What It's Like Working At McDonalds


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  • Tristan Nez
    Tristan Nez Day ago

    SHIT! Today is my orientation Oct.2018 wish me luck. Never though I'd work here.

  • Jan Melkebeek
    Jan Melkebeek 2 days ago

    Dude were you in my shift? Gods that time sucked

  • DaFordKid Films
    DaFordKid Films 2 days ago

    I'm about to start my job at McDonalds next tuesday

  • Frizzey Gaming
    Frizzey Gaming 2 days ago

    I love this guy he's so humble

  • Joes Gsju
    Joes Gsju 3 days ago

    working at McDonald's feels like ripping your face off stress

  • Piper Yarbrough
    Piper Yarbrough 4 days ago +1

    *a massive little scar*

  • Morley Hill
    Morley Hill 6 days ago

    I've worked at McDonald's for 9 months whilst at sixth form recently got promoted to crew trainer. This video is bullshit, it's a laugh with people the same age as you everyone is sound, if you're not a retard you will not get burnt and incidents like he mentioned happen about once every 3 months its no big deal

  • Calum Stewart
    Calum Stewart 6 days ago

    I worked in grill whilst at college :( I must be ugly :(

  • Colt Sheffield
    Colt Sheffield 6 days ago

    I was a manger in America and work for two years. The teenager had no work ethics or even care about the job. You are correct bout the smell and I have a couple of scars from gloves melting on my hand. Ya I agree with not leaving on time, as they say 2 o’clock doesn’t mean you get off at two. I was pretty good looking southern gentleman and have a voice that can convince you to buy anything. And I had a soda thrown and salads and fries poured on the counter. It ain’t worth the time and stress of working there.

  • jaq miller
    jaq miller 8 days ago

    My McDonalds is nothing like this.. lmao

  • Death
    Death 8 days ago

    I know this was years ago but is the grillside/till side thing true at most mcdonalds? I have social anxiety and am honestly praying I get put in the back

  • CreepersTKOED
    CreepersTKOED 8 days ago

    I'm in the us we call till side service and grill side kitchen, I typically work grill but not because I'm ugly (which I am) but because I hate working service

  • Christian Monreal
    Christian Monreal 8 days ago

    Fuck the fat guy

  • xJahx
    xJahx 8 days ago

    Someone need to dislike lol

  • Sophie Hamilton
    Sophie Hamilton 9 days ago

    Obviously that’s fake lol

  • Danny Brockman
    Danny Brockman 9 days ago


  • Ryan Centnarowicz
    Ryan Centnarowicz 9 days ago

    Same with Dunkin' Donuts they wouldn't let me leave on time either! Even if slowed down they expect you to stay and mop the lobby and the kitchen floors and they take advantage of you this way with your breaks. If you work 7 hours or so your supposed to get a 20 minute break I worked 5 hours I took a 10 min then they make me stay an extra 2 hours!

  • Cagatay Ocal
    Cagatay Ocal 10 days ago

    McDonald is no joke it's a devils mascot like seriously it's outrageous

  • Hwah96
    Hwah96 11 days ago

    fucking hell

  • Dootatdoot
    Dootatdoot 12 days ago

    Sorta makes me wanna go more. Sounds like a lot of funny stories could come from it. I'm writing my resume right now.

  • Kittyslap Lavender
    Kittyslap Lavender 12 days ago

    My dad got a milkshake thrown at him when he worked there

  • A-dog 2000
    A-dog 2000 12 days ago

    Haha I remember working at McDonalds for a whole summer it sucked ass dude but some of the people their where cool

  • PunkGamerGirl
    PunkGamerGirl 13 days ago

    i cant work here one time i was in subway and a irish guy called me a spick and i tackle him and beat the shit out of him then i got fire

  • PunkGamerGirl
    PunkGamerGirl 13 days ago

    oh boy you sold your soul

  • PunkGamerGirl
    PunkGamerGirl 13 days ago

    when mc donald contacted me for a job i felt like if i call back i would be selling my soul

  • SafeCheck
    SafeCheck 13 days ago

    I've worked at Mcdonalds for a bit and never been burned or cussed out.

  • The PorkyThePig
    The PorkyThePig 13 days ago

    Okay but like I like working here

  • Robert Kelchner
    Robert Kelchner 13 days ago

    Damn they changed the shifts so much. I only get a 30 minute break and only a free dollar menu sandwich

  • Kid
    Kid 14 days ago

    you should have slam dunked the guys face off the counter 15 times

  • ShadAmyfangirl
    ShadAmyfangirl 15 days ago

    The worst I ever experienced in terms of getting out was getting out a full hour late. And I was working an 8 hour shift.

    Anyone surprised I eventually quit?

  • Carlos P. Castaneda
    Carlos P. Castaneda 16 days ago

    I work at a McDonalds and those things never really happened to me, other than the oil splattering XD.

  • ItsIxel
    ItsIxel 16 days ago

    My friend (who works at McDonald’s) was forced to work with 4 broken ribs despite having a doctors note, and having obvious injuries. Worked from 12:00 PM to 9:43 PM. She told me it was a *disaster* and it sounds like it was to. Fortunately I work at Fan food, not fastfood.

  • GayleLaura xox
    GayleLaura xox 18 days ago

    I had interview for McDonald’s recently and still waiting to hear back
    Can’t believe how your boss treated you especially on your first day, how embarrassing 😮

  • Isaias Tzinztun
    Isaias Tzinztun 18 days ago

    I just got hired today..

  • Z2Savagee2Z
    Z2Savagee2Z 19 days ago

    This video is so true, McDonald’s is an under ground slavery chain I’m an employee myself and everything he said is so true. I even was almost forced into working at the front counter because I’m light skin with curly hair. I contacted the GM’s manager to change my job to what I had applied to be.

  • Edrine
    Edrine 21 day ago

    I'm only watching this because I'm about to work at McDonald's

  • :/
    :/ 22 days ago

    Haha I remember when I had my McDonald’s interview, I was waiting for the manager. This guy was standing there shouting at the worker at the till because the service was slow. I was just sitting there like wtf have I signed up to 😂

  • Polo
    Polo 23 days ago

    im 4 days in and already fed up with some of the managerial decisions. I ran the till side just fine for 2 days with practically all my customers smiling and laughing as we have a bit of a humorous chat while they order, the third day they moved me to the grills. Ive since been burned many times and have blisters all over my arm, and had to clean the grill the past two nights by myself. In fact the first night, the grill was not cleaned the night before, and last night (the 25th of september) i ran only the fry baskets yet I STILL HAD TO CLEAN THE GRILL. The pay is mediocre and i only recommend this job to those who can handle a lot of the stress you build up over the shift from co-workers that will hate you for no reason, and that yell at you in another language( i find it best just to laugh at them), and the stress built up from picking up after other people. All in all, it sucks. I get 30 minute breaks and a free meal only after working 4.5 hours, then your meal has to be under a certain amount without any of the deals involved, such as 20 nuggets for a fiver with fries and a drink extra. even though it may be under $10, management is extremely picky.

  • Ramona
    Ramona 24 days ago

    I currently work at spirit Halloween and I am thinking about working at mcdonalds but I don’t think I really want to because I used to work at Wendy’s and I didn’t last past 4 days there

  • KevinLoveHandle
    KevinLoveHandle 24 days ago

    If someone would’ve done that to me when I worked there I would’ve lost my job😂

  • Grey Wizard
    Grey Wizard 25 days ago

    The BIGGEST problem is working with anyone under 20 & having the attitude of "its Mc Donalds" Try working nights for that extra £1 an hour. so you're an almighty £9 between 12 - 5am. bearing in mind you gotta take a 45 minute break between those very hours. Making it £4 extra to work a night shift.

  • Caleb Briffa
    Caleb Briffa 25 days ago

    Farr u got a 40 min breaks? We only get 30 min breaks

  • TunnelCat
    TunnelCat 27 days ago

    There are much worse working conditions other places than mcdonald. Be thankful.

    _THATSTUFF • 27 days ago

    I’m 16, should I work there? I live in Chicago btw

  • Marc Baker
    Marc Baker 28 days ago


  • Joes Gsju
    Joes Gsju Month ago

    McDonald's job no just no don't do it

  • Zoli Gere
    Zoli Gere Month ago

    I never cared about the rushes, I just clocked out and said bye😂

  • Itssalexandria Duhh

    I do second drive thru (giving the food and drinks) and I have gotten cussed out over sweet tea and more things 🤦🏾‍♀️ the job itself isn’t horrible it’s the CUSTOMERS 😂 and please don’t be one of those customers that come to the second drive thru and want to add more things to your order

  • FlashyyyHD
    FlashyyyHD Month ago

    that first day story has got to be the biggest lie ive ever heard

  • Xavier Cienfuegos
    Xavier Cienfuegos Month ago

    DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR ADVISE! I've been working McDonalds 9 years and the only thing he got 100% right was going home in time. Yes, all these things CAN happen, but that can happen anywhere. McDonald *corporate*, at least in the U.S. has great benefits. Also, young people are lazy and entitled. I'm only 29 but I've never been lazy. McDonalds sucks for other reasons. I would know, I'm a manager.

  • Mac x
    Mac x Month ago

    Omg ur hot

  • Manuel Moreno
    Manuel Moreno Month ago

    But in reality this where I end up

  • Adrian Norberto
    Adrian Norberto Month ago

    0:55 he stretches to talk about the bad stuffs lmao! 😂😂. My man, I start orientation tomorrow 😲. GG though 😇❤️.

  • Kieren Maddock
    Kieren Maddock Month ago

    If a customer threw a drink on me like that i would smash his fucking face in

  • ISparX
    ISparX Month ago

    you forgot the realy tiny space you have between the grill and the burger side its so smal

  • Haiden Mariani
    Haiden Mariani Month ago

    Yo I’m 14 n for a bunch of friends that work there Wuts they pay like for working half time

  • YEG Mechanic
    YEG Mechanic Month ago

    It's pronounced "Micdonalds" not "MacDonalds"

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    3:01 This is subjective to the owner, for us most adults ran grill while the elderly and minors ran the counter

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    1:45 Never knew that was how oil functioned

  • Broke Nibba
    Broke Nibba Month ago

    I mean, the working hours and shit, it is written in the contract, if it isnt, then you dont have to do it. You cant complain about sudden shifts if it says in the conract that you are obligated to it.

  • thedflameman
    thedflameman Month ago

    mcdonalds is the worst place to work in the world, never work there would never recommend

  • Josh Cuhz
    Josh Cuhz Month ago

    Bro thank you I'm from Australia but it's the exact same deal down here. Most of the managers are rude and treat you like trash and they aren't very good at explaining things either. I quit after 3 months and I'm very happy about it

  • Fox Herrington
    Fox Herrington Month ago

    (From the U.S) depressingly they never gave us free food, just a discount. And we luckily got two uniforms! However The McDonalds I worked at if the people were rude to the workers, no one would stand for it and their food would be made wrong, just so their time would be wasted! It was the only way we could slyly get back at the customer without getting in trouble. Is that professional? Well, compared to some fast food employee's you see in video's yelling or screaming at the rude customer, or fighting them.... I'd say yes

    Also.. Here they would've called the cops on the person for assault

  • sicco127
    sicco127 Month ago +1

    I have a black friend who works in McDonald's, he told me yesterday that his white manager said "Whats up my n*gger?" when he walked in.

  • CrimsonJester
    CrimsonJester Month ago

    My first day a McDonald's was such a blast I don't know where you lived but Fucking hell that town was Fucking shit.

  • LotrSpazz
    LotrSpazz Month ago

    Got a KFC add lol

  • Tall_Midget
    Tall_Midget Month ago

    no way as bad as call center.

  • Kühn Andreas
    Kühn Andreas Month ago

    Sounds like every other job to me, except for the part where you get *FREE FUCKING FOOD*

  • FZ x ShADoWz
    FZ x ShADoWz Month ago

    What’s the deal with guys being in the Grill and girls being on the tills? Does anyone have an explanation or this?

  • simone foster
    simone foster Month ago

    It is shit you get abused and it just shit place to work you don't get nothing for free hear in Australia you pay for everything.

  • Mike Stevenson
    Mike Stevenson Month ago

    "they just...cared about the customer" - nah, they just cared about making more money.

  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart Month ago

    things that actually happened

  • SomeGuyXD65
    SomeGuyXD65 Month ago

    Damn y'all just have bad luck

  • Sharkboyryan
    Sharkboyryan Month ago

    If your in a ghetto ass town and if your some white kid your gonna get fucking roasted by all the black people im not racist its just true when you go to a ghetto school all the white people are nice and the black people just roast you all day L O O K I N A S S

  • JPB productions
    JPB productions Month ago +1

    For once it's OK to call someone fat. Damn was that customer disrespectful. There was once a customer I know who wanted a burger without a patty at mcdonalds because he was vegetarian. The cashier said that they don't make burgers without patties. The workers made it for him anyways. When he got his burger he took it, opened it, took out the patty and said that's for you and this is for me. That guy shouldn't be going to a place like mcdonalds with no vegetarian options. Anyways considering that I'm 14, McDonald's is the only job I can get.

  • Brandon Burns
    Brandon Burns Month ago

    I deffo agree on the kitchen and front situation as it slows you down getting your stars to be able to progress on

  • Brandon Burns
    Brandon Burns Month ago

    Bro tbh I think maccies is an ight job the works horrible but great banter

  • zodd amhai
    zodd amhai Month ago

    1 MCchicken please

  • Busyguy
    Busyguy Month ago

    I'll take things that didn't happen for £500

  • Megumin
    Megumin Month ago +1

    is australia the only country with good fastfood?

  • Joseph Ybarra
    Joseph Ybarra Month ago

    What angers me about McDonald's is that they hire people with tattoos all over their arms and face while I couldn't get a job there because I didn't have any work experience.

  • Madam Creepypasta
    Madam Creepypasta Month ago

    Oh Lord I understand your pain considering customers. I was on the first window most of the time (which I didn't really understand because I told them about my social anxiety and that I wanted to work the grill) and in my city, the second window talked to the drive thru for their order and put it in the system, I only had to take their money and give them change. One time, I got a customer and after repeating their order to them and telling their result, they screamed at me that I got their order wrong and to fix it. Mind you, I didn't get taught how to void an order and how to fill an order, so I had to call my manager for help and while I waited, I was yelled at by the customer for being an idiot, then they got their order fixed and drove to the second window.

  • RB WRX
    RB WRX Month ago

    I hate working at mcdonald's😂 I started yesterday and I am already set to quit the job, they literally have no organization, my first day I was set to grill, but nobody was in the back with me so I didn't really know what to do and the manager got mad at me, like wtf😂😂

  • avnleigh
    avnleigh Month ago

    I work at McDonalds aidmr

  • Jesse W.
    Jesse W. Month ago

    Oh no, McDonalds was so bad. In a hot environment with smelly food and sticky drinks. Suck it up buttercups, come work in construction.

  • going4it
    going4it Month ago

    thank you for the info, i like that you made your experience short and clear, hope your have a better job :- )

  • Ollie Pfeifer
    Ollie Pfeifer Month ago

    Iv worked at macys, It's not that bad. I think he just had a crappy store/ manager.

  • ZaZaJane
    ZaZaJane Month ago

    This is all so true!

  • Elite Zero177
    Elite Zero177 Month ago

    Lucky that type of behavior is not in Australia because we are a civilized country

  • vL Innception
    vL Innception Month ago

    4:06 is nailed on didn't happen of the year awards

  • M W
    M W Month ago

    I can't understand how people can work there... all that stress and pressure, constantly. I mean my work as farmer can be tough too. But I would never handle McDonald's.

  • Zach Rhodea
    Zach Rhodea Month ago

    ur so dumb and weird and ur voice is annoying

  • LURKY 5
    LURKY 5 Month ago

    “Massive Little” SCAR

  • flamehiro
    flamehiro Month ago

    >.> I worked at kfc, it actually wasn't too bad except when I had bad manager for a little while.

  • Antoine Spiteri
    Antoine Spiteri Month ago

    dough working at McDonalds as a cashier for me seems hard

  • Cam Powers
    Cam Powers Month ago

    I woulda lost it at that guy first day and gotten fired.

  • Patrick Bracewell
    Patrick Bracewell Month ago

    I'm not sure I want to eat McDonalds ever again.

  • Thilshan Mohamed
    Thilshan Mohamed Month ago

    Me also working at Mc Donald's. I hate this work.

  • peter pan
    peter pan Month ago

    Ive been at maccies for 3 years now and i love it 😍

  • Sam Clements
    Sam Clements Month ago

    I work at McDonalds but I work in a good store. I understand you have rude customers but I love my job, maybe the store you worked in was the problem. Everyone has a chance where I work. Also I think it’s just obvious you will be a bit smelly after work but that should be obvious before you even start....