All the Money in the World - Movie Review

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
    Chris Stuckmann reviews All the Money in the World, starring Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, Romain Duris, Charlie Plummer, Timothy Hutton. Directed by Ridley Scott.
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  • goateemike72
    goateemike72 Month ago

    Still unsure how she got the money. She took 1 million and invested it ? Tripled it over night?

  • Raymond Doetjes
    Raymond Doetjes Month ago

    I couldn’t agree more! Frankly I’ve been very disappointed in Ridley’s work these past 15 years or so. I was wondering whether his alcohol abuse and age had gotten the better of him. But this shows once again that the man is master. And Charlie Plummer has become my favorite actor. I’ve binged watched pretty much every film he’s in. Amazon must be very happy :) because that kid has done a lot these last 5 years. And wow... what a talent. I hope he keeps picking such compelling characters to play. And not fall to the crap of a lot of the Hollywood productions these days. Frankly I’m happy he didn’t land Spider-Man because we would’ve lost such a massive talent who does so well in great indie films.

  • Nietzsche's Mustache
    Nietzsche's Mustache 3 months ago

    It flew under everyones radar, which tells you alot about audiences today. This film is masterful.

  • Julio Cesar Hoyos
    Julio Cesar Hoyos 4 months ago

    Remember that time that Christopher Plummer got nominated for playing Kevin Spacey?

  • marcydiamonds
    marcydiamonds 6 months ago

    I just watched the movie, felt that it was very slow and drawn out. The writing was lack luster but the look and feel of it was good. Definately would not give it an A.

  • Starscream91
    Starscream91 8 months ago

    It was very inappropriate for you, Chris, to have potentially dismissed the film if Kevin Spacey starred. A professional or an academic would be able to separate the actor from the man.

  • Rambling Rose
    Rambling Rose 9 months ago

    I agree Michelle Williams was great in this movie and surprisingly Mark Wahlberg really was excellent in a non action hero role .Christopher Plummer wow absolutely brilliant .The movie disturbed the heck out of me .If you did not feel empathy or feel anything for the kid as they sawed off his ear I would say really ? His part could of been more developed but still the ear scene !

  • Daniel Karlsen
    Daniel Karlsen 10 months ago

    This movie was great!

  • Dariush Asadi
    Dariush Asadi 11 months ago

    "Don't worry, I'll talk to him. I'll tell him to take an interest in science, alright?"

  • Antonio Alvarez
    Antonio Alvarez Year ago

    This was a terrible film, actors seem disconnected from each other and the story line.. Michelle William's acting is so poor we would laugh everytime she would come on screen, we only finished it because we paid for it..

    • gerry o sullivan
      gerry o sullivan 10 months ago

      Antonio Alvarez yep she was terrible,just had a kind of dazed look on her face in every scene.Plummer was great as the fascinating thing was what a complete prick he was,

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan Year ago

    Replacing Spacey due to unrelated public outcry was my reason for skipping this movie.
    It's cowardly, and if I was a shareholder/stakeholder in the studio I'd demand my $10 million dolllars for virtue signaling reshoots back.

  • michał botor
    michał botor Year ago

    spoiler ahead.
    that doctor who cut that kidnapped teenager's ear off. my god! by whose standards was he considered a good doctor?! that must have been the most failed amputation surgery in the history of film.

  • Бека Аса
    Бека Аса Year ago

    Jesus, Man. Everything in this film is so bad. How how?

  • Farouk Abraham
    Farouk Abraham Year ago

    Michelle Williams sucked in this movie. Terrible acting. Her son was kidnapped and had his ear ripped off and she didn't shed a tear once. I don't get it

  • DjGhost718
    DjGhost718 Year ago

    Great movie!

  • 305shib
    305shib Year ago

    M sry.. It wasnt that gud really.And I really didn't feel that Michelle William's character was tensed or worried for her son. It all looked kinda chilled.

  • DavesHadeNuFF187
    DavesHadeNuFF187 Year ago

    Also great video and channel as always,later buddy.

  • Hao Liu
    Hao Liu Year ago

    billionaire richest man in Hongkong Sir Ka-shing Li went through a similar ordeal, had his son kidnapped, he paid the ransom in full. He told the kidnapper on the phone that himself made the mistake not being careful with his son's security, and is willing to pay whatever the kidnappers ask but that wont be enough for them. After the release of his son, he doubles security for all family members. The kidnapper blew the money in casino before he was arrested and sentenced to death.

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana Year ago

    I love this kind of movies. Ridley Scott keeps developing story telling. Little details that were exploited or not... made the movie more and more enjoyable. Cinquanta was funny as fack, jajaa. I do also belive the movie is a little too long. Like 10 minutes.

  • RedDeadRaymond
    RedDeadRaymond Year ago

    Matchstick Men in the backround there - great film and one of my favourite Nick Cage performances ever!

  • HorrorFreak 145
    HorrorFreak 145 Year ago

    This movie was sooooo boring though.....?

    VENTUS XL Year ago

    Chris Stuckmann
    but come on chris, take an interest in science...

  • Xidcat
    Xidcat Year ago

    i really liked this movie. great cast!

  • IlikeEmerica96
    IlikeEmerica96 Year ago

    Ridley Scott was 2/3 in 2017 in my book.

  • Tony Rome
    Tony Rome Year ago

    best "real" movie I seen in a longtime

  • Simon Sykes
    Simon Sykes Year ago

    Plumbers make-up looked way better than Spacey's .. I know Plumber is older so maybe not as much make-up needed but looked and felt a lot more real! ... Mark Wahlberg was 'ok' but just kept making me think of his scenes in Transformers in the old English mansion. Plus after watching it I understand now why the female actress should have got paid for the re-shoots, I had no idea who she was and could not remember seeing her in any other movies but I loved her performance and she was defiantly the key character that drew me into the movie :) .... Plus I love the ending!

  • Simon Sykes
    Simon Sykes Year ago

    Just watched it! ... Expecting a shit movie, really enjoyed it! .... You do find yourself watching many of Plumbers scenes thinking I wounder how Spacey played it!

  • NeoSoldner
    NeoSoldner Year ago

    I'm not going to wait until the Kevin Spacy cut comes out

  • Prodigy Of Rock
    Prodigy Of Rock Year ago

    this movie is fantastic didnt feel like 2 1/2hours at all

  • Edgar-Right
    Edgar-Right Year ago +1

    I would actually pay all the money in the world to see the original (Kevin Spacey) version

    • Mescaline1337
      Mescaline1337 Year ago

      Yes me2, one of the all time best actors.

  • Nini K
    Nini K Year ago

    Tv movie, nothing more.

  • Marc P
    Marc P Year ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the creators of The Simpsons used J. Paul Getty as inspiration for Mr. Burns.

  • totaling wolf
    totaling wolf Year ago +3

    I'm still curious what the Kevin spacey performance was like surely it wasn't bad I mean I get why they replaced I would like to see that version of the movie

  • bunnykissme
    bunnykissme Year ago +1

    Though I like Plummer but I still prefer Spacey in this film

  • Superkede
    Superkede Year ago +1

    I find it funny how they burnt kevin spacey but Mark Wahlberg attempted murder of two Vietnamese men????

  • Opening Ceremony
    Opening Ceremony Year ago +1

    @chrisstuckmann How much have they paid you to give an A to this film?

  • Tim Done
    Tim Done Year ago

    Where did you get that shirt?

  • Let Tice
    Let Tice Year ago

    I had no idea, and i didn't notice

  • Mal van London
    Mal van London Year ago +1

    Yes, Michelle Williams wonderfully portrays the constant state of stress, but also the containment of a person holding herself together for the sake of her son. She and Christopher Plummer (especially) are really good in this movie. But there are good performances all round.

  • AnOKgamer
    AnOKgamer Year ago

    RIP Kevin Spacey

  • elmoo1991
    elmoo1991 Year ago

    I thought it was quite dissapointing, literally nothing happens for the first half of the movie its incredibly slow and predictable

  • Josh Burford
    Josh Burford Year ago +1

    Loved the review, keep up the good work! If you liked this one head over to The Grifford Show to see our review! We're new to TVclip and would really appreciate your support! Thanks guys!

  • OrangeNBlue
    OrangeNBlue Year ago

    As soon as you mentioned Ridley Scott, the image on your t-shirt started to look like a Xenomorph! haha

  • Mescaline1337
    Mescaline1337 Year ago

    A good thing to do? To replace Kevin Spacey? I dont think so, hes one of the all time best actors on the fucking planet. His personal life has nothing to do with his acting talents. Replace a actor is weak and playing it safe, all in it for the money? ;)

    SENATORPAIN1 Year ago

    whats the bet the reshoots were shot before the allegations came out.

  • Tyler Corelli
    Tyler Corelli Year ago

    I left this movie fairly underwhelmed. Christopher Plummer played an old guy, I felt he didn’t bring much to the character. The dialogue kept reminding us that he only does things for tax write offs/he’s cheap over and over. Michelle Williams was great in this though!

  • MRAaBbDdIi
    MRAaBbDdIi Year ago

    I had no idea about that Christopher Plummer Kevin Spacey stuff
    Didnt even notice while watching

  • HWKC
    HWKC Year ago

    I didn’t like the movie

  • Jamie Bailey
    Jamie Bailey Year ago

    essentially dust understanding hang press mouse link theater handful move.

  • John Tierney
    John Tierney Year ago +1

    This movie was honestly terrible

  • Ricardo Mendes da Costa

    Please review The Greatest Showman! Really like to hear your thoughts on it

  • Nate Padilla
    Nate Padilla Year ago

    I found this movie boring. After the first 20 mins I fell asleep, then woke up had no idea what was going on and just sat thru the rest.

  • Thomas Grindol
    Thomas Grindol Year ago

    To be honest I didn’t care for this. While Plummer and Wahlberg were good I just felt Williams didn’t convey worry or desperation and it didn’t come off as trying to stay strong either. The film also has a tone that isn’t suspenseful, the boy isn’t really harmed until a long ways into the movie and I never felt like he was in danger. It also had an ending that was very Hollywood and out of nowhere.

  • Limerick Kurniawan

    Just realized when you say running time, there's an actual girl running. If that is on purpose, that put a chuckle on my day

  • Mari Bennett
    Mari Bennett Year ago +1

    I went to see this yesterday and Plummer makes this movie in a way Spacy wouldn't have. But that said the ending annoyed me to no end. Why when doing a biopic do people think they have to rewrite history. In this day of Google it is to easy to learn the truth a d in this case it was far more interesting than what we got.

  • Ded Man
    Ded Man Year ago

    Chris I have no recorces i live on the street im trying to get my life back together, movies have done that for me. have done that for me. I could go into all day how much joy I've felt from the vids of you Doug, Ralph, Carlin Brothers ect. I'm homeless in I swear the coldest place I the world ha. But I aspire to get my own to at least work and film vids on the side. I tried to ask the land lord of my father's old apartment if i could occupy it be cause he passed on Aug. 1st my little bro the air Force..guy payed for the funeral. I'll shut now, but you have opened up to us so I'm at wits end, I'm not a great guy. I'm was in special education growing up yet still learned Spanish as a LDS missionary. I aspire more then anything to make vids.And I will. Thank Chris Stuckman. I'm alone in this, but it feels warm with you. (Not gay,) not that there's any wr....😰

  • Daniel Malone
    Daniel Malone Year ago +2

    Christopher Plummer in Waterloo is epic. A brilliant actor.

  • Jesse Swarbrick
    Jesse Swarbrick Year ago +2

    Party at Kevin Spacey's house...Drinks will be made by Bill Cosby...Security will be handled by Harvey Weinstein...It will be the party that you won't remember saying "no" to lmao

  • Jesse Swarbrick
    Jesse Swarbrick Year ago

    Kevin "Hey you over there in the bushes" Spacey

  • AdvanceTek
    AdvanceTek Year ago +1

    Please tell me your next review is the PTA A movie.

  • John Bolton's Mustache

    Morons need to stop posting about how the film isn't the real story. They don't lie to you, they tell you it's based on. It stands alone as a good film, because it's good. I don't like any of the alien films, but directing is different than writing.

  • John Bolton's Mustache

    Just saw it today. I went to get the bad taste of TLJ out of my mind. The film is very good, for so many reasons. The first being Plummer. The second is clearly the director. I wouldn't recommend this movie to the fast paced moron crowd. This is an intelligent, cup of coffee film. I had no idea Mark Walberg was in the film until I got there. That scared me, but it's going to be ok people, he doesn't explode or become a ninja. 8 out of 10 for me.

  • Marlynne K
    Marlynne K Year ago

    I'm old enough to remember this. Old man Getty was a dick. He lent his son the ransom money to save his grandson but demanded it be repaid with interest.

  • valar
    valar Year ago +1

    Ridley Scott is an amazing and amazingly inconsistent director. I think it is because he can't tell the difference between good scripts and bad ones.

  • Shreyas Konaje
    Shreyas Konaje Year ago

    Waiting for your "underrated and overlooked" movies video. I love all videos on your channel. Great work Chris

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus Year ago +6

    Michelle is always good in all her films.

  • KatesKatering
    KatesKatering Year ago

    I'm just so happy that Christopher Plummer is in a slightly mainstream movie again, he's kinda flown under the radar for a bit now

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley Year ago

    Sounds better than Alien Covenant.

  • Andy Peters
    Andy Peters Year ago

    Not trusting this guy again after his glowing last jedi review. This chris i know would have torn that bad movie apart

  • Emma Cassity
    Emma Cassity Year ago

    Chris please watch and review I, Tonya!! It stars Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, and Allison Janney

    • John B aka Smooth Chocolate
      John B aka Smooth Chocolate Year ago

      Emma Cassity Hi Emma, my name is John. It's nice to meet you and happy new year. He said he might get around to doing the review of I, Tonya some time in January when he did his review of Molly's Game, so it'll be a while. That doesn't mean that other reviewers are not subject to listen to just because he hasn't don't it yet. I've seen I, Tonya, and it's a pretty good film. If you want to know more just keep in touch

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren Year ago

    Yeah, Plummer's the man. Anyone who can sing Edelweiss with a straight face is a legend.

  • Steven Weiss
    Steven Weiss Year ago

    chris grew up with j paul getty

  • Lola Gray
    Lola Gray Year ago

    My aunt got to meet Mark Wahlberg in Jordan and we spent the past five months wondering what movie is was going to be 😂

  • Sonny Etchell
    Sonny Etchell Year ago

    What is it with all of these great movies coming out last minute in 2017

  • SuperWillHatch
    SuperWillHatch Year ago

    Chris grew up being sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey.

  • Johnathan S
    Johnathan S Year ago

    Where did you get that shirt? My friend would love it.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago

    Duuude you need to review both "Bad Day For The Cut" and "The Killing of A Sacred Deer".

  • Julia Vlogger
    Julia Vlogger Year ago

    Chris you have very much inspired me to make my TVclip channel, I will be uploading in the New Year Movie and Game reviews I have watched you years and years now, I love Star Wars too have tons of figurines black series etc. I wanted to ask if I paid you of course on PayPal could you possibly make me a little short TVclip introduction of course I know you are busy so it's no worries if not, thank you for the inspiration love all your videos. Julie

  • Mc Q
    Mc Q Year ago

    The Greatest showman!!! Review??

  • personne nobody
    personne nobody Year ago

    Hey this is out of topic, sorry, couldnt figure out how to message you on your facebook page...
    would you be into doing a review of h.r. pufnstuf and maybe give us your thoughts on the whole secret drug references they seem to be giving in their shows?

  • Shirl Girl
    Shirl Girl Year ago

    Aye. Where 'The Greatest Showman' at?? Waiting for the review.😐😐

  • Darkness1984
    Darkness1984 Year ago

    Wainting for your top 10 best and worst movie lists of 2017 bro.

  • Nuwan Jayawardene

    See... more proof that a good movie CAN be made WITH reshoots.
    *cough* DC/WB *cough*

  • Renatenha
    Renatenha Year ago

    can't wait to see it

  • warskiRM
    warskiRM Year ago

    Hey Chris been watching a while and really like your videos. I would really love to see you do a review of Thin Red Line, and see your opinion, I am an ex Marine Commando and spent 3 years total fighting in Afghanistan, and this film is the best war film i have ever seen by a country mile, love to see you do a review of it ;)

  • bakkerman73
    bakkerman73 Year ago

    You like movies, moviemaking and proper acting, right ? (re)view Thelma.

  • talia che
    talia che Year ago

    Do a review for phantom thread

  • Pa šutiraj deeečkooo!!!

    so, one of best kevin spacey's movies?

  • Arthur
    Arthur Year ago

    Please do a review for Spirited Away and Grave of the fireflies

  • shahrukh khan
    shahrukh khan Year ago +1

    please where is your best to 10 movies 2017 and worst ?

  • saptarshi devburman
    saptarshi devburman Year ago +1

    Eagerly waiting for the best and worst movies

  • Aaron Stickle
    Aaron Stickle Year ago

    sadly the cinema nearest me was closed on christmas and boxing day :( also when is your best movies of the year video going up as i thought it would be up yesterday

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR Year ago

    I feel the same way, like... in a way I think Kevin Spacey being recast is a blessing in disguise. To see Kevin Spacey as an old person JUST BECAUSE it's Kevin Spacey in some really, really unconvincing makeup work would actually not be such a good thing. If you have an old character, get an old actor. Period. Kevin Spacey's version of the same character looked more like puppet Yoda or something in some of the stills we saw.

  • Monty Dub
    Monty Dub Year ago

    Is the boy Chris Stuckmann gonna review Phantom Thread? 🤨🤔

  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen Year ago

    Fuck it, should've had Winona for some more facials

  • Jorja Howell
    Jorja Howell Year ago

    At first I thought it said all the honey in the world.

  • MimiCatZilla Cat on the Mountain

    Have you ever seen Avatar: the last Airbender (the series)? It's probably my favorite series of all time and I'm really curious about your opinion about it

  • trombone7
    trombone7 Year ago

    Think back to Ransom w/ Mel Gibson.
    They tried to introduce the kid to the audience
    to help us care about him. It failed and made
    me less invested in the movie.
    It's a tough thing to rush.
    We generally don't like other people's kids we
    haven't met.

  • ivann9322
    ivann9322 Year ago +3

    Where da top movie list at bruhhh!

  • Liam Lucas
    Liam Lucas Year ago

    Review The Punisher series pleeaasse