Women Train Like Professional Dancers For A Month

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.
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    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Finale - March 5, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
    FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - Season Thirteen FOX / Getty Images Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford
    Larry Busacca PW / Getty Images/Getty Images
    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
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    Janelle DeChancie, 1st AD
    Drea Vlaovich, Makeup Artist
    Ami Desai, Hair Artist
    Christina Gonzalez, Steadicam Op
    Matt Miller
    Kevin Stiller, DP
    Benjamin Disinger, Colorist
    Silas Orteza, Editor
    Alexa Fung, So You Think You Can Dance competitor
    Jermeel Hewitt, Professional Dancer

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  • Cynthia Said
    Cynthia Said 10 hours ago +1

    But they killed it in the end

  • Soraya John
    Soraya John 11 hours ago

    Jazzy you are so good

  • Piggy- Plays
    Piggy- Plays 12 hours ago

    I am a bigger dancer and I’ve been dancing ever since I was little and I’ve always felt so uncomfortable in my tights and leotard and when I was little a girl at dance called me fat.That screwed me up so bad. Now that I am older and on a dance team I wear shirts and shorts over tights and a leotard or just a shirt and leggings 😭😭😭

  • Tine Dulom
    Tine Dulom 2 days ago


  • Messiah Nowlin
    Messiah Nowlin 3 days ago

    Low key this broke me😭💖

  • mackenzie elise
    mackenzie elise 3 days ago

    all dance teachers/choreographers are tough... but it’s because they want their dancers to succeed and shine. they work so hard to choreograph routines and make them look perfect so obviously they’re gonna get frustrated when people aren’t 100% committed or trying their hardest. i’ve heard MUCH worse through my ten years as a competitive dancer and you just have to learn to not take anything they say personally because they’re never trying to offend you, they just want you to be the best you can be.

  • Laslie Holmberg
    Laslie Holmberg 3 days ago


  • Hi Sisters
    Hi Sisters 4 days ago

    I have been dancing for 6 years now and it’s gotten harder every year and I’m only 11 but I’m still alive and going strong! Next year I’m moving to a more competitive dance studio and I’m very nervous!
    Edit: oh and every year our dance studio preforms in front of thousands of people!

  • jjcampbell
    jjcampbell 4 days ago

    This gives me a connection personally i do dances and danceing with all these skinny girls and i am a little over wait and it made me very insecure but in time i started to love my body more and this video reminds me of that

  • Hailəy
    Hailəy 5 days ago

    Oml it's a dance moms drama prodigy

  • N R
    N R 5 days ago

    yes they are really harsh but that is kinda how it is with professional dancing. i’m not a professional dancer but i’m getting closer to it and already it’s really hard. it’s about dance and you need to be able to change and do what you are supposed to do even when it’s not working well. the thing is they got a lot of critic about how they look, i think that’s just stupid because it’s about how you move NOT about how your eyebrows are.

  • I love BTS Army
    I love BTS Army 6 days ago

    5:53 jasmine you are perfect and there is no supposed to be when your dancing because if you can’t see the fact that you are a slaying queen who is beautiful and sassy and amazing than I need to remind you because I’m here watching this like this girl is killing it so stay positive

  • Weirdo6000 Celata,lol
    Weirdo6000 Celata,lol 7 days ago +1

    Jazzy you are just as beautiful as the others you should not care what the dancers images are supposed to you still look as good as anyone you don't have to be skinny and long haired to look sexy

  • Althea Faye Uy
    Althea Faye Uy 8 days ago +1

    You just cant expect people to be or look confident just because you said it..i feel triggered

  • Nicole Mathis
    Nicole Mathis 8 days ago

    The performance starts at 7:58 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Daniella Russo
    Daniella Russo 8 days ago

    you guy were amazing

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 9 days ago +1

    You guys Rocked It 😊. This was an amazing video. The end where her hair gets caught on the pinbord.

  • Makailah A
    Makailah A 9 days ago

    Everyone here saying he is to harsh but as a dancer my self, (folklorico and hip hop) this is how it is. I am 13 and been dancing for 9 years, dancing is great, but there is times where I cry or think I'm not good enough, get yelled at by my teacher and it sucks, dancing brings the best and worse out of you but you get to be you and have another family.

  • Mocha
    Mocha 9 days ago

    Okay, a lot of people are saying they are being rude, and I’m not saying the teachers aren’t, but in the beginning adults need to learn how to not get away with everything. However, towards the end, it is not okay to pick at their body shapes and looks! That makes me sick.

  • Gabi Sebastian
    Gabi Sebastian 9 days ago

    Ok. So...I have a question.

    I live in St. Charles, Illinois. I've never danced before, I do karate currently, but I've been doing it for a while and I'm not feeling it anymore. Dancing has always been a long time dream of mine, but I've never voiced it except for when I was 8, and I didn't even go through with that. Is there anyone out there that lives in kind of this same area that could recommend a first class to take, and instructor, or whatever? I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

    Btw, I'm 13 yrs old.

  • CC Lee
    CC Lee 9 days ago

    He did not have to talk about her eyebrows. They’re beautiful and it’s not her fault that they’re different than other women. She slays and that’s not something a dance teacher should criticize

  • The littlest Beanie boo

    Can we talk about how beautiful and awesome they looked and did?

  • Adriana Neff
    Adriana Neff 10 days ago

    Why did he do a dance so sexual to preform infront of the office

  • Ellise McAlinden
    Ellise McAlinden 11 days ago

    Welcome to my everyday life and guess what I’m only 11

  • Sara
    Sara 11 days ago

    Omg you guys are so beautiful alllllllllll of you and you are your own beautiful and you are your self and that is the point of being your self I’m 11 and I know who hard it is because I’m constantly being told I’m doing something wrong

  • Allison Chow
    Allison Chow 11 days ago

    i legit just thought of kpop dancers this whole time lmao

  • Charley Randolph
    Charley Randolph 11 days ago +1

    i love kelsey they all did great!!

  • Rachell Turner
    Rachell Turner 11 days ago

    I want to be like jazz

  • Arsalan Ameen
    Arsalan Ameen 11 days ago

    Wow buzzfeed is so cool I'm a Pakistani and I want yo work for buzzfeed:)

  • Elizabeth Balon
    Elizabeth Balon 12 days ago

    This is the first time I’ve seen Kelsey cry 🥺❤️

  • Nika Katavic
    Nika Katavic 12 days ago

    well i’m glad that somebodey thinks that dancing is hard and it IS A SPORT!

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 13 days ago

    I like how this is so serious

    And then there's the Try Guys

  • Abbey De Vries
    Abbey De Vries 13 days ago

    I'm a dancer myself and I get what he was saying to the girls was rude but I was also low-key thinking wow these girls r crying over that like there's worse things to be crying over than being told how to perform and them giving their thoughts

  • MyLifeAsAlicia 97
    MyLifeAsAlicia 97 14 days ago

    5:46 bro not cool! Not respectful

  • MyLifeAsAlicia 97
    MyLifeAsAlicia 97 14 days ago

    I am a dancer but before I became successful and before I became who I am now I had moments where I wanted to give up. But I still kept moving forward.

    Ps. I dance to hiphop and kpop dancing sexy isn’t my talent but I can do it not as good as them tho

  • lil' geeky gurl23
    lil' geeky gurl23 14 days ago

    How many days a week I've never heard that number I practice every day and I'm 12

  • POTATO Chicken CURRY
    POTATO Chicken CURRY 15 days ago

    When I see Kelsey in the 100 baby challenge and when I see her acting really sexy 😑

  • the 100 fan
    the 100 fan 16 days ago

    They slayyyyd and I loved ittt

  • Brigi Brigi
    Brigi Brigi 16 days ago

    I am a dancer for a 13 years, I just love to dance! I love music, dance moves!

  • iiSmxle ii
    iiSmxle ii 17 days ago +3

    Y’all are saying he is harsh....but it’s his job...and he wants them to look their best...

  • *-*SEND HELP *-*
    *-*SEND HELP *-* 17 days ago +2

    Jazz: everybody to me looks like beautiful long haired dancers and I do not emulate that at all
    Me: Jazz is so beautiful and kind hearted and an amazing dancer especially having not done dance before.

  • Zeke Diaries
    Zeke Diaries 18 days ago +1


  • Aaliyah May
    Aaliyah May 18 days ago +1

    I'm a dancer and it's not to hard and the dance was easy that was in the video

    • *put your favorite vine quote here* *
      *put your favorite vine quote here* * 17 days ago

      Yeah it was easy for you because you are already a dancer. And you can’t really say it’s easy because everyone has their own kind of dance they like and maybe this kind wasn’t so easy for them

  • Keeley Little
    Keeley Little 18 days ago

    when she said learning the dance is one thing and cleaning is another and me as a dancer was like “yeppppp you have no idea lol”

  • Happydollies Studio
    Happydollies Studio 18 days ago

    The dancer was so mean with jazz

  • juanfernando122
    juanfernando122 18 days ago

    the fuc.. are these two guys, I know that they need to be strong and confident and learn their stuff but pls there are so much different ways to teach and clearly, this two are just two good dancers trying to be teachers

  • AR mail
    AR mail 18 days ago +1

    Jermeel acts like he is so much better than them. Yes, he may have experience but at the end of the day, he's just a backup dancer.

  • Yunyi
    Yunyi 19 days ago

    These women complain way too goddamn much.

  • Olivia Birmingham
    Olivia Birmingham 19 days ago

    I think Ashleys video felt more empowering and transformative

  • lilian balba
    lilian balba 19 days ago

    I hate that guy. That beyonce dude.😠😠😠

  • Yunyi
    Yunyi 19 days ago

    The fat one made me cringe...

  • LuckyIcySeal6
    LuckyIcySeal6 20 days ago

    Did anyone else see the tear in Jaz's pantyhose?

  • Hillary Lopez
    Hillary Lopez 20 days ago

    Don't listen to him Beautiful as you are

  • Ruby Johnston
    Ruby Johnston 21 day ago

    Uhh, Jazz! I love you. You inspire me to love who i am no matter what shape and size! I love you!

  • Bosteeya&basma
    Bosteeya&basma 21 day ago


  • Shannon Plunkett
    Shannon Plunkett 21 day ago

    That coach was SO FREAKING HARSH!!!! They aren't dancers dude! They're doing this as an experiment and for fun, like I get they should and want to look good dancing but they aren't professionals go easy on them, they aren't used to how harsh the dance world is, they're not here to be the skinny dancer type, they're breaking stereotypes that need to have already be broken. Not much respect for them at all, they did this to feel good, and he kinda broke them down more than helped them, Kyle Hanagami would have never. I'm going into this field because I want to and I'm ready for the criticism, this was so harsh, hope they were ok, wanted to give them all a hug

  • Misana
    Misana 21 day ago

    They're awesome for doing this!

  • Annie kelly
    Annie kelly 21 day ago

    Yes I love this, I had to quit dance beacuae of knee problems and it was way to stressful I felt like I couldent show my body cause everyobe else was so much better at dancing you know and I felt like a different person when I quit like I felt alot better about my body.

  • Slayer Titan
    Slayer Titan 22 days ago

    For me the coach wasn't that rude, I think it's normal.
    It's only natural for the coach to be like that because if you're too soft with them. The harder they will learn, It's just like the saying "No pain, no Gain"
    Btw Ashley's different because even though Kyle and the 3 other ladies does not point out her mistakes, Ashley knows that she made a mistake and will try to learn it and be better which is why Kyle, Haley, Emma and Ashley didn't point out her mistakes and say quite the little hurty stuffs because Ashley already knows it.
    It's true that Kyle is kind

  • Spill4lo7 Hinds
    Spill4lo7 Hinds 22 days ago

    I honestly don't like how.with all the dance vids that BuzzFeed does that involves women makes them dance in a way that is stereotypically "sexy". Why can't they get theses people to train in a form that isn't always body shaming them like hip hop or street. It's horrible

  • Neha Samra
    Neha Samra 22 days ago


  • Neha Samra
    Neha Samra 22 days ago


  • Gaia McCurdy
    Gaia McCurdy 22 days ago

    GO KELSEY( not chealsy ) 2019 anyone?

  • Lesthey A
    Lesthey A 22 days ago +1

    For the actual performance, I watched Michelle the whole time loll🤣😂

  • potato xd
    potato xd 22 days ago


  • Mia Kaszynski
    Mia Kaszynski 23 days ago

    That Beyoncé guy, he’s horrible!! He says to Jazzmyne, “Your a different body type, you have to go harder, people are looking at you! Shape up!” THAT IS HORRIBLE! He is so rude to everyone. That is horrible for him to say.

  • Flora Vercaygne
    Flora Vercaygne 24 days ago +2

    I think Robert is too hard on them

  • Queen Zarina01
    Queen Zarina01 24 days ago +5

    You are a beauty, your body, your hair, this doesn’t make you any less of an amazing person
    When people stare let them stare queen 👑

  • abby miller
    abby miller 25 days ago +3

    A B B Y L E E M I L L E R H A S L E F T T H E C H A T

  • Noelle Iconic
    Noelle Iconic 26 days ago +1

    i can feel their frustration fucc

  • Budhivali Rakieten
    Budhivali Rakieten 26 days ago

    God you guys killed it

  • Amethyst Kitty
    Amethyst Kitty 26 days ago +2

    Why are y’all crying. This is not cry worthy hard.

  • Sarah Burfoot
    Sarah Burfoot 27 days ago

    I just recently finished my first beginning ballet class, at 20 years, never danced before, and definitely more curvy/muscular than ballerinas typically are, so I've been having a lot of the same issues that Jazzmyne was having, where my body moves differently and I have body parts that get in the way of doing some of the moves correctly. Which is especially hard because they're parts of myself that I'm normally very happy with and very proud of, like I'm very happy that I have muscular hiking legs, but my calves literally get in the way of my doing first position properly because of their bulk. I'm happy with my butt and I like my stomach that sticks out, so when I'm being told every second to tuck it all in, to not have a stomach or a butt that sticks out, that makes me feel really bad.

  • Avery C
    Avery C 27 days ago

    I love this video. It shows that dance isn’t easy, it is a sport, and it takes a lot of effort, practice, and confidence.

  • Lila Smith
    Lila Smith 27 days ago +2

    I hate the fact that people say that dance isn’t a sport. I train 10 hours a week and I’m 12. It’s really hard

  • Victoria_ charavgi
    Victoria_ charavgi 27 days ago

    Why are you compere yourself with others in the group, be you and don't try to be someone else
    ~an original is more worth than a copy~

  • Delaney Strotman
    Delaney Strotman 28 days ago +4

    I'm a dancer myself, this dance teacher was actually nicer then some of the dance teachers I've had. There are diffrent types of dance teachers who have diffrent methods of teaching his method was more strict and some dancers thrive under criticism but others don't ether way I think all there work paid of and they did amazing.

  • Courtney Kozlowski
    Courtney Kozlowski 28 days ago

    She said they were going to practice 3 days a week girl please I dance mon-thurs every week and I’m not a professional
    No hate to the girls I love them 😍

  • Cally Rushworth
    Cally Rushworth 28 days ago

    To be honest all the coaches need to go and die like putting the girls down saying your not sexy evry women can be sexy in their own way they shouldn’t worry about their body tipes or what the stupid coaches say

  • Alin Amin
    Alin Amin 29 days ago

    I literally watched this because Kelsey is in it 🤣 btw you guys are dopeee

  • Sarah Jean
    Sarah Jean 29 days ago +1

    I’m glad they got to experience this, when I dance it can be hard but In the end it’s so worth it

  • john rhey renonos
    john rhey renonos Month ago

    Who says Kelsey looks like Kat McNamara?

  • Charlotte Falair
    Charlotte Falair Month ago

    Jazz is an amazing DANCER!!!!!!!

  • burr
    burr Month ago +1

    I personally think that Robert was being reasonable in a way. It's normal for coaches to push them until they give their 120%. Tired or not, these coaches will not give you a chance. For Jeremy, he was being critical. Yes, pointing out their mistakes is important but not their features. Everyone has their insecurities and it was rude of him to compare body types and how pretty they were and calling them sluts. At least show them what they could've done instead of disrespecting them. I have danced since i was 7 and never have i ever gotten criticized for my facial features and my body. My instructor told us (the dancers) that "just because you're skinny, that doesn't mean you're fit" he then explained further saying that shapes does not matter. It's about how much effort you put in and of you're dedicated to this or not.

    • burr
      burr Month ago

      What I'm trying to say is that these girls clearly worked hard and it made me rlly happy when they were smiling throughout the dance. I love that for them. To not give up easily and let their words affect them too kuch

  • Hannah Cullen
    Hannah Cullen Month ago

    Jass is so insecure about her self but I think she is beautiful on the outside and the inside

  • Jasmine Middlebrook
    Jasmine Middlebrook Month ago +2

    This is not an opinion but a fact: those girls are all being way too hard on themselves

  • MiniGamer N16
    MiniGamer N16 Month ago

    It's like this with singing. It feels so good and terrifying, and the crowd can't tell where you mess up. It's amazing.

  • hailesbailes101 M
    hailesbailes101 M Month ago

    Linsey and Kelsey look so alike

  • Mysterious Madame Mariah

    Idk how Jazzmyne is soooo confident person! I have a body similar to hers and I am only in middle school. Ever since preschool, I have been picked on for not being flexible or not being able to run a certain amount of meters like the skinny kids. I am still picked on and I hate my body. If anyone has advice from anywhere, I will take it and try to put it in my daily life. Thanks! And stay fierce everyone love it and work it!!! 💪👍

  • Billie Grande
    Billie Grande Month ago +1


  • The Drawing Pineapple
    The Drawing Pineapple Month ago +1

    I cant even,...

  • Kaylei Stine
    Kaylei Stine Month ago

    Did anybody else notice the guy in the mirror that walked in at 3:54 and was like "nope, not the bathroom" 😂 these girls worked hard and it payed off❤

  • Luci Hopkins
    Luci Hopkins Month ago

    I think this is way deeper than normal videos but i’m kinda loving it

  • Ss Ale Tay
    Ss Ale Tay Month ago

    Nobody cry

  • Ss Ale Tay
    Ss Ale Tay Month ago

    Kelsey don't cry

  • Ss Ale Tay
    Ss Ale Tay Month ago

    Hunny you will not turnout to look slutty

  • Ss Ale Tay
    Ss Ale Tay Month ago

    All of them slayy like queenssssss

  • Anthony Villa
    Anthony Villa Month ago +1

    I actually saw jazzmyne at a store but I was scared to say are you from buzz feed or say hi

  • Alexa Romero
    Alexa Romero Month ago

    OK just to put this out there in my opinion I think that two guys were actually just giving critique to them like if they didn’t say those harsh words to them they would’ve not been good and I know this because of my experience I had a dance coach and she was like always harsh and always criticizing me but it was actually good because all those criticizing she gave me it made me a better dancer so thanks to the guys they got better🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ but I love themmm they’re perfect 💜💜💜💜😭

  • Evie Carrington
    Evie Carrington Month ago +3

    Jazzmyne is sooooooooo pretty it’s actually unreal🥰❤️💍🔥