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Average American vs Average European - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +104

    If you want to know how an Average American compares to Bill Gates, check out our previous video:

    • KELLI2L2
      KELLI2L2 8 days ago

      You should update this data to 2019 standards.
      I think your stats are not correct for the 2017 date posted ... Seems this data is old.

    • Giovanny colon
      Giovanny colon Month ago

      You guys should do one happiness Puerto Rico Holliday's vs the world

    • Jobbig Jävel
      Jobbig Jävel 3 months ago

      The Infographics Show Colombua ain’t italian

  • Maxilo Caminero
    Maxilo Caminero 12 hours ago

    I think from the looks of it Europeans live more humble and more modest... America is a great country of opportunities, but if your seeking true satisfaction Europe tops it

  • Ava Beljaeff
    Ava Beljaeff 14 hours ago

    Half german, third russian, part welsh, part sweedish, part English

  • Flaming cupcakes It’s true

    I would want to stay in England because free health and I have a lot a lot a lot of PROMBLEMS with my health so yeah

  • PyroRemoN
    PyroRemoN Day ago

    Its a little old but I am ENglish and have been to the USA 7 times, USA is op, London is a shit hole, the south of England is the only nice part

  • V.F.D :Volunteer Fire Department:

    I'm tired of all these comments bashing Americans. Don't say we're brainwashed when you haven't even be to our country. The only sign that will tell you you're in America is the flags that you'll see every 50 miles or so. There's really not that much identification. You think we're brainwashed because we're always declaring how great our country is. That's because it is, since we defeated Great Britain, Mexico, and various other countries we have performed war with. I will admit our education is not the best. It contains lots of things that aren't useful in everyday life. We're not all fat. Just because there is loads of McDonalds doesn't mean that every USA citizen goes to one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The last time I even ate something remotely close to a snack from McDonalds was probably about a month ago.
    What is it with this socialism? Bernie Sanders didn't win! We don't all have the same stuff, the rich aren't giving up money, and everybody is not getting the same jobs. That's because that's how life works. Those who work hard get to keep the things they worked for. We're a democratic republic, not a socialistic country. You British and your "God save the queen!" At least we don't make a song that basically worships any of our presidents. That's just outright stupid.

  • No name
    No name Day ago

    So thats were my country’s population gone....

    Nisse PRODUCTIONS Day ago +1

    By looking at the thumpnail i thought you meant ”Americans 2019 vs Europeans 1500. How do they compared?” XD

  • FunKitYourSelf
    FunKitYourSelf 2 days ago

    Europe is awesome but the EU sucks bigtime.

  • cheizs
    cheizs 3 days ago

    Biggest difference, europeans have culture, americans do not

  • Robbie Jarrett
    Robbie Jarrett 3 days ago +1

    He called Europe the EU, omg dude learn some shit theres fifty European countries and only thirty two in the union

  • someone else
    someone else 3 days ago

    Im Czech

  • sam carrick
    sam carrick 3 days ago

    What's a scotch-Irish?? Surely your Scottish or Irish?

  • Skandar
    Skandar 4 days ago


  • Andrew Ericson
    Andrew Ericson 4 days ago

    not really fair to compare us to the dutch in height lol

  • StefaneX SERBIA
    StefaneX SERBIA 5 days ago

    I just have to say that not every European country is part of EU there I fixed it

  • elGatubiuz
    elGatubiuz 6 days ago +1

    I want to see my European Brothers!! :3

  • Rajmund Banitz
    Rajmund Banitz 6 days ago

    American Internet User: **literally nothing**
    European Internet User: fuk u no bad fat man! we are btteter then u in srbiea!!!! Urop>murka!
    Sorry to say but Europe, you suck ass!

  • Tereza Urbancic
    Tereza Urbancic 6 days ago

    I went to USA and people there are reallllyyyy nice but i have to say that it's sad to see so many obese people, people that can't sit in one chair on trains, Idk man USA is definitely doing something wrong. I am from eruope, and i traveled to a lot of countries in Europe and i have NEVER seen so many obese people, i am from slovenia and no its not normal to be so fat that u have to sit in an electrict cart or whatever to drive around the store, i have never seen that in Europe while in USA that is a pretty common thing

  • Larebeldexx Larebeldexx

    How can America be so "advanced" when health care and education is a debt trap. I think the government should be ashamed of them. Concidering how much money they make....just all wrong there and a lot of brainwashed people unfortunately. Not saying in EU people are not brainwashed, but not nearly as much as Americans are.
    Hope the "stop being a sheep" movement increases fast, I can see change coming, all around the world :-)

  • Boing Boing
    Boing Boing 8 days ago

    Fun fact: How much has the average Mexican common with a European?..we don´t speak Mexican in Europe😂😂.......Build a Walll!

    • Edmund Faust
      Edmund Faust Day ago

      Boing Boing That's not how irony works. If you said that your comment was a troll ok but irony implies that you mean the opposite of what you say

    • Boing Boing
      Boing Boing Day ago

      +Edmund Faust 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wait Mexicans speak spanish?😂😂😂😂😂😂Brazilians speak portugese and not Brazilian? Damm. My comment was IRONIC Edmund.

    • Edmund Faust
      Edmund Faust Day ago

      Yeah but we speak Spanish which is basically mexican

  • Anne Christa Meyerlund

    Why do you make norway lika a bitch its free colage we earn mutch money free helth care not a drinking land.
    Where did you get the information

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 9 days ago

    I visited United States of America two years ago. I had the misfortune of visiting one of their beaches. It looked like an elephant seal colony. Why do the females there allow themselves to turn unto bulbous land whales? Do American men like hideously obese women? Is it a fertility goddess look that American women are trying to accomplish? If so, they have succeeded.

    • The real Mac Ter
      The real Mac Ter 4 days ago

      No, their disgusting. We are not proud of them. Go to the more northern beaches

  • Felix Lagemann
    Felix Lagemann 10 days ago +1

    The EU is represented by Trachten because Germany is the largest population of the EU. Stop raging Italians, we can't all wear Gucci

  • Mazapan Putrefacto
    Mazapan Putrefacto 11 days ago

    Not even a mention of Spanish ancestry in the US? 18% of US population is of hispanic origin and the great majority has Spanish ancestry!! Yet you mentioned Hungarian and Portuguese ancestry in the US as more relevant!!

  • I got a dig bick
    I got a dig bick 12 days ago

    You american are Europeans as well. The true Americans are indians

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen 13 days ago

    Average Norwegian wage is 68'000USD. Come join us, we're entering a period of labour shortage soon :-)
    There's no minimum wage, but it's unusual to earn less than 16.5USD/hour. Work week is 37.5 hours, 40 including unpaid lunch-breaks.
    Houses are expensive, but have a high standard. Free schooling from grade 1 and through a master's degree, and PhD programs are actually paying jobs

  • Weed MonsteRR
    Weed MonsteRR 15 days ago

    do Polish vs British
    just without stereotypes plz

  • Yani Madani
    Yani Madani 15 days ago

    You forgot majority come from Asia and Africa (Arabs,North Africans)

  • Emvisha
    Emvisha 16 days ago

    Free university in Finland 🇫🇮 Proud Finn here

  • Mr Woofey Woofey
    Mr Woofey Woofey 18 days ago

    Dutch and italian

  • Kerstin Bremer
    Kerstin Bremer 18 days ago

    The most stereotypical video in all of history

  • The YouTuber Squad
    The YouTuber Squad 20 days ago

    Christopher Columbus did not find America the Native Americans did!

  • Hewy Hewett
    Hewy Hewett 20 days ago

    As a member of the U.K. I can safely confirm that people first have sex around 16, one example is a friend of mine who is 16 and had sex not too long ago.

    So last year basically

    Then the girl said she got pregnant even tho they used a condom and they are no longer together and he has a new girlfriend who leant what you just read while we where all eating curry, and now they are waiting for my first time story.

  • Yellow Car
    Yellow Car 20 days ago

    Having many cars is not good.

  • Yellow Car
    Yellow Car 20 days ago

    (3:21)Jeff Bezos is the worlds richest man now and then.

  • Raphael Miot
    Raphael Miot 21 day ago

    Ok so Christopher Columbus was Italian😂

  • Choco Pawz
    Choco Pawz 21 day ago

    What the flip are the ‘Europeans’ wearing...

    Or is that just an average European person?

  • Daniel Gaming Nerd
    Daniel Gaming Nerd 23 days ago

    Vikings found America first

  • xxxtentacion fan
    xxxtentacion fan 24 days ago

    Irish and something else

  • Pie Pie
    Pie Pie 26 days ago

    I mean, I'm mostly white. I should fit in Europe, let's go. I'd rather be there anyways.

  • Heinz doofenshmirtz
    Heinz doofenshmirtz 26 days ago

    America wasn't actualtly found by Columbus. Well not really. He found some island near America and didn't go further. The first founders of America beside their native people where either people from Africa or Vikings.

  • Pi is the best
    Pi is the best 27 days ago

    ... and finally, let’s talk about *ARTICLE 13*

  • Felipe Müller-Geib
    Felipe Müller-Geib 27 days ago

    Americans work longer...Europeans work smarter.

  • Grom Kroll
    Grom Kroll 27 days ago

    why europe cars loks so smal

  • Anamaria Tuta
    Anamaria Tuta 27 days ago

    Yep im good at Balkans 😅😂

  • Nal Mencin
    Nal Mencin 28 days ago

    university is also free in Slovenia, just saying..

  • Sebastian S.P.
    Sebastian S.P. 29 days ago

    One thing I do know for sure - the average American has a low iq (not knowing their own country's history) compared to Europeans.

  • Brandon Cooney
    Brandon Cooney Month ago

    You don't know jack shit about the average American or the average European. This is just another cut & paste "facts" channel that takes news bull-shit news headlines & puts them as facts.

  • TheAndreiul
    TheAndreiul Month ago +3

    This video is biased. When it comes to the good stuff it's comparing US to all Europe, in favor for US. When it comes to the bad stuff, like fat people and stuff, it compares US only to UK.

  • steelie blue420
    steelie blue420 Month ago

    Thank God I'm not American so pround to be British

    • Brandon Cooney
      Brandon Cooney Month ago

      Britan will soon be Britanistan. It's already a Muslim shit-hole where so many white girls are raped on an industrial level.

  • XenonGame
    XenonGame Month ago +3

    I'm french and i want go to the USA!!!Help me lol

    • Brandon Cooney
      Brandon Cooney Month ago

      You should come here & buy a gun. I hear that France is becoming an African shit-hole. African invaders were rioting in France to show their demographic.

  • MelanieSykes
    MelanieSykes Month ago +1

    You lost my attention already by calling the Netherlands 'Holland' on 0:23.
    Edit: Love how the 'Americans' are represented by a couple in normal clothes and all 'Europeans' by a couple wearing German traditional clothing

  • Lenz2010
    Lenz2010 Month ago +2

    how can you compare 1 country to 28 completely different countries?

  • Storm74
    Storm74 Month ago +8

    Why is everyone always negative towards us Americans...

    • jeremy 94
      jeremy 94 6 hours ago

      Systematic racism, Wage disparities, corporate founded politicians, obesity, Expensive Healthcare, Expensive Education, Classism, Should I go on?

    • Flaming cupcakes It’s true
      Flaming cupcakes It’s true Day ago +1

      Because it’s America plus health care payment Donald trump less happiness of living honest truth

    • Alternate World
      Alternate World Day ago +1

      England isn’t. England is America’s biggest ally. From the UK

    • LightByDie
      LightByDie 2 days ago +1

      I love USA. (i'm from Romania)

    • Smartass ._.
      Smartass ._. 4 days ago +3

      Storm74 not all Americans just the USA and that’s because you are ridiculously stupid:)

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos Month ago +1

    USA and Europe are equal, be friends
    Not from Argentina to Canada

  • Kelpo 365
    Kelpo 365 Month ago

    Who ever says Europe is better just know that the U.S saved your ass at one point

  • Jenny Pro
    Jenny Pro Month ago +1

    It doesn't make any sense. "Average American", by that, and considering your portrayal of what they're supposed to be like, you probably mean "white American/European American". Why not right? But then, you're using American statistics including non-European Americans to state life expectancy etc. You didn't date anything, your geography is poor, you're mixing countries with continents... It's the last video I watch of you guys... So undereducated and biased.

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules Month ago

    As a European a can tell you it is both

  • Zaiman Syahzmi
    Zaiman Syahzmi Month ago +1


  • Christoph Harrer
    Christoph Harrer Month ago

    And i'm german

  • Christoph Harrer
    Christoph Harrer Month ago

    Just so you know. Not every eu Citizen weares Leathertrousers

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    Europe and especially Germany aren’t Bavaria (during the Oktoberfest mostly). Please, we don’t use fat people drinking in paper bags in front of mcDonalds in our videos

  • W. C.
    W. C. Month ago

    When I heard about hardworking americans, I started laugh. In my country people thinking totaly obversely.

  • ZeroViper3245 Johnson

    Lie the first part germans eat so much bread so its not that healthy

  • Anniina Venäläinen

    For the house part, we don't need that big houses, 'cause we don't have over 5 children on average. Also, who wants a huge house? I like a small one.

  • Matija Volk
    Matija Volk Month ago

    1:30 lol that Swede. True today I guess

  • Priamo Bekteshi
    Priamo Bekteshi Month ago

    Europeans because I am German, Italian, And Albanian

  • snEK
    snEK Month ago +1

    So This guy thinks Europe is Germany and UK?

  • michaelandcarina bethea

    Average European, says an American that has lived both places

  • CIVE
    CIVE Month ago +3

    The funny thing is, all white americans are actually Europeans, at least they are from European descent

  • European Union
    European Union Month ago


  • European Union
    European Union Month ago


  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer Month ago

    Melting pot vs homogeneous

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    I live in Europa, but thinking to move to America just because of the capitalistic system, since I want to build a company there, you guys from America, what do you think, is it worthed?

  • Sandu Musteata
    Sandu Musteata Month ago

    I think Europe is better however, Getting a car in Denmark is expensive af.

  • 회색분자
    회색분자 Month ago

    아니 이분 동영상 보려는데 왜 한글자막 다 없지 ㅠ 이건 있는데

  • exotic czech break all the rules

    And slovakia

  • exotic czech break all the rules

    I am Czech republican And i really like our beers

  • hijo de puta
    hijo de puta Month ago

    europe=america the same shit

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly Month ago

    NORDIC countries are the BEST!! in history!!

  • Greg Dude
    Greg Dude Month ago

    Why am I here?

    I'm an Asian

    ABC ABC Month ago

    half of the Europe (some random good countries according to me )> america > rest of the europe >rest of the world

  • ICEO
    ICEO Month ago

    Europe takes another W because 80% of America is European

  • Egg
    Egg Month ago

    I’m one of the 6 million scots! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Kieron-Bela Roy Paladhy

    Wtf? Are you good, mate?
    It's Netherlands, not Holland.
    You've got North-Holland and South-Holland and those are provinces in the Netherlands.

  • P Vayu
    P Vayu Month ago

    you can not make a summary comparison in Europe there are 28 different states with 28 different languages ​​and different cultures differentraditions and even different stories so I compare every state or you can not. Then ok I'm German but Italianon you want to explain why that stereotype of vestiaro from Oktoberfest or South Tyrol? Since the houses in the United States you have much more free space and so it is normal that you can afford a bigger house (I saw the price of some houses in some US cities with the same money here you get an average apartment in a city of similar importance) then even the health of every European state manages it differently in Italy the hospitalization is totally free (for Italian citizens and regular residents in Italy) while other states ask for a small fee, another example in Italy the family doctor or so-called basic is free (pay the fees for this but it is logically free even if you do not work) while in France pay a fixed fee per visit and so on each state to different rules and quidni or comparisons a state at a time or you can not make a general comparison that seems like a strange nonsense jumble.

  • Volleyball8201
    Volleyball8201 Month ago

    I'm not sure which I am, I was born in Denmark but live in the states XD

  • Kuldeep Awchar
    Kuldeep Awchar Month ago

    Average indian is the winner

  • ed wells
    ed wells Month ago +2

    brits hate america but it was mostly made by them🤔

  • Willa Cruikshank
    Willa Cruikshank 2 months ago

    why are europe's statistics in blue and america's in red?????

  • Carla Amelia Gull-Maj Stæhr Ipsen - bd11

    woah Denmark has the biggest houses in Europe?? I did not know. since me and many of my friends share rooms with siblings or dose´t have one idk maybe it´s cuz I live in the inner city but I´ve always seen it as hella cramped. dont really mind it tho

  • Haze Salvatore
    Haze Salvatore 2 months ago +1

    Europe is filled With gay people and america is rich and fun and cool asf 😂

  • Haze Salvatore
    Haze Salvatore 2 months ago +2

    America is The BEST and euroup is trash and boring here in america we also have all the celebs cause america is best

  • Weird Sam
    Weird Sam 2 months ago

    I am English polish Russian Finnish (witch I think is sort of Swedish but not really

  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos 2 months ago +2

    And before Germany France and Holland the European country who started the travels was Portugal! The first were Portugal and Spain! This is totally wrong!!

  • Ana Santos
    Ana Santos 2 months ago

    Colombo was not Italian! He was spanish!

  • the best of running
    the best of running 2 months ago

    Is that even a question? Europe is way better, so obvious

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 2 months ago

    For the last time Columbus did not discover America he stumbled upon it and my family use to call white people Heinz 57's meaning they are a pot of mixed European ancestries

  • Albert Bremner
    Albert Bremner 2 months ago +1

    These numbers are all false and totally made up. Europe for one, it's now an unliveable hell hole