Pokémon Past & Future are Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018!


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  • Aero
    Aero  4 months ago +1765

    HYPE! I'm getting Pokémon Future & picking Pumber. What about you guys? =)
    *I really suggest checking the date of the video & description!!*

  • Blitz Allai
    Blitz Allai 14 hours ago

    A primal tyrantrum
    A primal briavery

  • Kata Tüttő
    Kata Tüttő 23 hours ago

    Aaaaaahhh i need this game

  • That_one_shark Animator

    this is all fake
    if you type in the adress: pokemon.com/pastfuture it doesnt exist quit hyping and wait till pokemon oficially confirms it!!!
    neither does it say anything on the officia lyoutube channel >:((((

  • Bts ArmyGuy
    Bts ArmyGuy Day ago

    And Ash Still 10 years old and never been pokemon master and still with pikachu and some boring pokemon he caught and always lose at the end never been champion.

  • Martin Cruzat
    Martin Cruzat Day ago


    • Martin Cruzat
      Martin Cruzat Day ago

      BulbaSour its still fake though

    • BulbaSour
      BulbaSour Day ago

      Martin Cruzat look at the date this was made

  • X Zatera
    X Zatera 2 days ago

    oof now i'm counfused.. should i get the super high priced nintendo switch that is really cool that the new pokemon game will be in there, ooor am i going to buy the old New Nintendo 3ds XL thats cheap and not really old???

    help me im suffering ;-;

  • Shane Theone
    Shane Theone 2 days ago

    Coming soon
    Pokemon up and pokemon down
    Pokemon positive and pokemon negative
    Pokemon alive and pokemon dead...

  • Cards Chorus
    Cards Chorus 2 days ago

    I like Calseed!

  • Eliot Lima
    Eliot Lima 3 days ago


  • The3rdDimensionBacca


  • PKMNStranger
    PKMNStranger 3 days ago

    Here's my offensive roasts on this fan creation:
    The legendaries look like rejected yu-gi-oh! monsters and that pokémon named Pumber looks like one of those little yappy dogs that end up thinking your leg is that giant stuffed duck from adam sandler's Click.

  • Black styfy
    Black styfy 5 days ago

    This is cruelty

  • Dannyboy 515
    Dannyboy 515 5 days ago

    What's next Pokémon smart and stupid or Pokémon strong and weak?

  • Eirik herre opheimsvangen

    Pokémon whip and dab

  • Dominik Faur
    Dominik Faur 6 days ago

    Wow thats real?

  • Melody Bloom
    Melody Bloom 6 days ago

    The future? Okay is it just me or did they steal Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside's idea?

  • Savage XG
    Savage XG 6 days ago

    Why the fuck is everyone getting mad at people saying this is a April Fools Joke. Like come on u don’t have to swear like geez

  • The Volxy
    The Volxy 6 days ago

    This is real?! 😱!!

  • Lord Krish23
    Lord Krish23 7 days ago

    Nicely done ✅

  • Asher B
    Asher B 7 days ago

    Nice edit,but you pretty much messed up with the mouse cursor during the gameplay footage

  • HyperDelta Gaming
    HyperDelta Gaming 7 days ago

    someone make this already

  • John Lawrence Apura
    John Lawrence Apura 7 days ago +1

    It would be fun if pokemon past,present and future exist

  • Gabriel Lamme
    Gabriel Lamme 7 days ago

    I already know this is fake

  • memoryz despair
    memoryz despair 7 days ago

    Tbh I think it's trash am I the only one but I think it's funny that this is a April Fools joke

  • John Francis
    John Francis 8 days ago

    Get off my feed omg

  • Emily wood
    Emily wood 8 days ago

    I'm so sad that this isn't for both 3 d's and switch i can't afford an Nintendo switch goodbye to Pokemon for me cri

  • choco hates you
    choco hates you 9 days ago


  • Internet . Potato
    Internet . Potato 9 days ago

    Pokemon water and fire

  • Internet . Potato
    Internet . Potato 9 days ago

    Pokemon dead and alive

  • multimidnight13
    multimidnight13 9 days ago

    Whens pokemon SMART and pokemon STUPID coming out ?

  • Super Milka
    Super Milka 9 days ago

    It's really

  • Joseph Weddle
    Joseph Weddle 9 days ago


  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer 9 days ago


  • arijcohen
    arijcohen 9 days ago


  • Nerd Faps
    Nerd Faps 9 days ago

    Pokémon 100,000,000,000Bc Next

  • Erika Estrada
    Erika Estrada 9 days ago

    ur joking right

  • Nicholaus Uhl
    Nicholaus Uhl 9 days ago

    Fake as fuck nice try

    • Nicholaus Uhl
      Nicholaus Uhl 9 days ago

      Fuck I got myself should have read shit

  • Awesnaps 101
    Awesnaps 101 10 days ago


  • Panda Boss
    Panda Boss 10 days ago

    Green pikachu

  • Rockstar Foxy
    Rockstar Foxy 10 days ago +4

    Aguana is very cute !

  • edgelord kentang
    edgelord kentang 10 days ago

    Calseed is cute ♡

  • Luke Yoder
    Luke Yoder 10 days ago

    lol what is this a fan game

  • TSG & MTL
    TSG & MTL 11 days ago


  • jay_615
    jay_615 11 days ago

    God damn it I thought it was gonna be Pokémon rainbow

  • Sashimi Arceus
    Sashimi Arceus 11 days ago

    yaaaay! I'm getting past and starting with calseed (nicknaming it Cal)

  • TawdryTurtle
    TawdryTurtle 11 days ago +1

    Oh fuck yeah cant wait for pokemon hard and soft

  • Henri Järvikari
    Henri Järvikari 11 days ago

    Pokemon SHIT & Pokemon URINE
    Coming in 2020!

  • not cats
    not cats 11 days ago

    I dont have a swich........ NOOOOOOOOOOÒOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • susan harrison
    susan harrison 11 days ago

    the starter are even shitter than the last ones

  • Daroach 174
    Daroach 174 12 days ago

    Cool Fake

  • Jude Sullano
    Jude Sullano 12 days ago +3

    This has to do something with dialga

    • Savage XG
      Savage XG 6 days ago +1

      ThunderSurface Bro u don’t have to curse him, just say it’s not real in a nice way, geez your that kind of people

    • Jude Sullano
      Jude Sullano 7 days ago

      i never said it was real..
      Go do something useful with your life you motherfucking prick

    • ThunderSurface
      ThunderSurface 7 days ago

      ur so stupid its fake u mother fucker

  • OMG TV
    OMG TV 12 days ago


  • Yuma 223
    Yuma 223 12 days ago

    Pokemon Hillary and Pokemon Trump

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog 12 days ago

    Seriously , only Nintendo switch . The Nintendo 2ds XL is the newest Nintendo and they didn't even mention it for

  • Arcade Ghost T43
    Arcade Ghost T43 13 days ago

    Pokémon is running out of ideas 😢😅


  • babyskitty
    babyskitty 13 days ago


  • Logan Rivera
    Logan Rivera 13 days ago

    let's go evee

  • TheMysticGamez 10
    TheMysticGamez 10 13 days ago

    I wish but it's fake and the names where horrible Agunna Pumber Calseed you think anyone will fall for this looks at comments oh well done but to be honest I wish this was real game freak should watch this and make a game like it keep the starter designs just change the name make it farther then 100 years apart maybe I just think this would be great and those trainers were they meant to be the same for both games I think if there 100 years apart they wouldn't wear the same clothes

  • Jackson Brodie
    Jackson Brodie 13 days ago

    Is this real though

  • Raresh 2807
    Raresh 2807 13 days ago

    Well made MAN

  • lachlan mcdonald
    lachlan mcdonald 13 days ago


  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 13 days ago

    I pick aguana

  • Malcolm Atkins
    Malcolm Atkins 13 days ago

    Bruh this is trash

  • ZeroGaming
    ZeroGaming 13 days ago

    ummm why are u using uranium wild battle theme

  • Guilherme Costa Lima
    Guilherme Costa Lima 13 days ago

    Fake news

  • SkyBlaziken
    SkyBlaziken 14 days ago

    You’re losing credibility

  • Ryan Barhorst
    Ryan Barhorst 14 days ago

    Ik it’s an April fools joke but I kinda want Aguana to be a thing

  • John Fowler
    John Fowler 14 days ago


  • Steemless
    Steemless 14 days ago

    i wish that it would be on ds cri

  • AB _ YT
    AB _ YT 14 days ago

    I legitimately thought this was real until I saw the cursor at 0:37

  • Gamerboy 531
    Gamerboy 531 14 days ago

    I believed this until 0:27, Aguana has two types, TWO TYPES!!!

  • Grand Tickler
    Grand Tickler 14 days ago

    fuck, someone buy me a switch

  • aimane akkouh
    aimane akkouh 15 days ago


  • Josef Creations
    Josef Creations 15 days ago

    DISCLAIMER: No they aren't but nice April fools joke.

  • Skylanderlover 725
    Skylanderlover 725 15 days ago

    Um... this fake the real games are let’s go Pikachu and let’s go eevee

  • JaceDaAce 1017
    JaceDaAce 1017 15 days ago

    This is all fake go to the website

  • Teresa Boudreaux
    Teresa Boudreaux 15 days ago

    Is this real? If it is imma buy it and imma love it!

  • RobPlayz
    RobPlayz 15 days ago

    I remember seeing this but then remembering what day it was....
    But where's my Pokemon Cheap and Pokemon Expensive?

  • Brandein Stormcloak
    Brandein Stormcloak 15 days ago

    Pokémon Fart and Pokémon Shit

  • dirtblock gamer
    dirtblock gamer 15 days ago

    i see that a laptop\pc\computer mouse in the battle so is this a switch game or a pc game

  • King CC
    King CC 15 days ago

    I do like the future legendary

  • Jonah Adventure
    Jonah Adventure 15 days ago

    Fake the real one is let's go pikachu and let's go eveey

  • LimeCinemas
    LimeCinemas 16 days ago

    Pokémon Gotcha Pokémon Bye

  • Gerry Vang
    Gerry Vang 16 days ago

    Cant wait

  • A Simple Noob
    A Simple Noob 16 days ago

    Fidget spinner on Pokemon past

  • the junkyard gamer
    the junkyard gamer 16 days ago

    I wish this would be a real pokemon game

  • Kirsty James
    Kirsty James 16 days ago

    Just thought
    “Yes finally I though this was a joke but a new game”
    *realises it was posted on April Fools*
    Aw I wanted this game to be a thing

  • linko gaming
    linko gaming 17 days ago


  • aunthony2005
    aunthony2005 17 days ago +1

    If only that was true

  • Avery samurai
    Avery samurai 17 days ago


  • Redacted Fractal
    Redacted Fractal 17 days ago

    I’m actually mad that this was fake, this looks really good

  • Wickezoid
    Wickezoid 18 days ago

    Ik this is a joke but. This would be neat

  • Mr. Potato Knish World

    Pokemon Uranium and Plutonium should also be a thing.

  • Ricardo Tavares
    Ricardo Tavares 18 days ago


  • Galaxy kitten Go Gamer

    This is wrong
    It’s let’s go eevee and let’s go pikachu is coming out but it’s good and i liked

  • Brennen Pangilinan
    Brennen Pangilinan 19 days ago

    I bet this is fake

  • Brennen Pangilinan
    Brennen Pangilinan 19 days ago


  • eye- love
    eye- love 19 days ago

    This is fake