanBillKenobi Year ago +1

    2:14 Evil laugh. 😈

  • J Boy
    J Boy Year ago +1

    Man that's what I would call the realm of the Savage Nation?

  • SirMegaManNeoX
    SirMegaManNeoX Year ago

    The Original Blade Runner Kinda Sucked. How Will The New One Fair Any Better?

  • Linus T
    Linus T Year ago +26

    Blade Runner 2049 was a fantastic film, probably my new favorite movie up to this point. Though it makes me sad that relatively few people have the patience to appreciate it.

    • CockatooDude
      CockatooDude Year ago +3

      I know right, I never understood why people don't like long films. You get to be immersed in the world for *that* much longer.

  • davidryle
    davidryle Year ago

    I have purposefully suspended my disbelief so I can geek out with Adam. Too fun!

  • Justin Yates
    Justin Yates Year ago

    What's the name of the prequel he talked about on his podcast?? I've looked but to no avail!!

  • henrylovespies
    henrylovespies Year ago

    Adam's behind the scenes coverage of alien and bladerunner has been the sole reason why i want to see those films, i love it!

  • Rogerio Barbosa
    Rogerio Barbosa Year ago

    This is the set of the short with Bautista.

  • Gabor Sz.
    Gabor Sz. Year ago

    2:46 I maed dis :D

  • **
    ** Year ago +1

    Sorry Adam, this movie sucked. Like a fan film that did not understand the important things of Blade Runner.

    • TONYSTARK557
      TONYSTARK557 Year ago +1

      Chris Walker Haha, you probably don't even understand half of the original lol.

    • cezar211091
      cezar211091 Year ago +2

      You see BR in one way, and Denis in another. He put all his love in this, don't be silly

  • Sokar80
    Sokar80 Year ago

    Damn Adam is lucky "litle bit of hard work " to get his fantasy real

  • Mr&Mrs Morrice
    Mr&Mrs Morrice Year ago

    isnt that the same quarry that they used in hellboy 2

  • Slack
    Slack Year ago +1

    nothing in 2049 felt or looked authentic, by contrast everything in the original did.

    • CockatooDude
      CockatooDude Year ago

      Uhh, not quite sure what you mean there. They are very similar aesthetically. And the new one used very similar but better refined film making techniques to the original.

  • Nathaniel Barton
    Nathaniel Barton Year ago

    When you said, "set dressed in two days," I pooped my pants.
    Then I realised that fabrication happened beforehand. I felt better.

  • DonCramon
    DonCramon Year ago

    I want to see Adam try the Spinner.

  • John Castillo
    John Castillo Year ago

    So what are they filming here? A short film? Like the anime one but live action? Or a commercial? If anyone knows let me know 👌🏼

  • Paul Lim
    Paul Lim Year ago

    Adam Savage. Youre the man sir

  • phil verhey
    phil verhey Year ago

    love this video

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister Year ago

    I've been to that rave

  • Adam Payne
    Adam Payne Year ago

    Your editor hung a frame at 6:02 and change.

  • Eddard Liebber
    Eddard Liebber Year ago +35

    Adam check if the machine *runs*
    The machine has snow *blades*
    Adam = *Blade Runner*

  • zaqway
    zaqway Year ago +6

    Adam, your enthusiasm makes my eyes tear up. Honestly, I rarely feel that way, but when I see how genuinely enthusiastic and happy you are about everything you do, I get choked up and cry tears of joy. You are an amazing person. Thank you.

    • James Anthony
      James Anthony Year ago

      He's getting to do what we all wish that we could... and then turning around and sharing it all with us. Love ya', Adam!! :)

  • Favio Rosales
    Favio Rosales Year ago

    I would love to drive one of the street sweepers

  • Daniel Rieger
    Daniel Rieger Year ago

    They should have Adam in every SciFi movie set. It would make for awesome content and I'm sure he wouldn't mind