What It's Like Working At McDonalds


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  • Adam Dupre
    Adam Dupre 7 hours ago

    First of all the manager should have gave you another vest second I would have cuts the guy out then quote.

  • Elizabeth Lauren

    i work at mcdonald’s, once i got a burger thrown at me for someone that wasn’t even my fault.

  • ThePhiZzo
    ThePhiZzo 2 days ago

    What happened besides this incident on your first day? The video kind of lacks narration to give credit to it's title.

  • CamTheMan
    CamTheMan 3 days ago

    I am a current McDonalds employee and work on the deep fryers, burger grill, and burger assembly and I can 100% agree about getting burned a lot

  • ElektrikWalrus
    ElektrikWalrus 5 days ago

    Thank you for helping young teens who think mcDicks is good idea. It ain't.

  • OGprince
    OGprince 5 days ago

    I’m a nice guy but I don’t deal with disrespect too good.. I better not apply before I mess around and do something that will land me in Jail.

  • Meta ModernSounds
    Meta ModernSounds 7 days ago

    Go work in the oil field
    People there make these "rude customers" look like the Virgin Mary

  • LittleBoyRy
    LittleBoyRy 8 days ago

    I enjoyed working there idk why everyone complains :/ yes I understand managers might suck but my restaurant is just fine managers are very nice :( maybe that’s just my restaurant

  • josh thumperluck
    josh thumperluck 8 days ago

    I can't stop laughing you got bullied at mcdonalds stop please stop I piss myself you got burger slapped

  • josh thumperluck
    josh thumperluck 8 days ago

    Yo yo yo hear me out Bro I heard if you work at mcdonalds you are still a bum if it true dawgggg

  • Brent Ezekiel
    Brent Ezekiel 9 days ago

    I'm a McDonald's worker in New Zealand, although it's very hard (like fucking hard), customers are polite and coworkers are very encouraging

  • Sarah Washington
    Sarah Washington 11 days ago

    i currently work at maccas it is nothing like this

  • katie 123
    katie 123 11 days ago

    Everyone's agreeing with him, but I love my job I don't have any of these issues. Of course there's annoying customers but that's in any job serving the public. It's honestly the crew I work with though that make it so great.

  • Ruby Scarlett
    Ruby Scarlett 15 days ago

    Ive worked at McDonalds for almost a year and all what u say is so relatable, the basket burns had that alot of times, i worked at the first drivetrough window so i had to take orders. The first day i worked i worked from 14 till 22 i was done at 1:00 because of rushes and everything its fcking horrible dont work there everrrr people please xd

  • ThaiGoalie
    ThaiGoalie 15 days ago

    Imagine working at McDonald's unironically

  • RobbyBobby 123987
    RobbyBobby 123987 15 days ago

    I once dated a woman that worked at McDonald's she would give me free 20 piece chicken McNuggets fresh I mean really fresh chicken McNuggets she I would call her up on the phone and she knew I was coming so she would make me fresh really fresh chicken McNuggets 20-piece.!

  • Equinox_Shocka
    Equinox_Shocka 16 days ago

    I have an idea. Don't work at the dump in the first place! get a real job.

  • Leandro Cayao
    Leandro Cayao 17 days ago

    I'd never work at a mcdonalds, they need to build bigger kitchens first before hiring 50 people to be working in a small space like rats, having horrible shifts, oil everywhere, and getting burned as it would be too much.

  • Jayden Koh Jia Jian
    Jayden Koh Jia Jian 17 days ago

    Who had a McDonalds ad berfore the video starts??? I did

  • OneGameZone
    OneGameZone 17 days ago

    I had a completely different experience working there. I've been working at a McDonald's in Hungary for around 4 months, and I love it there. My managers are really friendly and encouraging, they have a great sense of humor and always take my needs into consideration. Only bad thing are the customers. It was really hard at first, you get at least one person every shift that starts yelling at you for a small mistake, but now I find it kind of funny that people can be so mad over a sandwich so I don't even care

  • Patrik
    Patrik 19 days ago

    In germany the whole till side/grill side thing is a tad different, there's no real tension inbetween and the factor that decides if you get till side or not is "how understandable is your German?", considering that the great majority of employees here are migrant workers.

  • WaterForLiquid
    WaterForLiquid 21 day ago

    i would never let a customer put hands on me im sorry i would kick the dip shit till he learns not to touch me

    MPDSN 22 days ago

    Iv been working at McDonald’s for around 6 months now and it drains your fucking will to live

  • Danny Romeo
    Danny Romeo 23 days ago

    “It’s like...working at McDonald’s...”

  • Fern Herbert
    Fern Herbert 24 days ago

    Honestly tho, I'm working there ATM, they didn't let me get a drink at all during my 8 hour shift today, wanted to die, still trying to recover

  • Gabe Campbell
    Gabe Campbell 24 days ago

    Firstly in Australia we get unlimited small waters and that’s all. Also we get half price on food and never get free food. We also only have 30 minute breaks. We also get to choose what section we go in and we don’t get put in a certain area. I’m not saying this guy is lying idek if he’s in Australia but I’m just saying how it is in Western Australia.

  • Timothy Newton
    Timothy Newton 27 days ago

    I'm still working at mcdons. I've had food thrown at me. Burns, cuts you name it. Its rough. I work in Canada however so even though it's bad its probably a lot better than the states. Tbh it's a fun job sometimes, especially if it's your friends. We are on the highway and are one of the busiest in Ontario so its also very fast. Gotta make that money though. Even if it's making mcdoubs

  • Chris MacAvoy
    Chris MacAvoy 27 days ago

    I've worked at McDonald's for about 10 months now and I personally have never experienced anything like that. McDonald's is not perfect but definitely not a bad job. especially for people who have never had a job.

  • Amir Palamar
    Amir Palamar 28 days ago

    I worked at McDonald’s for a year and a half, it was fucking torture. They made me work grill without gloves while I had a splint on one of my fingers. I wish I had never learnt grill, didn’t have to work it often but there’d be time where no one else knew wtf they were doing. They’d fuck me over by giving new hires better pay than me, when I was their best worker. They did this to other people when I was a new hire as well. I ended up having to run a shift bc there were no managers there, at 16 with only a couple months experience. And it’s just a gross fucking job, I’d clean the clothes twice and could still smell the McDonald’s in them. I just quit one day, and within a week I was working at Target making $3.00 more an hour

  • George Bragg jr.
    George Bragg jr. 28 days ago

    Wow 😂McDonald's was my first job I started at age 21 been there almost six years and the only thing I can say good about that place as a worker is that it makes you figure out what you really deserve in career choice everyone isnt a true leader most will only be just a servant for themselves in if that's your gift its ok lesson learned of you knowing who you are as a worker but I agree with this video👍 I did not like McDonald's as well very tough memories but I leaned every job serves its purpose for everyone example sense McDonalds work experience For me I always knew if I handled McDonalds I can Handel any job I wanted to work never settle for doing ok always do great God bless everybody and thanks for posting this video 🍔🍟

  • Bullman561
    Bullman561 29 days ago

    What a snowflake honestly. He expects a job at one of the busiest fast food chains would suit him? Lmao no bro it’s hell but it’s a job

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      Bullman561 he worked there for two years, it’s not like he bitched out first day like I used to see grown ass men do. They treat you like shit though, after a year and a half working there, I just quit one day, got a job at Target and made $3.00 more an hour and it was a way easier job (I was the best person at Mcdanks so they’d treat me like a manager, except getting paid way less and none of that laid back office shit). Loved doing fries, drinks, window and taking orders during a rush, it ain’t worth it

  • Jamie Mason
    Jamie Mason Month ago

    Massive little scare

  • juneali6
    juneali6 Month ago

    Wow your manager is trash. Mine would've let me go home.

    • juneali6
      juneali6 27 days ago

      Amir Palamar thats terrible

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      juneali6 mine would’ve asked me to pay for the new shirt 😂😂

  • beinrangel
    beinrangel Month ago

    That guy assaulted you. You had the right to sue.

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      beinrangel wouldn’t be worth the trouble, cost more in fees than he’d get back, if the case even went through

  • Ken Fern
    Ken Fern Month ago

    I work at wendys this is relatable

  • Senpai Coffee
    Senpai Coffee Month ago

    I remember my first shift at burger king. some dumb bitch mopped the floors and didnt put a wet floor sign down, so when I was taking away peoples rubbish ect to the bin i slipped, the tray went flying up into the air, i get covered in trash and im humiliated so i run into the back and cry. Then not 15 minutes later the frozen coke machine exploded all over my uniform, like fully soaked. In front of everyone (about 45 people) They didn't even give me my full uniform in the first place, but then my manager expected me to go outside for trash clean up when its the middle of winter and ive just been completely covered in literal fucking ice and syrup. One of the other managers (a much younger one) came over and said I could go for a 10 min break (unpaid but i didnt really care) so id be able to go have a cigarette and calm down. Then not two weeks later they unofficially fired me after i had a panic attack because one of my abusers came into the store and i immediately ran into the break room and had said panic attack. She made me sign a blank piece of paper saying i was quitting (she was screaming at me to do it and i was so fucking out of it that i just did it so she'd stop screaming) so i did, and then she screamed at me that i was a waste of time and that i should have said. What?? i should have told my manager during my interview that i was r*ped ??? fuck sakes.

  • Big Todd
    Big Todd Month ago

    Sexy boy

  • Jaci Palmer
    Jaci Palmer Month ago

    we can take any sized drinks throughout the shift. we get a free $1 sandwich and small fry/hash brown for our 30 min break. I usually get my break 1-3 hours into my shift. anyone who starts without experience starts on counter. those who do have experience either start counter or grill but they switch you from counter, lobby (cleaning), front drive, back drive & grill! if had a really good experience here and like my job! Ive worked in other fast food places and McDonald’s has been my favorite. Of course, I’ve had some negative experiences but nothing that personally affected me.

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      Jaci Palmer I’d get free meals during break and post shift bc I was the only person who actually did shit. The worst was doing window, headset, fries and drink all at once during a rush. Another time me and my manager got two busses in the morning with only us and one grill person. They expected way too much for the shit pay I was getting, especially compared to new hires 😂

  • The Jerm
    The Jerm Month ago


  • Alicia Gomez
    Alicia Gomez Month ago

    Theres no way i would of taken that from a customer. Hell no! I would of done something back to them. If the manager didnt let me change outfits i would of quit. No job is worth that shit.

  • Harriet Armstrong
    Harriet Armstrong Month ago

    2:09 Well duh. The manager expects for you to show initiative, they hire you because they think you will be right for the job. For example, they ask if you are okay with schedules changing and that you are lenient with working for an extra half hour or so. 3:30 And I understand that you angry about the customers and some of those things were bad, but you decided to work there and you should of understood that you will be working with some customers that will get angry.

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      Harriet Armstrong the incident he described the manager could’ve at least given him a new shirt, but ya I just ignored assholes and told em we’re working on it. And they don’t ask you if you’re okay with staying an extra half hour during an interview, sometimes they’d ask during the shift if you could and that’s fine, but my schedule shift is my obliged time to leave, especially with how shitty they treat and pay employess

  • OMAR
    OMAR Month ago

    hell nah i will never work at mcdonald’s

  • Dan the great
    Dan the great Month ago

    The people that work in fast food dont give a crap about working there they thats why you get crappy service

  • Jeremy Markham
    Jeremy Markham Month ago

    Ur werid we don't do that and I work at McDonald's

  • Arno Theadorno
    Arno Theadorno Month ago

    Do they really assign till or grill duties depending on looks? Or is it more about sociability, conversation/conflict resolution skills? I could see how it might be better for everyone not to put people sorely lacking in social skills in a 'front office' (love that expression) position. For the rest, it sounds like pretty much every other shitty disposable McJob in the service sector. Even sucking dick for a living sounds better tbh.

  • OfficiallyTragik
    OfficiallyTragik Month ago

    *a massive little scar* -Matt Amys 2016

  • hello kitty
    hello kitty Month ago

    I didn't get a break, discount card, and had to ask permission to use the bathroom. It was like a jail.

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      hello kitty unless it’s an under 5 hour shift they legally have to give you a thirty minute break?

  • Thea Mc
    Thea Mc Month ago

    Not as bad as taco bell

  • jakob leonard
    jakob leonard Month ago

    Try working lobby all by yourself it sucks big balls

  • jakob leonard
    jakob leonard Month ago

    If that were me he threw that drink at I would be getting sent to prison for fuckin murder

  • Reno Johns
    Reno Johns Month ago

    That’s why you should work at Sooubway

  • L L •
    L L • Month ago

    I’ve started working there as a part time it was my first 2 shifts and I was so bloody stressed and I literally feel like leaving after my first 2 bloody shifts and some of the costumers are so bloody rude.

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      L L • find another job first, but yes leave that hellhole. It only gets worse with experience

  • Mark Linner
    Mark Linner Month ago

    Never get breaks either when we work there the manager just tells us to get On and stay focus

    • Amir Palamar
      Amir Palamar 28 days ago

      Mark Linner you legally have to get a 30 for an over 5 hour shift?

  • The Puppet's
    The Puppet's Month ago

    Hey, your the guy who made my mcgriddle.

  • Jose Miguel Barlaan

    I currently work at McDonald's and one thing I can say is that it's always busy in the store! You always have customers coming left and right while other fast food restaurants I've been to are pre' chill. Another thing is that all my co-workers there seem like they don't want t to be there at all! So whenever I work and I try to stay positive, they seem to hate me for some reason.. even if they don't rlly hate him.. it still seems that way. As well, I agree on pretty much everything else here on the video except for that discrimination of whoever is put to work up front and at the back. I personally luv working at the back cuz that's where all the magic happens. Working at the front is.. okay.. but I'd hate to deal with ppl's sht. Customers who come to McDonald's can either be polite or jerks.. and 75% of the time, they always turn out to be jerks. McDonald's is very intense labour and it will look good on your future resumes with an almost guarantee of getting hired if you wish to apply for a different job. Overall, McDonald's is a job and a job will always be a job. McDonald's is also the best place to start off when working for the first time as from what I've heard from other ppl. So, if you plan to work at McDonald's, always keep and open mind and always do your best.

  • lord fartquad
    lord fartquad Month ago

    I hate when they get mad at you for getting their order wrong like if your ordering you should know how to order properly instead of asking for something isn't even on the menu(.)

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 2 months ago

    Im currently working in mcdonalds in 6 months now. Yeah its tough and its horrible at first but you will get used to it like its nothing anymore. Btw im from philippines

  • real trends_
    real trends_ 2 months ago

    What do u bring on. The welcome party

  • Justin Katsopolis
    Justin Katsopolis 2 months ago

    I work at McDonald's it is a ton of fun.
    Its better then working at the Costco Samples CDS McDonald's is more friendly and supportive to me. My Manger at work said we are all family and not just co workers. I used to be food prep and now I am a custodian aka janitor I hope to do new things soon I did the fryer one time fried french fries.
    I have been working there for a little over two months and I love working there.
    I worked at my Costco sample job for a little over three years.

  • Miguel Guzman
    Miguel Guzman 2 months ago

    Don’t fall for their trick! I had my orientation meeting two days before and let me say they act all professional and nice as if McDonald’s only had good things coming for us. Everything people say about the job is true! I say “Fuck this job” whenever managers rush me, knowing I am new to the job and still need time to get used to how things work. Overall, study and get a better job that doesn’t require you to work like how fast-food restaurants do! Yes, you will have to start somewhere but do not evoke your whole life to it.

  • shmoodled
    shmoodled 2 months ago

    Worked at one next to my house. Work the night shift its usually pretty chill. Mine was all stoners I could come and go basically whenever I wanted for my hours and smoke weed on shift and fuck around. The place pretty much runs itself you just keep shit moving and go home.

  • Jest Chin
    Jest Chin 2 months ago

    They need to hire educated managers there alot of managers who are in that position because pf favortism by other uneducated managers

  • Sam B
    Sam B 2 months ago

    That's tough

  • Clayton Davenport
    Clayton Davenport 2 months ago


  • Andrik Martinez
    Andrik Martinez 2 months ago

    Im starting training tomorow... Rip

  • Ayeeeric
    Ayeeeric 2 months ago

    I’ve been at McDonald’s since i was 15 for 6 years and i’ve been burned only twice 😂

  • i waste my life away on youtube

    "massive little scar"

  • i waste my life away on youtube

    I have my first shift at McDonald's today 😅😅😅wish me luck

  • navneeth sridhar
    navneeth sridhar 2 months ago

    Wow i got a McDonalds ad😂😂

  • Stephen Liddle
    Stephen Liddle 2 months ago

    Easiest job ever

  • Anna buddle
    Anna buddle 2 months ago

    That sounds like you have had a lot of bad experiences. However its really different in Australia, at least at the few stores I've worked at (sometimes i get put on a shift at a different store if someone needs it filled). The people and the managers are all super friendly and theres just an amazing work dynamic. I tend to work more late night shifts, and its amazing because we aren't as busy, so we just put on some music and jam out while cleaning. I've found, in comparison to when i worked at subway, the training and management is very professional and more than adequate. Not sure about american stores, but if you want to work at Maccas in Australia, 10/10 recommend.

  • Manuel Morrow
    Manuel Morrow 2 months ago

    I work at McDonald’s and we don’t get anything free. On our break we get what you call a “crew meal” and it cuts down the meal price only 50% and it’s gotta be under $8 any other time it’s full price

  • sadsockless
    sadsockless 2 months ago

    and i thought my first shift was bad jesus christ

  • H P
    H P 2 months ago

    I'm going to say it, but I really enjoy my job.... 95% of the time. It's that 5% that makes me hate humanity

  • Jungwoo the UWU
    Jungwoo the UWU 2 months ago

    I feel like if you get free food you will get so fat and feel so gross if you eat it all the time

  • lexi
    lexi 2 months ago

    Still got paid though

  • Flats
    Flats 2 months ago

    Today was my first day

  • NationalGamers
    NationalGamers 2 months ago

    I work at a different fast food place but my manager doesn't give a shit if we get burnt. He expects us to pick up hot food and pass it, mind you I'm talking about foods 180 degrees or above with our bare hands.

  • dennis martin
    dennis martin 2 months ago

    Some cat throws a drink, I move! Some cat slings a burger I move! Some cat slings hot oil I move, Some cat lands one, I come out the window, and go back to prison. Cat's not lovin it, after that.

  • Vontae Coolin
    Vontae Coolin 2 months ago

    I guess am ugly asf 😂, flipping burgers n shii

  • Nathanial Lyon
    Nathanial Lyon 2 months ago


  • Dapper_Rose
    Dapper_Rose 3 months ago

    Welp, fml. I got hired on the spot for McDonald’s and I just have orientations to go to. I’m a very fragile person and I’m honestly scared, this being my first job ever.

  • Mollie
    Mollie 3 months ago

    I would gladly kill or badly injure anyone throws things at me, especially food.

  • Marli Karaitiana
    Marli Karaitiana 3 months ago

    I've been working at McDonald's for a month (in NZ) as a trainee. it's stressful & definitely puts a lot of pressure on you. But here, it's not that bad. It gets really busy but we work together. I've been on both the till & grill side but not because I'm ugly or beautiful but because all employees need to be trained on EVERYTHING. I promise you, working in a nz restaurant isnt bad. Your colleagues literally become your family :) my managers are bitches but they're loving bitches lol. They're pretty lenient when it comes to their employees, just as long as we follow the resteraunt policy's we should be fine. I've also heard in some countries minimum wage is only 9.55 or less but our starting wage in new Zealand is 16.50 an hour. Manager wages are around 30.45 an hour

    • Llama Hatss
      Llama Hatss 2 months ago

      It's because of current currencies

  • Anime Cupcake
    Anime Cupcake 3 months ago

    Things have changed a bit, we dont get a card for everything half off and we only get 30 minutes of break xD

  • Connor Spinks
    Connor Spinks 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie the best thing about maccas is the people

  • Eleftheria 14
    Eleftheria 14 3 months ago

    When I worked there the till side/grill side thing was based on gender. I was always put on till or drive thru just because I’m female and I hated it. I much preferred kitchen to avoid horrible customers. I’ve also had burgers lobbed at me, and once someone even started lobbing parts of the condiment stand at us because they couldn’t buy a hamburger during breakfast! One positive thing is that most people who work there are young and everyone is a similar age. I made friends at McDonald’s with other students who were working there whilst at uni. Leaving on time rarely happened there was always ‘unexpected’ rushes, but shifts ended during busy periods so they should have scheduled overlapping shifts.

  • Yorkshire Lad
    Yorkshire Lad 3 months ago

    Fuck working at Mc D's I command MORE respect as an employee & person when working for ANY company...
    Laws need to be made for any company who puts the customer this far ahead of their employee's.. The customer ISNT always right, when they are rude or dangerous they lose that respect & that right... give them their money back and send them out with a company wide BAN if needed!
    I wont buy again from Mc D's...

  • canadiancatgreen
    canadiancatgreen 3 months ago

    4-5 minute break or 45 minute?

    BR0N0CULARS DAMN 3 months ago +1

    I work at the back, which makes sense because I’m a girl but my mannerisms say otherwise and what really sells it is my voice and face. I don’t want to be FOH but I do want to work kitchen.

  • Salvatore De Vito
    Salvatore De Vito 3 months ago

    I think that I'll try to work at a factory instead.

  • Leon Fong
    Leon Fong 3 months ago

    Minimum wage worker

  • Ewan White
    Ewan White 3 months ago

    “Grill side want to do till side” I’ve never heard a more untrue statement in all my life. I’d rather work in the kitchen instead of dealing with shit customers

  • TheNubLord
    TheNubLord 3 months ago

    McDonald’s is the job you go to when there is nothing left at your disposal... I agree with this guy it’s the shittiest work environment and the customers and coworkers aren’t that great at all!

  • Jack White
    Jack White 3 months ago

    Ngl I’ve thought about stabbing customers over the drive thru window before

  • Asian Loves Cats
    Asian Loves Cats 3 months ago +1

    2:55 now I see why I am always serving customers on my shifts

  • Itz Quack
    Itz Quack 3 months ago

    Most of this stuff did not happen people do not just hit people for the wrong order next time you lie make it believable

  • Bertha Garcia
    Bertha Garcia 3 months ago

    I feel like half of what happened to you was an ethical breach by mcdonalds. Like the lack of action your manager decided to take is just unbelievable.

  • 4021971
    4021971 3 months ago

    That customer who threw that food at you should have been arrested. The manager should have called the cops and reported it. Employees shouldn't have to deal with that kind of behavior. I would have created an uproar and sued MacDonald's for not protecting me from such an assault.

  • Adrian Jordan
    Adrian Jordan 3 months ago

    Dawg i remember my time at McDonald’s it such a bad experience with such little pay for so much work but I can say it helped me become the person I am today and gtfo and find a new job it’s been 2 years and I went from earning 8$ an hour to 25$ an hour as a head chief at a steak house restaurant. we all came from somewhere