Pokémon Past & Future are Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018!


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  • Aero
    Aero  Month ago +1619

    HYPE! I'm getting Pokémon Future & picking Pumber. What about you guys? =)
    *I really suggest checking the date of the video & description!!*

  • Yato
    Yato Hour ago

    would have been actually a really cool consept

  • xOzan shepherd
    xOzan shepherd 2 hours ago

    F a k e

  • JaxTru gaming
    JaxTru gaming 4 hours ago

    I am not gonna lie I want this to be reality

  • Lucas Hellems
    Lucas Hellems 9 hours ago

    Wtf I never realized this was fake, I thought I looked and it was on Nintendo's channel, damn it

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 14 hours ago

    is this gen 8 or 7

  • CookiesFTW 1233
    CookiesFTW 1233 18 hours ago

    that is the ugliest fire pokemon of all time wtf

  • SavageGaming
    SavageGaming Day ago

    I really want the water starter but I can’t get the game I don’t have a Nintendo switch ):

  • Alpha X
    Alpha X Day ago

    Wtf!!! How haven’t I seen this!!!

  • Erika Gomes
    Erika Gomes Day ago


  • Trunks Brief
    Trunks Brief Day ago

    Good art ^^

  • apple tree
    apple tree Day ago

    dam, it's just fanmade

  • theItona86
    theItona86 Day ago

    I’m actually surprised this got some people

  • Poskisulka 99
    Poskisulka 99 2 days ago


  • 조한승
    조한승 3 days ago

    I know it’s all fake, but the creator made this so well

  • Théo Fournier
    Théo Fournier 3 days ago

    I want this trailer was real :(

  • V12345
    V12345 3 days ago

    Lol people really believe this... this is a fan-made game in unreal engine 4...

  • SilentDeathKiller
    SilentDeathKiller 3 days ago

    if this true that mean diaga got his children

  • Blazin_ItMLG
    Blazin_ItMLG 3 days ago

    I honestly like the effort you put into this

    • Blazin_ItMLG
      Blazin_ItMLG 3 days ago

      Especially because its an april fools video

  • Diana Weselinski
    Diana Weselinski 3 days ago


  • Diana Weselinski
    Diana Weselinski 3 days ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm stupid

  • P Downard
    P Downard 3 days ago

    It looks fake.. But real at the same time.. What do I believe

  • tropingreenhorn
    tropingreenhorn 3 days ago

    well made april fools video ;)

  • Kid 50
    Kid 50 3 days ago


  • Andre B
    Andre B 4 days ago

    *Checks Date of the video*
    *kills himself*

  • Night Wanderer
    Night Wanderer 4 days ago

    Check the upload date

  • Datoxicguy
    Datoxicguy 4 days ago

    1st April really

  • Poop Doop
    Poop Doop 4 days ago


  • Poop Doop
    Poop Doop 4 days ago

    1:18 is that a real game clip?

  • Super Mario Plush Squad

    Aguana for sure!

  • Rob Jaguar
    Rob Jaguar 5 days ago

    Is this real? :D

  • Melvin Lopez
    Melvin Lopez 5 days ago

    Is this the real thing

  • Maya M
    Maya M 5 days ago

    If this is real, I am buying both which is something I dont usually do xD

  • JTundra
    JTundra 5 days ago

    All the new pokemon in the last few games look retarded as fuck

  • Zach Hodge
    Zach Hodge 5 days ago

    this isnt happening :P

  • Kevin Eontrainer
    Kevin Eontrainer 5 days ago

    Better idea than pkmn go pikachu and go evee

  • andres montoya
    andres montoya 5 days ago

    Is this real?

  • Álex Carreres Valiente

    The concept is amazing

  • Metalix The Mecha hedgehog

    Im getting future

  • Marie Böhm
    Marie Böhm 6 days ago

    So fake but i would choose Future. Nice!!❤

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz 6 days ago

    they better not fuck this up like Pokémon sun and moon.

  • bubblegames
    bubblegames 7 days ago

    C est ultra propre comme fanmade

  • Golden Beast
    Golden Beast 7 days ago

    They should make Pokemon Uber and Taxi

  • KidCorgi.Com
    KidCorgi.Com 7 days ago

    Even though this is fake I want Pumber XD

  • Luke Pasterski
    Luke Pasterski 7 days ago

    Is this for DS as well?

  • The Pretzel Boy
    The Pretzel Boy 7 days ago

    This looks AWESOME!!! Can’t wait too play them!!

  • TheExpio895 XD
    TheExpio895 XD 7 days ago

    Pokémon Past & Aguana

  • Evan Moss
    Evan Moss 8 days ago

    Meh fake

  • Gaming Gian - Gameplay,Topics and More!

    I know its still fake but I still dream

    I always dream of a pokemon games
    I'm making a game not rlly a game but i'm wondering if i'll be on pokemon (never happens)

    Stupid right...

  • First Comment
    First Comment 8 days ago

    It was released April 1st everyone. I was all hyped for nothing.

  • Chris BJ
    Chris BJ 8 days ago +1

    Great Job! I Would choose Pumber

  • Frothy Skidish
    Frothy Skidish 8 days ago

    honestly, you got me

  • Michaela Walker
    Michaela Walker 8 days ago

    It looks so real, then you check the description date.

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda 8 days ago


  • Manny Diaz
    Manny Diaz 8 days ago

    What the fuck I thought this shit was real I was like “Pokémon on a switch ???” “COOL”
    But then I check the comments ...😒😒😒

  • Star Mew
    Star Mew 8 days ago

    It's only for nintendo shitch???

  • Tomato Tomato Productions

    Is this real yes or no

    • Mr Needlemouse
      Mr Needlemouse 6 days ago +1

      Tomato Tomato Productions Look at the date this video was uploaded on

  • Pyro Ethics
    Pyro Ethics 8 days ago

    I have a better idea than this and wikl need to work with playstation

  • Parker Peterson
    Parker Peterson 8 days ago

    This is clearly fake but it was done very well.

  • Kristopher Awojobi
    Kristopher Awojobi 8 days ago +1

    Still though, being 100 years apart would have been interesting

  • Fottroxx
    Fottroxx 8 days ago

    0:34 I don't think Pokemon on SWITCH is playable with a mouse cursor...

  • GhostGamer1501
    GhostGamer1501 8 days ago

    getting both and getting pumber

  • Gaddamad Style
    Gaddamad Style 8 days ago

    This is so awesome

  • Alec1055- -Gameplay
    Alec1055- -Gameplay 8 days ago

    Looks great overall except the trainer outfits and the starters could use a little work but overall awesome

  • KiteGuy
    KiteGuy 9 days ago

    I feel like I've been ricked rolled

  • Kat Love
    Kat Love 9 days ago

    I think you have to state whether you made this or not because it can be very deciving

  • snipertheladiesman
    snipertheladiesman 9 days ago

    If something is fanmade at least put in the title fanmade so you don't get easy click views and money for something that's fake

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer 8 days ago

      this was april 1st, if he said fanmade it wouldn't have tricked anyone

  • Adrian Swallow
    Adrian Swallow 9 days ago

    lol, almost fell for it. Well made

  • Ogre King
    Ogre King 9 days ago +1

    If only this was real. 😞😞😞

  • TheConfusedRiceMan
    TheConfusedRiceMan 9 days ago

    My only gripe with this is that the symbol for Future is just the Magic the Gathering set symbol for Future Sight. No clue if that could be an issue or not.

  • monster hunter pro
    monster hunter pro 9 days ago

    Its fake the pokemon youtube did not say anything about past and future.

  • Eiji nizuma
    Eiji nizuma 9 days ago

    Definitely going for past

  • Hi I exist
    Hi I exist 9 days ago

    When you run out of ideas

  • Desm 0708
    Desm 0708 9 days ago

    This game looks like a shit fan-made game using sprites and artwork from a 6 year old’s Deviantart page

  • blue bird
    blue bird 9 days ago

    I seriously thought this was real for a second.

  • Enzo Callaert
    Enzo Callaert 9 days ago

    0:28 Yeah new starters suck
    0:31 OMG I WANT THIS ONE !

  • Red Lotus
    Red Lotus 9 days ago

    Aguana is amazing!!! Why haven't they made an iguana Pokemon yet??!!

  • The mango guy 2 The 2

    This might be fake but I would play the hell out of this

  • FIDO
    FIDO 9 days ago

    Haha I wish

  • grimTales1
    grimTales1 9 days ago

    I thought this was real.... and then I looked at the date the video was uploaded

  • BigTeddy26
    BigTeddy26 10 days ago

    Wow such bs

  • Dalton Sturgeon
    Dalton Sturgeon 10 days ago

    The hype is so REAL for this game! Not too sure which version I'll get yet, but for the starters, right now I'm on Team Aguana!

  • Joey Perez
    Joey Perez 10 days ago

    Piece of shit, at least put fake in the description.

  • queen pen
    queen pen 10 days ago


  • Lasse Bohnenkamp
    Lasse Bohnenkamp 10 days ago

    this looks shitty

  • David Moyer
    David Moyer 10 days ago

    I like how he uses a magic the gathering set symbol(time spiral) as the Pokémon future symbol

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 10 days ago

    Why can't this exist!? I want it. I want it bad.

  • Blue Pill
    Blue Pill 10 days ago

    Ha ha, you know this would have been announced on Nintendo's TVclip channel right? He is obviously lying and the icing on the top is that this was made on April first. The universal day of pranks!

  • Eric Dedels
    Eric Dedels 10 days ago

    Why does future have the mtg futuresignt set symbol nice try lol

  • Sepy49 Pokemonmaster
    Sepy49 Pokemonmaster 10 days ago

    On 0:43 there is a mouse cursor. Also, pikachu is the wrong shade of yellow.

  • TheThousandthPrinny
    TheThousandthPrinny 10 days ago

    The Future Sight logo gave it away for me I'm afraid.

  • Mick S
    Mick S 10 days ago

    yea ummm so i know this is fake but with the recents leak i think that the 100 years things isnt so far fetched

  • Just a guy with a dream
    Just a guy with a dream 10 days ago +1

    Verlis is so butthurt about this video. It’s a joke. Take it.

  • Rychoo
    Rychoo 10 days ago

    Pokemon Another One and Barely Different Another One.

  • Lilitu
    Lilitu 10 days ago

    So this is the point in Pokemon history where I fall behind and am no longer able to purchase them due to not having the right system.haha

    • Lilitu
      Lilitu 10 days ago

      But on a serious note. I do enjoy this idea of having the two games in different times in history.

  • Antwone Jackson
    Antwone Jackson 10 days ago

    I hate frauds... but i am pissed that the future legendary is not going to be used now. What a design.

    ROBLOX JAX 10 days ago


  • BlackButterCrunch
    BlackButterCrunch 10 days ago

    Fake as fuck lol but one can dream

  • Skyrimmit
    Skyrimmit 10 days ago

    Funny enough this is surprisingly close to the actual leak

  • Theshadowfox 1000
    Theshadowfox 1000 10 days ago

    Is This Real?