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Average American vs Average European - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison


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  • The Infographics Show

    If you want to know how an Average American compares to Bill Gates, check out our previous video:

    • Jobbig Jävel
      Jobbig Jävel Month ago

      The Infographics Show Colombua ain’t italian

    • Zaerg The one
      Zaerg The one 3 months ago

      ACTUALLY. Denmark's tax rate is 47.5%. and some have 53% taxes.

    • Rose BPOS
      Rose BPOS 4 months ago

      The Infographics Show I don't understand why people get so weird about this, I'm latinojewish and I have only ever experience racism when I am percieved by other minorities to be white.

    • fait
      fait 4 months ago

      The Infographics Show Christopher Columbus was not italian!

  • Alexander
    Alexander 6 hours ago

    Europe has millennia’s of history and the United States? A few hundred years.

  • stephen lockwood

    Here in the UK the student debt isn't necessarily paid when you graduate if you don't find a job in sector you trained withing so many year's the debt is wiled.

  • Liam McGealy
    Liam McGealy 5 days ago

    I'm from Belgium !!

  • Abert Albert
    Abert Albert 7 days ago

    Stupid video..

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    6:47 I think Thats a + to the EU for caring about the Environment

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    4:14 Proud to be Belgian, proud to pay for eachother’s health and security. Not a problem with taxes.
    Cuz... you know... healthcare and social insurance is included

  • Daniel Vizante
    Daniel Vizante 8 days ago

    49 milion german and 27 milion english. then whytf do north americans speak perfect english and not bad german?

  • martha omoregie
    martha omoregie 9 days ago


  • Esteban Flores
    Esteban Flores 10 days ago

    This video is equivalent to the argument "iPhone vs Android".... LOL!!! I would like to see a video called "Australia vs South America" A+ work lads

  • Darién Arzate
    Darién Arzate 10 days ago

    latín and black people?

  • Wolfkingamer 24
    Wolfkingamer 24 12 days ago +1

    To me main percent of all country’s are the winner. No fighting

  • Nugtroen
    Nugtroen 12 days ago

    well ok but just don't mess with Trump...

  • Merci Tøkaji
    Merci Tøkaji 13 days ago

    Here in hungary average pension is about 300$ and doctors make 1000$ per month taxes are 27% and if youre dying the healthcare will tell you to come back 3months later....average wage in 2017 was 390$ (100000ft) thats all i have to say about europe

  • TopKek Lordie
    TopKek Lordie 13 days ago

    Wtf you portrayed the Irish folks as EU citizens?

    LPS BFFID 13 days ago

    But Estonia???!???

  • DeAundré AldermanChristian

    Christopher Columbus DID NOT DISCOVER SHIT!😁😂😂😂🤣LIES!!

  • Starman
    Starman 15 days ago

    We have memes
    America wins

  • theniuseconimaster
    theniuseconimaster 15 days ago

    Im proud to be both!

  • Random Stanny
    Random Stanny 15 days ago

    dude its actualy kinda cancer living right now cause of article 13 lol in europe

  • Cherrie
    Cherrie 18 days ago

    I've come to realise that both Europe and America are equal in a variety of aspects. There's no winner here. I live in Europe and I think the United States is a fascinating country.

  • Quese Drum
    Quese Drum 18 days ago

    All I’ve seen from these comments are Americans (and America itself) suck because raisins.

  • Chris Zimmer
    Chris Zimmer 19 days ago

    Businesses in EU close on Sunday and some close for lunch. Usa citizens average over 40 hours a week. EU hourly wages are higher. They make about as much as usa citizens do for half the work.

  • Dreamy Robobowser
    Dreamy Robobowser 20 days ago

    Pretty even

  • Scharlarntz
    Scharlarntz 20 days ago

    The average European is Muslim

  • Felix
    Felix 21 day ago

    More cars and drivers in America yet drivers are among the most unskilled in the World due to poor driving education.

  • the guy the real guy
    the guy the real guy 23 days ago

    Wtf with the weight

  • AlDelVex
    AlDelVex 23 days ago

    Born in Russia and raised in America

  • Евгений Иванов

    average weight for american women 74.7 - what a whales - and they are shorter :D

  • 204anthony
    204anthony 26 days ago

    I like infographics but this must be the dumbest video i have ever seen

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 27 days ago

    Make average car vs average taco

  • DaveyTheDJ
    DaveyTheDJ 27 days ago

    That's a big toss-up

    Aiden SIN FILTROS 27 days ago

    Why the Americans think Columbus was Italian

  • jondonwayne wayne
    jondonwayne wayne 27 days ago

    For us europeans most `muricans are like the lil alcoholic brother = hes loud, dumb and proud of it, aggressive and nobody really likes him but we cant just kick him out the house because somehow hes family....


    Europe’s a continent, Us is a country..
    Continent American vs European is correct
    America is a continent, from Argentina to Canada.

  • XXsummer llXX
    XXsummer llXX 28 days ago

    I’m an American I’m 52.5% Finnish but both my grandpas are 100% Finnish so yeah I’m mainly finish I live in Wisconsin super close like 20 minutes away (driving) to Minnesota my dad from Minnesota my moms from Virginia though

  • Game Twigs
    Game Twigs 28 days ago

    Its racist to portrai europeans as if the where in 1970

  • Knowledgeable Queen Khair

    I’m American born and it look as though Europe has the better end of the stick Europe has culture America still others cultures

    ITZETHAN 10 29 days ago

    Europe doesnt dress like that

  • Hisoka Amorou
    Hisoka Amorou 29 days ago

    Both of the continents can live happily on behalf of the poor countries they rob. The West is living off of the East. Disgusting

  • Steve Gonzalez
    Steve Gonzalez 29 days ago

    frick both of yall countries mexico is better

  • Mrswest West
    Mrswest West Month ago

    I guess I’ll hop on a plane, and head to the EU then. It has been months and months🇺🇸😔

  • A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

    Americans are rejects from Europe.

  • TheyTake MyCalls
    TheyTake MyCalls Month ago

    IDK I feel like houses in the U.S average like 3000ish sq ft

  • Surgical Snipa
    Surgical Snipa Month ago


  • O K
    O K Month ago

    Christopher Columbus was Spanish, not Italian

  • MrMoon_
    MrMoon_ Month ago

    8:06 in the video grammar error. "Wasn't it" would be the same as was not it, in context "This was great, was not it." It should read as follows, "This was great, was it not?"

  • Ivo Broncas
    Ivo Broncas Month ago

    You know.... Colombo's nationality is still not known for sure.
    Italian, Portuguese, Spanish... No one knows for sure.

  • Sverre Munthe
    Sverre Munthe Month ago

    Why is Europe seen as equal to EU? There are more European countries than those that are menbers of EU!

  • Brian Ticas
    Brian Ticas Month ago

    So basically European are doing better than Americans in alot of ways.

  • Brian Ticas
    Brian Ticas Month ago

    European women are more straight forward than American women. American women are spoiled stuck up.

  • ashiya nair
    ashiya nair Month ago

    1.58 🌼

  • kim-nija viktoría anna sveinsdóttir

    I'm from Iceland

  • Fahiima Dualeh
    Fahiima Dualeh Month ago

    Bill Gates it's not the richest man even a year ago.

  • TrustVxrzy
    TrustVxrzy Month ago

    France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Holland are just expamles of smaller countries that are better than fucking America, i live Denmark and it's much better.

  • SistersFightFightFight

    Malaysia VS Indonesia
    Edit:im malaysian and i can tell u something. malaysia has a theatre called Mud the musical. It has been going on for 3 years and ended on 2017. Tq hope u do Malaysia vs indonesia

  • She Rises
    She Rises Month ago +1

    * Nationality differences between White Europeans.
    White Americans are europeans.

    • Triggered
      Triggered 7 days ago

      She Rises Nice logic fam

  • 100 subs with videos

    Europe i live

  • Agnes Engström
    Agnes Engström Month ago

    I’m swedish any other swedes??

  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming Month ago

    Wait..... there giving only 1.84 of a child

  • Pachu
    Pachu Month ago

    Bunch of BS

  • Axolotl - Guy
    Axolotl - Guy Month ago +1

    Its The (Kingdom of)Netherlands. Not Holland.

  • Teresa Purdie
    Teresa Purdie Month ago

    Btw most houses in Britain are built right up against one another (like mine) and you can hear all your neighbors and they almost always have an upstairs

  • Trek12
    Trek12 Month ago

    eu is the best

  • peterfega YT
    peterfega YT Month ago

    Italian explorer Cristopher Colombus? He is spanish xd

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez Month ago

      Nah chief he's Italian. But it was the spainish king and queen that sent him to explore

  • Zoe-Jane Sutherland

    Please NEVER use Scotch to describe Scottish people. We are people, not a fucking drink.

  • Kryder Origin
    Kryder Origin Month ago

    Numbers numbers and just numbers

  • Dynamite Mog
    Dynamite Mog Month ago +1

    I'm 11 and I'm 5"6. (I live in Europe)

  • S3an's special elf no.385

    Both places seem like shit tbh and im an American i'm not the "average" american according to this video though cause I only earn less than 200$ every 2 weeks mate

  • doge hub
    doge hub Month ago

    im from the eu

  • Nirzer
    Nirzer Month ago

    >Liberal drug-policies
    >Liberal gun-polices
    >Low taxes
    >Low criminality
    >Average price of beer is 1.5$
    Whats better than going after a high waged job to the firing range while being on meth and drinking cheap beer with no criminals?
    Czech Republic is best country.

  • Dávid Székedi
    Dávid Székedi Month ago

    even the thumbnail is disgusting

  • Dankus Frankus
    Dankus Frankus Month ago

    There are so much dumb ass EU citezens in here complaining about the German clothes. Yeah I dont think that was the MAIN POINT of the video. In fact it was not even A point. Holy shit now I know the average EU citizen is fucking retarted... At least in this comment section lol.
    (Mad respect tho to the non retards)

  • Jim Gerop
    Jim Gerop Month ago

    There is a thing called Eastern Europe. Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Cyprus. You know, they exist too. Also, not everybody is dressed like an Austrian or a German during Oktoberfest.

  • joyinjesus
    joyinjesus Month ago

    I LOVE Living in USA I am so thankful to be born and raised in this country. I'm an Country girl in America. I LOVE it.

  • NPC #52852233852
    NPC #52852233852 Month ago

    Hahahs you burgers are so fun

  • mccloaker
    mccloaker Month ago

    Europeans should be wearing tracksuits, not liederhosen.

  • T M.
    T M. Month ago

    Life expectancy in Europe is only 76,6 ? in which dream? Tell me you took also Ukrania on purpose. Also you have to mention USA life exp is decreasing while it is increasing in the whole Europe.

  • CPJ Guy
    CPJ Guy Month ago


  • Alcaeus89
    Alcaeus89 Month ago

    "Look how much your life sucks since leaving England!" - This video.
    "By America, I mean the United States. Nevermind Canada or South America." - This video

  • Tom mongan
    Tom mongan Month ago

    European people don't like that

  • Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik

    Nice thumbnail...
    Very PC...

  • lost forest
    lost forest Month ago +5

    Americans enjoy living in bigger houses? That’s not true and this is because British / European houses are made of steel and metal frames not wood so it is cheaper for the Americans as there house frames are made of wood. Also Americans have to have a big cost in health care as it is not free in America as in Europe it is free and finally stop choosing random countries in the eu and stick with one ok you uneducated swine

    • ItzObvious
      ItzObvious 12 days ago

      +_ 314 yeh it Dont make sense

    • ItzObvious
      ItzObvious Month ago +2

      Also Americans have more space and area to build making the house on average lager than in the UK.

    • _ 314
      _ 314 Month ago +1

      Why are so many houses like that in the Us, even though they are the ones that have tornados and hurrivanes?

  • lslusa
    lslusa Month ago

    Average Americans - people in casual clothes. Average Europeans - people in Bavarian folk costumes. Sums best authors knowledge.

  • Kerang Ajaib
    Kerang Ajaib Month ago +1

    Europe is better than USA

  • Harry Wu
    Harry Wu Month ago

    Actually the key data like average ages, average income, household areas shows America win.

    DABCHANNEL Month ago

    3:57 Italy=37.300$/year,not 20.000

  • Charlie Levitt
    Charlie Levitt Month ago

    Christopher Columbus was not the first to find America. It was some scandinavian dude. Pretty sure it was Leiff Ericson

  • KIWI
    KIWI Month ago

    This video is so inaccurate, KILL ME

  • Killercat
    Killercat Month ago

    *Europe presented has german stereotype* (im german and it is not true that everyone looks like as if they love Oktoberfest)

  • DorianCroatia20
    DorianCroatia20 Month ago

    Although US is interesting for me because I live in Europe, European people/society is better. Health care is almost always free, people don't show off with their houses, cars and income so much, even very wealthy people use public transport.. All the bosses I was working for was always acting very nice to me and other workers. People are more soft/tame. This is all just my point of view.

  • Zalden N
    Zalden N Month ago

    In comment section everyone seems to be expert

  • LegitEdit
    LegitEdit Month ago +2

    Any Germans here?

  • Sedat GG Animations

    Hey YOU! You cant just leave out turkey for not being a part of the eu.
    Americans vs. Turks

  • privat bruker
    privat bruker 2 months ago

    Also North american*

  • privat bruker
    privat bruker 2 months ago

    You forgot norway all over this place. Norway does have the highest average income in eu, and more people migrated from norway than sweden. Norway is also in the scandinavia, with a huge areal and a population the size of denmark.

  • Samuel Freire
    Samuel Freire 2 months ago

    Do you guys know Columbus discovered the american continent, not the US right?

  • Fairy C Rat
    Fairy C Rat 2 months ago

    Europeans all the way. Most of us have social security.

  • WhyUHere
    WhyUHere 2 months ago +1

    At least Americans don't look like they just munched on a pile of rocks

    • KanzyMrEaglePlays
      KanzyMrEaglePlays Month ago

      Yes they look like they just munched on a load of fatty burgers lmao

      It's a joke

  • Mr Norsk
    Mr Norsk 2 months ago +5

    Umm the vikings discovered America actually?

    • Eric Manget
      Eric Manget Month ago

      It depends on who discovered it for whom. Columbus discovered it for the Spanish etc... The Native Americans were there first anyways. The true pioneers were the ones that crossed the ice land bridge thousands of years before any of these countries existed.