The Temprist Game Show

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • I challenged some of my friends to play a roblox gameshow with challenges and trivia. featuring albert/flamingo, kaden fumblebottom, king bob, laughability, and many more.
    Laughability -
    Rawblocky - Rawblocky
    Albert -
    Kaden -
    Real_KingBob - Real_KingBob
    DinoNuggets -
    loloriz - lolor1z
    Voodokid -
    Reasonable -
    Main songs used:
    Kwipper - Price is Right (Kwipper Extended Mix)
    Tokyo Megaplex - The Price Is Wrong
    Undertale OST - Hotel Extended
    Luigi Circuit & Mario Circuit - Mario Kart Wii
    GBA Shy Guy Beach - Mario Kart Wii
    1st Floor, Mushroom Mayhem I Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis Music
    Zeuz Music - 50 Degrees
    Twitter: @Temprista
    Instagram: @Temprist
    thanks for watching and reading all the way to here :)
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  • Temprist
    Temprist  Month ago +4343

    to everyone asking, this was recorded a few months ago back when albert's hair was blonde/silver. editing takes a long time!! :(

  • Felipe gaming channel Alex

    can u be my friend username MachoAleksa

  • ツDream
    ツDream 6 hours ago

    10 robux? I could buy virtual Doritos with that

  • ChΓ’u BαΊ£o VΓ’n

    14:12 is no one gonna talk about that spinning wheel?

  • ZubSub15
    ZubSub15 9 hours ago

    bruh teddy be sitting back there like, "if i was up there i would kill those idiots"

  • Unoriginal Username
    Unoriginal Username 9 hours ago


  • Sneaky Snake
    Sneaky Snake 11 hours ago

    " I have to fart "
    "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  • Bartek Milejski
    Bartek Milejski 13 hours ago

    I think everyone watch this because Albert is here

  • Gracie Gacha
    Gracie Gacha 13 hours ago

    9:57 , resume on the best part.

  • JoanaTv
    JoanaTv 13 hours ago


  • Lina Satele
    Lina Satele 14 hours ago

    9:57 - 10:02
    9:57 - 10:00

  • rosey heart
    rosey heart 15 hours ago

    We saw temprist real face....
    Can you survive this fa- AAAA- *to be continued*

  • cod roby
    cod roby 16 hours ago

    Oh yes

  • Jonas SR
    Jonas SR 16 hours ago

    Im not first
    Im not last
    But when you upload
    I click fast

  • Gabriel Snoopywild
    Gabriel Snoopywild 16 hours ago


  • Noah Harty
    Noah Harty 17 hours ago

    Kaden is a noob! Lol

  • Moskau Melols
    Moskau Melols 22 hours ago


    Albert: *screams of terror losing 200 points*

  • chee leong
    chee leong 23 hours ago


  • Swords
    Swords Day ago

    Can you survive...

    *L E V E R ?*

  • 1: O:
    1: O: Day ago

    Check out zalcusofbluev
    No typo

  • The bad youtuber Wow

    Stupid bad games too

  • Sean Santos
    Sean Santos Day ago

    Yesterday i was in ##### #####

  • Sherlin Pacheco
    Sherlin Pacheco Day ago

    8:16 lolaritz push this guy lol

  • Jeyson Loperena
    Jeyson Loperena Day ago +1

    I see flamingo/albert

  • hanago
    hanago Day ago

    this is my 4th time watching

  • Destiny brito
    Destiny brito Day ago

    Lol 4:13 - 4:16

  • Simon D.
    Simon D. Day ago

    2:12 "Everyone gets free ice cream!"
    *That one student who's lactose intolerant*

  • I hate Snakeu
    I hate Snakeu Day ago

    rawblocky sucks rawblocky keeps making me angry 😑 rawblocky is making me feel like killing him 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • lynxoxflxife -
    lynxoxflxife - Day ago

    The reaction time for the HEY!’s was

  • limi plays
    limi plays Day ago

    why did u delete ur game?

  • Nolan Rapier
    Nolan Rapier Day ago

    The die song

  • Sublimada Impresiones Artisticas

    also, i was bron in 2010

  • Choi Kam Lam
    Choi Kam Lam Day ago

    10:23 imagine seeing this in the museum

  • Infinit3Galaxy
    Infinit3Galaxy Day ago

    Lets be real, the only reason 60% of us clicked on the vid was because of Albert

  • kausar 123
    kausar 123 Day ago

    Temprist ;-; can you add me my username:VIVA0241

  • EdPlayss - GamePlay
    EdPlayss - GamePlay 2 days ago

    Should i join this gameshow
    Do i need a valid id

  • Purim Settapokin
    Purim Settapokin 2 days ago Roblox was made in 2014

  • Puppydogdays C
    Puppydogdays C 2 days ago

    I love the mario vs donkey Kong stars music at 0:03

  • Fede Hillman Braun
    Fede Hillman Braun 2 days ago

    the one that said yesterday i was in something said yesterday i was in the school

  • NO NO
    NO NO 2 days ago


  • Catherine De Asis
    Catherine De Asis 2 days ago


  • Jason Carney
    Jason Carney 2 days ago

    i like you temprist my username is S112

    please friend me i am money i like your videos

  • Annie Tran
    Annie Tran 2 days ago

    I justed sawed Albert drink of bottle of cole lol

  • Carol Latronica
    Carol Latronica 2 days ago

    When Albert sad FA-HhhHh I felt that 😣

  • Baby Godzilla
    Baby Godzilla 2 days ago

    1:42 me when I get my dream toy

  • BBBrakes Bored
    BBBrakes Bored 2 days ago

    Albert Was actually crying

  • Dyl Cra
    Dyl Cra 2 days ago

    14:40 Albert shut up idc

  • Xavier Lee
    Xavier Lee 2 days ago


  • Linker
    Linker 2 days ago +1

    10:15 Best part πŸ˜‚

  • Thunder Mode
    Thunder Mode 2 days ago


  • Honey Demon -.-
    Honey Demon -.- 2 days ago

    Albert: me the yes, noobs no, me can noobs can’t we can has can you are the is. Thank you
    Me: *clap clap* well said buster *clap clap* well said

  • Daisy the budgie
    Daisy the budgie 3 days ago +1

    β€œOh can you survive the- AAAAA”
    To be continued That made me laugh

  • Allosaurus Productions

    *Dino stop sucking or else you won’t get any more food and will remain in my basement for another week.*

    Comedy gold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • felizamm Egi
    felizamm Egi 3 days ago

    The CEO of roblox name is David Baszucki

  • Monkey Food Games
    Monkey Food Games 3 days ago