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  • The Infographics Show

    If you want to know how an Average American compares to Bill Gates, check out our previous video: tvclip.biz/video/PajyImF5vIM/video.html

    • Zaerg The one
      Zaerg The one Month ago

      ACTUALLY. Denmark's tax rate is 47.5%. and some have 53% taxes.

    • Rose BPOS
      Rose BPOS 2 months ago

      The Infographics Show I don't understand why people get so weird about this, I'm latinojewish and I have only ever experience racism when I am percieved by other minorities to be white.

    • fait
      fait 2 months ago

      The Infographics Show Christopher Columbus was not italian!

    • Miguel sousa mendes
      Miguel sousa mendes 3 months ago

      You are a fuking idiot to say that Cristóvão Colombo was italian... hes from Portugal, that is a country in Europe stupide .
      Go look et up the information dick face

  • KIWI
    KIWI Day ago

    This video is so inaccurate, KILL ME

  • Killercat
    Killercat 2 days ago

    *Europe presented has german stereotype* (im german and it is not true that everyone looks like as if they love Oktoberfest)

  • DorianCroatia20
    DorianCroatia20 2 days ago

    Although US is interesting for me because I live in Europe, European people/society is better. Health care is almost always free, people don't show off with their houses, cars and income so much, even very wealthy people use public transport.. All the bosses I was working for was always acting very nice to me and other workers. People are more soft/tame. This is all just my point of view.

  • Zalden N
    Zalden N 3 days ago

    In comment section everyone seems to be expert

  • LegitEdit
    LegitEdit 3 days ago +2

    Any Germans here?

  • Sedat GG Animations
    Sedat GG Animations 4 days ago

    Hey YOU! You cant just leave out turkey for not being a part of the eu.
    Americans vs. Turks

  • CPJ Guy
    CPJ Guy 5 days ago

    But DanTDM is an UK and He is like 27 yrs. old and he is married!

  • privat bruker
    privat bruker 8 days ago

    Also North american*

  • privat bruker
    privat bruker 8 days ago

    You forgot norway all over this place. Norway does have the highest average income in eu, and more people migrated from norway than sweden. Norway is also in the scandinavia, with a huge areal and a population the size of denmark.

  • Samuel Freire
    Samuel Freire 8 days ago

    Do you guys know Columbus discovered the american continent, not the US right?

  • Fairy C Rat
    Fairy C Rat 10 days ago

    Europeans all the way. Most of us have social security.

  • 1K Subs No Vids
    1K Subs No Vids 11 days ago +1

    At least Americans don't look like they just munched on a pile of rocks

  • Mr Norsk
    Mr Norsk 11 days ago +3

    Umm the vikings discovered America actually?

  • Jagor Skorup
    Jagor Skorup 12 days ago

    yes, we have smaller houses, but yours are made from cheap materials also america is in bigger debt then eu

  • R G
    R G 13 days ago

    Where did they get in info? You can't compare Americans vs Europe! Try to compare northern Americans vs southern Americans....

  • Verrottesok
    Verrottesok 14 days ago

    America.... not so good for our environment having more cars

  • Matt Morgan
    Matt Morgan 14 days ago +1

    The comments section:
    50% Salty Americans who don’t like that the EU in the video is a bit better and don’t see that the EU is like them but the states are also full nations
    48.5% People saying they wish they were somewhere else
    1% SJW idiots
    0.25% The pinned comment
    0.25% Me trying to warn new viewers to turn back and not witness pure pain

  • NewBPure
    NewBPure 15 days ago

    This shit is all wrong... ypu can get beer for 1/4 dollar in Czech Republic

  • NewBPure
    NewBPure 15 days ago

    this shit is wrong, there is not possibility to make a census that big

  • M M
    M M 15 days ago

    Those videos for curious slakers are killing journalism. Comparison is not reason. Those facts are not verified, and so, they're false.: taking Luxembourg as exemple is an none sens ; taxes in Belgium are in fact high on wages but clearly absent for property ; top unis and schools are quite expansive in France and Germany, the price of scholarship in scandinavia isnt free as their taxes are way higher than in Belgium (for exemple) ; talking about house size without a quote about demographic density and real estate market? ; talking about car owners when the US as built this industry and has been built by it? ; talking about alcoohol in Europe where most of beverages have been created (nothing about meth and opioids consumption in the US?)...
    TVclip is magic : an american dude, from his computer, and with the help of numbers found through clumsy google searches, can show his bad drawings and pollute over three millions minds.
    "L'esprit critique", that's whats we have in Europe

  • Americans are fucking stupid, arrogant cunts

    What a shit video

  • Americans are fucking stupid, arrogant cunts

    Americans are fucking spastics

  • Deni Lichev
    Deni Lichev 17 days ago

    Why at 3:48 the american mom on the left side looks just like my english teacher??

  • ο πρωτεινη μονο

    I am not a fucking European.I am greek

    SCHOOL SHOOTER 18 days ago

    Fairytale made by libtards.

  • Getriya Appari
    Getriya Appari 19 days ago

    Can someone state the fact that the UK is like a million times smaller than america so of course houses here will be smaller

  • Джозеф Польски

    European history is all death starting slave trade and always hateing

  • Gio Sang
    Gio Sang 24 days ago


  • Richardson Productions

    Americans are European...

  • Alexander Micharski
    Alexander Micharski 26 days ago

    3:25 Now it's Jeff Bezos.

  • Katarína Dedinská
    Katarína Dedinská 26 days ago

    cant imagine not havin a paid vacay every year

  • vilgot norrthon
    vilgot norrthon 26 days ago

    You heard it! Sweden has free school and university😆

  • JHE4
    JHE4 26 days ago

    Sweden is really good. If you want to move to an (almost) non corrupt state, go to Sweden!

  • Wiktor Bogacki
    Wiktor Bogacki 27 days ago


    DJBATMANGOLD 28 days ago +1

    I really don't care all that much about money. (we have it better in tax rate anyway) but I just like being free...

  • That guy Jim
    That guy Jim 28 days ago +2

    **sees title of video**
    Me: I can’t believe you’ve done this

  • Sanne Usi
    Sanne Usi 28 days ago

    Honey, Columbus was from Spain. Not from Italy 😘

  • Erik Bakker
    Erik Bakker 28 days ago

    I don't know where you got these statistics, but the average life expectancy is actually 4/5 years higher then in the US. At least, if you count all the EU members and don't randomly nitpick some eastern european countries to make the US look better...

  • The Jim
    The Jim Month ago

    In the US: My girlfriend has 2 children. The oldest is a scientest, just out of college, on a degree, 8 years. Her feancae also. He will be starting out at just $90,000 a year and will progress up to $130,000 in 2 years. She was ONLY offered $80,000 a year to start! Her son lays on the coutch. He is 32 years old. Moved back in with us. He worked at a fast food restaurant for a few weeks and quiet. Life is what you make it in America. Nothing is free, but you have opportunities. MOST Americans don't want free, they want freedom!

    POLITIKA Month ago

    Europe win!

  • Gabe G.
    Gabe G. Month ago

    USA is better because of the following:
    Diverse population: in a single day you have a chance of meeting people from 20 different countries
    Diverse landscape & climates - one country, with vast territories
    Top universities in the world: Majority of elite schools are located in the USA
    Leader in science, medical research, and high technology: no single European country is so advanced in these fields
    Overall friendly and hospitable people: some might argue usual American niceness is fake, but that's another topic. People in US are almost always friendly and quick to smile
    Affordable cost of living in most of the country: compared to Western European countries (UK, Germany)
    People here are relatively not afraid to take risks in life: This is one of the main reasons why majority of modern successful tech companies were born in US. Especially younger people in USA are more eager to take risks of founding a startup
    Most of the world's most popular and influential musical genres of the past 150 years started and flourished in the US
    The strong ability of American creations to influence the way people think and live all over the world: Hollywood has a huge say in this
    There is relatively little xenophobia compared to most European countries: especially due to recent political developments, foreigners are not always welcome
    You can be whoever you want, nobody cares about your past or where you come from: if you look at most US celebrities, successful people, many of them were not even born in US, or were born in poverty. In my humble opinion, it is not that easy to make a jump on a social ladder in Europe
    Nationality (or being an American) isn't based on your race or heritage like in almost all other countries
    Owning a car is affordable for most: in most western European countries, car is a high maintenance
    The quality of our health care, service, infrastructure is simply superb: before you speak up, I meant quality, not cost
    Bureaucratic stuff is mostly easier to handle in the US: many European countries still have not adopted digital world and are buried in paperwork (took me 3 months to set an appointment in German foreigners' office, because they accidentally lost some damn paper)
    Lower taxes
    Higher wages: US employers are often more generous

    • Pas d'idée de pseudo
      Pas d'idée de pseudo 16 days ago

      +Jake paul sucks a lot of what he said are right for many european country

    • Jake paul sucks
      Jake paul sucks 16 days ago

      yeah...wait what?

    • Pas d'idée de pseudo
      Pas d'idée de pseudo 16 days ago

      You can say all you said for Europe

    • Jake paul sucks
      Jake paul sucks 16 days ago

      Well don't have any school shootings here and we have free health care

    • Pas d'idée de pseudo
      Pas d'idée de pseudo 26 days ago

      Every country has good ans wrongs things but every people has opinions. For exemple a person will prefer to live in Sweden for exemole than in USA and an other prefer live in USA than in Sweden
      Sorry for my bad english

  • Ignacio Cabrera
    Ignacio Cabrera Month ago

    Someone please explain me why united states is considered america. I mean america is the continent not just a country

  • Big Big Thonk
    Big Big Thonk Month ago

    lol I'm already taller than the average American (I'm 1,78cm)

  • NinjaMan777
    NinjaMan777 Month ago

    Everybody's saying that these two places don't compare but the US is about the size of the EU and each state is very different from each other similar to how Europe is made up of many different countries. It isn't a perfect comparison but comparing different parts of the world never is, especially when they are so geographically different

  • Κωστας Ακαμπας

    The matter is simple. . . . . The Americans are descendants of Europeans. . . . Whether you prefer the USA is a creature of Europe

  • Davebooz !!!
    Davebooz !!! Month ago

    We're ist Swiss

  • Chalkece
    Chalkece Month ago

    2:30 Thanks for the CM unit!

  • Wuh Orp
    Wuh Orp Month ago

    No one is average. This becomes obvious if you know anything about how to read statistics.

  • Patrick Wentz
    Patrick Wentz Month ago

    Denmark needs big houses for big (gigantic) people?

  • The Kruxed
    The Kruxed Month ago

    Columbus didn't discover anything other than false fame, Vikings were there hundreds of years before that

    • Roberta Locatelli
      Roberta Locatelli 18 days ago

      In America, the "Columbus day" has been celebrated and still today, not the "Vikings day"
      So if the Scandinavians want to celebrate Lief Ericsson Day they just need to get widespread support, petition the government, and get a bill passed to make it a holiday.
      But none of those guys were the first. Migrants from Asia came by sea and land waaaay earlier than any Europeans. Why isn’t there a holiday for the Indigenous people?
      Or that Australian or African people were here even before the Indians, as some archeologists claim they have discovered in Brazil?
      I’ll keep my mind open until more data is made available.)
      I'll repeat therefore my question “"Who discovered America?”
      The answer to this question depends on what you mean by "discovered." The English word "discover" is derived from the Latin, "discooperire," a combination of "dis" and "cooperire," to cover, essentially meaning to uncover. The primary meaning given is "to make known."
      I suspect the question being asked is really, "Who made the existence of the American continents and their associated islands known to Europeans?" The answer to that question is Christopher Columbus.
      As the noted historian Paolo Taviani "Only with Columbus's undertaking did Europe, Islam, Indian, China, and Japan learn of the existence of a New World. And that changed the course of human history profoundly." (Taviani, Columbus, p. 262).
      And ... I'm the one to thank you for this discussion

    • The Kruxed
      The Kruxed 19 days ago

      The video at 0:11 states Columbus discovered the new world aka Northern America, my comment says Vikings discovered it. You then seem to want to talk about colonization as some way of disproving me You said the Vikings didn't settle in North America when they clearly did as there is evidence of them having camps at Newfoundland.
      Now you want to talk about colonization as some way of making it seem the Vikings did nothing in comparison which has nothing to do with any of the original points, this isn't a competition for who did what other than who discovered it, the Vikings.
      As for your location, I meant your country obviously not your exact area code... but thank you for the discussion none the less.

    • Roberta Locatelli
      Roberta Locatelli 20 days ago

      The Kruxed Including where do I come from? Oh no! The Vikings never settled in Milan, in Northern Italy!
      And anyway you did not understand my speech: Christopher Columbus was the "conqueror" of America, because the Vikings passed but did not stop in this Continent, while Columbus here was followed by an intense colonial policy.
      He has "conquered" America, the Vikings have only trampled American soil.

    • The Kruxed
      The Kruxed 20 days ago

      Roberta Locatelli There is conclusive proof in Newfoundland its not merely theories. Vikings did settle there just not permanently much the same as they did in many other lands around the world, including where you are from ;-)

    • Roberta Locatelli
      Roberta Locatelli 21 day ago

      @The Kruxed. The Viking ones are just THEORIES based on some finds, so we have to use the "maybe".
      But even if that were the case, we could distinguish the history of the American continent between "discovery" and "conquest": in the first case we would elect the Viking people, who despite having reached the American territories first, never settled there. In the second case, instead, the famous Italian conqueror Christopher Columbus, whose landing was followed by an intense colonial policy..
      And the name "AMERICA" comes from the name of another Italian: AMERIGO Vespucci.

  • fadimo farah
    fadimo farah Month ago

    europe is a continent

  • SubtractX0
    SubtractX0 Month ago

    Eu women are 5'7 so I'ma a 12 year old boy that is the same height as a european women sounds wierd enough

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH Month ago

    0:38 I'm 4/32 polish... why doesnt she say 1/8? ;P

  • Noukk
    Noukk Month ago +1

    Some people in the Netherlands have to pay 52% taxes

  • Matthijs N
    Matthijs N Month ago

    Avarage European... Seriously!? You have any idea how diverse European culture is!?

  • Asher Ghoul Playz
    Asher Ghoul Playz Month ago

    I'm European wont say what country

  • ΟΝΟ 285
    ΟΝΟ 285 Month ago


  • Hans Messerschmitt
    Hans Messerschmitt Month ago

    In South Korea japan and China Europeans have reputation for being Hippocrates and blaming Americans for everything I’ve been to China 7 times and japan 4 times and from my experience Europeans are hated a lot more than Americans

  • Hans Messerschmitt
    Hans Messerschmitt Month ago

    I’m from South Korea and I think it’s sad you compare a continent to a country

  • Black Ash
    Black Ash Month ago

    I think you missed showing how black people arrived on that little intro you did there

  • Steven Leahy
    Steven Leahy Month ago

    Income doesn't mean much if you don't factor in cost of living. Luxembourg might have higher incomes but guaranteed it's much more expensive as a place to live than most of the US. While some areas of the US are expensive in terms of things like housing (California, the northeastern and west coast cities, etc.) most of the interior US is INSANELY cheap for housing, durable goods, clothing, fuel, food, etc. relative to Germany, France, the UK, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Australia or even Canada.

  • Andrade Anita
    Andrade Anita Month ago +1

    It like US and Asia, or US and Africa or US and South Africa...

  • The Tick
    The Tick Month ago

    So Americans don't care about other Americans eh. So much for the United part.

  • fjf djd
    fjf djd Month ago

    EUROPE IS A CONTINENT.. you can compare that to a country. COMPARE NORTH AMERICA TO EUROPE thats makes way more sense..

  • KryHanX
    KryHanX Month ago

    Still prefer living in mother Europe than US even though they have lots of awesome stuff but living?
    No thanks.

  • Peter
    Peter Month ago

    Why didn't freedom get counted as a category?

  • Undead dissection
    Undead dissection Month ago

    Are you sure, I've seen your portion sizes 😂 JK-ish

  • Gabriela Discenza
    Gabriela Discenza Month ago

    You have to bear in mind that although UK student debt is larger overall in reality it is less burdensome than US Student Debt. Almost always it is taken out from the government student loan company, not a private one. Repayments are much less monthly with the loan term continuing until retirement age at which point it will be written off. Similarly if you never earn enough to meet the repayment threshold: £25,000, you will never pay the loan back and it will be wiped off at retirement or 65. So really the two should not be compared, no one here is going bankrupt because of student loan debt.

  • Proud African
    Proud African Month ago

    China has almost twice the number of billionaires in US so its factually the country with the most billionaires and the Swiss have the highest average salaries in Eu not Lux with a minimum wage of about 3k euros. You need to also check some of the "facts" you mention.

  • Vegan Space
    Vegan Space Month ago

    Yea i feel like a european lol

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules Month ago

    We got free heath care

  • Ionut Bogdan
    Ionut Bogdan Month ago

    Europa is the best

  • SkullDogTim
    SkullDogTim Month ago

    As an American that is quite observant about my own culture, not having payed vacation would have many of our more conservative people saying something along the lines of "we aren't that lazy"

  • Nero
    Nero Month ago

    Salty EU cucks ahead

  • Shlomo Oyveyshekelsteinberg


  • Emil Altmannshofer
    Emil Altmannshofer Month ago

    in Germany,a beer dosn t cost 1,5 Dollars.more like 4 dollars

  • Emil Altmannshofer
    Emil Altmannshofer Month ago

    These presentations of eropeans in Lederhosen are just racist

  • Momchil
    Momchil Month ago

    tbh, living in Eastern Europe, I can say that Europe is too big and diverse to make such a comaprison,especially given the fact that the eu is devided into west and east-but in general-Europe is a better place to live because the idea is to have a strong mid class,whereas in the US one can livve quite well, but it's just a place where people go to make money and get rich-as you can see there is no paid vacation in the us,also the eu regulates a ton of sht-food production,working conditions, everything is done in a way best for the citizen, whereas in the US it's mostly done in a way to make money-17 million people don't know where their next meal will come from,1million are prisoners,the education and medical care is so expensive-in my country(Bulgaria)-its paid by hte country,at least most things and the ones that aren't fully are mostly paid-for example studying in the best uni in the country will cost you something like 300levs per year whereas people have an average salary of 1500levs-of course my country isn't rich but it is waaay more affordable to study and needless to say none if us have any loans or student debt whatsoever.

  • Willow L. Death
    Willow L. Death Month ago

    I wonder.....do Americans know that their country (actually the continent) was named after an Italian guy

  • Mikey naughten
    Mikey naughten Month ago

    You're an idiot

  • Mufan 756
    Mufan 756 Month ago

    Americans have it easy

  • Tom Frei
    Tom Frei Month ago

    Please show itinerary euros too. They are more important

  • Dawson
    Dawson Month ago

    I’m one of the 36 million people with Irish

  • Corina Mann
    Corina Mann Month ago

    Ur trying to say they urapean people are fat

  • Kato Buyk
    Kato Buyk Month ago

    High five to Belgium!

  • NathansHVAC
    NathansHVAC Month ago

    My God income is lower in Europe and private debt is higher?

  • hopekee
    hopekee Month ago

    Not the way i wanted my country to be seen in an infograph... "Highest tax rate"

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos Month ago

    Hey love the vids. Could you make a video about how European English turned into American english here in America. That would be very interesting. Thanks keep up the great content.

  • Bluejay
    Bluejay Month ago

    This is the reason my family moved back to Europe.

  • Helen E
    Helen E Month ago

    Having only 10 days paid vacation a year would make me very unhappy. That is not enough to charge anyone's batteries. I wonder how this influences stress levels in the US..

  • Prince Doggy
    Prince Doggy Month ago

    Why did you make Europeans seem amish

  • FF
    FF Month ago

    Wow 4.5 of 1000 people are maried

  • nienke
    nienke Month ago

    The land of giants 😂 i live there.

  • Flair games
    Flair games 2 months ago

    5.52 basically no one pays their student debt tho

  • The Vencia
    The Vencia 2 months ago

    I think that Europe is better

  • Offensive Committee
    Offensive Committee 2 months ago

    Why are Bavarians representing all of Europe

  • Veriox2 2
    Veriox2 2 2 months ago

    Average American? Americans were killed by europeans (Portuguese etc). The people living In America are just europeans

  • Oui Oui Baguette
    Oui Oui Baguette 2 months ago

    The video actually starts at 1:39 if you want to skip the filler

  • Victoria Cataloni
    Victoria Cataloni 2 months ago

    Amerigo Vespucci ...