20,000 Watt Drift Trike

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • The Formula E inspired sideways spinning machine in all its glory.
    Check out the Formula E youtube channel to see all Races bit.ly/FormulaEYT
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Month ago +910

    There links to the parts on my website here www.colinfurze.com/electric-drift-trike.html but what else shall we make electric power as with different batteries we got between 15-30bhp out this motor. Also I'll be at Makers central in Birmingham with this on the 11th n 12th of May. Cheers to Formula E, the races are very unpredictable.

    • Tim Small
      Tim Small 13 hours ago

      First thought was a milk float, but that was before I saw the hp of that motor, you're going to need a few more Watts for a proper drift float.

    • Nuke disaster
      Nuke disaster 14 days ago

      colinfurze how fast does it go without the drift plates

    • SLW
      SLW 17 days ago

      Slicks provide the most traction.

    • aserta
      aserta 18 days ago

      Gut an old Mini, and pop 4 of those motors in each wheel.

    • X-lion894 3
      X-lion894 3 20 days ago

      What's you light bill dude?geezes

  • Zana Ibrahim
    Zana Ibrahim 4 minutes ago

    can you maek a fasts car wth eletric motor

  • Higha Truth
    Higha Truth 7 hours ago

    Yer nuts riding that with only a thin short sleeve shirt ! You only have 7 layers of skin.

    COM DRIVE 9 hours ago

    2:40 that could have been lethal..

    Colin: sod it I've broken a tyre! I can't know how fast it goes!

  • Zachary Martz
    Zachary Martz 11 hours ago

    Please make it go faster!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Darland
    Joseph Darland 12 hours ago

    I’d like to see an electric bike that can go faster than 60 mile an hour or a powered trailer that pushes the bike

  • baby ba ba face baby ba ba face

    Ass hole

  • cokpikes
    cokpikes 22 hours ago

    Furz= fart

  • Alana Rabby Dowling

    Absolute madlad...

  • Top Gaming
    Top Gaming Day ago

    formula E cars look so cool!!!

  • Dash-CAE
    Dash-CAE Day ago

    We love the drift bike...if only commuting was such fun. Watch this space:)

  • Darling Harth
    Darling Harth 2 days ago

    Gringo LOKO

    BUD WHITE 2 days ago

    Luna Cycles should work for you...😂😅👍👍

  • castelnedd
    castelnedd 2 days ago

    Now that looks like some fun 😃

  • Phoenix Orion
    Phoenix Orion 2 days ago

    Electric unicycle

  • Yamaha R1
    Yamaha R1 2 days ago +2

    You know I know the perfect motor you should have used for this project its the suron x bike motor sold at lunacycles.com

  • Zach Myers
    Zach Myers 3 days ago +2

    Nice drifter! But I need to figure out a new way of cutting grass. I'm stuck at "laserbeam". Thoughts?

  • SAS Vapes
    SAS Vapes 3 days ago

    You should do something with Taras Kul man you both crack me up.

  • Nova Flare
    Nova Flare 4 days ago

    That thing is a beast. I have a idea for taking a tadpole trike recumbent and running a motor to a free wheeling front cog set to the rear gears and see how fast i can get such a thing lol. Fastest i could find on youtube was 80 mph but he ran singe fixed gear to the rear wheel. So he did not have 8 speeds or ore to use.

  • Jack Saxton
    Jack Saxton 4 days ago

    Could you make a hydraulic motorbike lift?

  • yamaha WR
    yamaha WR 4 days ago

    like your drifting

  • James Mariani
    James Mariani 5 days ago

    The sound though at 0:13

  • michael russell
    michael russell 5 days ago

    put it on a kawasaki bn125

  • David Grissett
    David Grissett 5 days ago

    Electric bike

  • Sticky Kitty
    Sticky Kitty 5 days ago

    Next video!
    Drone car!
    Two seater! Please

  • Sticky Kitty
    Sticky Kitty 5 days ago +2

    Just how on Earth!
    Are there 819 dislikes ???
    For what? For being utter awesome!?

  • Electricidad ELEKPRO-VIGO

    insane and funny engeniering i want one same that this

  • tazdeveel
    tazdeveel 5 days ago

    Hate to burst your bubble Col but, you AREN'T allowed to ride your electric trike on the pavement & you could end up with a large fine for doing so! Plus, as it does more than 15mph & cannot be powered in any other way i.e. pedalled, it can't fall under any e-bike laws & CAN be taken off you by the Police. As it is capable of doing 50mph, it is classed as a motor vehicle & will have to be taxed, tested, registered & insured....OOPS! Ian from On Yer' Bike! in M'bro

  • Musta Geza Adrian
    Musta Geza Adrian 5 days ago

    Build yourself an Electric Airplane.
    you have a Colin Furze Runway so you can take off and fly with an electric small airplane of aluminum and carbon fiber

  • Tau
    Tau 6 days ago

    colin, electric hover-drift trike.
    Next level one up-men-ship.

  • meezocraft op
    meezocraft op 6 days ago +1

    This human is surely enjoying every second of his life

  • Joe D
    Joe D 6 days ago +1

    Sooo.................. When ya goin to build the TWIN motor version with some Super Caps ??? That would be Sooo.......... SIIIIICK Dude !

  • Karl Heaton
    Karl Heaton 6 days ago

    Let me try a speed record on the trike. Lookin for a new project

  • jim reen
    jim reen 6 days ago

    Make an electric unicycle

  • Animation story
    Animation story 6 days ago +1

    Make this type of stuff tvclip.biz/video/AmYt5BVejHI/video.html

  • Aidan Acebo
    Aidan Acebo 7 days ago

    Colin, do you realize that you are possibly the only person in the world to have driven a drift trike on a professional race course?

  • racefaceec90
    racefaceec90 7 days ago +1

    you definitely used to watch get stuffed back in the 90's on itv 👍

  • Zaid Farooqi
    Zaid Farooqi 7 days ago

    Imagine if his foot got stuck in front tire

    • Euro Doubt
      Euro Doubt 5 days ago

      Imagine if it doesn't . That's how he rolls

  • Sentient Curse
    Sentient Curse 7 days ago +2

    No helmet or gloves? I love this guy

  • Los Gamer23
    Los Gamer23 8 days ago +1

    Hello colinfurse

  • vigo de war
    vigo de war 8 days ago

    I'm in this electric stuff 'cause I want to make my own car... a chariot more specifically jajaja
    Whit electric feedback supply to the batteries and I'll try to make it an amphibious vehicle, whit a "drop-down" front boat. And it supposed to work "like" a car
    ...I think it would be a good idea

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo 9 days ago

    It Fast and Nice

  • Alpha Romeo
    Alpha Romeo 9 days ago

    There is no such thing as 20 thousand power HHH

  • Gerald Quino
    Gerald Quino 9 days ago +2

    I wish i could have a complete equipment to make those things..
    Its amazing..

  • xCCflierx
    xCCflierx 9 days ago

    you aren't using metric crumpits to measure the speed?

  • Sebastian Ressler
    Sebastian Ressler 9 days ago

    Colin Furze 😄 wundervoll! colin furze mal 😂

  • Life on Hoth
    Life on Hoth 9 days ago

    Dude - I love your builds and the videos - but DAM you're stupid to ride all your stuff without any protection gear. Just stupid.

  • Artem R.
    Artem R. 9 days ago

    Долбоебы из Сколково, подпишитесь !

  • Nocturnal RS
    Nocturnal RS 10 days ago

    ur only using half power? man I would enjoy just a repeat of this vid at full power lol

  • JH Morehouse
    JH Morehouse 10 days ago

    Found you through the pulsejet bike. Subscribed after this.

  • ali bell
    ali bell 10 days ago


  • Chancellor Thaddeus
    Chancellor Thaddeus 10 days ago

    Where do I get components to build one . I had a crazy dream I was doing 360s driving I want one

  • lilliputti 21
    lilliputti 21 10 days ago

    Do a burnout

  • Dron Es
    Dron Es 10 days ago

    Man the best project you have to do is a submarine car , like James Bond , but much better like a sub car submarine , i tink is the best , nobudy have made It , sorry for my inglés

  • Air Crack
    Air Crack 11 days ago

    Now electric car

    JUST DO IT! 11 days ago

    hi! Colin a new fan here, your amazing, fantastic & intelligently crazy.

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris 11 days ago +1

    Twice the amps at twice the volts is 4x power. Not 2x.
    For example: 20 amps at 48 volts is 960 watts. 40 amps at 96 volts is 3840 watts.

  • mcdls5
    mcdls5 11 days ago

    WEAR A HELMET ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Isaiah Liebmann
    Isaiah Liebmann 11 days ago

    Ride it in the grass

  • Basil Nelidin
    Basil Nelidin 11 days ago

    Заебца!! Nice🙂

  • Koito rob
    Koito rob 11 days ago +3

    Off to Rome eh?
    So does this mean that you are now an international nutter?

  • Kevin nguyen
    Kevin nguyen 11 days ago


  • Wonky Lommiter
    Wonky Lommiter 11 days ago

    Shite, corporate, unsuscribed.

  • jaro g
    jaro g 11 days ago


  • Mourabit Brahim
    Mourabit Brahim 11 days ago

    You are fany i like you hhhhhh bro

  • hamish stuart
    hamish stuart 11 days ago

    does anyone else hear spiderman song at 4:00

  • Med Tv
    Med Tv 12 days ago

    I loove this dude

  • Albert Nieves
    Albert Nieves 12 days ago


  • Mr: Ace
    Mr: Ace 12 days ago

    Electric fridge

  • Rambo Bambo
    Rambo Bambo 12 days ago


  • voiish
    voiish 12 days ago

    Put rubber tires on it and look how fast it goes then

  • Abhimanyu Bais
    Abhimanyu Bais 12 days ago +2

    I love this dude is using the proper way to measure speed MPH well technically if he was in the US its football Fields Per Hour or FFPH

    • The gaming penguin
      The gaming penguin 8 days ago

      Abhimanyu Bais ok thank you for the clarification

    • Abhimanyu Bais
      Abhimanyu Bais 10 days ago

      @The gaming penguin that depends in ur perspective

    • The gaming penguin
      The gaming penguin 10 days ago

      Abhimanyu Bais ok thats no problem but I have one more question is it the with or the length

    • Abhimanyu Bais
      Abhimanyu Bais 10 days ago

      @The gaming penguin of course excuse my ignorance what was I thinking I must be inclusive to all fields.

    • The gaming penguin
      The gaming penguin 10 days ago

      Abhimanyu Bais actually the us did sign a document that they would use metric they have tried multiple times to change it to metric also there is only 2 countries that use metric, the uk does use metric but I do agree with FFPH but what football field soccer AFL nrl or American football?

  • dj siemen
    dj siemen 12 days ago

    Can i buy it? For €400

  • CyberZiC
    CyberZiC 12 days ago

    who am i? 😂

  • Lukas Post
    Lukas Post 12 days ago

    Put some Go Kart tires on it

    PROTOTYPE UP 12 days ago


  • farscape3100
    farscape3100 12 days ago

    hi Colin big fan here
    can you make an electric moped,
    OK I'm showing my age don't know what they call them these days.
    but being some one who cant drive I would love to see if its possible to make a DIY version of one.
    many thanks simon

    • farscape3100
      farscape3100 9 days ago

      @Cornell Kirk well bring it on (-;

    • Cornell Kirk
      Cornell Kirk 9 days ago

      farscape3100 of course it’s possible! Why wouldn’t it be? 😂😂

  • Jivanjyot Singh
    Jivanjyot Singh 12 days ago

    Why not an Elec. Go CART???

    DEPO DEPO 12 days ago

    bigun kiravattan ölcen

  • skarbanan
    skarbanan 13 days ago

    Please,give us the part names and guide how to do it

  • Job Deventer
    Job Deventer 13 days ago

    Can you make an full electric Bicycle for me ?

  • Kent Augustin .T Dagaraga

    That's so cool

  • Shift_Like_Alex
    Shift_Like_Alex 13 days ago


  • Mitch Abshier
    Mitch Abshier 13 days ago

    Electric hovercraft

  • David Barr
    David Barr 13 days ago +2

    Great build. Entertaining video. Loved it. Consider me a new subscriber.

  • James Archard
    James Archard 13 days ago

    How about an electric ultra lightweight racing bicycle may be faster than a standard electric motorcycle?

  • Алексей Ляхов

    Can you make the electric outboard engine?

  • Jane Hayward
    Jane Hayward 13 days ago

    electric skateboard

  • Essie Groenewegen
    Essie Groenewegen 13 days ago

    GG for the 8 mil subs

  • Terx All - Time
    Terx All - Time 13 days ago

    U just got a new sub for ur awesome work 😀

  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James 14 days ago

    How about three-axis reaction wheel gyroscopes inside different geometric shapes. A cube, 4 equal sided pyramid, sphere, geodesic shapes. All or a couple or one. Size would envelop the mechanisms and be hidden inside. While having remote moving geometric shapes doing interesting dynamic acrobatics having an obstacle course of ramps, tunnels, hoops, steps, slides, etc. Forces to shatter glass, blocks, foam, rubber, plastic, wood, sand, water, materials that great interesting results. Messing with the inertia of the reactions to see force, velocity, time deltas to climb or bounce or roll spin direction change. If you hang from a line and get it to swing. So many interesting physics to observe.

  • Rudi Hariyanto
    Rudi Hariyanto 14 days ago

    Another crazy guy to subs, noce

  • ryan B
    ryan B 14 days ago

    I want to see a single seat small off road something with electric motors of course.

  • ryan B
    ryan B 14 days ago

    You need to put this into production..

  • Doug Philbeck
    Doug Philbeck 14 days ago

    You obviously didn’t create this for top speed, rather for top FUN!!!!

  • ChaosTVAfrica
    ChaosTVAfrica 14 days ago

    Ground effect water plane

  • Menes Aha
    Menes Aha 14 days ago

    its DANGER driving with Necktie !!!!!

  • jesse charbonnet
    jesse charbonnet 15 days ago

    Red wagon cart

  • Omegas Beast
    Omegas Beast 15 days ago

    Dewalt 60v battery’s

  • Taylor Melton
    Taylor Melton 15 days ago

    Make a record setting electric sport bike like the LS-218