What It's Like Working At McDonalds


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  • Miguel Guzman
    Miguel Guzman 18 minutes ago

    Don’t fall for their trick! I had my orientation meeting two days before and let me say they act all professional and nice as if McDonald’s only had good things coming for us. Everything people say about the job is true! I say “Fuck this job” whenever managers rush me, knowing I am new to the job and still need time to get used to how things work. Overall, study and get a better job that doesn’t require you to work like how fast-food restaurants do! Yes, you will have to start somewhere but do not evoke your whole life to it.

  • shmoodled
    shmoodled Day ago

    Worked at one next to my house. Work the night shift its usually pretty chill. Mine was all stoners I could come and go basically whenever I wanted for my hours and smoke weed on shift and fuck around. The place pretty much runs itself you just keep shit moving and go home.

  • Jest Chin
    Jest Chin 2 days ago

    They need to hire educated managers there alot of managers who are in that position because pf favortism by other uneducated managers

  • Sam B
    Sam B 7 days ago

    That's tough

  • Clayton Davenport
    Clayton Davenport 8 days ago


  • Andrik Martinez
    Andrik Martinez 8 days ago

    Im starting training tomorow... Rip

  • Ayeeeric
    Ayeeeric 9 days ago

    I’ve been at McDonald’s since i was 15 for 6 years and i’ve been burned only twice 😂

  • Just a random person

    "massive little scar"

  • Just a random person

    I have my first shift at McDonald's today 😅😅😅wish me luck

  • navneeth sridhar
    navneeth sridhar 11 days ago

    Wow i got a McDonalds ad😂😂

  • Stephen Liddle
    Stephen Liddle 12 days ago

    Easiest job ever

  • Anna buddle
    Anna buddle 12 days ago

    That sounds like you have had a lot of bad experiences. However its really different in Australia, at least at the few stores I've worked at (sometimes i get put on a shift at a different store if someone needs it filled). The people and the managers are all super friendly and theres just an amazing work dynamic. I tend to work more late night shifts, and its amazing because we aren't as busy, so we just put on some music and jam out while cleaning. I've found, in comparison to when i worked at subway, the training and management is very professional and more than adequate. Not sure about american stores, but if you want to work at Maccas in Australia, 10/10 recommend.

  • Manuel Morrow
    Manuel Morrow 13 days ago

    I work at McDonald’s and we don’t get anything free. On our break we get what you call a “crew meal” and it cuts down the meal price only 50% and it’s gotta be under $8 any other time it’s full price

  • sadsockless
    sadsockless 14 days ago

    and i thought my first shift was bad jesus christ

  • H P
    H P 14 days ago

    I'm going to say it, but I really enjoy my job.... 95% of the time. It's that 5% that makes me hate humanity

  • Jungwoo the UWU
    Jungwoo the UWU 15 days ago

    I feel like if you get free food you will get so fat and feel so gross if you eat it all the time

  • lexi
    lexi 17 days ago

    Still got paid though

  • Flats
    Flats 19 days ago

    Today was my first day

  • zack studio
    zack studio 20 days ago

    going to get a job at McDonald's when 14

  • NationalGamers
    NationalGamers 23 days ago

    I work at a different fast food place but my manager doesn't give a shit if we get burnt. He expects us to pick up hot food and pass it, mind you I'm talking about foods 180 degrees or above with our bare hands.

  • dennis martin
    dennis martin 23 days ago

    Some cat throws a drink, I move! Some cat slings a burger I move! Some cat slings hot oil I move, Some cat lands one, I come out the window, and go back to prison. Cat's not lovin it, after that.

  • Vontae Coolin
    Vontae Coolin 24 days ago

    I guess am ugly asf 😂, flipping burgers n shii

  • Nathanial Lyon
    Nathanial Lyon 24 days ago


  • Dapper_Rose
    Dapper_Rose 25 days ago

    Welp, fml. I got hired on the spot for McDonald’s and I just have orientations to go to. I’m a very fragile person and I’m honestly scared, this being my first job ever.

  • Mollie
    Mollie 25 days ago

    I would gladly kill or badly injure anyone throws things at me, especially food.

  • Marli Karaitiana
    Marli Karaitiana 25 days ago

    I've been working at McDonald's for a month (in NZ) as a trainee. it's stressful & definitely puts a lot of pressure on you. But here, it's not that bad. It gets really busy but we work together. I've been on both the till & grill side but not because I'm ugly or beautiful but because all employees need to be trained on EVERYTHING. I promise you, working in a nz restaurant isnt bad. Your colleagues literally become your family :) my managers are bitches but they're loving bitches lol. They're pretty lenient when it comes to their employees, just as long as we follow the resteraunt policy's we should be fine. I've also heard in some countries minimum wage is only 9.55 or less but our starting wage in new Zealand is 16.50 an hour. Manager wages are around 30.45 an hour

    • Llama Hatss
      Llama Hatss 21 day ago

      It's because of current currencies

  • Anime Cupcake
    Anime Cupcake 27 days ago

    Things have changed a bit, we dont get a card for everything half off and we only get 30 minutes of break xD

  • Connor Spinks
    Connor Spinks 29 days ago

    Not gonna lie the best thing about maccas is the people

  • Eleftheria 14
    Eleftheria 14 29 days ago

    When I worked there the till side/grill side thing was based on gender. I was always put on till or drive thru just because I’m female and I hated it. I much preferred kitchen to avoid horrible customers. I’ve also had burgers lobbed at me, and once someone even started lobbing parts of the condiment stand at us because they couldn’t buy a hamburger during breakfast! One positive thing is that most people who work there are young and everyone is a similar age. I made friends at McDonald’s with other students who were working there whilst at uni. Leaving on time rarely happened there was always ‘unexpected’ rushes, but shifts ended during busy periods so they should have scheduled overlapping shifts.

  • Yorkshire Lad
    Yorkshire Lad 29 days ago

    Fuck working at Mc D's I command MORE respect as an employee & person when working for ANY company...
    Laws need to be made for any company who puts the customer this far ahead of their employee's.. The customer ISNT always right, when they are rude or dangerous they lose that respect & that right... give them their money back and send them out with a company wide BAN if needed!
    I wont buy again from Mc D's...

  • canadiancatgreen
    canadiancatgreen Month ago

    4-5 minute break or 45 minute?

    BR0N0CULARS DAMN Month ago +1

    I work at the back, which makes sense because I’m a girl but my mannerisms say otherwise and what really sells it is my voice and face. I don’t want to be FOH but I do want to work kitchen.

  • Salvatore De Vito
    Salvatore De Vito Month ago

    I think that I'll try to work at a factory instead.

  • Leon Fong
    Leon Fong Month ago

    Minimum wage worker

  • Ewan White
    Ewan White Month ago

    “Grill side want to do till side” I’ve never heard a more untrue statement in all my life. I’d rather work in the kitchen instead of dealing with shit customers

  • TheNubLord
    TheNubLord Month ago

    McDonald’s is the job you go to when there is nothing left at your disposal... I agree with this guy it’s the shittiest work environment and the customers and coworkers aren’t that great at all!

  • Jaxxx
    Jaxxx Month ago

    Ngl I’ve thought about stabbing customers over the drive thru window before

  • Asian Loves Cats
    Asian Loves Cats Month ago +1

    2:55 now I see why I am always serving customers on my shifts

  • Itz Quack
    Itz Quack Month ago

    Most of this stuff did not happen people do not just hit people for the wrong order next time you lie make it believable

  • Bertha Garcia
    Bertha Garcia Month ago

    I feel like half of what happened to you was an ethical breach by mcdonalds. Like the lack of action your manager decided to take is just unbelievable.

  • 4021971
    4021971 Month ago

    That customer who threw that food at you should have been arrested. The manager should have called the cops and reported it. Employees shouldn't have to deal with that kind of behavior. I would have created an uproar and sued MacDonald's for not protecting me from such an assault.

  • Adrian Jordan
    Adrian Jordan Month ago

    Dawg i remember my time at McDonald’s it such a bad experience with such little pay for so much work but I can say it helped me become the person I am today and gtfo and find a new job it’s been 2 years and I went from earning 8$ an hour to 25$ an hour as a head chief at a steak house restaurant. we all came from somewhere

  • Abduy Abdu
    Abduy Abdu Month ago

    I'm manager in McDonalds & we believed that the job it will never stop becusee of the a fucking crew not happy as much i pay you & you agree to work in my store according to my rules you have to expect & base on your Performance i will position you i dont give shit if you like or no it's not my problem if you dont like it you can resign we give you discount or free food & we pay you salary & overtime sometime !!!
    So we expect you to work hardly like a man and we will coach you we will see you to lot of class to improve your skills so we need you to becom a man a hard worker you can learn how to control you anger how to influence the pepole we will tech you how to negotiate this all training we bring to help you to improve your Performance & skills !! It's not about how many hours you are working all it's about the Values you add to us to be our guy or soldier

  • Nicetrees89
    Nicetrees89 Month ago

    “Proper job”

  • Stahl Seuche
    Stahl Seuche Month ago

    I worked at McDonald's for a day lol.

  • Jif
    Jif Month ago

    a job is a job brother

  • Cohenjameswhalley
    Cohenjameswhalley Month ago

    In Australia we get to choose where we work when you apply

  • SirSupreme
    SirSupreme Month ago

    "a massive little scar"

    alexa play despacito

  • Dylan Vole's Arsenal of Bricks

    I’ll never apply for any job at McDonald’s, unless it’s for a massive sum.

  • Boyd Bouf
    Boyd Bouf Month ago

    Couldn’t agree with you less, I’ve been working at McDonald’s for about 3 months and it might be that my one is good but I’ve worked the drive through, fries and front and not once have I had a customer do anything as bad as that, the worst is that someone said “can these fries be fucking filled please”; hardly bad. And working fries I haven’t got any burns. Finally my managers are quality, letting us go on time every shift, and if anything happens they will give us another uniform to keep, and if we’re working drive thru then we always get given a coat

  • Bazil Rafiq
    Bazil Rafiq Month ago

    how long have u being taking finateride till this video

  • Sakuri North
    Sakuri North Month ago

    Okay when you mentioned that people who are more attractive get put up front I felt so much better about myself.

  • Sakuri North
    Sakuri North Month ago

    I started working at McDonald's recently, I don't think its a corporate McDonald's, it still fucking sucks working there tho.

  • Jeeno Castellano
    Jeeno Castellano Month ago

    How’s that WiFi

  • Levi Crame
    Levi Crame Month ago

    Im guessing by the thumbnail that it cant be good

  • Papyrus Senpai
    Papyrus Senpai Month ago

    We dont get free food.....

  • NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben

    i had a friend working at McDonalds. she used to give us free food

  • ZombieApocalypse
    ZombieApocalypse Month ago

    you sir are full of shit, they dont have the good looking people taking orders all the time it what ever the manager whats you at is where you go and your manager not giving you a spare shirt is just being lazy

  • Ron Eller
    Ron Eller Month ago

    You got lovely eyes :3

  • Kailey Wesseler
    Kailey Wesseler Month ago +1

    I got a burger king ad before this video xD

  • Jackie Pierce
    Jackie Pierce Month ago

    Let a customer hit me with a burger, I will hit them with my foot.

  • suzuko amvs
    suzuko amvs Month ago +1

    Wack😂😂😂😂 working at McDonald’s is the best thing that’s ever happened to me
    The staff here are fantastic
    I’m ugly asf but I still serve customers lmfaooo
    At McDonald’s they train u on everything

  • ItsAsianMike
    ItsAsianMike Month ago

    I work at mcdonalds and i can guarantee you that it's shit.

  • Josh Asker
    Josh Asker Month ago

    You don’t get burnt if you aren’t a cunt whilst working there

  • kevin Gee
    kevin Gee Month ago

    I have an interview on November 12 . Applied at McDonald’s

  • Dakpan
    Dakpan Month ago

    Dude, after that first day, I would have grabbed a coke and a burger and do to the manager what the dude did to me, and than say, oh yeah, and you can't clean up.

  • ediscicicicko
    ediscicicicko Month ago

    It's not actually that bad.. First of all i am working at McDonalds for 4 months (i am 17 years old).. First day was the hardest. I was a person with social anxiety and didn't know how to communicate with so much people at once. But days went by and i got used to it, and i can say now, McDonald's has helped me a lot with my anxiety problems. If you are planning on working there, just listen to what managers say. If a co-worker is bothering you, just do not give a fuck really... And try not to eat all the food there :)

  • Hugar 34
    Hugar 34 Month ago

    Just filled out an application to mcdonalds today, oh boy am I in for a treat

  • Hol up
    Hol up Month ago +1

    Job sucks ass

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago +7

    You left out the gender discrimination. Where I live you will NEVER be served by a male unless it's the franchise owner or a manager. Females are customer facing, males are on the grill. Men get to do all the hard work, bare all the scars, etc, women just hand out the food and take cash. It makes me wish all this wishy washy gender fluid bullshit existed back when I was a kid I'd have claimed I was a tranny and got out of burning myself to death in hades up the back.

    • Ewan White
      Ewan White Month ago

      John Galt you chat so much shit. Females do kitchen as well

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt Month ago

    I hate to break it to you buddy. But McDonalds is not a 'proper job'. It's a job for children to make pocket money.

  • Lex Veryan
    Lex Veryan Month ago

    Well McDonald’s is the only place to offer me an interview but I take it as it’s easier to find a job in a job so if I hate it I can look into another job

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi Month ago

    Well, the till&grill side is true, guess who went from grill to till after 3 years 😂

  • Baseline
    Baseline Month ago

    Bro ive been working a mcdonalds for around about a year and it doesnt so bad as yours, i think thats just something to do with your workplace. I still have to stay back a bit after shifts and deal with customers since im on “till side” or “front counter” as we call it here in australia but its not so bad for us.. we get 20% off whenever and 50% off when we have a shift and if we get called in or stay back then we get a free meal!

  • ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴ
    ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴ Month ago

    Wow I have a similar scar on my arm from the fry machine too

  • EastBeats
    EastBeats Month ago

    Honestly one of the worst places to work.
    1. Managers only care about targets
    2. Managers have their favourites
    3. Inspectors and owners are patronising and treat you like shit
    4. Difficult to get managers to approve time off even if you’re on a 0 hour contract
    5. If it gets busy when you’re about to leave, you have to stay on no matter what

  • Robson Dee
    Robson Dee Month ago

    I’m starting tomorrow..

  • Omar Verdugo
    Omar Verdugo Month ago

    I haven't gotten any oil or smell on me. I never get to leave after my scheduled time.


    And if anyone here thinks I'm superficial or materialistic, go get a job at fucking McDonald's, 'cause that's where you fucking belong!

  • A L O N E M E L O N

    I work at McDonald's and i hate it so much.... Only positive thing is that I'm still studing so it's not for ever. Otherwise I would loose my mind.

  • Vance N
    Vance N Month ago

    I worked at McDonalds 15 years ago. I remember a time where we couldn't sell Sausage Egg McMuffins without egg cause it was some stupid thing with the sale. Without egg was more expensive. I saw a customer at the 2nd drive thru window take the egg off the sandwich and chuck it right at the girls face who was handing out food. I remember we had to relieve her for awhile as she couldn't stop crying.
    I also remember one shift where it was April Fools day and these teenagers came through my line at drive thru. I was ready to take their order as it was face to face and not taken through a speaker. The kid in the passenger side pulled out a gun and pointed it at me and I just kinda froze and stared at them. A moment later the kid yelled April Fools and they drove off. I remember telling my manager about what happened and they called the police and when I asked her if I was going to be interviewed she told me to shut up and just get on drive thru and continue to take orders. That was the moment I realized my manager didn't give a damn about me. It was a good life lesson as most managers don't care.

  • highest rank
    highest rank Month ago

    My videos like this one great video man!

  • ryan mills
    ryan mills Month ago

    Dude fuck McDonald and all other fast food restaurants please tell me if it's bad I have autism and I can't deal with rude people like at all I would be the guy want in to fight after having a burger thrown in my face I would lose my temper quit my job and tell the customer meet me around back i can't handle people goddamn!!!!

    • softwhere30
      softwhere30 Month ago

      The hardest part is keeping up with the orders if your location has a lot of customers. You can make anything hard if you have to do it fast enough, the job itself is not hard at all.

  • Ryan J. Coy
    Ryan J. Coy Month ago

    I can so relate to this video 100%

  • Lisabet Braun
    Lisabet Braun Month ago

    Massive little scar . loll . I couldn't do what you done , so kudos to you .

  • Ajazzylemon
    Ajazzylemon Month ago

    I remember the time when I was taking orders at the payment window on a headset and I got called racist.
    Essentially, the guy making the order happened to be french (which I honestly had no clue about) but as it was there was the beeping of chicken batch and dryers from the hand washing sinks and this guy is mumbling his order. What he wanted was chicken nuggets but what I heard was ‘chicken baguettes’ and I was so confused so I repeated back what I fought he said questionably. You do hear A LOT of weird shit from customers.
    To which the lady next to him took so much offence and angrily told me I was the scum of the earth after telling me McDonalds doesn’t do baguettes. (Funny actually she asked for mayo as a sauce and anyone who is familiar with the menu knows UK Maccies don’t do packets of mayo.) I argued with her and told her I didn’t intend offend her or the man but she weren’t having it. She wanted a manager at the payment window when she got there. I can’t believe I still finished taking her order, I should’ve refused. We weren’t really taught how to deal with this in a proper way.
    After I told a manager what was going on, I was sent to the front counter to do another job (and that was for the rest of my shift and after my break ) whilst that woman was dealt with. She was not happy. Neither was my manager happy with me. She made me feel bad without collecting my side of it first. It wasn’t until after that foul women had gone with 40 nuggets and 5 Galaxy cookies (free of charge because of me) did my manager care about my side of it all and how I actually felt about it. I nearly broke into full on tears in the office ffs.
    Also the women called my manager who was black, a racist too. It goes to show that in some circumstances if you kick up that much of a fuss and throw around accusations, you can have people like putty in your hands and you’ll probably get whatever the fuck you want.
    I still have my job there now though. I work nights so I have to deal with drunks doing all sorts ffs.

  • Tristan Nez
    Tristan Nez 2 months ago

    SHIT! Today is my orientation Oct.2018 wish me luck. Never though I'd work here.

  • Jan Melkebeek
    Jan Melkebeek 2 months ago

    Dude were you in my shift? Gods that time sucked

  • DaFordKid Films
    DaFordKid Films 2 months ago

    I'm about to start my job at McDonalds next tuesday

  • Frizzey Gaming
    Frizzey Gaming 2 months ago

    I love this guy he's so humble

  • Joes Gsju
    Joes Gsju 2 months ago

    working at McDonald's feels like ripping your face off stress

  • Piper Yarbrough
    Piper Yarbrough 2 months ago +4

    *a massive little scar*

  • Morley Hill
    Morley Hill 2 months ago

    I've worked at McDonald's for 9 months whilst at sixth form recently got promoted to crew trainer. This video is bullshit, it's a laugh with people the same age as you everyone is sound, if you're not a retard you will not get burnt and incidents like he mentioned happen about once every 3 months its no big deal

  • Calum Stewart
    Calum Stewart 2 months ago

    I worked in grill whilst at college :( I must be ugly :(

  • Colt Sheffield
    Colt Sheffield 2 months ago

    I was a manger in America and work for two years. The teenager had no work ethics or even care about the job. You are correct bout the smell and I have a couple of scars from gloves melting on my hand. Ya I agree with not leaving on time, as they say 2 o’clock doesn’t mean you get off at two. I was pretty good looking southern gentleman and have a voice that can convince you to buy anything. And I had a soda thrown and salads and fries poured on the counter. It ain’t worth the time and stress of working there.

  • jaq miller
    jaq miller 2 months ago

    My McDonalds is nothing like this.. lmao

  • Death
    Death 2 months ago

    I know this was years ago but is the grillside/till side thing true at most mcdonalds? I have social anxiety and am honestly praying I get put in the back

  • CreepersTKOED
    CreepersTKOED 2 months ago

    I'm in the us we call till side service and grill side kitchen, I typically work grill but not because I'm ugly (which I am) but because I hate working service

  • Christian Monreal
    Christian Monreal 2 months ago

    Fuck the fat guy

  • Xorenty
    Xorenty 2 months ago

    Someone need to dislike lol