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  • Caleb Austin
    Caleb Austin 7 months ago

    First off, thank you for posting this so that I could watch it. You have the longest video regarding the subject, so I assumed the entire hearing would be here. However, the very part that prompted me to watch your 5 hour video isn't even in it anywhere. I'm talking specifically about a part where Mr. Comey says something about wishing he was stronger. It was on Fox news, and the only coverage they showed, which didn't strike me as fair and balanced. So I wanted to see what context it was used in, or really just the entire hearing so I could form my own opinion on it. But is seems that you have omitted this clip from your post. I wonder what other questions you decided to ommit? I would appreciate some sort of response.

  • tr0j3ng0d 81211
    tr0j3ng0d 81211 7 months ago

    ms Sewell is fucking retarded she literally accomplished nothing except wasting time

  • princess adna of maronia.

    I WAS RIGHT! i told everybody abute it and they didnt believe me, (except the teacher he had the same theory as i did.) and now that Donald Trump gets burned, go to hell Donald Trump or should i say, Donald fuck! i watched the numbers on the president election and Hilary Clinton ( so sorry if i typed her name wrong i`m truly am sorry, she is an awsome woman.) had much more

    numbers than that Raisist Woman Hater, and when he won i was like. WTF!? NO! SHE HAD MUCH MORE NUMBERS THAN HIM WTF!? and the others were like, thats how it is man he won she lost. no i didnt want to accept it! he got help from Russia by Hacking and that is law braking!
    i hope he gets a Punishment suitable for that Swine! i`m a proud female and i`m with my fellow Sisters, (i`m not with Feneminst like Anita Sarkeesian she is a Bi=ch.) and i wont let a bastard like that be leader. and to mentioned one in my Class Sushed at me when i explained abute Snap-Chat and believe me Ladies and Gentlemen, i wanted to Tear his Throat out and feed it to the Dogs!
    and thank you for your time reading this.

  • Ken Barriere
    Ken Barriere 7 months ago

    Nunes is a fag

  • João Sampaio
    João Sampaio 7 months ago

    34:30 MY FAVORITE MOMENT. *Sipping on liberal tears*

  • Veronica Rodriguez
    Veronica Rodriguez 7 months ago


  • RobertsDigital LAX
    RobertsDigital LAX 7 months ago

    Trump is not the President l. The Russians helped him win.

  • Hapax Legomenon
    Hapax Legomenon 8 months ago

    I've read the main US intelligence reports that draw the conclusion that Russia hacked the DNC. I have a link to the video where I go over this in my channel. Basically... the evidence isn't all that convincing.

  • The Sammy Jenkins Experience

    Ahh, so this is why the Steele report was published by BuzzFeed.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 8 months ago

    After 26 years in law it's no wonder the public will never trust the FBI again the director failed to do his job and prosecute Hillary and I could only wish I'm the one that gets to handcuff him someday

  • Thomas Sanzi
    Thomas Sanzi 8 months ago


  • Thomas Sanzi
    Thomas Sanzi 8 months ago


  • TheGuymox
    TheGuymox 8 months ago

    I can tell who the Democrats are by their stupid questions and statements..


    no need to doubt comey is island a homo! reading script from computer prompter..blackmailable videos coming soon!

  • Ruth Stevenson
    Ruth Stevenson 8 months ago

    Truly Honorable people are rare and to be treasured. Distinctions in "honorable" are relative to perspective and are often only recognized by history. We need these people to advocate FOR us and support us. Pray for discernment in knowing WHO these individuals are. They are our last refuge in a complicated and corrupt world. Having the power to know and maintain irrefutable integrity will eventually be exposed. May God help us! Ask yourself if ANYONE in an influential and far reaching position has the integrity and life purpose to understand this incredible responsibility. True integrity is still a characteristic that should demand our individual respect. (P.S. if I could have a super power, it would be to KNOW an individual's intention)

  • death to ether
    death to ether 8 months ago

    Lol! Devin Nunes: what a jackass! My god, the man is such an idiot. His guilt is so apparent from this video. You're going down, Nunes...right along with your boy Trump. Get ready, America.

  • Paul Bouchard
    Paul Bouchard 8 months ago

    comey, sorry

  • Paul Bouchard
    Paul Bouchard 8 months ago

    comet ever been to Manchuria???

  • 777 777
    777 777 8 months ago

    Can anyone in the FBI help me? I lived in Scholar's Rock in Bloomington, IN from 2014 to 2016 and was threatened with crimes such as robbery and murder the entire time by a next door neighbor on the other side of a wall using either my name or different forms of innuendo. These are known as wall games where I live, and people with disabilities are often primary targets. I am a person with a long-term or permanent disability, and was evicted from my apartment after two years of threats. I even called the police twice because I was harassed and threatened so often. This was all planned by Natalie Mathias, maintenance person Mark and a person named Zack Eve working at Scholar's Rock (may have used alias) in conjunction with my brother who they know from high school or in other ways. A family member of mine owned this apartment complex at one point, and family may still have at least partial ownership. They think this kind of stuff is a joke, but I don't. These are all known cocaine, crack and/or meth addicts. So basically what we have here is people attacking a disabled person with an intent of getting them in trouble. Judge Valeri Haughton assists with this abuse obviously allowing the perpetrators every advantage in court, and having biased opinions because of various personal relationships (rushed case through court in approximately 10 days calling it an emergency eviction). This woman is using stigma involved with disability to justify attacking victims of crimes. After being forced to leave my apartment two weeks after cancer surgery (paid rent timely all 23 months of lease), it sounded like Judge Cure (ran cross country with her daughter) checked into Motel 6 and harassed me on the other side of a wall causing me extreme stress a few weeks after cancer surgery and a biased eviction (judge removed herself but evicted me first). The real issue here causing these problems are meth, crack and cocaine addictions (I don't use these drugs considering them extremely dangerous because of their effects on behavior). I am a graduate student with a 4.0 overall GPA. I think another reason I am being harassed is because the perpetrators want me to fail out of school. I had to take an incomplete during the semester I was evicted. The Bloomington Police have never helped me in my life despite experiencing extreme abuse on many occasions. Meth, cocaine and crack use has corrupted the Monroe County justice system in my opinion. No one will do anything.

  • heather dawn pipke
    heather dawn pipke 9 months ago

    sound ...where is it ?

  • Maclain Hunter
    Maclain Hunter 9 months ago

    You know that weve entered the twilight zone when leftists are trying to use pieces of the party platform that sound pro russia as evidence of collusion with russia....say the fuckin communists!

  • Maclain Hunter
    Maclain Hunter 9 months ago

    Our intelligence agencies should start sharing the intelligence they collect on our behalf instead of claiming they cant tell us the truth in order to protect us! Theres not gonna be a country left to protect if we split at the seams and have a civil war because of the disinformation! TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!

  • Maclain Hunter
    Maclain Hunter 9 months ago

    Someone should tell that dumb cunt Jackie Speier that her questions are obviously biased and pointed and that tarantuals dont spin webs, they burrow! Its an appropriate because I think its the perfect analogy to say that trumps connection with russia is a tarantula web because the shit doesnt exist!

  • Maclain Hunter
    Maclain Hunter 9 months ago

    I trust this quote from the five eyes wikipedia page more than adam schiff or the head of the NSA, "The former NSA contractor Edward Snowden described the Five Eyes as a "supra-national intelligence organisation that doesn't answer to the known laws of its own countries".[6] Documents leaked by Snowden in 2013 revealed that the FVEY have been spying on one another's citizens and sharing the collected information with each other in order to circumvent restrictive domestic regulations on surveillance of citizens." ....WE ALL KNOW ITS TRUE...

  • M. van der Scheer
    M. van der Scheer 9 months ago

    The deep state will stop at nothing to demonize Trump, Putin and Russia. Central banks need this worldwar very badly it seems. To bad so many sheeple people buy these lies. Wake up people, all countries spy on eachother, Obama spied on his ally Merkel and tried to influence elections in Israel. In fact, his puppeteer, Soros, tries to influence elections en geopolitics worldwide. I have no doubt that the deep state hacked the American election since he delivered and had maintenance of the votingmachines, they just underestimated Tumps support among Americans.

  • Beth Ambriz
    Beth Ambriz 9 months ago

    Doesn't USA spy in Russia too, and in other countries? Doesn't USA interfere and violates the sovereignty of so many countries?

  • barry hansen
    barry hansen 9 months ago

    Convenient for Trump that Russia and USA are now in conflict😉

  • Nicholas Whoolery
    Nicholas Whoolery 9 months ago

    if no one sees this is a Witch Hunt on our president right now everybody's blind then because the guy that asking questions to Comey doesn't like Trump so is this really fair to Trump I think not this is a setup I can see right through it we really need to stop these people because we're going to be next can you imagine yourself sit in a prison cell you're not doing nothing you have people like that run the country you know they say oh what happened to me and then it ends up happening to you well if you think that way now about these people here just might be you next so that's all I got to say just watch it you can't see these people watan to destroy Trump just just watch it

  • Nicholas Whoolery
    Nicholas Whoolery 9 months ago

    maybe this was a set up and maybe Uncle Bernie had it set up I think this is a scam the FBI CIA IRS Obama and Clinton's anybody work for the clintons work in the clintons office anybody that work in the Obama Office with them they are crooked criminals and some are true terrorist and we're just find out about it well we're going to find out about it but now we need to worry about now is this buddy friends a guy that is paying for all the rallies all the b******* on the street that guy Soros pays for all that and he's Hillary and Bill and Michelle Brock Berry Obama friend George Soros guy he is a evil man and everybody knows that Putin want's him dead or alive and then Obama and everybody else wants Putin because he said he wanted him dead or alive brought to Justice now Obama Hillary and their cronies now wants to go to war with Russia well couple Congress and Senators wants to go to a war what's going to happen they are going to find something on Trump then Pence he's going to come and become the president then he going come up dead going to have him kill off then they're going to call martial law then Obama's going to come back and then that Soros it's going to become the leader and land we call free land will no longer be free and we will no longer be free NO MORE FREEDOM. so for now be happy we have trump. well that all I got to say

    MAK4LIFE 9 months ago

    Idiots! Old marasmatics!
    They are leaders, accomplices, lobbyists of terrorists.
    They must be convicted of massacres around the world.
    Putin, kill them all!

    DIGGY DODGES 9 months ago

    37:30 When you wake up LATE, and your in a hurry.

    Grab your little girls Glasses, and not your own.

  • John Field Show
    John Field Show 9 months ago

    2:44:38 - While tarantulas spin silk, they do not use webs to catch their prey.

  • Erik E
    Erik E 9 months ago

    what a fucking clowner theese 2 so called leaders r put on the clownsuit instead for that fag uniform both idiots sitting and lying hole hearing tratior both of them trump fire them directly hole world think usa leaders r retards when they see this kick they're asses NOOWWWW

  • Christine C
    Christine C 9 months ago +2

    I am sooo sick of Comey's b.s. and the constant hearing of Russia this and that. If you have the proof PRODUCE IT, PROVE IT WITHOUT A DOUBT that it wasn't our CIA or anybody else etc. per Wikileaks. All I keep hearing is "most likely" they did and crap like that. Just SHUT UP with all the b.s. until there is undeniable proof of somekind. Everyone is getting a headache constantly hearing the same garbage over and over for months now. We must be pretty dumb if we are not able to be on top of electronic stuff and info.

  • SeveralWombats
    SeveralWombats 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for the ads

  • Teresa Powell
    Teresa Powell 9 months ago +1

    is it possible that it's a coincidence that there was a sighting of manbearpig seen all over the world broadcasted on national tv?

  • Teresa Powell
    Teresa Powell 9 months ago +2

    can we vote this guy out?

  • Teresa Powell
    Teresa Powell 9 months ago +2

    when intelligence is not so intelligent

  • Tracy Swan
    Tracy Swan 9 months ago +1

    is the possible ties of trump to Russia a irs job and also a cia job is Russia not over seas

  • the big brain with its mind forgetting itself

    235 N Whitney St St Augustine, FL Lots of weed to be had over at lucys house,molly though.

  • Ditkazbearz2
    Ditkazbearz2 9 months ago +3

    fact: Comey lied to congress and will probably be replaced

  • Linda Carpenter
    Linda Carpenter 9 months ago

    Fact president Obama sent his people over to Isreal to interfere with their election. Where was the outrage then. Hypocrites!

  • brad pitt
    brad pitt 10 months ago

    If anyone is achieving Russia's objective, it's the media and the whining and hateful "liberals".
    It doesn't even matter if they actually meddled in the election at this point. The perception is outweighing the facts and creating a mass hysteria. Is it too much to ask for people to just wait until the investigation concludes?

  • Kathleen Harms
    Kathleen Harms 10 months ago

    Fake news!

  • Alex Marin
    Alex Marin 10 months ago

    This is not about Trump, this is not about facts. Democrats are trying to turning that way. But all of this is about Our Constitution and the size of corruption from last administration sinking CIA, FBI, NSA and others. our constitution is in danger and nobody GAF!

  • 220volt-u
    220volt-u 10 months ago +2


  • Thesaurus
    Thesaurus 10 months ago +3

    Rogers had better be able to corroborate his claim there were "levels of sourcing," because it's going to come up again.
    Comey said by autumn, the Russians concluded they couldn't help Trump win so they would just focus on undermining Clinton's admin instead.
    But, when the congressman at 4:17:45 pointed out the discrepancy, Comey started quickly back pedaling with a falacious argument, and Rogers started squirming then trying to explain it as "levels of sources." That whole exchange is just so very telling.
    I dearly wish the camera had been trained on Comey and Rogers when the congressman announced he spent time out at the CIA reading the reports. I am guessing they both turned ghost white!

  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 10 months ago

    Obama and Hillary had more dealings with Russia do your research

  • 村瀬章吾
    村瀬章吾 10 months ago


  • CoreForEinsLife
    CoreForEinsLife 10 months ago +2

    soon trump will have a wall in around him in every direction. a wet dream not only for him :D

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    Comey is a dear in the head lights. He did nothing about the monumental criminality of the Clinton crime family. If he is to have any credibility he should be helping to 'drain the swamp' in Washington. The Comey BS is also excessive.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    The idiot Rep Shiff talks about a 'Break In', which is a stupid choice of words. It is a internet hacking theft. However, he decries the description of 'wire tapping' as wrong nomenclature. Rep Shiff us a Democrat Party hack.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    FISA Court secrets are protected as a felony. The Washington Post reported nine breaches of the FISA provisions. Gen. Flynn was unmasked. All the Director Comey evidence is couched in platitudes and prevarications. How does Comey's evidence gel with what Rep Nunes said about the evidence he has seen re Trump bring 'listened to'.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    Comey said that Clinton did not have the requisite 'mens rea' to warrant a prosecution. He was/is absolutely wrong. His assessment was/is incompetent. The fact is that he confirmed a Russia investigation but refused to confirm an investigation into a serious criminal matter that involved the incidental bugging of a US citizen and the unmasking of Gen Flynn.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    Why did Rep Nunes give the Democrat, Rep Shiff, so much more time? Shiff is a partisan Democrat and has shown himself to be a biased Democrat hack.

  • William Keys
    William Keys 10 months ago

    Rep Nunes made the statement that he had seen evidence that Trump had been subject to 'authorised' listening devices and indicated that it was probably authorised by Obama. So, what is Rep Shiff talking about by denying what Rep Nunes said?

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    OMG Mr. HECK! Sounded like you were talking about GEORGE SOROS in your closing dramatic statement!

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    Why aren't they including that the DNC COMMITTED VOTER FRAUD AGAINST THEIR OWN (Sanders) IN THE PRIMARIES and then again in the presidential election???!!!! It was PROVEN that voting fraud was committed in favor of Clinton.

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    Soooooo ... BEFORE they used the excuse that the Russians were undermining Clinton's presidential campaign, it was the Clinton Benghazi/e-mail scam ... they were blaming the hearings of Benghazi and e-mails. What happened to that? Now that there's trouble with China, they can turn around and say, "Sorry, it wasn't the Russians who are hacking, it's China."!! Looks like they keep changing their game plan as they see they are failing, while making the American people looks stupid.

  • Bernadette Massey
    Bernadette Massey 10 months ago

    If you don't like info wars

  • Bernadette Massey
    Bernadette Massey 10 months ago

    Funny how this is going on yet Obama ran to the Hawaiian judge he went to school with to come against President Trump

  • Bernadette Massey
    Bernadette Massey 10 months ago +1

    Jason you need to wake up. Cia, fbi and other are involved in a lot of corruptions from HSBC whom Clintons foundation and Comey are linked in. Comey even was paid millions with much scandals. Comey's brother did the Clintons foundation taxes. You are talking about sedition and treason. Comet was caught in a lie yesterday. As he has been with Clintons investigation. Obama has Islamic terrorist groups here with guns in storage units. The corruptions are deep state and feds. Pay to play is their way. Trump has done more then any other President in our history. Are you aware of President Jackson's work and stopping banksters... if not read it. That is what Trump is doing. He is saving us. Your first Muslim President Obama lies and said he was Christian. He lied on his birth. We are in a unveiling. Wake up

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    Sanctions should be a crime against humanity because they ultimately affect the innocent people of those countries. MORE proof that we're being enslaved. More and more it looks like our entire existence is a literal game of Risk.

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    Only the Clintons can accept money from foreign government officials.

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    You're making assumptions about General Flynn remembering or forgetting. Based on media reporting ... "forgetting" that they're bought and paid for the shadow government.
    I believe Mike Pence is ONE of many leakers.

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago

    Oooooooo, Mr. King ... VERY well pointed out when Obama's mic wasn't turned off!! Loving Mr. Turner too :)

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago +1

    More and more it becomes very clear what they're doing ... they're making EVERY attempt to cover up pedo gate because they're ALL a part of it. So they're falsely attacking people who are NOT participating in their luciferian agenda.

  • Jan Tkachuk
    Jan Tkachuk 10 months ago +1

    All of the politician are SO currupt ... why aren't they investigating the findings in the leaked e-mails which involve illegal drugs, human traficking, satanic blood sacrifice, then finally the ET overlords who are controlling the world's corrupt politicians?? Because alllllll the world's corrupt politicians would be charged and convicted for HIGH TREASON and sent off planet! PS - Donald Trump is NOT a politician.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 10 months ago

    Russia denied involvement, yet everyone treats that fact as if it was just made up or that it doesn't matter. wtf. Where is the proof

  • Đąscoŕpïon Belleza
    Đąscoŕpïon Belleza 10 months ago +3

    Mr. Gowdy is NOT playing!!! LoL

  • Billy Messimer
    Billy Messimer 10 months ago

    WTF is going on with our lame ass government , it is so obvious the democrats are just setting this up for impeachment. It is amazing that this shit is even being allowed. It is so obvious that they are all corrupt and that Trump wont fall in with them so they are just wanting him out. So fucking stupid. You know how much money is being spent on this shit. Comey is a proven liar already so why even question his corrupt dumbass. The funny thing is that it is now proven just the opposite , there is proof that Trump was being tapped and no proof of Trump being involved with Russia. Our government are idiots.. So sad what it has come to. The thing is the American people that pay attention can see what is happening and in no way will fall for these idiots bullshit.

  • Alex Koltsov
    Alex Koltsov 10 months ago

    Now it is time to grill NBC, CNN and Reuters. Why did they try to undermine US democratic process? Why did they try to undermine Trump's chances for a fair chance? Why did they dump dirt on Trump? Why did they talk against protecting US borders? Against US citizen right to own guns? Against free speech? For global warming hoax? For evil ideas of socialism?

    • Monkey Fist
      Monkey Fist 10 months ago

      What in the hell are u talking about? How did they try to undermine the democratic process? The never spoke against protecting U.S. borders, they just don't understand the point of a big ass expensive wall that no one can afford. They never said no one should should own guns. They aren't against free speech.
      Socialism is not evil. Anytime we all put tax payer dollars to fund something, it is a form of socialism. This is how we fund our public schools, police, fire departments, etc. And mainstream media such as cnn did no support the idea of democratic socialism. That is why they didn't support Bernie Sanders. And no, Bernie sanders was never advocating for a full on socialist government. He was for universal healthcare. In other words, putting tax payer dollars into supporting our health instead of constantly buying bombs.
      And, why ask nbc, cnn an reuters why they take global warming seriously? Go ask the scientists.

  • Chris Katko
    Chris Katko 10 months ago

    2:44:30 LMFAO. "I think of a spiderweb with a tarantula in the middle." TARANTULAS DON'T CATCH PREY WITH WEBS YOU BIG DUMMY. They don't make traditional webs. They do make a kind of "webbing" in their holes for molting and mating, and trip wires to see who is near their lair. They DON'T make a SPIDER WEB, at least not what you picture in your head when you think "Spider web."

  • Antonio Iaccino
    Antonio Iaccino 10 months ago +3


  • whatwhyandwhos
    whatwhyandwhos 10 months ago

    policy is not law it merely is a tool to encourage a consistent application of the law. Rooney rocked hard. There is NO WAY to know who hacked that is the beauty of cyber war……..could have been China or Iran or UK nobody can know. How is Rogers memory about Crimea annexation………try missing Soros funded Governmental coup….Crimean Referendum. 2:48 Rogers adds to Comey's statement on sanctions……….well seems his implication was sanctions can be placed to shape an adversaries future action, meaning they can be placed based on no previous action by the adversary um ma. 2:51 Comey's states Russian interference was LOUD … convenient as it was the enabler of the FISA warrant …… they must think we are moronic. Dead set this is riveting ……..2:53 Comeys says the loudness may have been to freak people out………really then all he has done is facilitate that agenda and the other NSA's are guilty too. 2:45 guilty so she seems to say by association. 2:58 brilliant point raised, all it took was democratic congressmen to make accusation of collusion and off she went like a rocket into the FISA universe .

  • Alex Teutsch
    Alex Teutsch 10 months ago +3

    Trump is a PUPPET to Putin! He disrespects the CIA and Russia interfered in our ELECTION to help Trump win! Why would people vote for him???

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall 10 months ago

    How interesting it would be if they held a hearing revealing all of the ways in which the IC and the American government has meddled in foreign elections. Lets just put it this way....they would need more than 5 hours just to present the opening statements. Sometimes my countrymen make me sick.

  • Chopper Morton
    Chopper Morton 10 months ago


  • Denise Neil
    Denise Neil 10 months ago

    I figured it out!!! Hey Howdy Doody!!! One of the leakers is Ivanka!! She knew about the British spy's dossier!!! Hahahaha!!!

  • Denise Neil
    Denise Neil 10 months ago +1

    Howdy Doody (Gowdy) thinks he's Sherlock Holmes and has solved who the leaking persons are!!! Wow he's amazing!!!! NOT!!!!! He spend days and days doing this same type of thing with Hilary's emails and guess what......there was no there there either. FOOL!!

  • Denise Neil
    Denise Neil 10 months ago +1

    Gowdy (or as a I refer to him as Howdy Doody) is some kind of a prick! He has such an arrogant way of addressing someone of Comey's position. Someone should put a foot in his mug!!! Again, maybe he should be just as concerned about the possible coordination and collusion of his party's Commander in Chief!! But once again, that does not seem to matter to him and his cohorts of the same caliber as he.

  • Denise Neil
    Denise Neil 10 months ago

    Sure seems like the Republicans are more concerned about leaks than treasonous acts. They should BOTH be of the same importance if you ask a lay person like me.

  • Denise Neil
    Denise Neil 10 months ago

    Is it a coincidence that Trump snd the "Fertilizer King's" jets were both in some obscure TINY airport during the campaign not once but twice??!! Same Russian oligarch who purchase over-priced Trump mansion in Florida with ill-gotten money??!!?? Please do not lose sight of this secret non-meeting as well!!

  • butterflyeffect
    butterflyeffect 10 months ago

    The is getting so old im so tired of being sick and tired! Comey never confirmed if there was any circumstantial evidence that Trump interacted with Russia during the election.

  • AltMediaNews
    AltMediaNews 10 months ago

    Mr. CONAWAY Epic I gotcha moment @1:58:40 the question begins @1:58:52 Mr. ROGERS won't even make eye contact! This was the best part by far for me.

  • Alexander G. Yushchenko
    Alexander G. Yushchenko 10 months ago

    AN OPEN LETTER TO HILLARY CLINTON " If,...., Trump becomes the President of America, then like Yanukovych he will make such strategic decisions against which patriotic America will rise, and then - something like Ukrainian scenario, which will be burdened not only by Russia, but also by the Chinese presence... " "enough people argue that Trump is potentially associated with the Kremlin, based on his surrounding, business interests, scandalous pro-Russian statements, as well as spyware Russian penetration into the social network. An additional argument is that he uses effective Russian information technology in social networks, oriented to the unenlightened, working class population receiving emotional meaningless simulacra rather than a reasoned message content from you "

    • Alexander G. Yushchenko
      Alexander G. Yushchenko 10 months ago

      World War III (in Russian) ttps://

  • Xander Zeno
    Xander Zeno 10 months ago

    How tf does selling vodka in russia have ANYTHING to do with collusion in the election

  • Vitaliy Fursov
    Vitaliy Fursov 10 months ago +4

    I am glad that people like Rogers and Comey are still in existance.... And those clowns in goverment.... are full of bullshit.

  • cinnamongirl3121
    cinnamongirl3121 10 months ago +6


    • brian clough
      brian clough 7 months ago

      trump said for Russia to find the deleted emails that Hillary got rid of. not hack the DNC. know your stuff you moron. you triggered liberal loon.

    • brad pitt
      brad pitt 9 months ago +1

      keep dreaming honey

    • Scarlett Stewart
      Scarlett Stewart 9 months ago +2

      no one is triggered, we are happy, and with the new Nunes spy corruption side show the Trump bastards are on their way out!! I say happy fucking day baby!!! side note: You can't trigger me either..... so relax and watch your butt buddy take it in the ass in prison, all those big black dudes named Suga will have a grand ole time with the old man!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! HAHAHAHA!! Oh I hope they get the broomstick up Trumps ass on video!

    • brad pitt
      brad pitt 10 months ago +2

      lol he said that in a campaign rally to trigger people like you. and the corruption that was exposed in the DNC doesn't bother you at all?

    • Scarlett Stewart
      Scarlett Stewart 10 months ago +2

      THANK YOU CInnamongirl!

  • donna eide
    donna eide 10 months ago

    i wonder are all black people as raceist as all the black people in congress its tiresom every one of them are its so clear

  • Madeleine Einfalt
    Madeleine Einfalt 10 months ago

    It seems like many of the panel members are subtly (and sometimes NOT so subtly) questioning Trump's competency. I'm wondering if they brought these points up in this setting specifically to be used later for purposes of impeachment?

  • donna eide
    donna eide 10 months ago +1

    comey is a very rotten man very evil

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 10 months ago

    :What was revealed on Wikileaks exposed Hillary. If she was acting in an honorable manor there would be nothing to see. I am grateful for the revelations provided by wikileaks. I do not believe it was the disclosure of the email by wikileaks that lead to Hillary's loss. I do believe it was the dishonorable behaviour of Hillary that lead to her downfall. She needs to be held in jail awaiting a trial for her treason.

  • xXUr MommaXx
    xXUr MommaXx 10 months ago +1

    i Have A Question. When the people whom have screwed you over for decades through manipulation of everything you hold true, would they then just come out and admit it when they are caught and then they Question each other about it on TV and expect you to still believe their manipulations?

  • Teresa Powell
    Teresa Powell 10 months ago +1

    guys Comey is a drama queen. He just likes to stir shit up to get attention. The pattern should be easy to see

  • Teresa Powell
    Teresa Powell 10 months ago +1

    Comey is a moron. Hey dumbass, nobody believes you anymore.

  • Eduard Tieseler
    Eduard Tieseler 10 months ago

    Mr. Heck, at 4:59:30, what happened in 2011?

  • Jeanne Howard
    Jeanne Howard 10 months ago

    "Of course, Trump is not the only politician to oppose sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. President Obama decided not to authorize it, despite recommendations to do so from his top Europe officials in the State Department and the military. The United States has provided Ukraine with non-lethal equipment and aid."
    No one mentions that Obama was against lethal weapons to Ukraine as well.

  • CaneFu
    CaneFu 10 months ago +3

    This is bad, I mean REALLY BAD. The FBI obviously has evidence that Trump has been colluding with Russia to undermine our democracy but the Trump supporters who have posted here don't even care about that. Imagine, our President has teamed up with a Russian dictator against our own government but half the country thinks that's perfectly fine and wants the traitor to stay in office......what the hell has happened to Americans? Where is their sense of right and wrong? Why can't they just admit to themselves that they made a simple mistake by voting for Trump? It seems Trump voters would rather give their country away to the Russians then take the traitor out of office. Millions of Americans have lost their way and it makes me really sad.

    • Olivier Bowman
      Olivier Bowman 9 months ago

      CaneFu its all in your head. You'll figure it out one day.

    • CaneFu
      CaneFu 10 months ago +1

      Danky: You actually posted this, "Trump members speaking to Russian officials about removing sanctions does not undermine our government in any way."....
      WHAT??? Are you an idiot??? Of course it undermines our government, in particular our foreign policy you boob.

    • DankyStanky WankyHanky
      DankyStanky WankyHanky 10 months ago

      That does not change the matter that Trump members speaking to Russian officials about removing sanctions does not undermine our government in any way. People are fools to beleave this idea that Russian hackers and Trump working togather to win the election. Russian and other sources did expose Hillary for the villain she is, and it help Trump win, but these lies about haxing into our election with Trumps assist is plan stupid. The FBI are full of themselves.

    • CaneFu
      CaneFu 10 months ago +1

      Danky: Incorrect. The FBI has obtained their info through numerous sources including legal wiretaps on Russian officials which picked up members of Team Trump talking to them about lifting sanctions. While some leaks to the press by unknown parties may have been illegal it doesn't change the fact that the FBI obtained their info legally.