Black Ops 4: EVERYTHING the BIG 1.24 Update REALLY Changed (& Previewed)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
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Comments • 365

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    holy fucking shit watching the ttk in this game right after playing the new modern warfare is absolutely insane, the difference is astounding

  • XxSantiago09xX XX
    XxSantiago09xX XX 22 days ago

    Algun español :v

  • vJokerzs 313
    vJokerzs 313 22 days ago

    Operation Fortnite

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 22 days ago

    Arsenal sandstorm was my favorite map. Dang

  • LifeOfChrisss
    LifeOfChrisss 22 days ago

    Very well done video, here’s a like

  • troy betsen
    troy betsen 23 days ago

    Holy crap these updates are way too big, I literally had to delete everything on my PS4 just to download these updates, screw this week I’m waiting for dark divide

  • God
    God 24 days ago

    Boy how you only get 10 GB update I got 90 and its taking 4 days

  • Chowdz zz
    Chowdz zz 24 days ago

    Bo4’s community is so brain dead they don’t know there playing a pay to win game. I should have played ww2 for 2 years

  • Daniel
    Daniel 24 days ago

    I need help with the game I recently just bought it I dowoaded the 36gb update then after that it wants to me to download another 92gb is this right? I never seen a game with some big update the size, the update is a whole new game itself

  • Mook Makes Cool Content

    I hate that I miss this dumb ass game lmao

    ANTUAN MORALES 24 days ago

    I don't even have this game anymore

  • T4Bag4life
    T4Bag4life 25 days ago

    COD: BO4 - Operation Dark Fortnite 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
    I hate what they do to this games | RIP big time...
    Only have it installed for the Aether "finale" | CotD was awesome & I love it to come back 🙏🏽

  • Poosee Banga
    Poosee Banga 25 days ago

    After playing Modern Warfare BO4 is ASS

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore 25 days ago

    Can they remove casino and that garbage multiplayer zombie looking map as well?

  • drink my piss
    drink my piss 25 days ago

    Baller skin for zero isnt available anymore! WHAT THE FUCK

  • krazieclown89 _
    krazieclown89 _ 25 days ago

    You missed the banshee looking gun in the load up video bottom left

  • jay brz99
    jay brz99 25 days ago

    Why does no one ever go over skins

  • Gary Hyry
    Gary Hyry 25 days ago

    Taking a break from the video just to come down here and say...I will miss sandstorm. One of my favorite maps. And jungle...I won’t even play on jungle. I quit every match there and I won’t be playing the flooded version either. Jungle is the worst map in the game. Alright, now I’ll continue on with the video😂

  • Jon Wright
    Jon Wright 25 days ago

    Ground war is such trash

  • Nicholas Connolly
    Nicholas Connolly 25 days ago

    You kinda stupid in gta v when you download the update they have drip feed where the items/vehicles are in the game just the creator of the games company have to allow everyone to use it without updating again and that's what there doing here

  • numi netsumi
    numi netsumi 25 days ago

    I kinda think the hero skins make since considering the final avengers. avengers endgame coming out . It just fits right in. And to all the other avengers fans. I love u 3000.

  • Zeus69
    Zeus69 25 days ago

    That futuristic suit is battery,human torch firebreak,zero holding vmp,outrider rightest girl,seraph in white dress, ruin besides outrider,and rest can't really make out.

  • HuntWolf422
    HuntWolf422 25 days ago

    Ugh... After all the beautiful modern warfare videos, seeing thumbnails of bo4 reminds me that 1. It exists and 2. Why people hate this series right now.

  • Mr Gonzalez
    Mr Gonzalez 26 days ago

    The New Operation Looks Like That Free Game On Mobile Called *FREE FIRE* 🤔

  • EvilEjXD Gaming
    EvilEjXD Gaming 26 days ago +28

    Why are you idiots buying skins for a first person shooting game anyways?

    • aplex dav
      aplex dav 22 days ago

      But less popular

    • aplex dav
      aplex dav 22 days ago

      @SaltyPotato yea same could be said with bo4 but cuz u can't get custom skins on the console version but that didn't stop Microsoft from putting a price on then

    • SaltyPotato
      SaltyPotato 22 days ago

      @aplex dav Minecraft skins are a big thing as you can see them whenever you're in your inventory, you see your hand all the time and it's YOUR unique thing that defines you

    • aplex dav
      aplex dav 22 days ago

      @MK3 Andrew u right

  • Yolo Masta 69
    Yolo Masta 69 26 days ago

    I’m mad we still don’t have factions lol

  • Jake Sucks29
    Jake Sucks29 26 days ago

    *Epilepsy Warning*

    TXGAMER7 26 days ago

    Yaaaayy new update. Oh wow the same camos from preorder are available? Wooooow 😴😴😴

  • GalacticGamerX7
    GalacticGamerX7 26 days ago +4

    Nice this wil change the meta
    Unpopular opinion but this is my fav cod hands down👽🥁👽

  • YO Yo
    YO Yo 26 days ago

    All I want is normal nuketown

  • GG
    GG 26 days ago

    I called it I knew the vmp was coming

  • Maxwell XL 1
    Maxwell XL 1 26 days ago +1

    Had to delete all other games from console for this to fit.

  • G capalot
    G capalot 26 days ago

    Fuck this game im pissed i wasted 50 damn dollars for the season pass thinking im getting dlc but sike bitch everything in resverves and maps just come out any fucking way fuck this recycled peace of shit

  • Ultimis Richtofen the one and only Richtofen

    I had to delete red dead redemption for this update

  • Miss Ghost
    Miss Ghost 26 days ago +1

    The swordfish is gonna be so good on jungle flooded... it’s a 1 burst underwater

    • Lito1L
      Lito1L 25 days ago

      Swordfish weapon is for straight nonsense skilled pussies PERIOD!!! The easiest kill gun in the game and way to many sweaty bums use it but no worries that bitch gun isn't on MW4..... Thank god!!!!

  • Zed Bot
    Zed Bot 26 days ago


  • Kenneth Lawson
    Kenneth Lawson 26 days ago

    who cares the game is garbage modern warfare will definitely out do this pos game

    • Zed Bot
      Zed Bot 26 days ago

      They literally made 800million in one quarter while ppl where hating on bo4. I doubt that it will be topped.

  • Daniel Cliffe
    Daniel Cliffe 26 days ago

    Do u think infected final stand would work in the next operation

  • Israel Alcaraz
    Israel Alcaraz 26 days ago

    ight, ima head out. Not tryna play fortnite in cod, looks like ima just wait for MW now..

    • Zed Bot
      Zed Bot 26 days ago

      You got no minimap and cant cicly thru score streaks so at this point you arent even playing cod anymore..

  • Connor McLaughlin
    Connor McLaughlin 26 days ago

    Haven’t played in 3/4 months

  • Mr Roo
    Mr Roo 26 days ago

    Black ops is so fucking shit.. I haven't played It since January

  • UkzDestroyerZ
    UkzDestroyerZ 26 days ago

    no one cares about black ops 4

  • J-Dawg
    J-Dawg 26 days ago +16

    Dude your internet fast as shit! did anybody else see that load bar ?!

  • Juiced BREW
    Juiced BREW 26 days ago

    People still play this game?

  • TJ Wagner
    TJ Wagner 26 days ago

    Just tired of this game. Thank god Modern Warfare is going back to a war theme. Treyarch lost its path

    • Mo Nabil
      Mo Nabil 26 days ago

      TJ Wagner i dont know what it is. Mw feels nice and stuff but they really didnt have to put the minimap away. And that shit with the door is just stupid.

    • TJ Wagner
      TJ Wagner 26 days ago

      @Mo Nabil true. It might change with the casual players coming in this weekend though

    • Mo Nabil
      Mo Nabil 26 days ago

      TJ Wagner yeah war theme but camping in the building but still war theme

  • The savage gummy Bear
    The savage gummy Bear 26 days ago

    Wow... just wow, this an absolute new low, I thought the rest of the game was such a cash grab rip off to begin with, (I’ll clarify this by saying I fucking despise fortnite) but their literally just an M rated fortnite copy with worse micro transactions and shitty loot boxes, super hero’s? In cod? Man they have really run out of ideas. This is just pathetic... I don’t want it to and hope to god it doesn’t because it’s a game I’m genuinely excited for but modern warfare will most likely go the same route, and don’t bull shit yourself you know it will... it’s activision.

  • espino plays
    espino plays 26 days ago

    Copying it was rough lol took all day

  • Dragos_D96
    Dragos_D96 26 days ago

    is on 23 for all platfroms? i am on pc i want to know if i com back to try :))

  • Mr McNutt95
    Mr McNutt95 26 days ago

    Love your vid . I go to you for everything blackout related

  • Leo
    Leo 26 days ago

    U try so hard to be on the fence it kills me

  • Jacob Fleming
    Jacob Fleming 26 days ago

    Bring back pandemic

  • Natasha Buckley
    Natasha Buckley 26 days ago

    My numbers outfit for Zero isn’t there anymore...doesn’t even display that there is an outfit to gain at all, even though I took ages to get it. Anybody know why?

  • The Jokerking
    The Jokerking 26 days ago +1

    Mw4 ends cartoon bo4

  • Terelle Mackey
    Terelle Mackey 26 days ago

    worst game of all time

  • SuperTopCat
    SuperTopCat 26 days ago

    The aim assist is still insane

  • Gottii C
    Gottii C 26 days ago

    Im more excited for season 23 of south park coming on on the 25th!

  • Thomas Edlund
    Thomas Edlund 26 days ago +1

    They should remove aim assist completely! It’s for noobs

    • Howard The Alien
      Howard The Alien 26 days ago

      Lots of people use aim assist and you still gotta have skill with it you have to have good movement whether you're playing multiplayer or blackout

    • Mo Nabil
      Mo Nabil 26 days ago

      Thomas Edlund wait hold up

  • EVigilanty656
    EVigilanty656 26 days ago

    Mp sucks

  • Jordan Griffiths
    Jordan Griffiths 26 days ago

    BO4 is dead now. Move along people

  • Spoinks
    Spoinks 26 days ago

    Glad this games gonna die hard when MW fully releases. Already noticed a decrease just with the beta.