The Perfect Burger, According to April Bloomfield | Food Skills

  • Published on May 1, 2017
  • Few chefs are more synonymous with meat than April Bloomfield. As the mastermind behind NYC gastropubs The Spotted Pig and The Breslin, Bloomfield helped push the limits of the hamburger in the five boroughs. Now, having finally opened her first patty-centric restaurant-Salvation Burger on 51st Street-the Michelin-starred chef has been able to further hone her meaty craft. To Bloomfield, burger nirvana comes down to balance: a fatty, steak-like patty, a thick slab of beer cheese, and hearty layer of smoked bacon. Available seasonally, grab this version of the Salvation Burger before it vanishes permanently.
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  • youtuber 12345
    youtuber 12345 25 days ago

    WTF is that I think the cow might still he alive.

  • i7887
    i7887 Month ago

    That looks horrible.

  • Daniel De Nadai
    Daniel De Nadai 2 months ago

    That intro was gangsta.

  • EnemyViolent Gaming
    EnemyViolent Gaming 2 months ago

    When you sear a steak, all the microbes are killed because the surface area gets to high temperatures. There's no microbes inside because a steak is solid. So, medium rare is safe. When you grind up the meat, all the microbes on the surface of the meat go inside the patty. Searing the burger can not kill all the microbes. So, medium rare is not safe. You should shoot for just barely hitting well done on your burgers, but a little pink now and then probably won't kill you. But eating medium rare burgers a lot? That's a definite risk.

  • K M
    K M 2 months ago

    You want to know what the perfect burger is? One where the juices from the meat don't disintegrate the bread

  • sHadY X_
    sHadY X_ 2 months ago

    Ew no...I like mine fully cooked

  • bagadoink
    bagadoink 3 months ago

    It's not blood, it's myoglobin. Considering how much you guys are on the internet you'd think you'd spend some time on research.

  • RF RC
    RF RC 4 months ago

    Im sure its dank but it looks like the nasty patty. Spongebob

  • Eric Marvan
    Eric Marvan 4 months ago

    Throw that burger on the grill girl shit isnt cook

  • Toni Bost
    Toni Bost 4 months ago

    Not raw but very bloody but hey id eat that

  • busybee duckling
    busybee duckling 5 months ago

    weather its rare or not, lots of people get grossed out. I wouldn't eat that either.

  • Terrance Arndt
    Terrance Arndt 5 months ago

    Just had a the 80/20 burger..what if the 20 were pork fat ?? Hmm.I'm going to try it.

  • Sir Maggotbone
    Sir Maggotbone 5 months ago

    Where i live, you couldn't sell a burger like that. Med-rare burgers are illegal to serve. People here think it is, "under cooked". They also claim they have the best beef. I myself, Love the look of this burger, and most everything. No mayo products though. I prefer mustard.

  • adam kings
    adam kings 5 months ago

    cook the fucking meat

  • Michael Savides
    Michael Savides 5 months ago

    Watch that bottom bun disintegrate!

  • D-Tribe Gaming
    D-Tribe Gaming 5 months ago

    The problem isn't that it's raw; it's that the elements are not perfect. I'm sure it's good, but it's far from perfect when the only refreshing element to it is pickles.

  • wilson AL
    wilson AL 5 months ago

    Thats the shitty burger they show on spongebob

  • Bautista Nicolas
    Bautista Nicolas 6 months ago

    firs i thought it was the rotten crabby patty from sponge bob

  • Greg Chung
    Greg Chung 6 months ago

    Everyone's complaining about the rareness, but no ones mentioning how are you going to fit that in your mouth

  • Seaneas
    Seaneas 6 months ago

    Damn that burger looks so fucking good. And those onions... Love that juicy patty.

  • RufMaluga
    RufMaluga 6 months ago

    tell me what you want but this looks raw and not like a good experiance #fax! but I'd love to try it myself tho

  • Rathore Yasir
    Rathore Yasir 6 months ago

    I love beh-gehs

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts 7 months ago

    bitch that's not fucking cooked

  • Blue Vomit
    Blue Vomit 7 months ago

    I don't know if all this americans retards saying is raw even ever tried some good real quality beef meat. In Italy here, we really used to harvest or buy our food basically in the backyards and for us a welldone/medium well peace of beef is just ruined meat, it means you have to throw it away. Beef has to be top quality from top to bottom, from the cow alimentation and happiness to the aging condition, i usually eat raw marinated beef at home as a snack because is just the best meat ever. You, well done meat eaters, are just people who should be put down of your misery, no good food for you, MCdonalds is your kind of shit. Stick to it, fucking dumb wasters.

  • F. Nikol
    F. Nikol 7 months ago

    The meat is f*ing PINK !! Are you F* cannibals?

  • Andrei Piatra
    Andrei Piatra 7 months ago

    The perfect burger is the burger that you, or any other human will not eat it.

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 7 months ago


  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 7 months ago

    finish cooking it please.

  • Spoon Films
    Spoon Films 7 months ago


  • george love
    george love 7 months ago

    it look like the nasty patty

  • BigdudeOP
    BigdudeOP 7 months ago

    Honestly, it doesn't look that appetizing to me.

  • Avery Chi
    Avery Chi 7 months ago

    too raw

  • Mugen
    Mugen 7 months ago

    Not sure looks frozen meat

  • Jay Bennie boy
    Jay Bennie boy 7 months ago

    That looks good! Just need a tampon to wipe my mouth

  • YuhNinja
    YuhNinja 7 months ago

    Fucking disgusting.. Ill take my medium well steak burger instead please. Lmfao, nasty as fuck mushy, tasteless inside.

  • highlandcommando
    highlandcommando 7 months ago

    Fails to mention the burger going through you like a porsche. Next time cook the fucker.

  • bucky
    bucky 7 months ago


  • Ron
    Ron 8 months ago

    Oh wtf

  • Woodshadow
    Woodshadow 8 months ago

    I'm not saying it is wrong to eat a burger that rare but I wouldn't. I don't care how high quality and fresh everything is. I don't think I will believe it

  • TainuiaKid1973
    TainuiaKid1973 8 months ago

    Her statement about the caramelising of the meat patty isn't correct That's when her chef credibility dropped a notch for me. Her burger looks too bland to me.
    Why don't people in the U.S. add egg to their burgers?

  • Andreas Robert R.
    Andreas Robert R. 8 months ago

    What's that on top? Onions?

  • rb driftin
    rb driftin 8 months ago

    Burgers are not fucking steaks.

  • Vipsanius
    Vipsanius 8 months ago

    Take it off your plate. Put it in a field. BOOM, you've got a cow.

  • Bow Down
    Bow Down 8 months ago

    people calling this undercooked:
    We get it, you're peasants. Stop shoving it down

  • Kath Smart
    Kath Smart 8 months ago

    what cheese is that?

  • Shadow Surfer
    Shadow Surfer 8 months ago

    This is too rare but i am sure it tastes preety good

  • Hero thug
    Hero thug 8 months ago


  • Bernabe Garcia
    Bernabe Garcia 8 months ago

    Balance? Bitch doesn't even have any vegetables on it, that's suppose to bring balance to the mean hoe

  • YouthMachine
    YouthMachine 8 months ago

    Looks disgusting

  • Flanky
    Flanky 9 months ago

    Holy moly how can so many people watching a food channel be such plebs. A juicy pink-center burger using high quality beef is the best a burger can possibly be. The best burger is all about the meat, no condiments required.

  • DroidSage
    DroidSage 9 months ago

    as Gordon Ramsey would say ....THAT'S FUCKING RAWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!

  • MosinDisciple
    MosinDisciple 9 months ago

    its fucking RAW you DONKEY!

  • onepcwhiz
    onepcwhiz 9 months ago

    But wow that burger looks awesome! Nice and runny.

  • onepcwhiz
    onepcwhiz 9 months ago

    Bun's still too big.

  • Eduardo Valdez
    Eduardo Valdez 9 months ago

    not hating on the rare meat but i do preffer it at 3/4

  • MkN
    MkN 9 months ago

    you can tell how experienced she is by her weight.

  • Nguyen Monat Son
    Nguyen Monat Son 9 months ago

    this one i like very

  • Kahlil Alexis
    Kahlil Alexis 9 months ago

    this shit looking like it could still say moo

  • jake b
    jake b 9 months ago

    fuckin gross.

  • trounbyfire
    trounbyfire 9 months ago

    did she even cook it or just brown the top and bottom

  • Depression
    Depression 9 months ago

    This burger doin' me a fright.

  • Yung Peel
    Yung Peel 9 months ago

    Yeah, I'm not fucking eating that. I've gotten food poisoning from burgers multiple times... and that thing is 3 weeks worth of diarrhea.

  • Mike Dang
    Mike Dang 9 months ago

    The burger is literally raw not even memeing.

  • howes1919
    howes1919 9 months ago

    why do u just eat raw ground beef right from the package?

  • umairrrr
    umairrrr 9 months ago

    Look at all you uncultured fucks lool stick to big macs

  • bombb82
    bombb82 9 months ago

    that's hardly rare... it's not like a steak where it cooks outward-in as one... think of every piece of mince as a piece of steak: some are uncooked

  • GrindingHerb
    GrindingHerb 9 months ago

    Is that Burger still alive?

  • ice mosta
    ice mosta 10 months ago

    burger covered with blood and probably theres not healthy things still inside that blood trust me. where not cavemen anymore and they still cooked their meat for a reason bru. the most disgusting thing ive eaver seen.

  • robinorg1
    robinorg1 10 months ago

    lol raw

  • alonesolo
    alonesolo 10 months ago

    R A W

  • Joseph .L
    Joseph .L 10 months ago

    Could have sworn I heard that burger Moo.

  • Lachlan Farah
    Lachlan Farah 10 months ago

    That shits raw

  • George Lin
    George Lin 10 months ago


  • Em& Jay420
    Em& Jay420 10 months ago

    i just cant have my burger patty that color

  • JKDMan2000
    JKDMan2000 10 months ago

    that shit looks gross

    • JKDMan2000
      JKDMan2000 10 months ago

      WTH does a brit know about burgers anyways

  • Bolek989
    Bolek989 10 months ago

    Why is it bleeding?

  • vox man
    vox man 10 months ago

    If I wanted steak tartare, I would have ordered steak tartare! My wife said its still mooing, and shes been cooking her whole life so I trust her.

  • Cody Lamson
    Cody Lamson 10 months ago

    Nasty. That thing is pouring blood.... at least med-well for me.

    • One-Eye
      One-Eye 10 months ago

      It's not blood, it's protein juice.

  • relax142
    relax142 10 months ago

    Never get a britt to make you a burger. Just as an american should never make fish and chips...

  • MrCrowley
    MrCrowley 10 months ago

    That is certainly cooked rare, not my style as i prefer them a little more towards medium but it looks like it tastes delicious!

  • Alcaste
    Alcaste 10 months ago

    These comments suck.

  • Snordster
    Snordster 10 months ago

    The bun is too big. The patty's WAY too big. The end. A burger should be able to be held in one hand and eaten. This may be a great burger, but it's far from being the perfect burger.

  • Dom Leon
    Dom Leon 10 months ago

    I'm so tired of people telling other people how meat is supposed to be cooked. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE COOKED THE WAY YOU LIKE IT. Not the way Mr. and Mrs. Food snob tells you it suppoed to be.

  • Jordan Kidd
    Jordan Kidd 10 months ago


  • Wisam AC
    Wisam AC 10 months ago

    Why not just stuff bread in ur mouth and bite a cow?

  • Barack Hussein Obama II
    Barack Hussein Obama II 10 months ago

    she looks like the female version of gordon ramsey

  • Saul Tarvitz
    Saul Tarvitz 10 months ago

    The Meat Show did a video on this recently.

  • Tr1ckySureShot
    Tr1ckySureShot 10 months ago

    this looks disgusting.

  • Jasper Störningar
    Jasper Störningar 10 months ago

    How can you call yourself a chef and make a shitty burger like this? It's the simplest food in the world. So, she dives in and doesn't even bother preparing it correctly, but alright, at least the bun is the right size compared to the uncooked meat, I hate it when they play the "gourmet" card and give those fucking mini buns while everything else is oversized. Secret to a perfect burger: Choose ingredients that suit you, COOK PROPERLY, put that shit together and voi-fucking-là, a perfect burger.

  • JesterFace05
    JesterFace05 10 months ago

    That's a big boy right there. Gotta unhinge the jaw to get one bite of dat burgah!

  • SoundboyEric
    SoundboyEric 10 months ago

    reasons why it isnt the perfect burger: a woman made it

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 10 months ago

    Jesus Christ

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 10 months ago

    This burger looks good what's everyone complaining about?

  • La Potence
    La Potence 10 months ago

    The apex of my struggle as a Muslim, LOOKS AMAZING

  • Hot Rod Devils
    Hot Rod Devils 10 months ago

    looked like too many pickles to me... didn't mind the rareness. I'd like to try it.

  • petepiaire
    petepiaire 10 months ago

    Its fucking RAW! ...... Gordon Ramsey

  • harshlens
    harshlens 10 months ago

    Wow that meat is cook to perfection, looks amazing.

  • nick ranchero
    nick ranchero 10 months ago

    Try cooking it next time. That shit is fucking raw!!

  • Cory Klein
    Cory Klein 10 months ago

    omg that looks so dope