Learn Russian in 30 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need


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  • Nuno Cordeiro dos Santos

    You are beautiful and I just fell in Love with you. Ты очень красивая

  • non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    that moment when you're an italian trying to learn russian in english lol

  • joseph carlson
    joseph carlson 3 days ago

    Awesome great Russian Language. I stated studying it when I fell in Love the The singing Duo T.A.t.U and have been learing ever since. Большой спасибо . There is a lot of grammer rules I have to learn but totally worth the hard work!

  • –α ʀ ι α –
    –α ʀ ι α – 6 days ago +1

    why is o pronounced a?

  • HCL991
    HCL991 10 days ago

    Jesus christ, stop talking I just want to bang you girl!

  • Sour Lemons
    Sour Lemons 12 days ago +1

    Я уже знаю как по-русски разговаривать 😂

  • sister girls
    sister girls 13 days ago

    Thank you so much my dad is russian and a dot no how to speak but now yyyeess you help me so much

  • Азат Гибадуллин

    I am Russian. Learning English. I propose to communicate on Skype and help each other

  • Anuta Gagarina
    Anuta Gagarina 16 days ago

    Privet menya zovut Anna Привет меня зовут Аня 🖒

  • gokuluca3
    gokuluca3 16 days ago

    If blyat means fuck, blyating means fucking?

  • Ujio Nishimura
    Ujio Nishimura 16 days ago


  • ZeldasTears
    ZeldasTears 18 days ago

    Wow.. so no wonder Russians say "big thanks" when they speak English. That's what it literally means from Russian

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf 19 days ago +2

    Я один тут надеялся увидеть иностранца, который не может нормально говорить по русски?

  • Sabrine BA
    Sabrine BA 20 days ago

    very helpful thank you very much

  • S. Karl DeinKaiser
    S. Karl DeinKaiser 20 days ago

    She doesn't look russian at all, but mongolic.
    Probably part of Russia's heritage after the golden horde. Interesting.

  • Денис М
    Денис М 20 days ago

    Hi guys! I'm from Russia and I can help you to learn the Russian language in exchange on speaking in English. We can start from simple things like individual words or simple short sentences in case you are at a beginner level. Let me know if you're interested in. My email registx7@gmail.com

  • Allmagesty
    Allmagesty 20 days ago

    Russian is a super easy to learn language. For native English speakers by some research it will take about one and half year to start to speak in it. In Russian you can change word’s position, mispronounce words or even skip some of them people still will understood you.

    • Allmagesty
      Allmagesty 20 days ago

      Basically the same as in English you can make as much mistakes as me it’s still would be understandable. Just see how many foreigners speak Russian, about half of all Russian speaking people in the world are not Russians themselves, including me. By the way for those who are wondering why she looks Asian: there are a lot of us especially in Siberia ( Buriat-Mongolians, Yakuts, Koreans, Kalmyk-Mongolians and etc)

  • Kevin Klingsheim
    Kevin Klingsheim 21 day ago

    How do you say "fucking bitch!" in Russian?

  • Даниил Григорьев

    Dear English-speaking friends! Help me learn to speak English. I am a rare pedant and a bore, and I want to know everything thoroughly! If you are the same and want to help me - welcome)) Write me a personal message or response to this comment. P.S. And also I can always help you with Russian language, if you you wish. Thank you!

  • Pinal D.Sangma
    Pinal D.Sangma 26 days ago

    Ochen priatna.

  • ツVladusha
    ツVladusha 27 days ago

    Ору блять, то чувство, когда русский...

    MR. КЛАСС 28 days ago

    Мне нужно обучать русский язык я итак знаю

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User 29 days ago

    *so hello is zdravstvuite in russian.*
    *I give up.*

  • AnotherMaggot
    AnotherMaggot 29 days ago +1


  • roger white
    roger white Month ago

    ok enough for tonight .going to get a headache,LOL

  • Alex Gemi
    Alex Gemi Month ago

    Hi Svetlana I want to cum inside you and let you lie there for thirty minutes as my baby batter fries your eggs

  • стас афанасьев

    who needs help learning English here is my instagram - instagram.com/stanislavafanasev1397/?hl=ru

  • xtroandrei
    xtroandrei Month ago

    Try change Latin letters to Russian letters in your usual native language text. Letter by letter. Gradually. You learn Russian ABC very quickly. It comes to any weird alphabet too, Greek for example. (Not for Chinese of course)

  • randall white
    randall white Month ago

    Can you make a video of how to express time of hour and day

  • TiK ToK
    TiK ToK Month ago +2

    Я сюда пришла чисто поржать:)

  • TiK ToK
    TiK ToK Month ago +1

    Кто тут русский?

  • Андрей Миллер

    What u don't understand is that when they say "we will see you in the next *********** in 3 minuets lession" after the one about shopping, there never is one. Why??

  • Gacha studio/Gacha life/Gacha Verse /pocket chibi

    Pls send more videos in this style, other systems are useless. Teacher Svetlana has an effective teaching style

  • мои бои
    мои бои Month ago

    Hi i'm from russia ) And i think it's just wasting of your time.
    Becouse it's so basic kind of luguge , when studied English(I do it now too) , Ireally didn't use somethink like this. And I think if you really want to study this languge then firstly you have to learn how to read. after some basic wards, and basic gramar. becouse you just study a phrases here, but if you'll now some basic warlds, gramar, and you'll can read, then you would to say this phrases without any prablems. P.s if you really want to study this lunguge then let me know.

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov Month ago

      +Kreigstank WoTB You can start by downloading a Duolingo app, it will teach you a basic vocabulary and grammar rules. Find someone to help you with pronunciation and make sure you are not completely butchering the language when you speak it. Apps like tandem or italki work great for that. Read and listen as much as you can, no matter what it would be, but you should like it, it should feel like a hobby, because you'll spend tens of hours doing that. Finally, find a language exchange partner and practice your speaking skills by talking about various topics.

    • мои бои
      мои бои Month ago

      I think it's Russian, Or you just can log up in the VK (It's something like Facebook but in Russian ) and just try to find some luguage's partner. It'll be ease because a lot of Russian people waste a lot of time for it. And if you introduce yourself to they, so then they'll be fun. and if you want then you can write to me

    • Kreigstank WoTB
      Kreigstank WoTB Month ago

      Where are the best places to learn Russian?

  • Артем Артемов

    19:02 I call you)

  • Ferenc Csordás
    Ferenc Csordás Month ago

    Why on earth are you speaking sooo fast?? there is no time to memorize or anything...

  • dezangerman
    dezangerman Month ago

    You should point out right away that the non stressed letter o, becomes a when you pronounce it.

  • Joy Yih
    Joy Yih Month ago

    Reminds me of a Russian pikachu when she says пока пока ☺️

  • rockpickable
    rockpickable Month ago

    16:22 "If you accidentally bomb somebody" ... Listen closely, americans, this might come in handy ;-)

  • [PavelBrykalin]-FIFA MOBILE Fifa18

    Да,трудно вам будет с русским😁😁

  • Джонни Кейдж

    Бурятка учит русскому языку англичан.... Оригинально...

    • Allmagesty
      Allmagesty 20 days ago

      Джонни Кейдж мы буряты везде

  • Clacko X
    Clacko X Month ago

    breh ure so hot im gonna learn russian now

  • Minimalist Maximalist

    Why would you learn Russian if you're stuck in Egypt....
    Why even bother learn any language if you're stuck in one place indefinitely...

  • Display Name
    Display Name Month ago

    Моя цель - стать тройным шпионом КГБ-ЦРУ.

  • no no
    no no Month ago

    i literally speak russian fluently why am i watching this

  • Кейси Iddy
    Кейси Iddy Month ago

    Hi, my name is Keisy. I am from Russia. I can speak Russia very well, but i want to speak English too. We could help each other. If you want to speak russian, write to whatsapp +79221314045 or in the comments. It will be nice to chat :))

  • victorarnault
    victorarnault Month ago

    We found everything in TVclip!

  • Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger Month ago

    Svetlana is very hot! :))

  • Aysu G.
    Aysu G. 2 months ago

    Zdravstvuite is so hard to pronounce :(

    • Masin
      Masin Month ago

      For Russians too
      Therefore, we shorten it to “drastvuyte” in official speech, and to “drasti(rarely, more often simply“ privet ”,
      “ ku ” “ hi ”) in an unofficial speech

  • In Short
    In Short 2 months ago

    I adore your smile.

  • casper sander
    casper sander 2 months ago

    Any English speaker want to practice Russian together, we can do it on VK.

  • Dey Badis
    Dey Badis 2 months ago

    You are beautiful and have a nice voice and clear spelling

  • DON'T VIDEO 22
    DON'T VIDEO 22 2 months ago

    Как ваши успехи ?

  • Strange Unknowns
    Strange Unknowns 2 months ago +1

    Gotta learn how to do Russian math now too 23:15

  • lavie maintenant
    lavie maintenant 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if Trump took these classes.

  • Sushma Kumari
    Sushma Kumari 2 months ago

    My favorite teacher is Svetlana. Love you

  • BenzwreckerDortmund
    BenzwreckerDortmund 2 months ago +1

    Svetlana, take care! I will thieft you, and i will learn you german! :)

  • Daniel Mora
    Daniel Mora 2 months ago

    Stern...stern but fair

  • Physiology Shark
    Physiology Shark 2 months ago +1

    Greeting tip =

    Don't shake hand in front of a door in Russia

  • Robert O.
    Robert O. 2 months ago

    If she ever interrogates me, I‘ll tell her everything after a few beatings.

  • Elisha Morozov Orlov
    Elisha Morozov Orlov 2 months ago

    Привет 👋

  • Weutonic ᛟ
    Weutonic ᛟ 2 months ago

    well thats the reason why i learned polish instead. they have only one word in there language
    Kurwa, kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa.
    see ez.

  • Mritunjoy Chiran
    Mritunjoy Chiran 2 months ago


  • Coleman Cherry
    Coleman Cherry 2 months ago

    by the way good job Svetlana Polikarpova you are being a great standard Russian teacher

  • Coleman Cherry
    Coleman Cherry 2 months ago

    Hi everyone please keep in mind this is the standard Moscovian dialect if you would like to learn other dialects please make requests on my channel or email me at Karateninjamaster@hotmail.com

  • John S
    John S 2 months ago

    Very useful thanks .😍👏👍...🌹

  • Chappie Чаппи 2 2
    Chappie Чаппи 2 2 2 months ago

    Don't forget what Ukrainians and Belarusians know Russian too.

    STUDENT ALEX 2 months ago

    wanna practice russian?
    leave a comment below , i’m looking for some partners out here

  • Kamilio !
    Kamilio ! 2 months ago

    Мой кот пахнет кошачьим питанием))))))

  • Orla Organ
    Orla Organ 2 months ago

    sexy girlfriend!

  • Riou Mason Busujima
    Riou Mason Busujima 2 months ago


  • Sifatullah Solo
    Sifatullah Solo 2 months ago

    perfect teacher

  • Lejla Kovacevic
    Lejla Kovacevic 3 months ago +2

    This is not so hard because im bosnian and the balkan/slavic languages are similar af 😂👌

  • Китай рядом
    Китай рядом 3 months ago

    Hello everyone! I'm a Russian psychologist. My age is 30. I want to communicate in Skype with afroamerican girl from USA, who learning russian. I'm atletic and beautiful. And think, that you pretty. I'm merried and just want higher motivation for communicate with pleasant girl. Just communicate. I work on a factory, but lern web-programming, becouse my profession don't make me rich. I like sport. In the university 3 years i did wrestling. I have no freinds with african genetic (sory for my English), and want correct this. I expect to 1-2 times on a week for our calling for skype. My russian word vocabulary is enough big, and i know how working our memory, than i think can help you.

    Please, write me here for exchange our Skype-adress. Good luck!

  • Toster
    Toster 3 months ago

    Россияне учат его 11 лет и в предачу универ, то-есть ещё 5 лет как минимум. А тут за «30минут» англоязычные страны хотят его выучить

  • 1
    1 3 months ago

    Привет! Would you like to join a server with complete freedom of speech? A server to learn Russian with other like-minded individuals? Or a server to just chat and fuck around in? Well thats гопник! Guaranteed active members! Do you hate the server and think I should kill myself? Please message me all of your complaints and I will do my best to fix them, this isn't Bethesda I actually do my best to fix server issues👍🏼

  • Steve Lillis
    Steve Lillis 3 months ago

    I love how she says it's simple. seriously it's bloody difficult to pronounce any words

  • slovenski pro
    slovenski pro 3 months ago

    Hard like 100000000000 rocks

  • GoG
    GoG 3 months ago

    Хуйня! Ребята, нас наебали, расходимся

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix 3 months ago

    Garage 54

  • Tash Yan
    Tash Yan 3 months ago +2

    im russian and this so funny to see how you learn

  • Paulin Pornovideot
    Paulin Pornovideot 3 months ago

    11:29 Isn't it "govoriete"?

  • Showery
    Showery 3 months ago +1

    I know English german and Spanish but russian is deafinitly the hardest

    • Marco
      Marco 25 days ago

      +Yoyo Yuan German seems easier.

    • Yoyo Yuan
      Yoyo Yuan 2 months ago

      I think Russian is easier than German

  • Анна Новик
    Анна Новик 3 months ago

    Русский очень лёгкий,красивый язык😜😜😜😜

  • Даниил Королёв

    Изи выучил.

  • Chloroplast t
    Chloroplast t 3 months ago


  • Bosnian Lion
    Bosnian Lion 3 months ago

    2:55 Interesting ha

  • UnturnedSupremeGames TV

    Welcome russian weebs

  • BelieveMeKissTV
    BelieveMeKissTV 4 months ago

    по-моему ты русскоговорящая?

  • BelieveMeKissTV
    BelieveMeKissTV 4 months ago

    сложно, ты англоговорящая или русскоговорящая?

    • In Short
      In Short 2 months ago

      2-ух язычная🤣🤣🤣

  • Good Intentions
    Good Intentions 4 months ago

    Im trying to concentrate but i end up masturbating

  • Joseph Cheek
    Joseph Cheek 4 months ago

    blyat that was hard y must rusian be hard

  • marjam A
    marjam A 4 months ago

    I want to lern russian and I am from Sweden, but I can English, German, Kurdish and polish too (that's where I am from) so it's not that hard, sounds like polish actually

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov 4 months ago +1

      Then learning Russian would be a breeze for you: Russian grammar has a lot of concepts that are present in Polish grammar and the majority of modern words are inhereted from German or English.

  • Verse Squared
    Verse Squared 4 months ago

    Privet, menya zovut Rawiri Dawson. Ochen' priatno! Hello Russia from New Zealand - keep up the good work!

  • xxxHTGaming
    xxxHTGaming 4 months ago

    сука блять

  • Omid Mominyar
    Omid Mominyar 4 months ago

    We Russian lmao 😝
    how your proud on Russia and forgot your own f.. country which is Kazakhstan/Kirghizistan probably!
    You just got citizenship of Russia perhaps .. as fuckin me hehe

  • LxdDx B
    LxdDx B 4 months ago

    Poka ( we spell it "baka" ) in japanese means stupid

    I'm just tellin' ya'll

  • Simo Ne
    Simo Ne 4 months ago

    mh... quite wrong since the beginning... Menya zovut is much more similar to THEY CALL ME rather than SOMEONE CALLS ME. This creates confusion. Zovut is 3rd plural subject of the verb, why complicate it?!

  • Etcetera
    Etcetera 4 months ago

    Spasibo, This helped me learn some russian, da svidaniya!