ENGINE SOUND BATTLE! Boeing 777 vs 747. Choose your Favourite!!

  • Published on Jan 21, 2016
  • The OLD One VS The SPECIAL One. Only YOU will choose the winner. Vote for your favourite!!
    Bloody battle between two giants. Boeing 747-400 VS. Boeing 777-300ER, Pratt & Withney VS General Electric, PW4056 VS GE90-115B.
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    777 PART:
    Airline: Air France
    Registration: F-GSQO
    Flight No: AF848
    Origin: Paris Orly
    Destination: Martinique Aimé Césaire
    Flight duration: 8 hrs 30 min
    Seat: 14L (Economy)
    747 PART:
    Airline: Corsair International
    Registration: F-GTUI
    Flight No: SS924
    Origin: Paris Orly
    Destination: Martinique Aimé Césaire
    Flight duration: 8 hrs 35 min
    Seat: 25K (Economy)
    Camera: Nikon D3100 + Nikkor 18-55 VR Lens
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Comments • 772

  • Dawood K
    Dawood K 3 days ago

    Engine of Boeing 777 is powerful and bigger size than 747

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande 5 days ago

    Love the 747 engines more because nothing beats that power of the 747 engines on the graceful elegant takeoff. Long live the Queen.

    MICHELLE PINTZ 7 days ago

    I pick the boeing 777300

  • John Orven Tano
    John Orven Tano 7 days ago

    Boeing 747

  • H L K Travels
    H L K Travels 7 days ago

    Boeing 777's GE-90 115B is Love ❤️ it is more louder then 747's but still that high power whistle is my fvt since my childhood 😍

  • Lucas Calma
    Lucas Calma 8 days ago

    747 is always my engine type because it sounds better than the 777!

  • David Hussaine
    David Hussaine 14 days ago


  • Raheem Ridore
    Raheem Ridore 23 days ago

    1:19 wow when they throttle down, sounds so nice

  • Mahendra Pathak
    Mahendra Pathak 24 days ago

    My favourite is Boeing 747

  • Sven F
    Sven F 27 days ago


  • HQ Coy 1JR
    HQ Coy 1JR Month ago

    Damn, that 777 sound transition from Max Thrust to Climb Thrust is epic.

  • Netro sphere
    Netro sphere Month ago


  • interesting video's


  • MinecraftAndRobloxProFanAnd SCRFan

    I like both. But the Boeing 747 is more better because its quiet

  • Alessio Di rella
    Alessio Di rella 2 months ago


  • mgm mj
    mgm mj 2 months ago

    the mighty the one and only the Queen of skies the 747

  • Joudsce
    Joudsce 2 months ago

    777 is the best airliners of XX century

    • mgm mj
      mgm mj 2 months ago +1

      nope nothing beats the queen of the skies

  • Chanel Jelek
    Chanel Jelek 3 months ago +1

    I am like b 777

  • itsmerinks
    itsmerinks 3 months ago +1

    I like first one

  • Aubin Schneider
    Aubin Schneider 3 months ago


  • KLM cityhopper
    KLM cityhopper 3 months ago


  • Greg Richards
    Greg Richards 3 months ago


  • Mielr
    Mielr 4 months ago

    The 777❤️

  • Devendar Kumar
    Devendar Kumar 4 months ago


  • valentino abimanyu
    valentino abimanyu 5 months ago

    If The Engine:B777-300er
    If The Inside:B747-400

  • Ernesto O.
    Ernesto O. 5 months ago

    Wow i love both sounds, power power power!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for your channel an your videos!!!! 😋

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson 5 months ago +1

    1:20 that sounded so cool!!!!

  • MarX XPham
    MarX XPham 6 months ago +2

    This is how many people that vote for the GE90s

  • Craig Boulton
    Craig Boulton 7 months ago

    747 I like the best.

  • guillermina Cordova
    guillermina Cordova 7 months ago


  • jay ortega
    jay ortega 7 months ago


  • James White
    James White 7 months ago

    Comparing a new generation, 115K thrust to an older generation, ~60K thrust (am guessing this lbf) is kind of apples to oranges. I get it: sound is sound, but they are engines from different eras, that have very different fan designs and bypass ratios. Because the vast majority of the sound from the front of an turbofan is fan noise, we would expect a pretty big difference just from newer technology alone. Anyway, I prefer the GE90 if I have to vote. I work for one of the three majors engine manufacturers, and I intimately understand why noise signature and efficiency are paramount, but it's a real shame that today's newest engines (Trent XWB; GEnx; Pratt's G series) just so pretty lame because they are so amazingly quiet. I like growl, buzzsaw, whine, and all that noise that we work so hard to eliminate. So, kudos for posting some classic TF sound, but maybe compare same generation engines.

  • LanceKLOL
    LanceKLOL 7 months ago

    I rewind so many times the Boeing 777-300 eer is much more bigger and powerful

  • Basti Fernandez
    Basti Fernandez 8 months ago

    I like the 777

  • Brad K
    Brad K 8 months ago

    Kinda a bunk video like comparing apples to oranges, totally different. The pilot set's the system to the outside Dew Point thus to tell the engine's @ what % of thrust to set for take off.... and the first shot it was very humid... but thanks it was a good ride ;)

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin 8 months ago +1

    The 747 has a vacuumcleaner sound.The 777 has a turbine sound.

  • 이연우
    이연우 9 months ago

    of course 777

  • Aqimi United
    Aqimi United 9 months ago

    I like 777 better because the engine roar is very cool.

  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza 9 months ago


  • Fedriano Nathanael
    Fedriano Nathanael 9 months ago


  • Carson Prince
    Carson Prince 9 months ago +1

    Imagine a 747 with 4 GE-90's.


  • Euclesio Batista
    Euclesio Batista 9 months ago

    Essa desaceleração em voo

  • Harris Roy Lubis
    Harris Roy Lubis 9 months ago

    my favorite is Boeing 777

  • Edgar Zumbado
    Edgar Zumbado 9 months ago


  • Jova Gamers Bussid
    Jova Gamers Bussid 9 months ago


  • Keane Muffin99
    Keane Muffin99 9 months ago

    777 made a cloud

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 9 months ago

    747 - 400 is the best it is more quite than the 777

  • Apple_Juice gaming can
    Apple_Juice gaming can 9 months ago

    777 engine

  • Sam Anne
    Sam Anne 9 months ago

    747, even though both of them have that irritating oscillation

  • Md Salman
    Md Salman 9 months ago +1

    Very heavy sound
    Airbus A380 & Boeing 747F

  • Quakers
    Quakers 9 months ago

    777 engines make me scared and nervous about my flight but i love it

  • Colton Bernard
    Colton Bernard 10 months ago +1

    Dude learn how to spell. It’s Favorite*.......

  • info4real
    info4real 10 months ago

    I personally like the 747 better than the 777 , the plain is more quite and more stabile in the air .. but on the other hand the 747 is old and the luxury is a little out of date .., at least in those 747 I have been in .

  • Einar K
    Einar K 10 months ago

    The answer is 737-700

  • make our roads safer australia

    777 wins

  • TrevorMicah Bros
    TrevorMicah Bros 10 months ago


  • Jack Willette
    Jack Willette 10 months ago

    ge90s are the greatest!!!!

  • Technikos
    Technikos 10 months ago

    wie ich das brummen hasse ;=)

  • Dhesa Caatillo
    Dhesa Caatillo 10 months ago


  • KGB
    KGB 11 months ago

    777 of course