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  • The Infographics Show

    If you want to know how an Average American compares to Bill Gates, check out our previous video: tvclip.biz/video/PajyImF5vIM/video.html

    • Rose BPOS
      Rose BPOS 5 days ago

      The Infographics Show I don't understand why people get so weird about this, I'm latinojewish and I have only ever experience racism when I am percieved by other minorities to be white.

    • fait
      fait 21 day ago

      The Infographics Show Christopher Columbus was not italian!

    • Miguel sousa mendes
      Miguel sousa mendes 27 days ago

      You are a fuking idiot to say that Cristóvão Colombo was italian... hes from Portugal, that is a country in Europe stupide .
      Go look et up the information dick face

    • Emiel Overduin
      Emiel Overduin 2 months ago

      You forgot to mention gun ownership

  • vivi Schwarz
    vivi Schwarz 2 hours ago

    Why all europeans wear traditional baverian (south germany) clothes tho

  • Sho Gacha
    Sho Gacha 6 hours ago

    I'm ashamed to be american...

  • Lord Flame
    Lord Flame Day ago

    we dutch are the giants of humans

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia 2 days ago +1

    Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Check your facts.

    • Brian Borell
      Brian Borell 9 hours ago

      Victoria Garcia
      Also he wasn't really Italian either. He was a Catalan. He was sponsored officially by Queen Isabella but was probably an agent of the Vatican.

  • GameAbuse
    GameAbuse 3 days ago +1

    Americans have mostly german ancestry...so thats why they pretended to hate Hitler,just to take his nuclear research, make home for thousands of nazis and in the end be the naziest country after WW2. I get it just now

  • J Palm
    J Palm 5 days ago

    Americans are definitely having alot of sex, America is full of trollops

  • J Palm
    J Palm 5 days ago

    I love how the video shows a happy American family.if the video were true it would show a divorced couple with the man eating spam and the ex wife hanging out at the bar spending the child support on her new man.

  • EARTH is my home___________

    Wasnt the vikings first?

    • EARTH is my home___________
      EARTH is my home___________ 4 days ago +1

      David Hall sounds true actually but is this just a theory or do they have proof? I mean could it happen that native americans were in america before the earth was divided in continents?

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago +1

      EARTH is my home___________ no the native Americans were. Came over from asia 14 thousand years ago across the berring strait during the last ice age.

    DIKTATOR 5 days ago

    Europe is better and europe have rich history and at europe live better peoples than america

  • Speed Pirate
    Speed Pirate 6 days ago

    Oh ist another "Average American vs Average brittish" Video. You either start making actual europe Content or just stop using europe in the title if you are only to talk about great brittain that doesnt even belong to the european Union any longer

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva 6 days ago +1

    Compare the most country with the most fatal shot gun deaths at schools and in streets

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva 6 days ago +1

    Bruhh.. in portugal u lose ur virginity at 15y atleast 😂😂

  • Shahid Mir
    Shahid Mir 6 days ago

    Asian women's are giving birth to 7.78% on average

    • Brian Borell
      Brian Borell 9 hours ago

      Shahid Mir
      Only if you ignore China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, but then yes.

  • Mundo Suryan Beilin
    Mundo Suryan Beilin 6 days ago

    Half polish half Indian and I live in the u.s

  • Just some comment channel


    Did you call the Czechs and Slovaks Eastern Europeans ?

    You know that it´s central Europe, right ?

  • Challange no video 100subs

    Noen fra Norge??

  • Ida Fjelde
    Ida Fjelde 7 days ago

    Rip Norway

  • Vxntaxe X
    Vxntaxe X 7 days ago +1

    As a European we don't dress like the thumbnail just saying.

  • Pítęr Пиздец

    What if I Told You…

    America was Actually formed on August the 2nd

    Like not even Joking lol it was on 1 of these True or false games!

  • Frans Mikola
    Frans Mikola 8 days ago

    Yeah! suck my dick America!

  • Good old Alan
    Good old Alan 8 days ago

    Why put Europeans with lederhosen? I’m British and the only place that is thought of to dress with lederhosen is Germany, but not many do.

  • Good old Alan
    Good old Alan 8 days ago

    Why are you comparing a country to a continent

    • Frans Mikola
      Frans Mikola 8 days ago

      Because USA Is fucking huge consists of States which are easily conpared to an EU country and the European Union (which isn't a continent) consists of smaller countries

  • manu jäger
    manu jäger 8 days ago

    WTF??? Columbus an ITALIAN explorer??

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      manu jäger He was ethnically Italian but went to spain and claimed land for them because they paid for his expedition or something like that.

  • Cella Sedui
    Cella Sedui 9 days ago

    Wow literally seconds in your stupid infographics video and you're already wrong XD

  • Manipulator
    Manipulator 9 days ago

    7:17 - Average czech bier costs untill 1,5$? xDDDDDD Average czech bier costs 15-20 czech krons (0,6$-0,7$)

  • burn churches
    burn churches 9 days ago

    short ass americans lmoa ligma👌😂👌

  • Indigo children
    Indigo children 10 days ago

    You forgot Norway! Nooo way😭

  • Gameplayerscott
    Gameplayerscott 10 days ago

    Actually belgium isnt the country with highest tax. In the netherlands if you make more than 148 thousand euro a year you have to pay 52% tax over that

  • Francesca Cappai
    Francesca Cappai 10 days ago

    Americans VS Italians

  • Alexander Ermenkov
    Alexander Ermenkov 11 days ago

    U stupid

  • Sanresvue1
    Sanresvue1 11 days ago


  • DigUrOwnHole
    DigUrOwnHole 12 days ago

    So basically Europe is more educated, live longer, taller, not so fat and the Americans have big houses to rest their bones as they don't work out and get fat, and when they go out they have lots of cars. Europeans also drink more and get laid more. The moment you realise the european dream is better than the american dream. Holla

  • Rusek Ruski
    Rusek Ruski 12 days ago

    im from poland average mothly payout 900 US dollars

  • Pedro HM
    Pedro HM 12 days ago

    basically the EU is better.

  • warkaa
    warkaa 13 days ago +1

    North America is way lit. Europe is so boring culturally and socially... it’s not the same in lifestyle at all !!!! 🤮🤢

  • Patinq Rahn
    Patinq Rahn 13 days ago

    Denmark gets paid to study

  • geator
    geator 13 days ago

    I am from belgium

  • Seppe Geerinckx
    Seppe Geerinckx 13 days ago

    Highest bracket of taxes in belgium is 50 % after 37k yearly income

  • tank 943
    tank 943 14 days ago

    US uni fees are wrong. They are almost triple that of the UK

  • Imperating
    Imperating 14 days ago

    Czechia and Slovakia are central europe not eastern europe

  • Sofie Johanne Dissing Mønster

    But just because You are European doesn’t mean the country you live in is in the EU

  • Dark Wizard
    Dark Wizard 15 days ago


  • Chariking YT
    Chariking YT 15 days ago

    Only an European would know that the Danes Vikings found America first history lesson for ya

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      Chariking YT But only an American would know the Native Americans were first when they came over here 14 thousand years ago from Asia after crossing the Bering strait during the last ice age. We dont care for Leif Ericson or however you spell it we dont care.

  • Tony lazzar
    Tony lazzar 15 days ago

    Bezos 150 bil no?

  • BigDawg
    BigDawg 15 days ago

    USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸‼️

  • Luis D
    Luis D 16 days ago

    Huge mistake ... Cristobal Colon (columbus) was not italian at all... he was Spanish

  • Gopnik Boy
    Gopnik Boy 16 days ago

    You mean: Average American vs Average *Western* Europe

  • William Guy Games
    William Guy Games 16 days ago

    Im czech

  • Kidoras
    Kidoras 16 days ago


    • Dark Wizard
      Dark Wizard 15 days ago

      Kidoras live is better in Europe country

  • Kristián Gula
    Kristián Gula 17 days ago

    Hey im from slovakia xD

  • lorenzo lory
    lorenzo lory 17 days ago

    Europe is the best 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

  • Jim
    Jim 17 days ago

    "Average european"

  • A$AP
    A$AP 18 days ago +1

    Oh and by the way... Comparing Americans to the heaviest Europeans won't make y'all seem less fat. We know exactly what you're doing my friend. You mentioned that the Dutch are the tallest people in Europe, right? Average weight of 69kg. Oops! Same goes for Belgians and Swedes by the way; quite tall but at least not a bunch of fatties. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • A$AP
    A$AP 18 days ago

    The size of American houses reminds me of that 'quantity over quality' thing. Mister wind is angry for a few seconds and POOF! Bye 186m2 house!

  • Daphne Stier
    Daphne Stier 18 days ago

    Wait so we ain't gettin married till late 20s but we loosin our virginities at 18?

  • Wacky Mags
    Wacky Mags 18 days ago

    I hate when Europeans say Americans like war. The last time I checked, Germany started WW 2 and Austria- Hungray/ Serbia started WW 1. Y'all were the ones who started slavery too, and brought fanatic ideas to the US. Stop trying to start something like...

  • VimtoStealer
    VimtoStealer 18 days ago +1

    Funny thing is THE richest man in the world was African and the richest modern day billionaire was South American lmao

  • VimtoStealer
    VimtoStealer 18 days ago +2

    *compares the heaviest country in Europe instead of the entirety of Europe to make US seem less fat*

  • Third time Lucky
    Third time Lucky 18 days ago

    I’m British. Sorry.

  • Zesanactor Over-5
    Zesanactor Over-5 18 days ago

    American wins

  • Lawrence Fernando
    Lawrence Fernando 18 days ago

    Marriage is allowed at the age of 16, and engagement at the age of 11 or 12

  • Tahamid Jabul
    Tahamid Jabul 19 days ago

    U know why women make more babies? 1 word: SEX

  • Jonathan Jokemyster
    Jonathan Jokemyster 19 days ago

    It takes hard work to keep America a superpower. Thats why we have less vacations.

  • treshaa
    treshaa 19 days ago

    average height in serbia is 186 cm :)

  • Zeno D
    Zeno D 19 days ago +1

    The USA is a European creation. Nuff said. The ENTIRE "Western" culture (the dominant and most successful culture on planet Earth) is, in fact, European.

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      Zeno D its American. The world doesn't look up to Europe anymore, they look up to America. Europe is a has been

  • 96 Prickpasta
    96 Prickpasta 19 days ago

    Magyarok a levesben?

  • Cat fridges
    Cat fridges 20 days ago

    muricans win *everything*

  • Miss Haizaki
    Miss Haizaki 20 days ago +1

    People from usa are annoying

  • fait
    fait 21 day ago

    where is the black ancestry you racists!

  • fait
    fait 21 day ago

    Christopher Columbus was not italian!

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      fait yes he was dipshit. He was ethnically italian but sailed for spain. And you have the nerve to call us ignorant

  • Just Me
    Just Me 21 day ago

    I like how you mention Luxembourg as not many people know about the country. My husband family is from there, the only reason I know of it's existence now.

  • Jasmine Duru
    Jasmine Duru 21 day ago +1

    I’m moving to Denmark. University is free.

  • NWO Documentary CHANNEL
    NWO Documentary CHANNEL 21 day ago +29

    LOVE Europe and europeans!! ❤ 🇪🇺 ♥

    • Panic! At The Piløts
      Panic! At The Piløts Day ago

      Not many people that aren’t European knows about Norway, they just think we’re the same as Sweden. It’s cool to see that it’s one of your favourite places!

    • NWO Documentary CHANNEL
      NWO Documentary CHANNEL 10 days ago

      Zin I live Canada, but I'm half portuguese and half american. Greece, Ireland and Norway are my favorite places!! ♥

    • Alexander Ermenkov
      Alexander Ermenkov 11 days ago

      I’m a European and my WiFi sux

    • geator
      geator 13 days ago

      NWO Documentary CHANNEL where are you from i'm from Belgium

  • Happy Me
    Happy Me 22 days ago

    The way you talk in every video is like you always want to prove america is better then everyone

  • L e n
    L e n 22 days ago +2

    Americans are so unintilegent they some of them even don't know which continent europe is

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      L e n Could you maybe use correct grammar so i know how to respond? You sound uneducated.

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 22 days ago

    Americans have bigger houses, but Europeans have better houses. Foam/wood vs brick and steel

  • Claudia Fowler
    Claudia Fowler 22 days ago

    I live in norther Ireland

  • Carlos Banderas
    Carlos Banderas 22 days ago

    I mean the use are too silly to have the Metric system

  • Carlos Banderas
    Carlos Banderas 22 days ago +1

    What do those people WHO should be european so their?
    I mean in the one hand Lederhosen aren t Tradition in bavaria and a Bavarian isnt a typical german

  • aruytpadyugf
    aruytpadyugf 23 days ago

    This was a terrible video. You are comparing one country to an entire continent...that's not a good comparison at all

  • LegendaryVale
    LegendaryVale 23 days ago

    18 years? What a sad life

  • Eric GUERIN
    Eric GUERIN 23 days ago

    you should have also compared the number of homicide by guns in EU vs US ;-)

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      Eric GUERIN maybe we should have thrown in number of world wars started and genocides committed as well.

  • bilal sheikh channel
    bilal sheikh channel 23 days ago

    I prefer eu

  • Lleython Lopez
    Lleython Lopez 23 days ago

    Vikings discovered Amarica

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      Lleython Lopez Asians discovered America. Where do you think the Native Americans came from? You know who they are right? The Europeans decimated their people so you should.

  • Lleython Lopez
    Lleython Lopez 23 days ago

    where I live it Italian and polish well it is Chicago

  • Lleython Lopez
    Lleython Lopez 23 days ago

    the only euopien in me is Spain other is USA, peru, cuba,chile

  • _AfroNyie
    _AfroNyie 24 days ago

    And the Africans in America?

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      _AfroNyie average AMERICAN (Blacks included) vs Europe. What does Africa have to do with that comparison?

  • Staulk The Fiery Youtuber

    Do Ireland vs the uk

  • Jose Lafalaise
    Jose Lafalaise 25 days ago

    Christopher Columbus didn't step a foot on the states.

  • Carla Ipsen
    Carla Ipsen 25 days ago

    I’m from Europe and I’m really fucking short. It’s sad

  • reggie gimmix
    reggie gimmix 25 days ago

    So basically american men and women are smaller and fatter and europeans on average or taller and lighter.... Tax in UK is 25%.. but healthcare and education are free in some parts of UK.

  • Jairo Jarquin
    Jairo Jarquin 26 days ago

    In central America a beer cost like 90 cent

  • Steve irwin Krokodille

    In denmark i pay 50 % tax

  • Drym Style
    Drym Style 26 days ago

    This video started The First Cultural/Political War with Europe and America that will port Europe to european Nazionalism and will unite Europe in an single country.And after that the cold war will begin.
    PS: Delete the video.

    MARBLE STUDIOS 27 days ago

    Christopher Doesn’t discover America 😡😡😡😡

  • Greg Walker
    Greg Walker 27 days ago

    The nations of Europe, hands down have much better public transportation, I will give them that. For me though, too much government intrusion, taxes are too high, too crowded, and not everyone speaks the same language. I love visiting Europe, went to Italy this past April and have been to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and England. All had pros and cons, and I've been to Europe before the EU (back when you had to stop at the border of each nation and go through customs), and the current EU. I still prefer the U.S. though, where I have my big house, big cars, lots of space, cheap gas (one liter of gas in Rome was almost as much as what I pay per gallon), so many choices of products, and I don't have to pay to go a public bathroom. Yes, our healthcare could be better, but the new media and politicians make it sound worse than what it is. The cost of college education is a problem too, but if Americans want affordable college, then they'd have to get rid of all the expensive college sports, with the over paid coaches, full scholarships and massive stadiums to make it work.

  • JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe
    JaDa sPiCy ChEeSe 27 days ago

    No Norwegian :(

  • A Jar Of Mayonaise
    A Jar Of Mayonaise 27 days ago

    At first America was called India

    • David Hall
      David Hall 4 days ago

      A Jar Of Mayonaise only because Columbus thaught he found a trade route from europe to India without having to go around Africa

  • Ti George
    Ti George 27 days ago

    America wasn't discovered by Columbus. There were other people living in the continent. He was'nt even the first European