Pilot tells us why you shouldn't be afraid of flying

  • Published on Nov 14, 2014
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  • Bananas Are The Best :v

    Im fine with planes but im scared of crashing 😭 and im moving to japan when im 19 or 20

  • tony Lorns
    tony Lorns 3 days ago

    She’s so cute

  • The Aviation Channel
    The Aviation Channel 10 days ago

    Did he go on strike?

  • 迪是我安
    迪是我安 10 days ago

    I'm Boarding a Wings Of Lebanon Flight tomorrow my dream is to become a pilot, I've travelled many Times but i have a weird feeling, i don't know whu

  • scott lilley
    scott lilley 10 days ago +1

    all the info in the world will not calm my fears...while waiting at the gate to board, I look around to see all the people I'm going to die with...could care less if I ever fly again

  • Pierre Stephens
    Pierre Stephens 11 days ago

    This is guy is awesome! He sounds like one of The Beatles 💯😆👍🏾👍🏾

  • Lyon Kingston
    Lyon Kingston 13 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this 2 days before my trip 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Huskylusky123 ,
    Huskylusky123 , 15 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I needed it because my flight is today.

  • Brains McGee
    Brains McGee 16 days ago +1

    I worked engineering and wiring at Boeing for 23 years. Trust me when I tell you, BE AFRAID.
    Currently, over 300 737 aircraft have faulty parts on the wings alone. Flaps, air brakes etc.
    The AVERAGE commercial jetliner has over 1500 moving parts as well. In many cases, things like the jack screw are worn, partially stripped or very stripped.
    I have heard other engineers and aircraft maintenance personnel say on numerous occasions;
    "This plane should have crashed already". Worn parts are replaced in a hush hush environment. To quote a famous airline crash investigator. "It's about profit, NOTHING MORE. A few hundred dead passengers every 10 years is simply the cost of doing business".

  • The Truth
    The Truth 17 days ago

    Im terrified of flying tbh I only fly rarely and with the best airlines even if i have to save up for a long time to do so. Even then im terrified i literally just drink a ton of alcohol before so i go to sleep and dont think about it.

  • 4F Productions
    4F Productions 18 days ago

    What I can’t seem to handle during flying is that weightless feeling. Flew on Southwest from OAK to PHX, really bumpy ride all the way down to the runway as we landed due to the wind and turbulence. After we landed I almost chirped my chips in a trash can... Wish I knew how to get rid of that feeling...

  • Karine Malette
    Karine Malette 18 days ago

    I have a flight in 10 days
    Here we go again 😱😭😔

  • Jules3855
    Jules3855 19 days ago

    Breathing techniques! They always try to solve these issues with 'Breathing Techniques' Yea sure. Yeah I took some deep breaths and now there's no way the plane can crash into the ground at 500mph

  • kendall Evans
    kendall Evans 20 days ago

    Was on a puddle jumper in Columbia, S.A. Every passenger blessed themselves before take off!

  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez Month ago

    Not knowing is the cause of many bad things.

  • MrTom1379
    MrTom1379 Month ago

    Why can’t they make the plane out of the same stuff as the black box

  • Matt Ball
    Matt Ball Month ago

    He's not lying as someone trying to get into aviation ha. Hours (experience) are everything and even if you have them, airlines will test you for the 'big boy' positions. If you are anxious, and reading this, know you are tremendously safe flying. Even the technology their working with.... man it'd bring back the witch trials just 40 years ago it's that fine tuned and amazing... So you're fine!!

  • the liar king
    the liar king Month ago

    if your at 35000 feet and your pilot announces your going to crash, this is what to do, you have 2 options. option 1, grab drink trolley and help yourself. option 2, grab stewardess or alternatively grab both.

  • the liar king
    the liar king Month ago

    none of us go into a cinema, or bar and ask for a seat next to the very large fuel tank, or claim to want to zip through the air 7 miles above the earth at 500mph beside this fuel tank and 300 other assorted idiots we dont know and then come off pretending to be happy. yet one mention of flying being dangerous and the question is challenged.

  • Kelli Milton
    Kelli Milton Month ago

    Yo is it true that when you get on a plane, you don’t really feel any motion..? Even when the plane flys not in a straight line? I have never been on a plane really..and yes I’m one of the people that are scared of planes even when I haven’t been on one.

  • Jayyy Jay
    Jayyy Jay Month ago +1

    Jennifer looks 🔥😜

  • Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed Month ago

    I love you anchor person
    Your face really cute

  • Quantum Music Creations

    Every time I fly ill say I am fine and used to it but once that plane takes off back to usual mode. A metalic bird I call it. Your life is on pause for those hours.

  • Martin Mitchell
    Martin Mitchell Month ago

    'If the good Lord had meant us to fly, he would have given us wings.' Discuss.

  • Jake Squid
    Jake Squid Month ago

    TYSM I have a flight in 4 days and I am not scared any more

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord Month ago

    My flight is in 2 hours ;-;

  • BB B
    BB B Month ago

    Boeing 737 Max

  • itsjustsami
    itsjustsami Month ago

    im insanely scared of flying, not because the plane might stop working, but because of human error or intentional attacks/pilot suicides

  • dcrusader123
    dcrusader123 Month ago

    You can say what you WANT nothing calms my nerves when it comes to flying!

    • R W
      R W Month ago

      dcrusader123 what’s so bad about it? It’s safer than driving.

  • Josh Cavallo
    Josh Cavallo Month ago +2

    Every time I get to the airport I feel like I’m being narrated for the next air crash investigation episode.. “Josh went to get a coffee 30 minutes before boarding his flight TT 354, little did he know the doomed flight would be his last”.

    • nia
      nia Month ago +1


  • Yanis
    Yanis Month ago

    At least ur sure that everything is « allright »

  • steve jankiewicz
    steve jankiewicz Month ago

    This is why you shouldn’t fly chairs are uncomfortable af! Food is garbage no WiFi no service barley any air on the plane

    • R W
      R W Month ago

      steve jankiewicz you are making it seem like you’re going to live on a plane.

  • Stretched Default
    Stretched Default Month ago

    Airplane crash chanche is lower then suicide

  • n0ob19 - Fortnite Gameplay

    I have been a pilot for a number of years now. What actually scares me more is driving to the airport

    • R W
      R W Month ago

      MannBrothersFilms seems very likely but a lot of people do fly really young

    • MannBrothersFilms
      MannBrothersFilms Month ago +1

      Mate, you're a little kid.

  • HBA _468
    HBA _468 2 months ago

    Iam scared of flying because I think that maybe when we’re flying the plane will stop to fly !!!!!!!!!’

  • Saima Riaz
    Saima Riaz 2 months ago

    Am not scared of flying on a plane ✈️

  • Johnathan Roan
    Johnathan Roan 2 months ago

    His name would be “alright”

  • Tokyo Drift
    Tokyo Drift 2 months ago

    Pilot Patrick can teach you this for free. No book needed.

  • Manstein Vonklug
    Manstein Vonklug 2 months ago

    a BA pilot .. he has no clue about aeroservices in africa

  • Charmaine Babs
    Charmaine Babs 2 months ago

    Thank you that really helps, as I thought the plane was a rolling when ever it turns

  • ArneGaming Est
    ArneGaming Est 2 months ago

    Car crash has higher change, but there is alot of more possibility of surviving, while plane crash has lower change, but when it happens it has very low change of surviving.

  • cartoon selfmade
    cartoon selfmade 2 months ago

    Who fly next week? 🤣😝

    • Pin head
      Pin head 2 months ago

      cartoon selfmade same day im flying from STL

    • cartoon selfmade
      cartoon selfmade 2 months ago

      @Pin head me too on 25.7 🤣

    • Pin head
      Pin head 2 months ago +1

      cartoon selfmade me and I’m super afraid

  • cooldbz12
    cooldbz12 2 months ago

    The problem with flying is if something does happen you know your going to die for a couple seconds while the plane goes down. If its a car crash or walking its almost instant and you dont see it coming. If you do survive a wreck or getting hit you usally go into shock so its easier to deal with that that just knowing your life is going to end in a couple of seconds.

  • Tony Baines
    Tony Baines 2 months ago

    its the crashing bit that botheres me.

    • Tony Baines
      Tony Baines 2 months ago

      i used to need to get pissed before i flew but i dont now, i thought eitherway ill die pissed or not.

  • michael Sanseverino
    michael Sanseverino 2 months ago

    It’s not the flying it’s the lack of control and nothing to do. I a control freak I even hate driving in people’s cars . I have to drive where ever I go for the most part. I know this is stupid as if I could fly the plane. Also I also have had plan crash dream most of my adult life starting in my late teens. It’s never me on the plane it’s always me watching the plane crash. I worked on the ramp when I was just out of high school . I know how silly this is. It’s less save to get in your car then a commercial air craft. Think about all the flight the take off and land on a daily bases with no issue. Like I said it’s the lack of control .

  • Red Brix Animations
    Red Brix Animations 2 months ago

    I’m scared of getting motion sickness, because I know it will happen. I’m flying today for 5 hours

  • aopdemon
    aopdemon 2 months ago

    1:40 I’m dead 😂😂😭😭

  • Brang Zonghus
    Brang Zonghus 2 months ago

    Crashing with confidence...

  • Caity C
    Caity C 2 months ago +24

    when someone with 12,000 flying hours tells you not to be afraid of planes, it'll definitely be ok

  • beatlegreg07
    beatlegreg07 2 months ago

    Can a plane float?

    • Hola Amyooo
      Hola Amyooo 2 months ago

      beatlegreg07 yes planes can float as much as a boat .

  • Benzo RyZe
    Benzo RyZe 2 months ago

    I’m flying to Hawaii I’m scared

  • FacialExpressionz
    FacialExpressionz 2 months ago

    Im scared of turbulence and to september i gotta take a plane from Amsterdam to Florida 😵

  • Jonah Oliver
    Jonah Oliver 2 months ago

    That bytch has a phat azz. Join the Mile High Club.

  • ENTRO BEAMN TV Composer

    Yes but didn’t say they are moving at 650 to 700Mph so 100 miles is more of a dead stick crash based on how much control they have over the aircraft.

  • okthennone
    okthennone 2 months ago

    I have Xanax so I’m not afraid. Thanks

  • Van Marko
    Van Marko 2 months ago

    " Engines don't make planes fly,wings do",as the captain said.
    There has to be a catastrophic incident for it to crash Pilots are trained for many different emergencies.....

  • junaid anwar
    junaid anwar 2 months ago +1

    Captain I am a 44 years old guy,I plan to get a private pilots licence but I fear flying a lot.

  • Maham S
    Maham S 2 months ago

    Am i the only one who is afraid of flying due to claustrophobia and not necessarily about any issue with the plane or flight?!.

  • Tim VeePee
    Tim VeePee 2 months ago

    Forget what he is saying.
    Here is the issue with planes and its simple.
    No one on the plane is qualified to fly the plane, other than the people in the cockpit.
    Machines have one single problem. THEY BREAK! It's not a matter of why, or how or where. IT WHEN!!!!
    When a plane decides to break for whatever the reason, if the people in the cockpit cant solve the problem; you're going to die.
    It not like being in a car. If you are in a car and the driver passes out or something, a potential person sitting in the front passenger seat, can use common sense and potentially drive a car and bring it to a safe stop if they have quick reaction and don't panick. And even if they can't and you crash, because you are on on the ground, you could survive.
    I am have flown for up to 3 hours. I'm ok once the plane is at cruising altitude for the most part.
    I know flying is the safest way to travel. And yes planes don't crash as often as cars.
    Fear is a normal human trait. People who dont fear things, do stupid things like climb Mt Everest or tall buildings or jump from perfectly working airplanes for a rush.
    Of course no one gets on a plane thinking its gonna have mechanical issues and crash. But that doesn't mean it's not at the back of your mind.
    TWA 800 if you have never seen or heard of it is a situation where having a reasonable amount of fear is ok.
    But if you are terrified of flying then the simple thing is don't.
    I plan to take my first flight over an ocean. I want it to be a one way trip because if I make it, I have zero plans to return.
    20 hours on a plane is I am assuming a very fearful amount of time to spend in the air.
    Planes to ne are more vulnerable than cars. A bird strike can down a commercial jet. If a bird flew through your windshield in a car, as long as you are a good driver, nothing should go wrong.
    Im not scared to death, but nothing he says will make the fear go away.
    If God wanted man to fly, he would have gave him wings. Don't birds have them? Don't some insects have them?
    Flying is an awesome achievement of modern technology, but it has a flaw. Its creator is flawed and this anything he makes will be too. And because of this a reasonable fear of flying is justified.

  • Renata Menezes
    Renata Menezes 2 months ago

    I'm not scared of flying but i'm scared when the plane flies like normal and suddenly stop or has engine problem
    😁😁😁 we never know what would happen when we are up in the sky