• Published on Apr 6, 2019
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    Pentel Graphgear 500 .7 Mechanical Pencil (HB Pentel lead)
    Kneaded eraser
    Copic 36 Basic Set
    Copic Multiliner
    Copic sketchbook
    Bee Marker Paper
    PO Box 5394 Victoria B
    Victoria, BC V8R6S4
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  • Nindia Marwaha
    Nindia Marwaha 3 days ago

    My name is pronounced as nintheea
    The as in the story

  • Nindia Marwaha
    Nindia Marwaha 3 days ago

    "The nib is squeaky".......seriously Kasey? What did u expect????

  • SummyTheWeird P.S. I wove CATZ


  • d0gz_g4m3rz 1
    d0gz_g4m3rz 1 3 days ago +1

    I saw a pack I live in england and it cost £15.39 for 60 which is cheap for what they are

  • Makaylah Gary
    Makaylah Gary 4 days ago +1

    " MARKER-Y "

  • my dad is unemployed

    copic vs ohuhu is like apple vs android. they both do the same thing but the more expensive one looks fuckin sick and makes people think youre cool

  • Audrey Tales
    Audrey Tales 5 days ago +1

    Did she just use "purple" and "nice" in the same sentence?


  • Marissa’s Art
    Marissa’s Art 11 days ago +1

    I bought my 2 first copic markers yesterday.

  • Peanut butter boi
    Peanut butter boi 12 days ago

    What paper does she use someone tell me pwease ;-;

  • Lily Pooka
    Lily Pooka 12 days ago

    All I use is touch new

  • 10,000 subs for no reason challenge

    I thought it was shane Dawson in the thumbnail lmao 😂

  • Little Devil Darlin’

    For people who want copics, but don’t have the money like me, I’d recommend shuttle art! That’s what I use, and they’re actually better than copics! I find my copics break really easily, but these don’t! You can get them on amazon for 40ish for 80 markers ùwú they’re really great!

  • camron leblanc
    camron leblanc 12 days ago

    Japanese Kids with these at school: ew these are so cheap they’re the basic ones

  • VIolet gacha
    VIolet gacha 12 days ago

    I got markers like this for 30 dollers

  • Aylin Cortina
    Aylin Cortina 13 days ago +2

    Copics where I live are 9 dollars each 😭

  • Judith F
    Judith F 14 days ago

    Hello, Kasey, I’m just curious,do you still have your Copics and how do you feel about them since? Thanks

  • Sana Josufi
    Sana Josufi 14 days ago

    If your like an artist I suggest copics because they are better quality and it’s professional but if you in the middle or a beginner I suggest ohuhu because they work really good for me and it’s worth it. They are cheaper too

  • Olive Riggins
    Olive Riggins 15 days ago

    I love your art it kind of reminds me of fennominal clipart

  • Josh Deighton
    Josh Deighton 17 days ago


  • Rosa Clifford
    Rosa Clifford 17 days ago

    Copic. Your sketch book.

    ITS H💿L📀!?!
    ☕️🍵 💅🏻

  • yang lin zhao
    yang lin zhao 17 days ago

    Did anyone else see the upside-down Cool grey?

  • Cami Has Loaf
    Cami Has Loaf 21 day ago

    The copic markers name me feel expensive

  • miranda lowes
    miranda lowes 22 days ago

    ohh god go get a vsco makeover like seriously come on that hair looks like and old ladys hair... *barfs in pain of hair..*

  • 5k subscribers without any Videos challenge

    Not gonna lie I’ve bought eighty colic pens for £35.00 not £560

    HANNAH HIRMAN 22 days ago +1

    Copic: I’m better
    Ohuhu: Ha tell me another joke

  • Its Nalani
    Its Nalani 24 days ago

    Someone: brings comics to school
    Me: what the frik..? STOP PLAYING

  • Noodles :0
    Noodles :0 25 days ago

    I thought copics didn’t leak through the page

  • 123123 123123
    123123 123123 26 days ago

    I only have 12 they are soo expensive

  • Amelia Woodman
    Amelia Woodman 26 days ago +1

    11:02 made me jump lol

  • cooper cupcake cat
    cooper cupcake cat 27 days ago

    For my country these Copic markers cost (ciao ) 10 bucks and ( sketch and classic) 14bucks

  • bolt_3077 _09
    bolt_3077 _09 28 days ago

    The way she does the closeups it's like marker porn

  • manic angel
    manic angel Month ago

    Copics are a great marker no doubt about it. The rubber tips don't wear out as fast like less-expensive fiber-tipped nibs. The chisel tips are not very large which work for broader areas of bold lines. Most other markers with brush ends the brush is either too large or too squishy and the chisel tips are waay too huge. The best selling point for Copics are:
    * They are refillable , therefore better for the environment bc you're not throwing away plastic whenever you need a new marker.
    *The nibs are replaceable ( same argument better for environment)
    * Open-stock is sold so if you need a specific color you can get it w/o buying a set.
    * The colors are vibrant when need be and in same turn, properly muted.
    *Blend beautifully without one color annihilating the other.
    The issue is the cost. They're too expensive and unless you're an artist who actually makes money selling their art or you can afford them and just prefer their performance then they are not worth it.
    **Just fyi... an excellent substitute is from DickBlicks art supply. Blick's has their own brand which is refillable, rubber nibs, huge color selection, sold in sets and open stock, great prices but sale prices are screaming! at 2.82$(apprx) a marker. The brush is only a little bit bigger than a Copic. I wish more people would look into the Blick brand because they truly are an affordable, sensible alternative for a quality marker. I own many Blick markers but only 5 Copics and 4 Ciaos.

  • Caticorn Cookie
    Caticorn Cookie Month ago


  • Caticorn Cookie
    Caticorn Cookie Month ago


  • Surendra Ramnauth
    Surendra Ramnauth Month ago +1

    I have this set! Would totally recommend

  • Ellen Klitte Knudsen 7A Tingløkkeskolen

    I bought 5 copic markers, and now im just waiting to get enough money to buy more, lol

  • BlueSaved
    BlueSaved Month ago

    Just a couple notes on Copics to save people some research time:

    You can get them for $5 at scrapbookpal(dot)com, and vials of refills (called Various Ink) for about $6. Various Ink can give a Sketch marker about 10-12 refills, which comes out to under $1 per refill, even if you factor in the initial cost of the marker itself, and that per-refill cost will only go down over time.

    Also, nibs are replaceable, and you can purchase empty markers to mix your own colors. There's also the option of Copic Ciao markers, which cost about $3 at the site mentioned above, and can be refilled 12-15 times with Various Ink. Copic Multiliners (the metal ones) can also be refilled and have their tips replaced.

    I'm not sure about other conventions, but Emerald City Comic Con has a Copic booth every year, and their prices are very close to the Japanese prices, so looking up their convention schedule may be worthwhile.

  • ThatOne And onlyGamer

    Right now
    1 for pros aka just good at art and have the money get copics
    2 average drawing with like $20-30 get ohuhus or Prisma colors
    3 broke get ohuhus

    In case you're wondering why I have this list
    I bought 5 copins markers the cost $40 shit was lot $7.99 for ONE marker
    Prismacolors are about $2.99 each
    Ohuhus I think $30 for 80 marks they are the best cheap markers and look amazing
    So my opinion
    Pros : all of the above
    Average : Prisma colors or ohuhus
    Beginners trying to save money: ohuhus all the way I recommend the 2019 ones cuz they have brush tips

  • Kettudragon
    Kettudragon Month ago

    I saw a big pack of these markers on wish for 24$

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet Month ago

    Me : this drawing is so cool and amazing
    Kasey: the grass🥰🥰

  • Akameii
    Akameii Month ago

    Hmmmm I like the new name for Copic Markers...

    Copic Freaking Markers

  • It JayP
    It JayP Month ago

    Kasey: you can't make new colors with alcohol markers
    Jazza: Oh yeah...... about that

  • Dude
    Dude Month ago

    I wish I could have a japeneae friend 😏😏😏

  • meohmichael
    meohmichael Month ago

    1:52 the C7 Cool Gray is upside down

  • Ice bang
    Ice bang Month ago

    im only gonna say this again YOU ARE THE MOST PRETTY PERSON EVER OK

  • Live Art
    Live Art Month ago

    Now ohuhu have brush nib too!!😂😂

  • Inku
    Inku Month ago

    It’s probably that expensive cuz the brush nibs are hand made

  • Taargus
    Taargus Month ago

    Copic also sells replacement nibs for if yours get damaged or eventually wear down after much use.

  • Eliss Bell
    Eliss Bell Month ago

    So many great marker companies have brush markers tho

  • Winter_Moon Gacha!
    Winter_Moon Gacha! Month ago

    I had ad about copicsbefore the video 😂 and it’s a COPIC vid

  • Mai Con Nai
    Mai Con Nai Month ago

    I am an artist and I don't have the money to buy that :((

  • Megan Pike
    Megan Pike Month ago

    Anybody else annoyed that C7 was upside-down the whole time

  • Elizabeth Grady
    Elizabeth Grady Month ago

    I have to be honest here. This video really got on my nerves because she was talking about pro markers vs alternative cheaper ones. She has a lot easier of a time buying a better brand of marker! For those of us that cannot afford “pro markers” an alternative marker can work just as good.

  • Mia Fitzpatrick
    Mia Fitzpatrick Month ago

    ... andddddd how Ohuhu has a brush nib XD

  • Ethan James
    Ethan James Month ago

    I really like your art style 😄

  • Ameen Shahid
    Ameen Shahid Month ago

    Can you draw your own Pokemon? Your illustrations sometimes remind of Pokemon characters

  • Techno Joe
    Techno Joe 2 months ago

    That's the set that I really want

  • Timothy wacz
    Timothy wacz 2 months ago

    I had a copic ad before this video

  • Mundo Da Gigi
    Mundo Da Gigi 2 months ago

    I Love Copics i Love your video Copics so much wonderful my na me is Giovanna 😊

  • greyғoх555
    greyғoх555 2 months ago

    cough cough, now ohuhu markers have a new set with brush nibs