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  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 4 days ago

    What if the real version of Natalie Portman makes it out and is fine but then her physical contact with the clone of her husband, who is a direct product of the shimmer "infects" her? Her eyes don't change until she hugs him at the end and he touches her. Perhaps she has already had genetic modifications to her cells and the physical contact is all the shimmer version of her husband needs to "turn" her or whatever you'd call it. While they are in the shimmer, it's changing them from afar. Why couldn't it change people through direct contact outside of the shimmer? Essentially any contact with the shimmer will create genetic changes?

  • Josh Contes
    Josh Contes 7 days ago

    Has anyone heard the cancer theory? Basically it is all a metaphor for the annihilation effects of cancer and what it does to cells.

  • Josh Contes
    Josh Contes 7 days ago

    The never mentioning the infinity/ouroboros tattoo pissed me off. It was kind of a big thing, and we are supposed to believe that nobody noticed it??

  • Watching TrainsgoBy
    Watching TrainsgoBy 2 months ago

    This is the 2001 of this age. If you liked this movie for anything other than the visuals, you are a pretentious fool.

    • Vinsu Karma
      Vinsu Karma 20 days ago

      2001 is just boring and too long. I prefer the novel over the film but Annihilation has nothing to do with that.

  • MrMorrigan
    MrMorrigan 3 months ago

    This movie was lacking any logic at all... I saw Fantasy and sci-fi in the genre. But what I got was a movie where a BIOLOGIST! just randomly touches things that are clearly mutated. Touches dead bodies that are clearly mutated and a video tape that could help them understand whats going on is just cut off after 3 seconds and never watched again. Everyone in this film is behaving like idiots. It seemed that it is more like a low budget horror movie where the team has to be dumb as sh*t to drive the plot :-/

  • Mike Wonder
    Mike Wonder 3 months ago

    She talks about how she would stay the same if her cells didn't get bored and die, but she couldn't be further from the truth. If they kept multiplying, she would turn into something like a pile of goop or something, nothing that could be described as human anymore. If our cells didn't self destruct, i don't think we would like our immortality, as it would be very alien. So be happy we can live and die,

  • Thomas Ford
    Thomas Ford 4 months ago

    Spoiler alert! One bit that bothers me is the flashback scene where Kane is about to leave. He places a glass of orange juice next to the bed next to Lena before telling her he is going. 2 things: Kane's appearance is the same as the shimmer version of himself and what's with the orange juice? The film is full of shots of glasses of water but this one time it's different. Any ideas people?

  • JoX1231
    JoX1231 5 months ago

    The tattoo is duplicated from the lesbian ex drug addict character (I can’t remember her name of the cuff I’m sorry) it’s part of the shimmer creating duplicates of form.

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma 5 months ago

    Kens tatoo is a bear

  • James Joel Holmes
    James Joel Holmes 6 months ago

    Christy. The gentlemen on either side of you are intelligent, but talking out of their asses... You are the center and orator of this discussion. I want to hear more of your thoughts. I think you grasped the core of this film better than most. This film!!

  • veksone77
    veksone77 6 months ago

    He asks her at the end if she's Lena and she doesn't answer, then they hug and her eyes shimmer like his does... Whether she's the clone or not she's definitely not herself anymore...

  • Joshua Wiljanen
    Joshua Wiljanen 6 months ago

    It was undoubtedly "real" Lena that came back. When she lights the phosphorus grenade, the flesh burns away and you can clearly see that it's the other being.

  • Adam N.
    Adam N. 6 months ago

    Lol @ Virginia Wolf

  • Automatic Access Solutions LLC

    I believe if this environment is able to interbreed and replicate endlessly, who is to say that any of them where the “original” them upon entering. None of them where able to recall the first few days suggesting they are replicas. The longer you are in there, the more likely you are to be be removed from your original self. This replicating causes short and eventual long term memory loss. Lena’s husband was in there the longest which is why he almost had no recollection.

  • Keith B B
    Keith B B 6 months ago

    These two DOPES (the guys) call themselves Movie Critics and they completely MISSED the House in the Shimmer IS Portman's characters' house shown numerous times early in the movie!!?? What a couple of Tards!!

  • Mike Gaughan
    Mike Gaughan 7 months ago

    Nature is one big chemistry set without it there is nothing and no man needs nothing.

  • I have unpopular correct opinions

    That house in the shimmer is not the same house lmao that chick is crazy

  • I have unpopular correct opinions

    Awesome movie

  • Run Run Shaw
    Run Run Shaw 7 months ago

    I dunno sometimes I feel like the thing we call god is a creature like the alien in the movie. Destruction and creation and the same time, no positive or malicious intent it just is.

  • Jack El
    Jack El 7 months ago

    I got to be honest, I thought the bear took me out too. It was too gimmicky​

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 7 months ago

    Logic and meaning

  • A Geek of One
    A Geek of One 7 months ago

    So, the discovery of the locket was inside the house? Which makes more sense than that particular character being dumb enough to bring it on the mission with her to be discovered.

  • Nosajjao
    Nosajjao 8 months ago

    You'd think after seeing this video that they hadn't even paid attention to the movie while watching it...then the moron on the left says "hopefully we haven't spoiled too much for you." ...How retarded are these people?

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua 8 months ago

    The moivie was dumb and the idea that it spurred this banter for you all is funny to me.

  • Nerzenjäger
    Nerzenjäger 8 months ago +1

    The guy that was torn apart by the "worms" in his stomach had the tattoo. Natalie Portman's character touched it.

  • Slow-wipe
    Slow-wipe 9 months ago

    Matt has lost so much weight, got damn son well done.

  • Bruno Martins Soares
    Bruno Martins Soares 9 months ago

    My take:

  • trexguy
    trexguy 9 months ago

    Love this film! The top 3 of 2018 so far... this, Isle of Dogs and Death of Stalin.

  • Joseph Wambwa
    Joseph Wambwa 9 months ago +1

    This film is odd... too many unanswered questions... why does Josie turn into a plant? Was it because she gave up? ... and why don't the rest turn? Same with the duplicates... why were some animals duplicated and not all? (I have a theory to that one actually, probably did have duplicates but they killed each other due to their instincts... but then mutated? The croc and bear). Hmmm...
    Plus the ending, only reason i think the clone Lena is the one that got out (apart from the eyes) is when the one left in the light house is on fire, she goes to her husband and seems to hold his head then proceeds to spread the fire around... why didn't they both ran out as they were mimicking each other?
    Good film overall though, would recommend it

  • Veritas
    Veritas 9 months ago

    Shimmer thing were looking for the best life project, so it didn't like any kind of expediters except Natalie and her husband, Natalie was not the clone, she liked her character (she was already mutated) and she let her win, but the project was already done, basically alien created new Adam and Eve.

  • ActorRob
    ActorRob 9 months ago I saw the movie. And I'm still not sure what I saw.

  • S Torres
    S Torres 9 months ago

    one of the other girls had the tattoo as well no?>>

  • itsjoepro
    itsjoepro 9 months ago

    8:34 Alonzo turns into Seth Rogen

  • florazab1
    florazab1 9 months ago

    Come on people it's obvious that the whole movie is about cancer and chemotherapy

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa 9 months ago

    The bear didn't scare as much as Rodriguez.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 9 months ago

    She makes a good point.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 9 months ago

    Good film but not enough interesting ideas to watch again. And too many irritating features eg Natalie Portman. And how come lighthouse not completely destroyed by meteor? Does not know if it wants to be a horror movie or a think piece.

  • Destinee
    Destinee 9 months ago

    What happened to the psychologist??

  • P S
    P S 9 months ago

    The Shimmer represents the Talmud, which can make your whole culture self-destruct.
    The lighthouse represents robust healthy culture without the influence of smallhats.
    The Shimmer distorts and adulterates everything.
    But a little bit of light and the Talmud's ruinous effects are neutralized.
    Read about the Talmud. Everything unnatural and hideous is there. It's seriously gross.

  • Lucas A
    Lucas A 9 months ago

    I'd have to see it again, but I thought the whole thing was just a metaphor for how people change over time and can never really remain themselves. The characters that don't look to the future and won't acknowledge change (the terminal patient, the depressive) all remain within the shimmer and fade out. Natalie Portman's character resolves to accept the changes in her relationship and fight to revive it. She comes out of the shimmer realizing that it didn't want to destroy you or help you, it didn't have an agenda, or a point of view, it was only there to bring about change, to mutate for better or worse because that's what happens in life.
    At then end, she asks: "are you Kane?" and he says "I don't know." She says she's not sure who she is either. Both of them have just gone through a traumatic ordeal - a ruined marriage symbolized by their travel through the shimmer - and have come out different people. Like the Swedish actress on the boat says: "More than missing my child, I missed who I used to be."

  • Chris Tinajero
    Chris Tinajero 9 months ago +1

    What did you guys think about the Dr. in the lighthouse. At first, her eyes are non existent when she is mumbling to herself, but then her eyes develop before she implodes and turns into that bright yellow "black hole"? wtf happened to her orignal? do we assume she was cloned and then just died mumbling to herself and that is why the alien version was found doing the same?

  • 8675309Vicky
    8675309Vicky 9 months ago +1

    it's not just DNA that gets "changed" in the shimmer. Thoughts or memories get duplicated---like Lena's house being in the shimmer, etc. Also parts of others get mixed in with other people----Kane gets a southern accent (in his video with his clone), the tattoo from the guy with the swirling intestines ends up on the EMT woman and on Lena. So DNA gets "changed", thoughts/memories are made physical and people get parts of others incorporated into themselves.

  • streetlegacy816
    streetlegacy816 9 months ago

    This chick screams Feminism...

  • factotum
    factotum 9 months ago

    It's a metaphor for cancer. Planetary annihilation not by the reproductive force of a repeating organism, but as the mishappening of cellular self-destruction or apoptosis. The beings that go into the shimmer all have self-destruction tendencies which trigger their going into the event. Like in our biology, when a cell is set to self-destruct but instead repeats itself endlessly into a tumor of useless tumor material.

  • Director7
    Director7 9 months ago

    HOLY SHIT Christy blew my fucking mind with the house thing.

  • Alicia Grant
    Alicia Grant 9 months ago

    WHY THE HECK does this woman not get that the original Lena got out. Like clearly real Lena can not turn into a metallic being and be on fire all the way back into a cave. I know Lena DNA got effed up and her eyes glowed but she wasn't that effed up in a matter of moments being next to the alien. Duh.

  • david r macri
    david r macri 9 months ago

    Yeah, That "bear" Attack Was so sickening and realistic that it bothered me for days after. Also, a film that makes you think and have real conversation is much too rare these days.

  • Walter Read
    Walter Read 9 months ago

    I just wanted to mention that the bear is extremely reminiscent of a 'monster' from a Gene Wolfe book. It shows up in "the shadow of the torturer". Google "Alzabo". It was terrifying in that book. -just checked reddit and apparently lots of ppl noticed this. cheers!

  • Grockbot
    Grockbot 9 months ago

    The extraterrestrial species was experimenting with the shimmer. With all of the other people, it had failed they were all self destructive, hence the focus on this theme in the movie. With Lena, it was able to successfully get the mutation into a person that was strong enough to make it out and thus take the mutation with it. There was no longer a need for the shimmer so when Lena set the duplicate on fire, it extinguished the rest of the lighthouse. She is still Lena but she also has parts of the other characters and the extraterrestrial in her. She's the same but different. Maybe it's the evolution of humans.

  • IJustMadeAComment
    IJustMadeAComment 9 months ago

    The women needs to go. Very annoying.

  • sapphiro
    sapphiro 9 months ago

    There is no alien.
    It's husband leaving his anger and pride behind and a wife leaving her self-destructiveness.
    They are reunited as two changed people to create one whole again.

  • K. M.
    K. M. 9 months ago +1

    With so many allusions to self destruction, maybe the alien/threat wasn't necessarily a physical threat at all. It was itself a representation of the events (external in nature) in our lives that drive our own self destruction. Sometimes we succeed in that endeavor, sometimes we emerge, forever changed by the experience. Consider the metallic doppelganger, which she at first attempts to fight, she only defeats through acceptance. Ventress comes to accept it as well. She is faced with cancer and dies beautifully, when her character accomplishes her goal of reaching the lighthouse and finds peace in the struggle.
    As the final meteor shower suggests, we are all being bombarded by these events that threaten and change us.

  • Rebecca A
    Rebecca A 10 months ago

    The best movie I’ve seen in years

  • Márk Nagy
    Márk Nagy 10 months ago

    I think the doppleganger got out, because remember the whole story is being told, by the Lena in the chair, talking to the guy in the hazmat suit. She could easily lie about what happened in the lighthouse.

  • Nameless The Rebel
    Nameless The Rebel 10 months ago

    Homie in the blue is the only one who said anything remotely interesting

  • tgflux
    tgflux 10 months ago

    To be clear, Natalie Portman (Lena) gave her doppelganger the desire to destroy the Shimmer, and it did. The Shimmer is gone now...UNLESS one is contending that mutated Lena, who makes it out, now IS The Shimmer (and/or w/ the doppelganger Cane. WTF was up w/ OI's accent? It seemed "standard American" in the flashback scene, and then in the suicide video, it's all corn-pone. Unless Cane mutated w/ some local Loosianan to take on a new accent? ;-/ )

  • Beau G
    Beau G 10 months ago

    So was this Area X the movie?

  • fikaso
    fikaso 10 months ago

    Ego. What you resist persists. Everything as one. I am, you are. Choice.

  • Charmedsas1
    Charmedsas1 10 months ago

    My whole portrayal of the movie was that: it's like having a group of people taking the same drug and each of them reacting differently to it, based on their pasts and the way they feel now inside.✌❤
    That's what the shimmer represents in my opinion.

  • Davemountain2021
    Davemountain2021 10 months ago

    The bear aint the girls throat, which containing her vocal chords. Her vocal chords fused/ mutant into the bear. But I like the idea it uses the voice to lure prey

  • Duda Saints
    Duda Saints 10 months ago

    Review of Annihilation (2018🌱🐉🍃) by Brilliant Director Alex Garland (Ex-Machina) A "A Psychedelic Allegory of Human Tragedy"
    Another pessimistic thriller and at same time a grim warning for a Civilization that seems increasingly distanced from the conditions that have guaranteed the success of humanity's journey for thousands of years to the present day such as: empathy, solidarity, cooperation and, fundamentally, a sense of unity with nature and the universe based on shamanic spiritual practices.
    In Annihilation, the Director Alex Garland once more distills all his pessimism against us, humanity, and makes use of several resources to validate his version of the original book: first through a kind of "ecological rebellion" where nature literally decides to "annihilate" the “cancer " of the earth (the human race) through both by a complex botanical-genetic reconfiguration and by triggering a dramatic DNA mutation processes which affected all other living things around and by doing it, tries to reconfigure the whole planet.
    Garland´s version is a dramatic interpretation of the famous Gaia hypothesis (by James Lovelock, 1979), which claimed that the earth is a "self-regulating" living being, with fever, caused by the frantic industrial and urban activity of mankind in last 700 years and, therefore, it is about to expel these undesirable beings ...
    On the other hand, It is also an interesting approach to the profound "transformation" that happens with those who experience an authentic psychedelic journey (references to mushrooms, fungi and mycelia are everywhere in the movie) and once on the other side "would come across a totally different "environment" from the so called "real " world of language, culture and ideology built by human beings in the last 10,000 years to support the male centric, dominator civilization ...
    It is important to mention the hypothesis advocated by the psychedelic philosophy on the dissolution of ego-delusions, on the rationalizing dimension of the human psyche which underpins the culture of civilization. Such approach appears in the final scene in which Natalie Portman´s character (after an induced psychedelic trip in the interior of the magical tower) wages a desperate struggle against his own "other" (her ego) to immediately fall back on what it means to become aware of things and become a conscious being ...
    Such dissimulated posture of the protagonist, now “self-conscious” manifests itself throughout the film, in the cold interrogation carried out by various narrow minded scientists and their useless technological machines, unable to understand what happened (or is happening!) on the other side of the shimmer without understanding that , as Natalie's character, in order to get into the swings of things, they also would have to go through the experience of crossing the boundaries of the language / culture / ideology of the so-called "human reality" (the psychedelic experience itself).
    That would be a sine qua non condition for "understanding" the truth that Nature (through its own "alchemical" language) has been trying to tell us for centuries and the stoned hunter-gathered humanity that lived at 12000BC knew very well: that the transition to agriculture and its tragic corollary, the alpha dominant Technological Civilization, is an evolutionary misfortune, ultimately an error, an unwanted mutation that transformed those special primates into blind, belligerent, misguided and deluded beings with their alleged superior technological civilization and for that very reason, destined to self-annihilation.

  • SidV101
    SidV101 10 months ago

    My interpretation: Kane’s clone and original Lena made it out. Kane didn’t make it because he’d lost his desire to survive, whereas Lena hadn’t. The point of life in general is to spread by adapting to its surroundings, which is what I think was happening with the asteroid, the shimmer and the alien. Lena survives the shimmer because she shares its goal; to survive. Organ donor bodies reject organs if they’re too dissimilar; only Lena was a ‘natural fit’ for the shimmer. It doesn’t really matter to me if the alien has conscious intent, because survival and biological instincts don’t require consciousness. All we really see the alien do is mimic, which doesn’t require advanced intelligence. Most life gets by fine without it.

  • Brian Rossmiller
    Brian Rossmiller 10 months ago

    I believe a couple lines from the movie explains the ending. Lena discusses life coming from a single cell, alone in the world, which becomes 2, 4, 8, etc. She also mentions that God makes mistakes because our DNA is not perfect. We can age, get cancer and diseases all because of how the DNA was designed. I hypothesize that this is a lone alien. Its hyper-cube look seems to suggest it is from another dimension which has more spacial dimensions. In an effort to survive and propagate, it experiments with DNA to create the perfect form. It ultimately creates two doppelgangers. So from one becomes two. Their DNA is probably much more intelligently designed to avoid aging, and common diseases. They may even retain some genes from the other organisms in the shimmer. Once the experiment was over, the failed experiments and trail stages were burned and the final products left and lied about what happened.

  • sebastian barbosa
    sebastian barbosa 10 months ago

    the screaming bear is pure genius...moron

    • sapphiro
      sapphiro 9 months ago

      sebastian barbosa mimic monster has been done many, many times in movies. Even T1000 from Terminator 2 movie used the same trick to lure it's prey.

  • David O'Brien
    David O'Brien 10 months ago +1

    Very annoying how the three of you are fighting for the spotlight and over talk each other.

  • Alex Havig
    Alex Havig 10 months ago

    I thought the shimmer represents HIV or cancer cells. So the shimmer would be some sort of alien disease.

  • Jeshoel
    Jeshoel 10 months ago +1

    I also noticed that it was their house right away. What really creeped me out, because I only remembered it later: Kane (the original we see in the flashbacks) has a bear tattooed on his chest.

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Cam Young
    Cam Young 10 months ago +1

    Natalie's alien double is the one telling the story and what we see is based on it's description of the events. The alien double changes the ending to hide what it is and wants to take her place. Natalie's character died in the lighthouse.

  • Ross Eckert
    Ross Eckert 10 months ago +1

    Liked the movie...but was anyone not bothered by the plot hole of the government being able to cover up this phenomenon that took place in the United States? No way in hell they would be able to keep this top secret without knowledge of it getting out and someone else knowing about it...journalist, astronomer, locals who lived somewhere nearby...whatever. Even if it was a small, isolated area. It was still in the southern United States. Would have made more sense if this was taking place in a very isolated area in the world. Like some island in the middle of nowhere. Even then astronomers would still be aware of the phenomenon and would be very hard to keep this top secret. Still really good...even great movie. Haven't seen this mentioned, and I think it's a pretty big plot hole that is never addressed.

  • Clayton Chan
    Clayton Chan 10 months ago +2

    Something people keep overlooking is that the story is being told by Natalie Portman’s character. She could be the clone and just be lying to the quarintine people.

    • Yatsura2
      Yatsura2 5 months ago

      Doesnt really fit the narrative though. Kanes clone didnt lied neither. As far as we know, clones dont really have any agenda whatsoever.

  • Wīthäzmund Lowenpeçetian d'Frithnanthi

    Is that Hodor?

  • mark kavanagh
    mark kavanagh 10 months ago

    My guess is that the shimmer was trying to perfect it's recreation of earthly lifeforms and the last Natalie Portman was perfection achieved and thus the shimmer destroyed itself knowing it would survive through her.

  • Duff Chimp
    Duff Chimp 10 months ago +1

    Are we not discussing the, what I thought, blatant biblical similes and iconography? Or are they red herrings?
    My rough draft is that the film is a metaphor for the origin of life, scientifically and biblically with Isaacs and Portman being Adam and Eve.
    The garden of Eden, the tree and the snake. I know the lighthouse has significance with Jehovah's witnesses.
    This has some interesting science based metaphor too regarding cell division and how the first cell was formed by two other lifeforms.

  • Sea BreezeUK
    Sea BreezeUK 10 months ago

    What if the bigger analogy here is that humans are the cancer on earth - the environmental assimilation (annihilation) we are relentlessly carrying out? Instead of humans looking at the shimmer, imagine it from the perspective of plants and animals, watching human cities grow and slowly consume everything in their path, re-purposing elements of nature for human purposes, and with pollution scattering the sun's light in a brown, smoggy 'shimmer'...

  • Daniel Roche
    Daniel Roche 10 months ago +10

    You have to completely ignore the movie to not get Portman survives the Shimmer. Issac's doppelganger not only can't answer Portman's basic questions about what he has been up to but he also refers to the bedroom as "the room with the bed."
    I think the movie makes it pretty clear the doppleganger has inherited a lot of memory, language, etc from Issac but is not comfortable using it and doesn't get idiomatic stuff. And they don't show Portman habing those same difficulties.

    • Yatsura2
      Yatsura2 5 months ago

      Yes & no. She may dont be a clone, but her cells got altered for over 4 months in an alienating way. In one way or another, she is alien now.

  • Mark Godleman
    Mark Godleman 10 months ago

    Very nice Spot with Natalie Portman,s character,s House!👍

  • Bob Spitfire
    Bob Spitfire 10 months ago +5

    Most simply the film is invasion of the body snatchers... but digging a bit deeper.
    The film appears on the surface to be an analogy for cancer, thats what the shimmer is, cancerous. They keep 'treating' it but it fails and continues to spread, unthinkingly, unaware of the damage it is doing. (and there are of course a whole lot of direct references to cancer.)
    Cancer twists what is familiar, its your body turning on you, killing you from the inside, and whether its successfully treated or not changing you pretty profoundly.
    Even after they successfully stem it, the scientists continue to probe Lena and her husband to understand what happened in exactly the same as cancer treatment never really ends. Theyll always monitor you.
    There is the more personal issues, how they all die in ways related to their self destruction. (Which is obviously also related to the biological self destruction of cancer.) Cass becomes nothing but her pain much like how her loss had already hollowed her out, Anya loses her mind echoing her addictions, Josie succumbs to her cuts like her self harm, Ventress becomes part of the system through which she sent all the teams to their death, (Ventress also callously pressing towards the finish to get her wish really strongly reminded me of Red from Roadside Picnic which Annihilation takes a great deal from.) and Lena is her own worst enemy.
    Then there is the grander scale stuff of perpetual self destruction across everyone, the infinite Ouroborus and Ventress quoting Beckett at the end.
    As for that ending, I think the mystery works on every level. The body snatchers style classic horror trope of 'Its over.... or is it?'
    The cancer reference that as I mentioned means you can never really be sure it is 'cured'.
    and the self destructive tendencies leading two people who had deeper problems than it first appeared back together.
    (All of which are destructive loops.)
    That at least is where Im at in adding up all I saw, though there is probably a lot more Ive missed or not mentioned.

  • wtfisditvoorbullshit
    wtfisditvoorbullshit 10 months ago

    A piece of art is never finished, it's only abandoned

  • Reality
    Reality 10 months ago

    Like 2001 and Possession, this shit was good until it got stupid.

  • Ozi Girl 16
    Ozi Girl 16 10 months ago +2

    The two of them are going to have children spreading the alien! I DONT KNOW

  • No Name
    No Name 10 months ago +11

    Doesn't the psychologisy who has been studying the shimmer for 3 years figure if they send enough self distructive people into the shimmer...the shimmer will become self destructive via evolution/mutation and destroy itself...which it did.

    • Chris Tinajero
      Chris Tinajero 9 months ago

      thats pretty genius! I didnt catch that.

    • sapphiro
      sapphiro 9 months ago

      No Name The shimmer was much smaller and with less mutated hostile creatures in the beginning but for 3 years no one was able to come back? The first mission they sent must have been Suicide Squad 😂

  • Joshua Gold
    Joshua Gold 10 months ago

    I think when she hands over the grenade, unlike when she violently tries to escape, its like a symbolic handing over of her self-destructiveness. Thus when she runs and her clone burns up, it is now self-destructive like she was, burning everything else

  • Vits Vicente Torres
    Vits Vicente Torres 10 months ago +1

    1) I think the LENA we see at the end is the real one. When the fake KANE arrived, he didn't remember much. LENA remembered enough details to tell the story to LOMAX. Actually, why *would* a fake LENA tell the story?
    2) At the lighthouse, why did the creature mimic LENA's movements only at times? Speaking of that scene, when the creature pushed her against the door, it looked like it was trying to rape her. Is the movie then meant to be an allegory on that subject?

  • Jake Modica
    Jake Modica 10 months ago +1

    The shimmer is human nature. We are a cancer.

  • Duilio Pintagro
    Duilio Pintagro 10 months ago

    I liked RED SPARROW (no perfect score, but good and different from so many popcorn spy movies) and Annihilation...

  • Aritro Roy
    Aritro Roy 10 months ago +24

    Lena (played by Portman) got the tattoo from Anya (Rodriguez)
    and a similar thing happens with Kane (Isaac) as his accent gradually changes ...something he probably acquired from one (or more) of his teammates

    • Penny Gibson
      Penny Gibson 10 months ago +2

      The tattoo was on the body on the wall in the pool

    • BlaqMagiq99
      BlaqMagiq99 10 months ago +6

      Aritro Roy i had the same question about his accent. i didnt think he had it at the beginning

  • CA2VA
    CA2VA 10 months ago

    I think the Natalie Portman that comes out is clearly the alien. We also have to take the story that is being told has to be taken with a grain of salt because the alien wouldnt tell the people interrogating her that she is an alien. She says she came out in the end but we cant take it as truth.

  • JBourneID
    JBourneID 10 months ago +20

    Not much of an analysis here.

  • jay666er
    jay666er 10 months ago

    I loved this freaking movie

  • HitchensImmortal
    HitchensImmortal 10 months ago

    Reading the comments makes me think that too many people read Infinite Jest and now fancy themselves the next Socrates.

  • Hermy1138
    Hermy1138 10 months ago

    Cancer!!! It's about cancer!!!

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 10 months ago

    The tattoo on Leena's arm is the exact same tattoo that Anya has

  • MyTubeIsBetter20
    MyTubeIsBetter20 10 months ago +3

    tf is Chrtisy talking about. the real Natalie Portman clearly blows up the Shimmer one

    • Yatsura2
      Yatsura2 5 months ago

      You mean the _"real Natalie Portman which got her cells altered & transformed into something alien in a timespan of more than 4 months"_ ?

  • Dappskee
    Dappskee 10 months ago

    What this movie about is that 5 women were able to overcome undeniable odds, persevere and survive a horrible experience

  • Zholla Mychalis
    Zholla Mychalis 10 months ago

    Annihilation does not have a right interpretation. Only a right interpretation...for you the viewer. LIke the scene in The Empire Strikes Back...we take into the shimmer/the movie...what we bring with us. We are all going to see slightly or wildly different stuff in what we saw. It would be a serious piece of work...for me...if in a real alien 'invasion'...we all live in different realities of a post invasion world...based on what we were before the 'colomization began. LOve that talking bear...

  • Graftanker 98
    Graftanker 98 10 months ago

    The alien entity was running an experiment to see which dna and lifeform will help it most survive, which was humans, but it had to figure out how to become human without the self destructive nature.