Smartphone Awards 2018!


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee  Month ago +28828

    Samartphone... you know what... I'm just gonna embrace that typo. I totally meant that. Welcome to the samartphone awards.

  • Connorfied WHUT
    Connorfied WHUT 23 hours ago

    decided to get a note 9 just because... why not?

  • Uzayr Siddiqui
    Uzayr Siddiqui Day ago

    No samsung in the camera category??... that note camera looked lit!!

  • Kanwar Pamnani
    Kanwar Pamnani Day ago


  • Angry Face Reaction


  • Saikishore Narendar

    Hey marques I am in the idea of owing to the one plus 6t. is it worth?
    And please say me the difference between the 6 gigs of RAM and 8 gigs of RAM

  • Christian Iloreta

    6:03 is the my wee wee

  • Ashton
    Ashton Day ago

    No Moto phones?

  • George Ray
    George Ray Day ago

    Does anyone have anything to say on the Nokia 8.1?

  • lovegadgets
    lovegadgets Day ago

    I think he got paid well by Oneplus

  •  Day ago

    کیا اس طرح کا موبائل فون موجود ہیں جو موبائل فون بند بھی نہیں ھو اور موبائل فون کی اسکرین بھی بند ہو اور کیمرہ ورک کریں اور انسان خیفھ طور پر مووی بنا سکے اور موبائل فون کا نام اور نمبر اور قیمت اپنے پروگرام میں بتائے

  • Dasari Kevin Pal
    Dasari Kevin Pal 2 days ago +1

    Sooo what should I buy????

  • karthik karthi
    karthik karthi 2 days ago

    10:37 😂😂😂

  • Akki Cruz
    Akki Cruz 2 days ago

    Google pixel XL & google pixel 3
    Samsung galaxy s9

  • Masya Kisa
    Masya Kisa 2 days ago


  • Masya Kisa
    Masya Kisa 2 days ago


  • Martin Angelo Mooney


  • Yolo That Gamer
    Yolo That Gamer 2 days ago

    Plzzzzz get that iPhone XR away from tho’s moto’s 🤮🤮 keep it safe

  • Aaron Roland
    Aaron Roland 2 days ago

    Ayyyye! Proud of my Galaxy Note 9!

  • Wilhelm Knodel
    Wilhelm Knodel 2 days ago

    Its not Glass its Ceramic...

  • Carsten Hilbert
    Carsten Hilbert 2 days ago

    Do more budget reviews.

  • TheGrippin
    TheGrippin 2 days ago

    6T for the win!

  • Bryant Martinez
    Bryant Martinez 3 days ago

    I agree the 1+ 6T is the best phone for what you get in it ,I bought it yesterday and is the best phone I have ever had

  • logan Wiseley
    logan Wiseley 3 days ago

    I feel sly coz after rinsing YT rewind i couldnt stop saying markass brownie Honestly it was will's fault

  • Ash I
    Ash I 3 days ago

    Xs max z d winner

  • Kevin Dorr
    Kevin Dorr 3 days ago +1

    2:36 ummm samartphone??

  • Janagan E
    Janagan E 3 days ago

    Will you please say which smartwatch is the best in 2018?

  • Filippo Soraperra
    Filippo Soraperra 3 days ago

    you know what phones were used for a couple of years ago? calling people. i have my flip phone and i am very satisfied with it. it is able to call people and write messages. what more do you need in a phone? best thing about it: no one steals your phone if they find it and if you loose it is not that big of a deal.

  • kchoi345
    kchoi345 3 days ago

    The s9+ is now 500~600$ and it is better than the 6T

  • CuteDarach
    CuteDarach 3 days ago

    Hmm htc barely shows up anymore I might have to switch brands😂.

  • ZSv2
    ZSv2 3 days ago

    Anderson .paak on the intro! I see you.

  • Donald Stash
    Donald Stash 3 days ago

    10:21 subtle flexing

  • Lander Don Nadera
    Lander Don Nadera 4 days ago

    The best front camera

  • Lander Don Nadera
    Lander Don Nadera 4 days ago

    The best front camera

  • Lee Turner
    Lee Turner 4 days ago

    And the winner for compact phone goes to... errm well compact phones don't seem to exist anymore, so here are some non-large size phone.

  • MagicalWingLT
    MagicalWingLT 4 days ago

    I hope all the companies watch this video. It can give them some ideas for future models...

  • Steven Cox
    Steven Cox 4 days ago

    You're my new favorite TVclipr for starting the video with that delicious Come Down riff in your intro.

  • Teun Meulendijks
    Teun Meulendijks 4 days ago

    2:35 smartphone*

  • saurav raj Singh
    saurav raj Singh 4 days ago

    I own an S9+ but if i were to choose the most innovative phone of the year i would go for Vivo Nex, but that Oppo phone is pretty good too.

  • Hitman Agent 47
    Hitman Agent 47 5 days ago

    for me the best camera smartphone is mate 20 pro

    • Marckey
      Marckey Day ago

      Hitman Agent 47 yh me too the phone that one that won is rly good but not at anything else

  • Sheriff Buford T Gainzz

    Samsung Galaxy ftw
    No crapple

  • Left Hook Larry'd
    Left Hook Larry'd 5 days ago


  • מאור רוזנברג

    The music at the beginning is Israel’s national anthem

  • The Chief
    The Chief 5 days ago

    Best camera goes to google pixel
    Iphone niggas:*punching the air rn*

  • Cornelius Fudge
    Cornelius Fudge 5 days ago

    Wait.. Isn’t Samsung the first company to use AMOLED?

  • Sohail Abbas
    Sohail Abbas 5 days ago

    I have the question that , which phone has the best portrait mode camera.

  • Caayotee
    Caayotee 5 days ago

    MKBHD Bro, make a video on your Yamaha HS8s. 🙏

  • Gabi Torres
    Gabi Torres 5 days ago

    I really want a better phone because it always crashes in my gameplay

  • msul78
    msul78 5 days ago

    What about the Xiaomi MI A2 Lite??
    Pure Android, 4000 mAh battery (insane battery life with the well optimized Software), nice screen, beautiful design, decent duel camera setup.
    All that for $180

  • bob off
    bob off 5 days ago

    Comprehensive and not bias towards Apple, (because your a yank) like it my friend, I agree totally.

  • Andres Suarez
    Andres Suarez 5 days ago

    Oneplus 6T the mvp HAHAHAHAHAH WTF

  • Andres Suarez
    Andres Suarez 5 days ago

    Razer phone most improvement LMAO

  • Andres Suarez
    Andres Suarez 5 days ago

    Pixel over samsung or even xz3 compact LOL

  • Jamster Pack
    Jamster Pack 6 days ago

    bro i really like your comment but i think huawei mate 20 pro's camera is better than iphone xs. you shouldve overlooked that. 😀

  • Dhanush sridhar
    Dhanush sridhar 6 days ago

    Why is it Samarthphone displayed in your video

  • Ash Menon
    Ash Menon 6 days ago

    The misaligned diamonds on the left are REALLY NOT OKAY MATE.

  • Alma K
    Alma K 6 days ago

    What about LG V40 ?????

  • Daniel The Bassist
    Daniel The Bassist 6 days ago

    I thought best budget phone and small sized phone is iPhone SE

  • Aryan SATPATHY
    Aryan SATPATHY 6 days ago +1

    Oneplus 6T😎

  • Pu Sk
    Pu Sk 6 days ago

    Phone of the Year should be Samsung S9
    Great Design
    Great performance
    Great camera
    Great something

  • Eldho varghese
    Eldho varghese 6 days ago

    Disliked the video on the thumbnail itself.
    That phone lovers will get this.

  • Haha You loose
    Haha You loose 6 days ago

    I want a 5.3 inch phone
    looks like s10e flat screen front
    iPhone X body design
    pixel 3 camera
    mate 20 pro battery
    runs iOS

    • TheWanderer
      TheWanderer 5 days ago

      In the future all boxes will be checked except for the headphone jack

  • Arif Farhan
    Arif Farhan 6 days ago +1

    Top gaming phone:ROG

  • Alex
    Alex 6 days ago

    Awesome review!!!

  • MKD Bikelife
    MKD Bikelife 6 days ago

    What about the mate 20pro camera it has a really good night mode too


    At End OnePlus 6t Wins the showdown

  • sharafalicheenikkal
    sharafalicheenikkal 7 days ago +7

    only Huawei mate 20 pro 👌👌

  • Muhammad Inan
    Muhammad Inan 7 days ago

    That dress tho😍

  • Johnathan Hollins
    Johnathan Hollins 7 days ago

    Am I the only one to notice the video starting with the Israeli national anthem?

  • Mobill Clinton
    Mobill Clinton 7 days ago

    Though u re busy with flagships, can u do a video on minimal phones? That would be very nice. Keep up the good work.

  • yiaphwee
    yiaphwee 7 days ago

    HTC u11 plus award 2018 best photo smartphone

  • ME EA
    ME EA 7 days ago

    I'm watching OnePlus 6t win the award of the smartphone of the year on my OnePlus 6t, I'm so happy I bought o
    OnePlus 6t

  • Real American
    Real American 7 days ago

    Op6t MVP? Lol battery life sucks i fed up with this already bro

  • bobby-nos
    bobby-nos 7 days ago

    Idiot iphone users:)))

  • rat kn
    rat kn 7 days ago +1

    the pocophone is $450 in Singapore :((

  • Isaac Kamau
    Isaac Kamau 7 days ago

    Bro I dig the Christmas lights behind you and suit. Made the phones feel special, especially the $1000+ ones. Haha!

  • Adelaide Wise
    Adelaide Wise 7 days ago

    Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Oneplus, are all Chinese brands. Well done, China!

  • Jt Santos
    Jt Santos 7 days ago

    iphone xs 👍🏻

  • だいOtaku
    だいOtaku 7 days ago +1

    The rich keep getting richer.

  • John Kristan Bencio
    John Kristan Bencio 7 days ago

    Good review and very accurate this deserves a like and a subscribe.

  • por teach
    por teach 7 days ago

    Can u give one phone

  • Camilo Nuñez
    Camilo Nuñez 7 days ago

    I just stay with the note 9

  • Enzo B. aus H.
    Enzo B. aus H. 7 days ago +13

    Galaxy S9 is the best phone of the year. Cam is better than the iPhone XS cam. It is just a complete phone!

  • Doggy Doggy
    Doggy Doggy 7 days ago

    Apple is better.

  • LeMon James
    LeMon James 8 days ago

    Imagine all of the companies did a super colab and made perfection

  • Loknaz
    Loknaz 8 days ago

    That random long hair at your ear is so distracting!

  • Denki
    Denki 8 days ago

    Just got Huawei Mate P20 Pro today and its really good phone

  • Amit Joshi
    Amit Joshi 8 days ago

    I love your videos it make my mode happy I would love a phone

  • dirp birp
    dirp birp 8 days ago


  • eli mix
    eli mix 8 days ago

    Why is the tikva (Israel's anthem) playing in the start?

  • DeviMon1
    DeviMon1 8 days ago

    A+ video, keep it up Marques!

  • Azn
    Azn 8 days ago


  • Walkr
    Walkr 8 days ago

    Went to go buy any of the budget smartphones he recommended (poco, nokia 7, 8x) and none of them will work with Verizon. I'm stuck with Verizon because that's all that works in my area properly and I get a company discount. Can anyone recommend a good phone along the lines of the ones I mentioned that will work with Verizon (CDMA)?

  • Ningthoujam Premananda

    Award by himself just to show off how many mobile he have or may be he is working as mobile retailers or repairing center

  • SHAJWAL - The Property Advisor

    Nice info

  • Lebron Shubham
    Lebron Shubham 9 days ago

    Waiting, and then oneplus smashes away everyone! Gr8 phone

  • Christian josh Dela cerna

    Which is better?? huawei honor 8x or huawei y9 2019???

  • Sammy Aashu
    Sammy Aashu 9 days ago

    Seeing on my OnePlus 6 🥰🥰🥰

  • Billa G
    Billa G 9 days ago

    you looking like the shopkeeper of smartphones

  • Nalina Chandran
    Nalina Chandran 9 days ago +1

    Pixel 3 1camera1st
    IPhone xs 2 cameras 2nd
    Huawei 3cameras 3rd