Women Train Like Professional Dancers For A Month

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • Five women take on the challenge of training like professional dancers for a month under the guidance of choreographer Robert Gilstrap and Beyonce’s backup dancer Jermeel Hewitt.
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    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Finale - March 5, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
    FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' - Season Thirteen FOX / Getty Images Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - Closing Night In East Rutherford
    Larry Busacca PW / Getty Images/Getty Images
    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
    Randy Jackson Presents 'America's Best Dance Crew' - February 24, 2009
    Chris Polk / Getty Images/Getty Images
    Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam
    Janelle DeChancie, 1st AD
    Drea Vlaovich, Makeup Artist
    Ami Desai, Hair Artist
    Christina Gonzalez, Steadicam Op
    Matt Miller
    Kevin Stiller, DP
    Benjamin Disinger, Colorist
    Silas Orteza, Editor
    Alexa Fung, So You Think You Can Dance competitor
    Jermeel Hewitt, Professional Dancer

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  • Sue Dowell
    Sue Dowell 15 hours ago

    I totally like Ashley's one better, the person is telling them to be confident and there sitting there saying, oh you eyebrows are to big or your body type is skinny so you need to be better. For beginners they should have had Kyle (Or I think that's there name).

  • CapriCousins
    CapriCousins 2 days ago


  • Canela's Camera
    Canela's Camera 3 days ago

    Wow that was so petty how the dance choreographer talked to them

  • Luna
    Luna 4 days ago

    Kelsey looked gorgeous thoo

  • Sumiya Carter
    Sumiya Carter 4 days ago

    You go girl

  • Aylish Levesque
    Aylish Levesque 4 days ago

    These dance teachers seem like assholes!

  • Camila Gonzalez
    Camila Gonzalez 4 days ago

    They're ALL so BEAUTIFUL

  • Katherine Hunter
    Katherine Hunter 5 days ago

    As dancers conisider critiques an honor. If the amazing accomplished teacher notices you and take time to give you a tip and help you, it shows they know you can be better which is an amazing accomplishment in itself.

  • Hey
    Hey 6 days ago +1

    Should’ve gone to Kyle Hanagami

    KIAWESOME 4Life 6 days ago +1

    I train with professionals for hula. Y’all r lucky, this looks easier than what I do!!

  • Caylin YAY
    Caylin YAY 6 days ago

    This is why I will never join buzzfeed...

  • Little Puff Ball
    Little Puff Ball 10 days ago

    Heh this make me realize that I keep talking *beeep* about myself.

    But I do this knowing that I'm ok and I am not sh--- .I do this for people you hate themself to make them feel better about themselfs

  • Natalia tiene bigote Y compañía

    I think jazmine is gorgeous⭐️❤️

  • RobloxerGirl Gamer
    RobloxerGirl Gamer 10 days ago

    I saw jazzmine get her ears waxed on BuzzFeed

  • BeaniRose
    BeaniRose 11 days ago

    It's hard to find a balance between to nice and harsh truth. And as a dancer you need to be able to accept the harsh truth. If you use confidence it makes it easier and hides a lot of mistakes. I've learned more than one routine in three weeks. I've only learned one routine in a two week period and then I competed with a group I hadn't practiced with from 2 states away on stage.

  • Kelsey Hyrtle
    Kelsey Hyrtle 11 days ago

    Lady's you did amazing so proud of you all

  • ashton liebermann
    ashton liebermann 12 days ago

    the way these coaches talked to them is disgusting.

  • ashton liebermann
    ashton liebermann 12 days ago

    *guy walks in* "hey gu--" *sees what they're doing* "oops" *leaves*

  • Kick Y.S
    Kick Y.S 12 days ago

    I mean....a lot of dance teachers don’t really say nice things when teaching.

  • M&M&M ‘S
    M&M&M ‘S 12 days ago

    Now they know what dancers had to go through

  • Mary Elizabeth Zifchak

    Now people will have repsect for 12 year old me

  • Ysabella Jourdain
    Ysabella Jourdain 12 days ago

    Jazzmyne you are beautiful just the way you are and you are awesome and you are confident with your body because my mom doesn’t like her body

  • _SimJay_
    _SimJay_ 15 days ago

    I’m a dancer myself and I think the girls did actually really awesome! They executed the dance choreo extremely well, and with such a short period of time for practicing. Most dancers have to perform 3 - 12 sets of choreo in 1 day. They also learned so much about themselves during the long hard worked month, I’m really proud!

  • ArtisticDisaster
    ArtisticDisaster 16 days ago

    Lmao love the guy ar 3:54 who walks in and walks right out

  • Pøsitive . Addy
    Pøsitive . Addy 16 days ago

    Yasssss queens

  • CaratCake
    CaratCake 16 days ago

    I love dancing and I wish these professionals critiquing them thought about their own beginning and understood that they've been doing it for years, and these girls just a couple weeks.

  • Claudia ice skates
    Claudia ice skates 17 days ago +1

    Can you guys make “We trained like professional figure skaters for a month”
    If so thanks!

  • Sophie Royle
    Sophie Royle 17 days ago

    Jazzmyne, you always look beautiful. Yes, the others look beautiful in the skinny supermodel way, and they are pretty, but you are gorgeous too. You are funny, and interesting and witty and smart, and you are beautiful. The audience will be looking at you more, but you are the most beautiful and that’s why. The others are skinny and sexy, but you are my definition of beauty and I wish that I could be half as confident and beautiful as you.

  • Rhea Solomon
    Rhea Solomon 17 days ago


  • Charity Mckitchen
    Charity Mckitchen 17 days ago +1

    Lol for some reason I want to dance now

  • Shilo Berg
    Shilo Berg 17 days ago

    This video made me cry

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 18 days ago

    Why did it get so sad all the sudden

  • Paradise Smith
    Paradise Smith 19 days ago

    You girls were amazing!!! Y'all killed it!! Coach's are tough for a reason!! BUILD STRENGTH!! YALL KILLED THAT DAMN DANCE FLOOR Y'ALL PUT IN THE HARD WORK AND THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING!!

  • Pooja Senthilkumar
    Pooja Senthilkumar 20 days ago

    my life right now!!!!!!!!!!

  • silly mango
    silly mango 20 days ago

    My school does a thing to get back into school and it’s just a week of fun stuff. Anyways it’s little things like metalshop, music, landscape etc. I picked dancing idk why just it’s fun jumping around with friends even though I don’t dance. WELL we had 1 day to learn a dance and the show my entire high school. I’m just gonna fake being sick

  • city girl art jaimee
    city girl art jaimee 20 days ago

    I'm 12 and I dance every Saturday and perform in a huge audience you go girl

  • jaydes corner
    jaydes corner 21 day ago

    Jazzmyne is so beautiful 😩💕 I’m really proud of her confidence 💖 she probably my favorite female at buzzfeed

  • Sandra Jurkowska
    Sandra Jurkowska 21 day ago


  • MissLittlemoon
    MissLittlemoon 21 day ago

    I wish they tried another genre of dance, with more emotion

  • Julie Bradshaw
    Julie Bradshaw 22 days ago

    Anyone see that guy at 3:54 that just walked in then right back out lol

  • Tiah The Unicorn
    Tiah The Unicorn 23 days ago

    There are a lot of comments saying how rude they are and it’s not nice and blah blah blah, but if someone’s wants to make it in the industry these comments are gonna happen. Are they the nicest? No, but having someone yelling in your face telling you your not good enough is gonna help if you wanna be the best. You need to be pushed to succeed.

  • Hi Smith
    Hi Smith 23 days ago

    All of the dancers in this chat are like “yep.....yep” like if your a dancer! I love dancing and I hope you do to lol I sound like a bratty girl

  • Anna A.M.
    Anna A.M. 24 days ago

    Freaking Queens 🔥💕👑

  • BR May
    BR May 24 days ago

    buzzfeed do interviews with the dance captins.

  • Adrie Dembowske
    Adrie Dembowske 24 days ago

    I do point ballet and jazz i understand I'm eleven iv been dancing sense 5

  • Ashley Xo
    Ashley Xo 24 days ago

    My friend is a professional dancer and she's only 10 😂
    Like when she goes to dance comps she wins ALL THE TIME.

  • Eva_07
    Eva_07 25 days ago

    Did anyone get Brittany Spears vibes in the beginning of the dance???

  • MariaYoshi
    MariaYoshi 25 days ago

    I've been dancing since I was 6 in a room which was so tiny u couldn't do stuff... Learning how to dance in front of a computer watching films ahahah
    Got maybe total of 2-3 months of lessons and my teachers never were like that, they helped me without judging so harshly, now I learn on my own in the streets where my fav dancing style was born: streetdance.
    Please do not think all teachers are like that, most are nice!!!

  • S4phire
    S4phire 26 days ago

    This makes me want to dance lol
    I don't dance or perform

  • Dani Carias-Flores
    Dani Carias-Flores 26 days ago

    hey lmao this isnt my account its my sisters but i can really relate to jazz cause im plus size and dont look like the other dancers in my class but i do acrobatic dancing and im pretty flexible and it gets hard when you have all these perfect girls in a room and then you come in but she really made me feel more confident with myself with this video so thnx jazz ily

  • hi people
    hi people 26 days ago

    At least he isnt as harsh as ABBY LEE MILLER

  • Niamh Faulkner
    Niamh Faulkner 26 days ago

    Why is this so dammm dramatic

  • blefhblofh
    blefhblofh 26 days ago

    3:54 the background

  • Cecile Valmont
    Cecile Valmont 27 days ago

    Dude I want to see the whole show, not having voices explaining how they got there!!
    I want to see the show and then have the people explain how they felt on stage,like they did for the Try Guys.
    I don't know if it is because you (dancers) didn't want us to see all of it (and that is your choice) but if it isn't, then I feel like it's missing something.

  • Little Neko
    Little Neko 27 days ago

    I wish you would show the finale dance with out interruptions, I just wanted to absorb and admire the work the girls put in fluidly

  • Maria Alejandra Wuetter Gonzalez

    Me encanto como todas sin importar: experiencia o figura, expresaron la vulnerabilidad de ser juzgadas por puesta escena y términos tan relativos como: sensualidad. Lo hicieron muy bien chicas!! Las ame a todas 🙌🏻

  • I am total BTS TRASH /Relatable I know A.R.M.Y

    First dance practice is so much easier compared to like the 5th class out off 16-20 classes

  • Sanaa Watson
    Sanaa Watson 27 days ago

    Oh Eugene

  • Pori
    Pori 28 days ago

    tbh I don't think he was that harsh

  • XAngel HopeX
    XAngel HopeX 28 days ago

    It's weird because I CANNOT find any dance tutorials (for VERY beginners, such as no experience) Does anybody have some video or suggestions to one?

  • ᴊɪᴍᴊᴀᴍꜱ
    ᴊɪᴍᴊᴀᴍꜱ 29 days ago +1

    *Hello fellow dancers!*

  • Correna Hats
    Correna Hats 29 days ago

    You are all Butufull

  • Lilliana The mystical
    Lilliana The mystical 29 days ago

    They killed it!!!!

  • Holly Loupollard
    Holly Loupollard Month ago +1

    Jermeel is an arse

  • Holly Loupollard
    Holly Loupollard Month ago

    Jermeel is an arse

  • emily r
    emily r Month ago

    bring back kyle

  • Got7 Jackson
    Got7 Jackson Month ago

    Ashley dance transformation was definitely better

  • 슈가
    슈가 Month ago

    Yeah dancing makes you insecure

  • The Remixer
    The Remixer Month ago

    Girl with the short hair had a hole in her tight 8:32

  • Kim Cutiepie
    Kim Cutiepie Month ago

    they are soooo lucky

  • gamers kitty
    gamers kitty Month ago +1

    Lol you guys took a month for a dance that makes no sense but dance moms only need four days XD

  • Tim Golladay
    Tim Golladay Month ago

    When the Beyonce dancer guy said you have very disturbing eyebrows I teared up

  • Peter Loader
    Peter Loader Month ago

    3:54 anyone see the guy walk in and walk straight out

  • saramaryam marvel
    saramaryam marvel Month ago

    What the f*** is wrong with that mn always critiquing everything they did like one example it isn't what he actually said but it felt like he said this ' Jordan fix your face' and im thinking thats ******* rude and im only 12

  • The Donut Godess
    The Donut Godess Month ago +3

    I am a 11 year old professional dancer. I have preformed in the Nutcracker 4 times and we start training in July for the show in December. Dancing is so much harder then people think. I also take dance class 3 times a week for jazz, contemporary and ballet. Imagine being 11 and constantly being criticized and critiqued about your body and every single move that you make. So, next time you see a dancer and he/she is just working it up on that stage, you gotta think: Wow. Cause all that work that goes into that one or two shows is incredible. Please appreciate dancers and the amazing shows we put on. ❤️

  • Deadly Wolf
    Deadly Wolf Month ago

    5:46 he has no respect. Women were born with there face and had issues with their bodies. You don’t think that do you?

  • delicious cupcake
    delicious cupcake Month ago

    Good job!! :D

  • Becca Gracee
    Becca Gracee Month ago

    While watching this I can totally relate to jazz because I’m the biggest on my dance team and I always feel self conscious but I realize after I dance that I killed it and jazz killed that dance

  • oqeufh
    oqeufh Month ago

    I roughly read the title and looked at the thumbnail and for a second there I thought Jazzmyne was Parris Goebel 😂

  • Sims4 Life
    Sims4 Life Month ago

    Now you know why so many dancers commit suicide and do drugs those instructors were horrible there was not one positive comment

  • Sara Al Sada
    Sara Al Sada Month ago

    LmAo the guy that walked in then walked out at 3:54

  • Michelle Loyola
    Michelle Loyola Month ago

    I can't believe 2,000 people gave this video a "thumbs down" - I thought the dancers did a great job in 4 weeks!

  • lulu12343298
    lulu12343298 Month ago

    I think the reason why they had break downs is because Robert is so strict

  • Adan Ramos
    Adan Ramos Month ago

    What’s the sexy song

  • Addy Marshall
    Addy Marshall Month ago

    Try me I am 11 and I’m a dancer since I was four. SORRY😥😰😨😭

  • Itsuki San
    Itsuki San Month ago

    That choreographer needs to be more encouraging... he was way too harsh on them.

  • dank_ dance
    dank_ dance Month ago +6

    trust me, i understand this. i compete in dance, and the training is literally awful. the training we have before competition (we have to run laps and go over the same steps for hours before we get it right.) sometimes, we have panic attacks and we can’t walk the next day, but it’s all worth it. the dancing and competing is all about it being fun, and doing it for yourself. go buzzfeed

  • Mirayy Ecem
    Mirayy Ecem Month ago

    Omg🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️i dont like the coachers
    why the devil he criticizes the look. He should motivate and be more relaxed

  • RuthieBoo
    RuthieBoo Month ago

    I wish this was more positive

  • Mckenzie Carter
    Mckenzie Carter Month ago

    I’ve been a dancer for so many years I can’t count and it is so stressfull because our dance teacher is so hard on us we work 13 hours a day and it is just what everyone has the power to do now

  • BLAIRE Plays
    BLAIRE Plays Month ago

    Asgleys was better cause the coach kyle wasnt judging her like the person whos teaching them hes like judging them

  • Shulamite Frank
    Shulamite Frank Month ago

    I wanna do this challenge.

  • River Wing
    River Wing Month ago

    I'm curious what he meant when he said there's a difference between slutty a sexy. Is sexy to him more confidence? Idk.

  • Art 18654
    Art 18654 Month ago

    I had a dance show when I was 10 and the rest of my group ditched me and I had to dance in front of thousands of people with no one I know there. One of the girls had a solo and my teacher had to make something up half an hour before I went on stage.

  • Journey/Angela Owens

    Being a professional dancer is hard, especially when u have no dance experienced. I am a dancer but not professional. I just do it for the fun of it. Professional dancers are amazing, but they are not perfect and they do make mistakes. Everyone one is different. They did amazing

  • Gabby H
    Gabby H Month ago

    I’m younger, but there’s a league called PopWarner. In the league, there’s competitive cheer and dance. There’s practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes Wednesday. This is on top of school, and our performance during competition is usually 3 minutes long. This performance takes us weeks to learn. The problem is, while you’re competing, your natural instinct will compare yourself to anyone else who seems better in your mind. I love how they become confident in the end.

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J Month ago

    Wow! 😉 that must have been fun and I think you guys rocked it! 👍 hugs

  • Samer & Samar Idelbi
    Samer & Samar Idelbi Month ago +1

    Jazz ur pretty ur not fat I love u :)

  • Life with Twins
    Life with Twins Month ago

    I am a dancer

  • yvonne newman
    yvonne newman Month ago

    You all were amazing! Jazz, I didnt see size, i saw you being sexy and damn good!