Nigel Farage reaction as Conservatives set for majority - BBC News

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage's reaction to the exit poll.
    The Brexit Party is not expected to win any seats tonight but party leader Nigel Farage tells the BBC's Andrew Neil: "If we get Brexit, we've done a good job."
    However, he adds that if Boris Johnson's Brexit deal passes unamended "I can't bring myself to support it."
    He thinks it'll result in a closer relationship with the EU going forward than he'd like.
    "My purpose was to try to get right kind of Brexit - if we get half a loaf out of it - that is what we achieved," he says.
    Asked if he will now step down from politics, he says: "Let's see where we are in six months - I may have to throw my hat back into the ring."
    On his own vote, he says he couldn't bring himself to support the Conservatives so he spoiled his ballot paper.
    "How I voted under this system is pretty irrelevant," he adds attacking first-past-the-post.
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    The Conservatives are set to win an overall majority of 86 in the general election, according to an exit poll for the BBC, ITV and Sky News.
    The survey taken at UK polling stations suggests the Tories will get 368 MPs - 50 more than at the 2017 election - when all the results have been counted.
    Labour would get 191, the Lib Dems 13, the Brexit Party none and the SNP 55.
    The Green Party will still have one MP and Plaid Cymru will lose one seat for a total of three, the survey suggests.
    The first general election results are due before midnight, with the final total expected to be known by Friday lunchtime.

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  • Karlos
    Karlos 9 days ago

    Good on you Nigel. Just waiting for bbc to become pay per view then life will be good!

  • tommyguntom32
    tommyguntom32 13 days ago

    Nigel fararge deserves a medal ,20 years of his life spent of making the UK have a future, and the people have a future. I will when I grow old tell my children and grandchildren that it was Nigel that saved BREXIT and saved this country

  • David John
    David John 16 days ago

    I don't live in the UK, but seems as though the BBC is the British version of CNN. In other words ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ

  • Kalimdor199
    Kalimdor199 18 days ago

    Call it how you want, but in over 30 years since I got involved in politics, I have never seen a political leader, stepping down from elections with his entire party, all for one purpose, to get something done. This is beyond political maturity, this is high-level strategy and a totally honest way of doing something in which you really believe in. Nigel Farage is not perfect, nobody is. But you can see that he honestly believes that Brexit is a good thing and he did everything to make it happen. How many politicians would refuse a seat in the Parliament for an ideal? Today? Not many.

  • Under- Dog
    Under- Dog 19 days ago

    Nigel read this like a genius... He knew some Labour voters wanted to leave but would never in their life vote for Conservatives. He gave these people another option that better reflects what they wanted and in so doing he fractured the Labour support.
    Thank you Nigel for helping to get the will of the people done.

  • M 0077
    M 0077 19 days ago

    Never thought there would be so many misled and brainwashed people in Britain,
    Who think people like openly racist farage, have the best interest for the mass population!
    It's tragic really!!

    • M 0077
      M 0077 18 days ago

      Your false sense of patriotism is what is preventing you from even being honest with yourself,
      You and many others are short sighted and misinformed,
      I feel sorry for you...

    • Under- Dog
      Under- Dog 19 days ago

      Hope you like Brexit. It's happening :D

  • Slaine Saxon
    Slaine Saxon 20 days ago +3

    The English people know your worth Nigel, your the man!

  • Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo
    Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo 20 days ago

    I don't like the fact that he spoiled his paper, but definitely his right to do so. I dont always like farage he can be a bumbling fool sometimes but you have to hand it to him, he gave people someone to rally behind/take the message to politicians and brexit almost certainly wouldn't have been achieved if it wasn't for him, ukip and the brexit party.
    It would be too late and too much damage already done, to leave the EU in a few more years/decades. We have to leave now if we want to change our nations path and future for the better, and avoid a leftwing extremist police state.

  • Will Woodfall
    Will Woodfall 20 days ago

    If the messenger doesn't want to get shot, the messenger should do a better job than Andrew Neil.
    You can put a view to somebody without embodying it and attempting to humiliate the guest.
    Raw truth - Nigel gave the victory to the Tory's and took it from Labour.
    He and The Brexit Party have been the most powerful and popular party this nation has ever known.
    And with such humility to do it all for country rather than an official seat in Parliament.
    Nigel is a LEGEND and true Warrior.
    What a great guy.
    Andrew Neil is full of holes. He is such a cowardly and offensive meesenger he gets met with "This is Sparta' and is kicked into the pit several times a year.
    Hath we any decent Scot's in England or are they all like Iain Blackford the Seat Sniffer and Jo Swinson the delusional Psychopath?

  • Mike Fromberlin
    Mike Fromberlin 21 day ago

    Farage is too quick for Neil.....Neil is determined to score cheap shots.....he couldn't land a single one ..

  • Soni Studios
    Soni Studios 21 day ago

    Mr. Muppet ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Woden of the Angles
    Woden of the Angles 21 day ago

    The BBC is becoming a joke.

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst 21 day ago

    And your purpose on this earth you fat 4 eyed prick is nearly over Tata

  • Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey 21 day ago +1

    Nigel is a hero of the British people. The establishment will never thank him though.

  • handyman plasterer
    handyman plasterer 21 day ago

    Never stop fighting Nigel ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • scottiedog4236
    scottiedog4236 21 day ago

    Iโ€™d pay him again !!! No problems tell me when !! We need Brexit without Nigel that wouldnโ€™t of happened.

  • Luke Coultard
    Luke Coultard 22 days ago

    Sir Nigel arise. Fat useless child Andrew shut up you lost ha ha. BBC hopefully on chopping block soon

  • grog3514
    grog3514 22 days ago

    BBC is trash.

  • Scotty2Hotty 1
    Scotty2Hotty 1 22 days ago +1

    Nige is a legend. He is responsible for both Brexit and the wipeout of Corybn's Labour.

  • Olga Sven
    Olga Sven 22 days ago

    BBC what a joke.

  • G B
    G B 22 days ago

    Sir Narge Farage defender of the realm!

  • Yashoda Basnet
    Yashoda Basnet 22 days ago

    Nigel Farage, if it wasn't for you, we would never have got Brexit - though it may not end up a clean break - so THANK YOU ๐Ÿ‘

  • Nicholas Clark
    Nicholas Clark 22 days ago +8

    Nigel is the true hero of it all.

  • Michael George
    Michael George 22 days ago +1


  • Corbin Davies
    Corbin Davies 22 days ago

    #Boycot BBC

  • Corbin Davies
    Corbin Davies 22 days ago

    #Boycot BBC

  • colin canton
    colin canton 22 days ago

    An absolute victory for Nigel, we would not have britexit in any form without him. Thank you Sir!

  • philip paine
    philip paine 23 days ago

    Andrew Neil sets out to wind up interviewees and could do with shutting up and listening. He thinks he is important - he is not!! Glad Boris ignored his request for an interview.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising 23 days ago

    I see no reason why he can't both work on his UK political goals while also coming over here and speaking occasionally in the US for Trump. We love Nigel over here! It is true that you should have a legitimate worry about us stealing him! Much love from the US!

  • Clinton Reisig
    Clinton Reisig 23 days ago +1

    BREXIT or Islamification by mass immigration pushed from the EU

  • Joe Montano
    Joe Montano 23 days ago

    This interviewer is a loudmouth, smug jackass.
    Nigel keeps his cool as usual.

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 23 days ago +2

    Farage would be wasted in parliament. He needs to be in a much higher position, like world leader

  • Chandler Spitsworth
    Chandler Spitsworth 23 days ago

    A footnote?? Cheeky bugger. Farage has had more of an effect on Britain than most PMs do.
    The only reason Cameron the remainer ever gave us a referendum was because he was bleeding votes to Farage's UKIP.
    Boris' epic win is due in part to Farage making the noble choice to stand down and not contest tory seats.
    Make no mistake, no other Brit can take more credit for Brexit than Nigel. They can deny it all they want but he has had a bigger influence than any of these BBC pundits could ever dream of. The man is a legend for all of his work and in the face of constant slander and lies. He has fought for decades and won. It's really quite an incredible story and achievement. He deserves a knighthood.

  • Natty
    Natty 24 days ago

    Spoilt his ballot? Haha he voted tory, he earned over ยฃ5 million from 20 years as an MEP. While the now defunct Brexit Party received hundreds of millions from membership & donations. I cant see the rebranded Reform Party making any significant gains in the years to come either.

  • Laurelbush
    Laurelbush 24 days ago

    Poor old Neil, trying to wind up Nigel but just looking at a man who won.

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 24 days ago +2

    Farage is an example of someone who now believes his own hype more than the reality!

  • Brian Claridge
    Brian Claridge 24 days ago

    Andrew Neil, you're good, but you'll never beat Nigel Farage.

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President 25 days ago

    "Are you going to be Trump's warm up man"? Look Neil, we in the US aren't at all ashamed to have Nigel come aboard to help us out. We like him here way more than you do. And your cosmopolitan, biased, and down sneering asshattery won't change that.

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President 25 days ago

    He didn't listen to a word Nigel said. Before Nigel finished, he was on to another question. Totally wasn't interested in what he said.

  • Siam- Nam
    Siam- Nam 25 days ago

    Lost again ... fucked up the U.K. and he still wonโ€™t step down .... lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ what ever happens to us we can only blame are selfs

  • G L O C K
    G L O C K 25 days ago

    Farage isn't a stuck up posh idiot like andrew Neil... the class gap is very evident in this interview... elites hate farage because hes a threat to their grip on society

  • David Markus
    David Markus 25 days ago

    Brilliant to see such big support for Nigel in the comments section, really shows that all they say on tv is bollox, I hope ireland will follow in what the Uk are doing people are losing their rights so fast since Brexit because the eurozone is terrified of losing power. The paid off presenter proves his disgust in this interview

  • commen sence
    commen sence 25 days ago

    That fat, arrogant media schill laughing at him. In reality, the media has lost. They tried as hard as they could to flip the election to the communists. But they failed!! Miserably. They have lost all influence in politics. In fact, the people will now do the opposite of what the media says.

  • Michael Carr
    Michael Carr 25 days ago +1

    This is the end of The BBC, it is no longer fit for purpose, by being so biased against Brexit and Andrew Neil is a thug.

  • Essexginge
    Essexginge 26 days ago

    you started this you absolute legend and the left holding us back fuck them you legend

  • Zardoz4441
    Zardoz4441 26 days ago

    Well done, Nigel! Let's make Britain great again!

  • Simonr501
    Simonr501 26 days ago

    You can see the twinkle in Mr Farage's eye - JOB DONE!!!!!!!

  • Angel Gering
    Angel Gering 27 days ago

    What an annoying interviewer. He didn't hear anything Nigel said. By the way, we love Nigel Farage in America.

  • artoo detoo
    artoo detoo 27 days ago

    and all because nigel said may well have saved this country as the future unfolds......the eu is a strange empire build.....leaking money and strange democratic structure

  • syd
    syd 27 days ago

    Nigel's done very well over this and I've supported him all the way but I've got to say originally we did not vote for a no deal Brexit. We voted to leave with a deal but be prepared to leave on no deal if the terms where unacceptable. The terms we got are not great but to me are acceptable, and I thank Nigel more than anyone for getting us here.
    I don't think we got exactly what we wanted, but whoever does.

  • Nashvillain
    Nashvillain 27 days ago

    *Conservatives in America will welcome Nigel Farage with open arms! Nigel deserves a knighthood!*

  • GH1618
    GH1618 28 days ago

    I like Farage but part with him on his opposition to the method of voting in the U. K. It is election by plurality which produces majority government when there are more than two strong parties competing. An alternative voting system might well have produced another hung parliament.

  • The Earl of Grantham
    The Earl of Grantham 28 days ago

    Someone give this man a medal.

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace 28 days ago

    Time for Andrew Neil to fuck off, Embarrassing!

  • Gary Mccolgan
    Gary Mccolgan 28 days ago

    Thanks Nige ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • chord seeker22
    chord seeker22 28 days ago

    โš›๏ธ "If We had everything to 'Gain', and nothing to 'Lose' , How would We 'Act' and what would we 'Choose' :- Matt Kahn โš›๏ธ

  • aizat5b
    aizat5b 28 days ago

    @BBC what did I just watched? Terrible interviewer, whom never listened to Nigel. Ask this guy to retire instead.

  • Morph 1981
    Morph 1981 28 days ago

    Farage should be Knighted. The man is a absolute hero.

  • Mcbirdieboy
    Mcbirdieboy 29 days ago

    No wonder why Ben Shapiro truly got pissed off at Andrew Neil

  • Will to Freedom
    Will to Freedom 29 days ago +1

    He calls Farage a "footnote"- no one who understands history would say that.

    • jake ransley
      jake ransley 28 days ago

      He must be the greatest footnote of all time.