Learn Russian in 30 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
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  • Nikhil Dattatreya

    Спасибо! Это очень помогло в России

  • Jocept seed
    Jocept seed 2 days ago

    Suka blyat

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 4 days ago

    Cyka blyat

  • Rachel Oloughlin
    Rachel Oloughlin 6 days ago

    Great video! Informative and straightforward. Thank you!

  • Neema Paxima
    Neema Paxima 8 days ago

    In Russia you don't learn Russian, Russian learns you

  • Neema Paxima
    Neema Paxima 8 days ago

    In Russian you don't learn Russian, Russian learns you

  • Anubis The Jackal
    Anubis The Jackal 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only Arabic speaker having a crack at this

  • Apurva Kshirsagar
    Apurva Kshirsagar 12 days ago


  • Dakirellah Mostafa
    Dakirellah Mostafa 12 days ago


  • Dakirellah Mostafa
    Dakirellah Mostafa 12 days ago

    How are you

  • No Clip
    No Clip 12 days ago +1

    Хмм, очень познавательно )

  • marilyn gazelle
    marilyn gazelle 13 days ago

    French Turkish way easier. But i am going to learn it. I need to see baby videos. She is too fast. Nsvdjebeijegfjdidjrir

  • Red Pilled Dude
    Red Pilled Dude 13 days ago

    Cyka blyat Vodka

  • Ребята с нашего двора

    Рашка глазами иностранцев куда приятнее, вот почему ☝️

  • Екатерина Васильева

    Представляю, как тяжело изучать русский 🙈 мы-русские иногда сами путаемся😁

  • Colin Hirschberg
    Colin Hirschberg 14 days ago

    To say "my name is" in Russian, why can't I just say "мое имя" instead of "меня зовут."

  • Bboy Zayde
    Bboy Zayde 14 days ago

    صباح الخير

  • Hossein D
    Hossein D 15 days ago

    Does it help marry a Russian girl learning Russian ?!

  • Megt420 Megt420
    Megt420 Megt420 16 days ago

    I can’t believe in only 30mins I learned Russian. Thanks again TVclip!

    • Павел Гончаров
      Павел Гончаров 13 days ago

      Hi, i can help you in learning Russian language, i learn English language and find new friends, if you are not against)

  • Polina Kim
    Polina Kim 17 days ago

    Hello! If you learn Russian Language write me in Instagram: mc_koktelka
    I help you:)
    I'm Russian/Я Россиянка и помогу в изучении!!!Пишите,всем отвечу!

  • paul barresi
    paul barresi 18 days ago

    This is a very Good introduction in trying to learn Russian

  • nikolay Nadtochiy
    nikolay Nadtochiy 19 days ago

    Обратите внимание: когда вы объясняете произношение слова "пожалуйста", вы используете полную форму "пожаЛУЙста". А ведь носители русского языка НИГДЕ и НИКОГДА так не произносят это слово. Единственное исключение - урок русского языка для перво- или второклассников, когда учитель по буквам втолковывает ученикам разницу между звучанием слова и его написанием.

  • WalidHadjeri
    WalidHadjeri 19 days ago

    I came here because the only word I know is "Cyka" and I want to improve my language.

  • Top10 Playlist
    Top10 Playlist 21 day ago

    Я люблю тебя
    ты выйдешь за меня?
    Спасибо... 😙😙😙

  • TheDeadManKing
    TheDeadManKing 22 days ago

    Suka blyat pizdiet

  • Olga us
    Olga us 23 days ago

    Girls let's talk in WhatsApp, I can help you with Russian, I'm a native speaker. Boys please don't bother me (my husband is jealous)

  • Sir Fa
    Sir Fa 24 days ago

    Please do a video on religious phrases and etc

  • Paha Rabanne
    Paha Rabanne 25 days ago +1

    Chinese girl is learning me how to speak Russian. What the fuck with Russia?

  • awesomesauce666
    awesomesauce666 25 days ago

    Putin sent me

  • Electronic Adventures
    Electronic Adventures 25 days ago +1

    Chernobyl, potato, vodka.

  • JUZD
    JUZD 27 days ago

    Зашла, чтобы посмотреть, как иностранцы учат русский😅

  • Kate Zaichuk
    Kate Zaichuk 28 days ago

    Hi everybody! I need someone with native English who wants to speak Russian with someone) Now I really need to overcome my English language barrier, and I have a native Russian to exchange! So you welcome to my Skype katya.zaych

  • Daisy Daily
    Daisy Daily 29 days ago

    Здравствуйте меня зовут Светлана Приятно познакомиться! 😁 я думаю, я знаю, как говорить на этом языке! 😛

  • Xinyi Yang
    Xinyi Yang 29 days ago +1


  • Lance Biggums
    Lance Biggums 29 days ago

    How am I supposed to learn Russian from a little food court cashier

  • Dr. Jignesh
    Dr. Jignesh Month ago

    Can you give me any big Russian Market in kemerovo Oblast

  • ambairish kumar
    ambairish kumar Month ago

    I will Russian and get Russian chicks

  • Harjeet Singh
    Harjeet Singh Month ago +1

    Three language must
    1. Russian (if Russia defeat USA in ww3)
    2. German (If Hitler defeat USA and Russia)
    3.English (no need USA will be defeated)

    • Harjeet Singh
      Harjeet Singh Month ago

      +PerfectlyExtr a he will rise from the grave to tell the truth about Jews but unfortunately his earthly life was ended long ago

    • PerfectlyExtr a
      PerfectlyExtr a Month ago

      Harjeet Singh I thought hitler was dead?

  • Name 1001
    Name 1001 Month ago +3

    smh why is a chinese women teaching this

  • Bon Summers
    Bon Summers Month ago +1

    You not Russian, you Chinese/Asian.

  • Abubakr J
    Abubakr J Month ago

    Alguien habla “español” ???

  • C M
    C M Month ago

    very weel done !

  • Rare Type Of Trolls

    Hey, anyone alive here?
    I have an idea - let's chat under this comment. You (if you learning russian) - write me in russian (as you can for this moment), I'm writing in english. And we can check each other and help =)
    Now try to answer: Как ваши дела?

  • Ewout Lagendijk
    Ewout Lagendijk Month ago

    очень интересно

  • Wot_Blitz_Heroes_of_tanks тестовый_канал

    Всем приветик! Меня величают Георгий! На Руси говорят так!

  • Iris Cox
    Iris Cox Month ago

    Привет я ирис Очень приятно. Как твои дела?

  • david  he
    david he Month ago

    good russion lesson

  • wow you read this comment !

    Alright- I’m not a native speaker in Russian but I understand quite a bit. The best advice is to watch a lot of movies and try to read book or most preferably magazines. Never focus on every single rule. That’s just going to be hard.

    • captain leah
      captain leah 17 days ago

      How would I go about learning the vocabulary needed to read the magazines in Russian?

  • Allan Martins
    Allan Martins Month ago

    How its sai when is for portuguese?

  • Cesar Zamora
    Cesar Zamora Month ago


  • Mohammed Arqam
    Mohammed Arqam Month ago

    Privet lesbiana likemiakhalifa analgood

  • Emanuel Abraham
    Emanuel Abraham Month ago

    This so stupid how ur gona learn somebody russian without learing them the alphabet

  • LOL
    LOL Month ago

    Thank you for speaking so slowly!!

  • Green Cactus
    Green Cactus Month ago

    How to translate "Chicky" To Russian ( From Where's Chicky cartoon ) . Please help me !!!!

  • Ghufran Ataie
    Ghufran Ataie Month ago

    She is so attractive I just love her

  • maka M
    maka M 2 months ago

    I have been learning Russian for 5 years at school, my mom lived there for 4 years with her family, so my 2nd lenguage should be russian and i can't even keep up with this video, i can only read and write in russian and know very few words

    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov Month ago +1

      It is ok, a lot of these tutorials are way too fast. You should try Duolingo or Memrise apps, they are pretty good at teaching the basics of the language.

  • Laurynas
    Laurynas 2 months ago

    zdarova menja zavut kiesha, ja liublju cemki

  • Иван
    Иван 2 months ago

    Hello. I live in Russia from Khabarovsk city. I student English and American lanuage. My Whats App +79241058887. My name is Ivan. You will write.

  • Clown Shoes MMA
    Clown Shoes MMA 2 months ago +1

    My stupid tongue can’t make the Zd sound 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Zachinator
      Zachinator Month ago

      Try to pronounce здесь

  • ARMY행복이있다.
    ARMY행복이있다. 2 months ago

    Почему я учу русский язык 14 лет а они за 30 минут???

  • sugmapeen
    sugmapeen 2 months ago +4

    suka blyat, that's all i need

  • Remi Alexander
    Remi Alexander 2 months ago

    I tried to cll you on your telephone number provided, no response :(

  • Salty Butter
    Salty Butter 2 months ago

    cyka blyat

  • ily
    ily 2 months ago

    Сука блять

  • Veo
    Veo 2 months ago

    She speaks way too fast. Couldn't learn a single word :(

  • Fnord Fnordington
    Fnord Fnordington 2 months ago

    an asian with brown skin and russian accent that lives in america? fuck me now ive seen everything

  • Gregory Slon
    Gregory Slon 2 months ago

    Want somebody to leart the language with me?

  • Nyan Candy Vocaloid
    Nyan Candy Vocaloid 2 months ago

    I am Russian and I could not even believe how hard my language is for foreigh people.
    Like I mean... I've been learning French, English, Italian, Norwegian and Japanese for six years. And still learning. And honestly this is tough for me sometimes.
    But when I see how Americans or English complain about Russian... I'm thinking that languages that I learning are not tha-a-at difficult, lmao.

  • Alwaysintosomething TG
    Alwaysintosomething TG 2 months ago

    This isn't 27 mins more like 3 years to learn how to say this.

  • навида
    навида 2 months ago

    Hi!! Would anyone like to help me learn some Russian over discord? I can return the favour, I’m fluent in English. I can help you if you’d like. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’re interested. :)

  • Slow Russian
    Slow Russian 2 months ago +2

    Hey there! :)
    I produce videos in very clear and slow-spoken Russian paired with Russian and English subtitles so that you can practice your understanding and listening!

  • Charles Horlacher
    Charles Horlacher 2 months ago

    excellent. wonder if my Russian will sound too harsh like the Russian Colonels in the Rambo movies. Learning Russian and German this year. Can't wait.

  • Mickaeluv_
    Mickaeluv_ 2 months ago


  • Aleksei Smirnov
    Aleksei Smirnov 2 months ago

    What the fucking point to learn that garbage language?!

    • DimaFromRussia1
      DimaFromRussia1 2 months ago +1

      Ну тебя ничего кроме собственной тупости же не заставляет писать это дерьмо?

    • Naomi H.
      Naomi H. 2 months ago

      што што?

  • 에리스elise
    에리스elise 2 months ago

    кто уже знают русский, но тут потому что им кучно?

  • Spulkagent47
    Spulkagent47 2 months ago

    It's so complicate. I got to Privet and my head explode.

  • Smoke and Mirrors
    Smoke and Mirrors 2 months ago

    #1Thank you for the lessons in Russian language, it is a hard one to learn but beautiful. #2 You are also quite beautiful!😍😍😍😍

  • Nuno Cordeiro dos Santos
    Nuno Cordeiro dos Santos 2 months ago +1

    You are beautiful and I just fell in Love with you. Ты очень красивая

  • non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    that moment when you're an italian trying to learn russian in english lol

  • joseph carlson
    joseph carlson 3 months ago

    Awesome great Russian Language. I stated studying it when I fell in Love the The singing Duo T.A.t.U and have been learing ever since. Большой спасибо . There is a lot of grammer rules I have to learn but totally worth the hard work!

  • –α ʀ ι α –
    –α ʀ ι α – 3 months ago +4

    why is o pronounced a?

    • Lebanese_falafel
      Lebanese_falafel 17 days ago

      o. sound like "oe"
      a. sound like "á"
      Both don't have any equivalent in English, the best you can do is learn by listen others saying it 👍

    • Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com
      Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com  Month ago

      Hello -α ʀ ι α -,

      In unstressed position [o] should be pronounced as [a].

      Team RussianPod101.com

    • Debby Kay
      Debby Kay Month ago

      Our Russian teacher told us that it is pronounced "a" when it is not accented in a word

    • 에리스elise
      에리스elise 2 months ago +1

      -α ʀ ι α -
      i know why, but idk how to explain so. search it up :)

  • HCL991
    HCL991 3 months ago

    Jesus christ, stop talking I just want to bang you girl!

  • Sour Lemons
    Sour Lemons 3 months ago +2

    Я уже знаю как по-русски разговаривать 😂

  • sister girls
    sister girls 3 months ago

    Thank you so much my dad is russian and a dot no how to speak but now yyyeess you help me so much

  • Азат Гибадуллин

    I am Russian. Learning English. I propose to communicate on Skype and help each other

  • Anuta Gagarina
    Anuta Gagarina 3 months ago

    Privet menya zovut Anna Привет меня зовут Аня 🖒

  • gokuluca3
    gokuluca3 3 months ago

    If blyat means fuck, blyating means fucking?

  • Ujio Nishimura
    Ujio Nishimura 3 months ago


  • ZeldasTears
    ZeldasTears 3 months ago

    Wow.. so no wonder Russians say "big thanks" when they speak English. That's what it literally means from Russian

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf 3 months ago +4

    Я один тут надеялся увидеть иностранца, который не может нормально говорить по русски?

  • Sabrine BA
    Sabrine BA 3 months ago

    very helpful thank you very much

  • Chad
    Chad 3 months ago

    She doesn't look russian at all, but mongolic.
    Probably part of Russia's heritage after the golden horde. Interesting.

  • Денис М
    Денис М 3 months ago

    Hi guys! I'm from Russia and I can help you to learn the Russian language in exchange on speaking in English. We can start from simple things like individual words or simple short sentences in case you are at a beginner level. Let me know if you're interested in. My email registx7@gmail.com

  • Allmagesty
    Allmagesty 3 months ago

    Russian is a super easy to learn language. For native English speakers by some research it will take about one and half year to start to speak in it. In Russian you can change word’s position, mispronounce words or even skip some of them people still will understood you.

    • Allmagesty
      Allmagesty 3 months ago

      Basically the same as in English you can make as much mistakes as me it’s still would be understandable. Just see how many foreigners speak Russian, about half of all Russian speaking people in the world are not Russians themselves, including me. By the way for those who are wondering why she looks Asian: there are a lot of us especially in Siberia ( Buriat-Mongolians, Yakuts, Koreans, Kalmyk-Mongolians and etc)

  • Kevin Klingsheim
    Kevin Klingsheim 3 months ago

    How do you say "fucking bitch!" in Russian?

  • Даниил Григорьев

    Dear English-speaking friends! Help me learn to speak English. I am a rare pedant and a bore, and I want to know everything thoroughly! If you are the same and want to help me - welcome)) Write me a personal message or response to this comment. P.S. And also I can always help you with Russian language, if you you wish. Thank you!

  • Pinal D.Sangma
    Pinal D.Sangma 3 months ago

    Ochen priatna.

  • ツVladusha
    ツVladusha 3 months ago

    Ору блять, то чувство, когда русский...

    MR. КЛАСС 3 months ago

    Мне нужно обучать русский язык я итак знаю