My Makeup Collection and Storage - January 2009

  • Published on Jan 15, 2009
  • Vanity from Target
    Mirror from Sally's Beauty Supply
    Nail Polish Rack from Ebay
    Pink Drawers from Target
    Bedding from Target
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Comments • 725

  • Selena Casper
    Selena Casper Year ago +41

    Old school Elle .. the OG beauty guru.. This came up in my recommendations 2017 ☺️ nostalgic....

  • Stormaggedon x
    Stormaggedon x Year ago +42

    I'm so nostalgic and watching this in 2017

  • doll04
    doll04 4 years ago +6

    Im not a subscriber, but your collection is really cool and well organized. .I love it.

  • Jacob Roy
    Jacob Roy 4 years ago +1

    ur amazing i would never hate on ur video

  • syama sutheesh
    syama sutheesh 7 years ago +1


  • Sinead Donnelly
    Sinead Donnelly 7 years ago

    I just started collecting makeup about 3 months ago and I already have 3 giant drawers, a medium one and a tiny one almost full. All because 3 months ago your video inspired me to organize!!(:

  • Julia Moisejeva
    Julia Moisejeva 7 years ago

    Wooow :O

  • Adela Salas
    Adela Salas 7 years ago

    where did you get the "some girls are just born with glitter in their veins" painting?(:

  • Shanny
    Shanny 7 years ago +2

    Ur my inspiration! If it weren't for you or Blair, I wouldn't know half the stuff I know about makeup! I am 12 and I am making a channel, just likes yours (: I am starting my MAC collection and I hope to get as much as you!! I am also just flat out starting my makeup collection! ILY (:

  • Suzannah
    Suzannah 7 years ago

    you look exactly like this girl at my school!!! trust me thats a good thing, the girl has the prettiest hair like you! you have the most pretty shade of bond!

  • tommygirl20247
    tommygirl20247 7 years ago

    I have dry skin and I love the Neutrogena oil free moisturizers my favorite :)

  • Kathryn Best
    Kathryn Best 7 years ago +1

    I would say this is the best collection video ive seen because you dont go through every little thing like
    example : this lipgloss is by so & so and this lip gloss is by ... 35237 lipglosses later -_-
    you know what I mean , this is why I love you ;D

  • Kathryn Best
    Kathryn Best 7 years ago

    Ugh , your so gorgeous

  • Kelly Gunning
    Kelly Gunning 7 years ago

    you and blair have like all the same stuff why dont you share?

  • ShEna
    ShEna 7 years ago

    Nice !

  • Morbid Marca
    Morbid Marca 7 years ago

    yay i am now clicking the subscribe button loves it

  • El F
    El F 7 years ago

    Your my favourite person on youtube and so is your sister love you guysssss :) :)

  • El F
    El F 7 years ago +1

    You know what you have earnt that money and you can spend it on whatever you bloody want!! i know i do so no one can judge.
    allthatglitter21 ignore the jealous people :)

  • Sophie Billet
    Sophie Billet 7 years ago

    Do u work at mac...?

  • Taylor J
    Taylor J 7 years ago

    Where is the container store? i only have office depot and staples

  • Bettina Camejo
    Bettina Camejo 7 years ago

    oh my god i love it!!!!!!!!! you most have used a bunch of money for all that

  • Mrswhugy
    Mrswhugy 7 years ago

    What do you think is the best Mascara and liquid eyeliner?

  • gsocubsfan
    gsocubsfan 7 years ago

    love your make up collection

  • gsocubsfan
    gsocubsfan 7 years ago

    love your make up collection

  • gsocubsfan
    gsocubsfan 7 years ago

    love you

  • gsocubsfan
    gsocubsfan 7 years ago

    you are so organized that,s cool love your make up collection

  • elloitsangela
    elloitsangela 8 years ago

    my goodness! ur collection is like a fantasy!!
    i lovee it :))

  • Daisy Zuniga
    Daisy Zuniga 10 years ago

    omg i luv ur vanity:]
    n ur cute pink drawers!!!

  • xheartsxmusicx
    xheartsxmusicx 10 years ago

    ah. so neat and organized(:
    LOVE IT!

  • Christina Lee
    Christina Lee 10 years ago

    haha i saw a twilight poster~

  • Deanne Semkowski
    Deanne Semkowski 10 years ago

    SO cute, awesome collection you've inspired me to get my self organized!

  • Tara Fitzgerald
    Tara Fitzgerald 10 years ago

    WOW! that is so well organized! :D
    i was wondering where you got your nail polish rack thing from.
    thanks! XD

  • Shawna Garcia
    Shawna Garcia 10 years ago

    Oh My Goshness! This is amazing ... my family says I have a lot of makeup and I dont even have a quarter of what you have LOL ... Oh man I want that collection bad! I better get started now =)

  • yoyo yo
    yoyo yo 10 years ago


  • JenniferBetaNerd
    JenniferBetaNerd 10 years ago

    lol are you sure there's collections bigger than yours? hey just kidding :) you're sooo lucky to have all that :P Thanks for sharing, and I never saw any zig-zags...

  • Athenav1
    Athenav1 10 years ago

    Where did you get the bella bedding?

  • anademi
    anademi 10 years ago

    OMG!!! you have a total make up store!!!
    Good job storing all those products.

  • Jennifer Guarino
    Jennifer Guarino 10 years ago

    Hello. I came accross your video by accident. This is the first video I watched of yours and I really am impressed. I personlly like seeing collection/storage videos. I don't think of them as a form of bragging unless that's how one chooses to come accross. I like seeing how other people put their things together and the variety of items they use in relation to my own. Thank you for such a nice video - I haven't seen a set up quite like yours but I like it!

  • Sheree Norris
    Sheree Norris 10 years ago +3

    people don't understand that you can actually use all that make-up xD
    plus it's fun buying new things and having loads of make-up.
    by the way, amazing collection and i love how organised you are xx

  • lauren brooks
    lauren brooks 10 years ago

    ( :
    Lovely make up collection :)

  • Karissa Jayde
    Karissa Jayde 10 years ago

    this is just a little ridiculous...not gonna lie, im jealous but how could you ever possibly use all that makeup?

  • Emilyxx
    Emilyxx 10 years ago


  • HilsHeavenScents
    HilsHeavenScents 10 years ago

    Check out 88Beauty on google. They carry them :)

  • Corlin
    Corlin 10 years ago

    it was sold at target but now its only sold on ebay

  • mapjap001
    mapjap001 10 years ago

    I don't know how you keep that all neat. I have like four things in my makeup routine and it is all scattered across my dresser. LOL Neat collection!

  • Ghadeer Abdullatif
    Ghadeer Abdullatif 10 years ago

    hi there,i have never seen any of your videos but this one is a hit,

  • Raiven S.
    Raiven S. 10 years ago

    OMG! i have that same vanity! I got mine 4 christmas!

  • Ayana Lor
    Ayana Lor 10 years ago

    can you make an updated make up collection video? =) pweety please.

  • Christina Pokorny
    Christina Pokorny 10 years ago

    I love your collection. I love makeup and hope to one day have as much as you! You are awesome and totally sweet. Your vanity it so cool and i really like your set up. Your seriously awesome :] and you have all the season of the oc when i saw that it made me smile i cant beleive it ended! i wish it could come back it is the best show next to one tree hill of course. What was you favorite season and who was your favorite character?

  • Tatiana Segura
    Tatiana Segura 10 years ago

    loved your collection:-)

  • millionDZbabygurl
    millionDZbabygurl 10 years ago

    i love your bella covers! and your makeup.
    definitely subbing ;)

  • purplemkb
    purplemkb 10 years ago

    how is the twilight perfume?

    XTEPHANIX 10 years ago

    I want that twilight perfume!!!

  • Geelovesbeautyxo
    Geelovesbeautyxo 10 years ago

    Wow It Is Soo Neat And Organised

    XTEPHANIX 10 years ago

    i like how you use stuff like cd holders to put your makeup very creative!!!

  • cindy kan
    cindy kan 10 years ago

    really nice video really organized :)

  • Brianna Christina
    Brianna Christina 10 years ago

    if u go to drugstore's you can find brushes that are cheap. and even if u dont have brushes u can use a Q-tip for eyeshadows, but even mac brushes arent expensive. i have a good ammount

  • Crystal Gale
    Crystal Gale 10 years ago

    WoW! So organized! I want to have your room! LOL I share my room with my brother so I can't fix it the way I want :(

  • makeuplover94
    makeuplover94 10 years ago

    I have that 3 drawer thing that holds your lipglosses and such in.. That right there is almost all my makeup lol. oh well, my collection is growing..

  • Mandy Peterson
    Mandy Peterson 10 years ago

    so girly and so organized.
    i'm jealous!
    i would be in there everyday,
    doing make up 24/7.
    haha. =)

  • meowgirl789
    meowgirl789 10 years ago

    why would anyone hat on you??? that's so wrong. This vid is cool. You are sooooo organized!!

  • Staycn
    Staycn 10 years ago

    Your back up even has a back up!

  • Sydney K
    Sydney K 10 years ago

    you are so lucky yu have all of that
    i wish i had that much
    love yur videos

  • zanganitaUsmp
    zanganitaUsmp 10 years ago

    So .. where do u buy ur makeup at .. ?

  • Amy Tran
    Amy Tran 10 years ago

    Oh my gosh, when you first showed the vanity table I thought that was where your makeup was and then you turned the camera and it was like BAM, haha. I loooove your makeup collection and i love how you're so damn organized!!

  • itsmyhannah
    itsmyhannah 10 years ago

    she got hers from ebay, it says in on the side >>

  • zanganitaUsmp
    zanganitaUsmp 10 years ago

    Wow u do have a lot of make up .. we should b BFF da only difference u like MAC I luv MAYBELLINE ... where do u buy ur makeup at ? n do u like get coupons or sumthang

  • Kristina Chau
    Kristina Chau 10 years ago

    wow your so lucky you have so much makeup! thats reallly kool btw i love it.

  • LITOtomboy4life
    LITOtomboy4life 10 years ago

    where did u get that light up mirior thing its soo cute i want one

  • CanadianKaosGirl
    CanadianKaosGirl 10 years ago

    I have alot of makeup aswell and i know those costal accents palettes are kinda pricey and you have most of them???? you have spent alot of money on makeup.

  • ChiChichiwe
    ChiChichiwe 10 years ago


  • luv4juicy5308
    luv4juicy5308 10 years ago

    i love love love ur makeup collection and the shelf.
    it looks like ur lil makeup store in ur room, so cute
    n O-M-G TWILIGHT.. N i love ur bella's bedding

  • JenniferBetaNerd
    JenniferBetaNerd 10 years ago

    ooohhhh mmmyyyyyy goooosssshhhh you have a LOT , and I mean A LOT.. (pause) of makeup. WOW!

  • Bella Xo
    Bella Xo 10 years ago

    do a room tour!!!

  • OrganisedHands
    OrganisedHands 10 years ago

    could u plz do a room tour video?

  • Carlenn Tengadik
    Carlenn Tengadik 10 years ago


    I wish I was...


  • Zuli Zepeda
    Zuli Zepeda 10 years ago

    New subscriber!! you're so pretty and very helpuful!! thanx :)

  • Erinsaidhello
    Erinsaidhello 10 years ago

    awesome collection!
    you shoud be a make up artist.

  • angelamemy
    angelamemy 10 years ago

    your collection is so amazing!! I really like all your mac stuff and I love your big pink bed!!!

  • Luvnutrition
    Luvnutrition 10 years ago

    Luv ur collection, so organized :) It looks so professional.

  • ida23
    ida23 10 years ago

    scommetto tu sia gelosa della tua stupenda collezione! :-)

  • Liyan Al-mosaria
    Liyan Al-mosaria 10 years ago

    I luuvve youur room :)

  • uifanj
    uifanj 10 years ago

    che bellooo

  • Cheyenne Meek
    Cheyenne Meek 10 years ago

    haha wow, I thought I had a lot of makeup, guess I was wrong.

  • Hope Martin
    Hope Martin 10 years ago

    she listed it over in the info in case u didn't look over there =)

  • Denise C
    Denise C 10 years ago

    Your so organized....
    This is the best i've seen...
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's absolute make-up heaven 8D

    Hope you dont mind me organizing my make-up the same. Well you gave me an idea ahhhhhhhh love it

  • kmt122181
    kmt122181 10 years ago


  • Ssandora P.
    Ssandora P. 10 years ago

    hey elle, i love you. but... why does ur little sis have way more makeup then you????? just curious

  • fdoeppen
    fdoeppen 10 years ago

    You did a great job at organizing your stuff!
    Can I copy some of your ideas?
    Don't worry, I won't be making any videos.

  • Taryn-Alise Réaux
    Taryn-Alise Réaux 10 years ago

    I'm so jealous. I love MAC makeup but can't afford it. I'm starting to save my money. I have 3 lipglasses so far. gonna go get painpots and shadestix and eyeshadows soon. HOPEFULLY!

  • himlover2007
    himlover2007 10 years ago

    Im so jealous of your collection . i wish i had that much . mabey in the future i will . i

  • Hope Martin
    Hope Martin 10 years ago

    you're right, only people that are like addicted to makeup can understand why you have to have so much haha.

  • Pornrumpa Taluengchit
    Pornrumpa Taluengchit 10 years ago

    love this video, inspire me to organize mine THANX

  • lexy ly
    lexy ly 10 years ago

    i love your video! where did u buy that makeup vanity with the mirror? Im dying to get one!

  • Vanessa Bautista
    Vanessa Bautista 10 years ago

    Your collection is amazing!!(:

  • Pa H Vue
    Pa H Vue 10 years ago

    OMG I SO want to have that collection! How much do you spend a day to a month on the makeups and how do you get updates on new makeups? How long did it took you to collect all of those?

  • CindyHauAreYou
    CindyHauAreYou 10 years ago

    Wow, your make-up collection is very neat, organized and nice looking. I'm impressed!

  • iloveyou112091
    iloveyou112091 10 years ago

    omg! i wish this was my room espeacially all that BEAUTIFUL! makeup

  • Hibah Chaudhary
    Hibah Chaudhary 10 years ago

    where did u buy the twilight perfume and u r very pretty

  • angixgirl
    angixgirl 10 years ago

    hey i love you make up organizing ideas...and all that make up..super.
    some girls were just born with glitter in ther cool!!!