STOP Saying "I Love You"

  • A True Love Story that will teach you what REAL Love is
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    Envisioned by Prince Ea
    Starring Alyson Stoner and Dalton Shooks
    Directed and Edited by Change For Balance's John McCarthy and Roddy Tabatabai
    Music by Hannah Parrot
    Produced by Dispencery7 (Spencer Sharp) and Gregory Frank
    Cinematography by Neema Sadeghi

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  • i exist
    i exist Hour ago

    Possesion says “me”
    Love says “we”

  • Tamerlan
    Tamerlan 5 hours ago

    I never said I love you before

  • Saheed Olabiyi
    Saheed Olabiyi 19 hours ago

    I loved my mom even before my birth.

  • Mendes WYR
    Mendes WYR 3 days ago

    this reminded me so much of the notebook wtf i dont love anyone but it reminded me of how much noah loved allie

  • Sheri Palmer
    Sheri Palmer 3 days ago

    Brother Prince. I heard you for the first time last week on my pandora station (Kingdom Muzic). I heard "Stop Saying I Love you" and it caught my attention because I was feeling like I am the only one who cares that the word "loved" is "intentionally" being used as a "template" on our phones! There is an intent to water down the word "love" just like the word "friend" and other words so that one day they will mean absolutely nothing! I am 56 1/2 and I walk with God and believe He gives me wisdom. I don't know how old you are young man, but you have been given incredible wisdom! May God continue to bless you in your life and what He desires to do with you.

  • Diana
    Diana 3 days ago

    Truly loving another person isn't enough. They have to truly love you too. Otherwise it won't work out, no matter how deep and strong your feelings are.

  • yang yang
    yang yang 4 days ago

    the amusement of language

  • Pallab Maity
    Pallab Maity 4 days ago


  • Victoria Perkovic
    Victoria Perkovic 9 days ago


  • Josie Pitts
    Josie Pitts 10 days ago

    guys spam "i love u" so we can make him mad lol

  • Kastoe
    Kastoe 12 days ago

    I believe in you is what you have to say

  • Lisha Victorian
    Lisha Victorian 14 days ago

    That was beautiful 💞💕

  • lujain Abu Hejleh
    lujain Abu Hejleh 14 days ago

    Dear Prince Ea,
    what is the difference between become and be


  • sega unicorn
    sega unicorn 15 days ago +1

    But i truly love my mom

  • Tell Me! English
    Tell Me! English 17 days ago

    Love is powerful. Be sure you mean it when you say it!

  • Great Ghost
    Great Ghost 18 days ago +1

    I love you prince ea
    I really mean it

  • Janpeter Reijling
    Janpeter Reijling 18 days ago

    Such strong words, they gave me goosebums!

  • Fazal Malik
    Fazal Malik 18 days ago

    he is wearing senior master Sergant on his coat then senior airmen on his blue shirt this upsets me

  • shahad
    shahad 19 days ago

    I actually watched this vid more than 3 time

  • FH 777
    FH 777 19 days ago

    What is love?

  • Ivy's Life
    Ivy's Life 21 day ago

    nic ❤️

  • Kiran Thakur
    Kiran Thakur 22 days ago

    Hey the same lines r in BHAGVAT GEETA.

  • dickens Dickala
    dickens Dickala 23 days ago

    Love: why you guys still talk about me?, I already left your planet 50 yrs ago

  • GTArocksgaming 7280
    GTArocksgaming 7280 23 days ago

    Even tho I’m 19 and my girlfriend is 17 when I say I love u to her I mean it with all my heart

  • Hana EngKurGor
    Hana EngKurGor 23 days ago

    💍👫💕💍True love

  • Federico Marasigan
    Federico Marasigan 24 days ago

    Dont stop saying I Love You,if You really mean it why not to say I Love You?

  • حياة فتيني
    حياة فتيني 24 days ago

    مـيــــن🥰 يــرحب🥰 بـي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـــك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـاص واشـتـرك بـقـنـاتـــي

  • iridescent xedit
    iridescent xedit 24 days ago

    How to know if you love someone:

    *Your mind never left that one person this whole video*

  • Ola Nowak
    Ola Nowak 25 days ago

    Proszę żeby było w języku polskim

  • Yura Nie
    Yura Nie 25 days ago

    How crazy are you psycho

    SANDY C. EDEN 25 days ago


  • Yunus Parvez Khan
    Yunus Parvez Khan 26 days ago +1

    Thank you.. Ea.. I confirmed today that we am really in a real Love relationship.. Whenever she gets angry or her heart brakes, I try to fix.. Never get into ego, or prestige.. She do this too.. That's why We are in a real Relationship...
    And Mr. Prince Ea thanks for your wish that our love will last lifetime...

  • R U S T
    R U S T 27 days ago

    Only people I say I love you too
    My mom
    My stepdad
    My brothers
    My pets
    And my best friend who was there when I needed her

  • LF Kakashi
    LF Kakashi 27 days ago

    What if i truly love someone but she doesn't love me back? What if i fell in love with her and i want to make her happy?

  • Dom Sansotta
    Dom Sansotta 27 days ago

    Real talk fam . Prince EA and I love your stories . They’re so inspiring

  • Tammy Howard
    Tammy Howard 28 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Comment Breakei
    Comment Breakei 29 days ago

    Gooosebumps Fuck😂

  • Clyde Miles Bonita
    Clyde Miles Bonita 29 days ago

    Guys just say I Possession U

  • DANutella
    DANutella 29 days ago

    Sorry for my English but I am not Englishman. If you wanna be happy into you (in your inner world) you should read Bible a lot to be wise throughout your life and yea this world think that the true love is only sex but it isn't not.

  • John Harrisjr
    John Harrisjr Month ago

    I was thinking of my sister saying I love you too her boyfriend how about you guys

  • dayDREAMZ
    dayDREAMZ Month ago

    At 1:19 dudes shirt was untucked thwn magically became tucked in again...👀

  • Shrey Manjrekar
    Shrey Manjrekar Month ago

    Prince ea u r the best 👍💯😘😘😘😘😘😘.... The way you present ur video's is just lovely 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Di rk
    Di rk Month ago

    Where can I find the Instrumental

  • Darwin Medrano
    Darwin Medrano Month ago

    When someone says i love u they dont mean it intil they cant say it infront of them noo more

  • Muie PSD PLM
    Muie PSD PLM Month ago

    F u

  • Super Boy
    Super Boy Month ago

  • joelgamersonic 64
    joelgamersonic 64 Month ago

    I love my mum

  • darlsumt
    darlsumt Month ago +1

    Your nice

  • BondBillJack -Playz

    I love you

  • Thevoiceshouting-in the space

    mm God bless you, all of you

  • Dodz Marjalino
    Dodz Marjalino Month ago


  • Latioswar showdown
    Latioswar showdown Month ago

    I know this message sounds good and all as man are the hopeless romantic gender and not girls but dudes plz dont act and dont use the words of this beta simp paradoxically you will only find true love after you learn how to become Chad

  • Canadian Superman
    Canadian Superman Month ago

    Let the truth be told

  • khaoula tube
    khaoula tube Month ago +1

    I love the dancing tho

  • Psycho Submissive Brat 2019

    The first time I ever said the word love was this year I'm 20 and I've never said it to anybody before and it turned out he was cheating on me and just using me for a place to stay I lost everything to make him happy my family disowned me for being with him I lost my place to stay......everything😢 love doesn't exist

  • Haya Almazrouei
    Haya Almazrouei Month ago

    Love doesn't just exist in a couple but in friends as well me and my friend love each other a lot and I can't believe that we rarely said ''I love you'' to each other and we've been friends for 4 full Years, SCHOOL friends

  • Mohammed rafiq
    Mohammed rafiq Month ago

    Bro....This is absolutely truth... And Thank you for revealing it....
    As you wish... I'll respect word ''LOVE"

  • Philodox e
    Philodox e Month ago

    But what if I feel happy if she is happy?

  • xdolphiin lemons
    xdolphiin lemons Month ago +9

    Is no one going to talk about the choreography? I mean,I guess just me-- it's amazing! It has so much meaning to it,it's powerful,bold, and it shows a lot of things that are going on! That's just my opinion though.

  • Thug Jutsu
    Thug Jutsu Month ago

    I don’t have a love

  • on_dl_Hu502
    on_dl_Hu502 Month ago

    Well I'm in love not by my control and what im trying now to make her happy after I will try to be happy

  • bovier setting
    bovier setting Month ago

    I love u bro, u special with such insight

  • REAPLyrics
    REAPLyrics Month ago

    Prince, you keep creating amaaaazing videos that explains how we could and would understand, find, and commit to the truth of who we are and the well-being of ourselves! Whether inspirational, or motivational, and ends like an ad for wholesomeness! You should create an organization for spreading love and these kind of contents! non-profit or with-profit, we support you, hell im even gonna pay EVERYTHING just so you continue this amazing content for a channel with a person behind who has an amazing heart, mind, and soul!

  • Abdo Mohamed
    Abdo Mohamed Month ago

    Please respect the word love and say it only to those you truly do 💙

  • Chinaze Igwulu
    Chinaze Igwulu Month ago

    My middle name is Love

  • Dagim Tamiru
    Dagim Tamiru Month ago

    I was thinking about my country and my family and no matter what I will always love them from my heart.

  • -yyy- *123*
    -yyy- *123* Month ago

    Ok, "I hate you"

  • vanessawieauchimmer !

    Cries ♡♡♡

  • Khleaué
    Khleaué Month ago

    I loved him so much but he never felt the same and I could see it from the start. This video just hits me so hard because it makes me realise that he just doesn't love him like I do and I wish he could because he is absolutely my everything. But he throws my feelings away and damn that hurts so much.

  • Molly Evans
    Molly Evans Month ago +1

    да кто блять будет смотреть это видео на языках, которые есть в субтитрах, русский сделайте хоть раз, наши бездарности не могут подобного сделать, дайте хоть на других посмотреть

  • Exposed
    Exposed Month ago

    That moment when you want to fix and save but the other side just wants to throw away😢

  • KhanTheEntertainer
    KhanTheEntertainer Month ago

    Okay who's cutting the onion?

  • Joanna V
    Joanna V Month ago

    Some people be saying ily on the first date like...chill

  • Jason Dacosta
    Jason Dacosta Month ago


  • Benj Manalansan
    Benj Manalansan Month ago


  • Tanyardzwa H
    Tanyardzwa H Month ago

    Love is the most powerful thing on earth but people choose to abuse it

  • Hiep Tran
    Hiep Tran Month ago

    That hit hard ,

  • UnicornQueen
    UnicornQueen Month ago

    0:18 yes

  • Karla & Cj
    Karla & Cj Month ago

    that’s on healthy relationships 💯