• Published on May 19, 2017
  • Wanna live more life with me? Here ya go: tvclip.biz/p/plfcxhf-wgeoe8tdhcj7cj7ptzs6wnfb8b
    THIS WEEK, I get immersed in spring cleaning and really solidify myself as an adult. Let me know if you like the longer vlogs! I keep getting comments to make MeganBytes longer, so let me know if ya hated it!
    As promised, here's some mesh bags similar to what I was using:
    If you’ve read this far, comment Make some Vroom
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    WELL, I BOUGHT A CAR. | MEGANBYTES EP. 88 | MeganBatoon
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  • ilovesquish m
    ilovesquish m 28 days ago

    Yaaaas I love watching dirty things get cleaned. Ive gone my whole life not meeting one person who's ever felt the same.. Hi! Haha.
    At work I love spreading papers I need to file out across my desk then watching it get cleaner as I get work done. Love it.

  • Ava Claire
    Ava Claire 3 months ago

    you inspired me to cleen my room

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 4 months ago

    Just saw this.. and SAME about the organzing girl

  • rose's new beginning
    rose's new beginning 4 months ago

    This is video number 320 i watched in the last 4 days from the first video you uploaded. And im hooked and sad i am almost to the current videos i started with. Your such an inspiration. Quirky clumsy real honest ocd cleaning and decorating. Cooking it's a bit of everything I'm sad the right now show is canceled but I will start with tour podcast when I watched all your videos.
    But anyway congratulations on your new car and goals you set and achieved.

  • Unicorn Sprinkle
    Unicorn Sprinkle 5 months ago

    Yes i like cleaning too

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin 7 months ago

    Happy for u , how about a non nazi mobile

  • Mitchell TV
    Mitchell TV 8 months ago

    I really appreciate how real she is

  • LovelySwan
    LovelySwan 8 months ago

    I can totally agree with Megan on the whole cleaning and organizing thing😂

  • Emily Sammut
    Emily Sammut 10 months ago

    What kind of car is it?

  • Bull66
    Bull66 11 months ago

    I know it's a tad bit late but im gonna say it anyway welcome to the family Megan "Vorsprung Durch Technik"

  • Rundberg 512
    Rundberg 512 Year ago

    Megan is so sexy

  • Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson Year ago


  • Courtnie Smith
    Courtnie Smith Year ago

    i need you to show me how you organize all of your makeup. i’m going nuts with all of mine so chaotic

  • Jazz Tapales
    Jazz Tapales Year ago

    How did u move on

  • Diavla Ink
    Diavla Ink Year ago

    Make some vroom!!

  • john doe
    john doe Year ago

    7:39 I am honored that you read my Instagram comment and mentioned it in this video.

  • Jorge Mejia
    Jorge Mejia Year ago

    I’m cleaning as I watch this video Megan 😎

  • Clover Croskey
    Clover Croskey Year ago

    i am also getting a better life

  • Josh Daze
    Josh Daze Year ago


  • Melis Leon
    Melis Leon Year ago

    lol family ties

  • kathy mik
    kathy mik Year ago

    Take at least 10,000 mcg of biotin once today. I have fine thin hair and was never able to have it grow past my mid back without it looking dry and now that I’ve been taking biotin, it’s all the way down to my tailbone. Just Watched the blind date video. Loved it

  • Kowalsky Deng
    Kowalsky Deng Year ago +1

    dont compare your right now to someones end goal is such a great quote from her 🙌👏🏼👏🏼❤️

  • shin ae 4
    shin ae 4 Year ago

    I love cleaning and organising so watching you cleaning and organising was so satisfying. But im super lazy so my room rn is a mess.

  • Kitties & Doxies
    Kitties & Doxies Year ago

    That scene on toy story is also my fav part ever its so satisfying to watch!

  • simplychillinnn
    simplychillinnn Year ago

    Yup, so I just cleaned my whole room instead of studying for my exams... Oh and congrats on the car :D (I love your little "rant" at the end. You have to write your own self-help book, or at least share more podcasts! I would SO listen to them!)

  • Aneisha Meers
    Aneisha Meers Year ago

    and im 14

  • Aneisha Meers
    Aneisha Meers Year ago

    o my goodness i feel like you are me in like 4 years

  • Viet Anh Tran
    Viet Anh Tran Year ago

    Megan you are really gorgeous

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Year ago

    yeah, my g/f stares into the closet for like an hour & doesn't move. I'm not sure if she's thinking of organizing it, throw things out, paint or what, but it freaks me out & I'm afraid to ask.

  • Gee 74 74
    Gee 74 74 Year ago

    Thank you for the great fun videos I hope someday I can be happy like you I'm dealing with depression and anxiety please keep up the videos thank I'm a big fan your awesome

  • Joy Benko
    Joy Benko Year ago

    Congrats! You've worked so hard. You earned it

  • bootayyshakin
    bootayyshakin Year ago

    Buying a car is not an investment; especially an audi. You're fucking gorgeous by the way.

  • Rica Cinco
    Rica Cinco Year ago


  • Mae Esquilona
    Mae Esquilona Year ago

    I sooo love Megan.

  • TheHappyIntrovert

    this entire vlog makes me so happy. im happy for her milestone in life. She inspires me to make a space that makes me happy and reach my own milestones :)

  • A. Senior
    A. Senior Year ago

    Your friend is cute af

  • RavenHilarious
    RavenHilarious Year ago

    Love how you sometimes randomly switch over to life advise. Actually useful life advise, most of the time. It's great. Thanks.

  • Charis Palencia
    Charis Palencia Year ago

    That's me megan! I clean over what I need to clean

  • Azra3lz Gaming
    Azra3lz Gaming Year ago

    LOVE THAT CAR YO!!!!! we were looking to buy that model but yea i can't drive that for Uber lol to nice hahahahaha

  • marquis ellis.
    marquis ellis. Year ago

    when megan mentioned the montage from Toy Story i shouted "OMG YOU TOO!!"

  • Ron Entropy
    Ron Entropy Year ago

    Umm did anyone stop and wonder, who that guy was with the dog when Megan was signing the papers off for the new car? Secret Boyfriend? Sugar Daddy? Rich Friend With Benifits? WHO WAS THAT GUY WITH THE DOG IN THE OFFICE MEGAN??? HUH???

  • Melissa Rene
    Melissa Rene Year ago

    Me. 100% I do this too

  • Lang Chauvin
    Lang Chauvin Year ago

    The crazy girl got a luxurious brand new car....new fan

  • LA REAL 56 Oficial

    Megan, you are sooo hot. 🔥

  • sonyta champa
    sonyta champa Year ago

    where'd you buy your croc hair clips??

  • Iara Szw
    Iara Szw Year ago

    i loooove that toy story scene, its sooo relaxing

  • jack worrell
    jack worrell Year ago

    I bet traffic here in New York is worse

  • Emery.A
    Emery.A Year ago

    why do these kinds of videos make me so excited

  • D3ANS12
    D3ANS12 Year ago

    are you a Capricorn

  • Becky MacCarthy
    Becky MacCarthy Year ago

    my friend has the same exact car !

  • kirb uwu
    kirb uwu Year ago

    this video makes me want to clean

  • Worst Gamer ever
    Worst Gamer ever Year ago

    What kind of car is that??????

  • geeky_will
    geeky_will Year ago

    Organizing porn 👌🏽

  • Jedie Justiniano
    Jedie Justiniano Year ago

    make some vroom

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    _Make Some Vroom_ / *Cucumbers*

  • matt sullivan
    matt sullivan Year ago

    what audi is that ?

  • Afghan Boyz 4 Life

    congrats on your new car! great videos ! 😊🙌👍

  • Brandonian Productions

    Just.. praise and worship at 4:01 😂 "OH MY... GOODNESS... GRACIOUS... ALMIGHTY..." HEAVENLY FATHER... AMEN. 😂😂😂

  • Pablo Antonio Santiago

    7:00 I feel the same way. My mom always taught me to look into the eye of the person I'm talking with and when an individual tries to talk with me with sunglasses I'm like *"where I'm supposed to look you at? Your nose, your teeth, your big blooming forehead?"*

  • Paul Ablis
    Paul Ablis Year ago

    Can you do a collab with ryan higa again???...

  • JasenStl
    JasenStl Year ago

    Cool whip fam... Nice whip

  • crossphaded
    crossphaded Year ago

    Welcome to the Four Rings fam! High pibe, Meggers! Enjoy the new whip!

  • gabby crosby
    gabby crosby Year ago

    When you get a 30 on a test and feel like shit til someone says they got a 27 and you're like "get over here home skillet biscuit". The solidarity I felt from your obsessive organizing was ocean deep.

  • Bardochy S
    Bardochy S Year ago

    I'm super happy for you.

  • Netty
    Netty Year ago

    tolles Auto... noch tollere Frau...

  • betoski
    betoski Year ago

    Good message. People become so jealous and envious of others and their success and forget to think about their own lives.

  • Jake Walderman
    Jake Walderman Year ago

    Megan are you in HGTV addict? I know I am :-)

  • Ginjabredman
    Ginjabredman Year ago

    my question is if someone likes to be organized and is good at it, why was it messy in the first place?

  • Jeremy Dias
    Jeremy Dias Year ago

    damn that explanation was was deep, thanks i needed that.

  • Ara James
    Ara James Year ago

    I'm that person who cleans a lot and wants to make things look better

  • Delane Marshall
    Delane Marshall Year ago

    I can literally relate to this organization on a spiritual level

  • Delane Marshall
    Delane Marshall Year ago


  • Lora Alvior
    Lora Alvior Year ago

    "its not comparison, its inspiration" yey!! i really love how you talk abouy comparing others outcome to others starting point.. love it and im so happy that you get to do what you love to do and get to reward yourself for all the hardwork youve done. im a fan!

  • Jameszieee
    Jameszieee Year ago

    make some vroom

  • Jameszieee
    Jameszieee Year ago

    Megan in the button up at the end 😍

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    cucumbers :0)

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    Make some Vroom

  • ohyeakooly
    ohyeakooly Year ago

    These longer vlog are better

  • alondra1609
    alondra1609 Year ago +1

    Congrats on the new car Megan! You deserve it and so much more!

  • kenisto
    kenisto Year ago +1


  • WhiteGold251
    WhiteGold251 Year ago

    Can't remember how long I have been watching your videos for now. Or how I stumbled upon them, but I have your out look on life and just world has been really inspiring. I can't tell you how much your video can impact my day. I just want to say that your an amazing and congrats on the new Whip. Okay bye.

  • Francisca Zamora
    Francisca Zamora Year ago

    I need the clear plastic container for my exact rubber bands! Can u share where that was from?

  • Francisca Zamora
    Francisca Zamora Year ago

    Love the longer vlogs!!!

  • sarahelena428
    sarahelena428 Year ago

    That's my dream car! You're truly an inspiration, and everything you said hit home. Super happy for you and that you're achieving your dreams.

  • hottyloxie
    hottyloxie Year ago

    I love how ocd Megan is .. because I am also ocd
    . so I feel her

  • Sovanary Thon
    Sovanary Thon Year ago

    "How tf she make money" are y'all dumb???? TVcliprs make a lot of money depending on views and subscribers aka YOU lol

  • Krista
    Krista Year ago

    Pretty sure we're the same person. 😂

  • Jesus Rincon
    Jesus Rincon Year ago

    I'm really broken you can fix me lmao

  • Van Allen
    Van Allen Year ago

    Read Spark Joy by MarieKondo!

  • Michael Yoo
    Michael Yoo Year ago

    LOL i really liked the recap in the beginning

  • Bougie Boi
    Bougie Boi Year ago

    proud of you megan

  • Marielle Angeles
    Marielle Angeles Year ago +1

    I love how MeganBytes is from 5 minutes long to 10 minutes

  • this.is. fey
    this.is. fey Year ago

    is that a crossover or SUV? what model is that?

  • roo thao
    roo thao Year ago

    I wonder what happened with that drain..

  • mychubbycheekerz
    mychubbycheekerz Year ago

    Damn I want the same car I guess it's time to match with Bae 😘😘

  • heyooopam
    heyooopam Year ago +1

    Congrats on the new car Megan!! and you are my forever inspiration and all around goals in every areas in life. Drive safe and enjoy traffic 😁

  • Edwin Rivas
    Edwin Rivas Year ago

    youre amazing

  • pauline lim
    pauline lim Year ago

    i dont know why but i wanted to cry too while you were driving your car :')

  • Sophia Fallarme
    Sophia Fallarme Year ago

    omg the length of the vid caught my attention pls do more long vlogsss

  • default
    default Year ago

    awwww megan i almost teared up. always remain yourself because many people look up to you and they will always love you no matter what.