The 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo Is a Sports Car Legend

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
    The 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo is a legendary car -- and it's worth big money. Today I'm reviewing a MkIV Supra Turbo to explain why the fourth-generation Toyota Supra is so popular -- and why the MkIV Supra Turbo is such an icon.
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Comments • 10 977

  • Jerrol Hale
    Jerrol Hale 15 hours ago

    Sports car with automatic transmission is not a sports car

  • Fidell Cuevas
    Fidell Cuevas 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie when i was a kid i thought these cars were nice but now lol shit is ugly to me ahah

  • Crazy Legend
    Crazy Legend 3 days ago

    Imagine seeing the supra wheels on a Diablo

  • Benjamin Sanburn
    Benjamin Sanburn 4 days ago

    the wheels remind me of the shoes everyone's grandpa wears lol

  • Kebert Xela
    Kebert Xela 5 days ago +1

    Cool Factor- 7/10? A car like this in this condition is literally a holy grail type car.

  • Al LaBraun
    Al LaBraun 7 days ago

    I'm guessing either no one will let you or you have already reviewed the 1996 Nissan 300ZX. Finding a bone stock specimen must be difficult. I look forward to finding your review one day. Thanks for creating your channel, it is very informative.

  • kstar
    kstar 7 days ago

    wow a classic - still would be cool today given a nicer set of rims!


  • munky 306
    munky 306 7 days ago

    I love the design of the drivers seat in the mk4 supra. Like you’re climbing into a damn space ship just surrounded by all your controls

  • Genadij Smradztoiek
    Genadij Smradztoiek 8 days ago

    12:29 The COCK-A-PIT.

  • Imperial Films
    Imperial Films 8 days ago

    8:14, Minecraft Sunset

  • PROXIlol
    PROXIlol 9 days ago

    To day esist 1482 idiot hate video and this car this people is shit barbecue nigga mans

  • Seasnutz WOWSB
    Seasnutz WOWSB 9 days ago +2

    Great video! Can you do a 300zx turbo sometime?

  • Jkarggo
    Jkarggo 12 days ago

    super turbo i can never get that out of my head now

  • Sam Woods
    Sam Woods 12 days ago

    Doug enjoys saying cack-pit way too much lol

  • Zero8880
    Zero8880 12 days ago

    1478 people are from Cleveland

  • GaGGiXrider09
    GaGGiXrider09 13 days ago

    Bruh that car is fucking dope i would rather buy this supra than fucking lambo

  • OugaBoogaShockwave
    OugaBoogaShockwave 14 days ago

    give me a new vette or stang for that price, they handle better then this car.
    there are many cars out there better then this for less, i don't get what the hype is for this car.
    i also would rather have a mr2 from the same time frame fully upgraded over this car.

  • Miguel Bonilla
    Miguel Bonilla 15 days ago

    I would only put a straight pipe and a exhaust manifold and coilovers that's it...

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew 16 days ago

    If I was rich, I would rather have this one of the cleanest, stick shift, turbocharged, 6-speed, completely unmodified and rather expensive Toyota Supra Turbo Mark 4.

  • Frank Noggle
    Frank Noggle 16 days ago

    Does this guy have asperger's? How does someone with such little knowledge of cars have such a following. I have watched three of his videos and all I'm taking from the experience is that I think he tries to mimic Jesse Eisenberg's version of Mark Zuckerburg.

  • TheButcherOfHalifax
    TheButcherOfHalifax 17 days ago

    Damn, I didn't realize a cd player at that point was that big a deal. My father bought a 1992 Hyundai S Coupe SE brand new and it came stock with a cassette/ cd stereo.

  • jeadelmann90
    jeadelmann90 19 days ago

    Can't say I can agree with you on it being beautiful. The front has huge bulging eyes and the side of the vehicle is kind of bland.

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 20 days ago

    Is this the same Supra that was reviewed by Saabkyle 5 years ago?

  • DOOM Paul 74
    DOOM Paul 74 20 days ago

    Incredible! This has got to be one of the rarest and nicest examples in existence.

  • Misha
    Misha 20 days ago +4

    This Supra is the BEST SUPRA EVER, new 2020 bmwupra it`s nathing in comparation with Original one. No seriously, why toyota make this?

  • Hammer Home
    Hammer Home 20 days ago

    Doug seemed to have found a VR4 quicker in his review?? judging by his reaction ..

  • Anarchists For Christ
    Anarchists For Christ 20 days ago +2

    Doug: the type of guy who says, “that is a satisfying feeling” when he’s getting a hand job

  • Arthur Kurtzhall
    Arthur Kurtzhall 22 days ago

    No Doug! The Supra has been around since 1978 until it went to it's own model, instead of the Celica in 1986! Leave it to a Millennial to distort the facts!

  • Dan The-Man
    Dan The-Man 22 days ago +1

    The BMW Supra has marred the Supra legacy. I'd rather Toyota never made another Supra if they weren't going to make it themselves.

  • Nomad
    Nomad 22 days ago

    Wow, even little things like the driver focused dash and how smooth the shifter moves and looks is so damn nice.. Truly a perfect vehicle inside, out, AND under the hood. It’s as if the car Gods came together to design the ultimate life-form.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 22 days ago

    Toyota Supra: Fuck the Passenger

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 22 days ago

    Why bother putting rear seats in a sports car? Useful as nipples on a breastplate

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 22 days ago +2

    "Street's closed, pizza boy! Go find another way home!"

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 22 days ago +1

    Comment section:
    30% about the video
    70% "Doug is the type of guy..."

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 22 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy who roots for the bad guys in the Fast and Furious movies

  • Billie Dharmajaya
    Billie Dharmajaya 23 days ago

    I don't know why but Toyota Supra is the only jdm that always make me disappointed every time

  • Demarcus
    Demarcus 23 days ago

    Cleveland this is for u!!!!!!!

  • jonray74
    jonray74 24 days ago

    Yes every Turbo cars always need to cool down by idling to give the Turbo long life. Hot shutdowns destroys the Turbo.

  • That Guy Eli
    That Guy Eli 25 days ago +3

    I usually have to fast forward about 2/3 of the way through this guys videos before he actually drives the damn car....

    • Aleksandar
      Aleksandar 8 days ago

      His job is to review car, not only drive😁

  • Golden God
    Golden God 25 days ago


  • Richard Murasaki
    Richard Murasaki 26 days ago

    here after the new supra review

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo 26 days ago

    I have that car. The exact same car. Mine has 36k on the clock. Not quite as clean as that one but close. Bought it new in 94, it whipped everything on the street back then. Yes it handles exceptionally well. I love when some keyboard warrior tells me Supras dont handle that well. Never drove one kid, you dont know shit. You really appreciate that wing over 120, you can feel the car squat down like its on rails. Ive had it to 140, its governed to 155. It will do 180 or so they say. You can do 140 in a Supra and it feels totally confidant and like it was meant to do it. It exceptionally well engineered. A few things you missed were the functional brake ducts, that scoop on the side blows air on the brakes and the front grill has ducts which divert air to the front brakes. Most of the underside of this car is covered to prevent high speed lift. The brakes are brembos but are custom branded with the Supra logo. The fuel door latch is really odd, its on the floor next to the drivers door. It also has a tiny bump on the dash that is a air temp sensor. One thing I noticed on this car was the lack of a turbo badge under the rear "Supra " name plate. There should be a tiny square that says "turbo" on it. Those fall off quite frequently, mine did, fortunately I saved it but when the badge is missing there is a reflective metal plate under it. That is missing on this car. Repainted? Removed? I have no doubt its a real car, everything else seems correct, I wonder it they didnt install it or why its missing. Very very nice example regardless. Ive only had the sport roof off of mine a few times, it is glorious to drive open but what a pain in the nuts lol.

  • Speed
    Speed 27 days ago

  • Andy Peek
    Andy Peek 27 days ago

    I don't Bloody Believe It, you have a Toyota with tight sear belts.
    Every Toyota I-have known, has seat belts worse than Slack Alice.

  • Ilham Bintang
    Ilham Bintang 27 days ago

    Oh my god , i got orgasm

  • josepgutierrez22
    josepgutierrez22 28 days ago

    How do you keep such a fun car under 12k. That’s amazing.

  • Hi
    Hi 28 days ago

    God I miss my '97 jade N/A. Even without a turbo, that car was an absolute dream to drive.

  • Pete Strouse
    Pete Strouse 28 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to talk about the sound of the horn and not the reasoning behind letting an oil-cooled turbo car idle for a couple minutes before turning it off.

  • trentbateman
    trentbateman 28 days ago

    Fuck off Doug. The Supra font is aggressive and angry.

  • Andres Venancio
    Andres Venancio 28 days ago

    Your telling me I have the same steering wheel, turn signal, and windshield wiper as a supra in my damn 4runner 🤠

  • pongkong
    pongkong 28 days ago

    24min video, 6 seconds of seeing the car from the front? its not a big deal i guess.

  • Youngboy Harless
    Youngboy Harless 28 days ago

    Man.. I wish this was my car. Although I'd never want to drive it, it's such a gem.

  • San Cjlopes
    San Cjlopes 29 days ago

    I can find one for 20k in my location

  • Contact Info
    Contact Info 29 days ago +1

    You only think it's cool because everyone else does.

  • farooq naseem24seven
    farooq naseem24seven 29 days ago

    Need original stock twin turno 2jz gte

  • farooq naseem24seven
    farooq naseem24seven 29 days ago

    I live in dubai
    And im looking to import one , please advise me some good dealer
    Looking forward for your reply

  • Glaux De
    Glaux De Month ago

    It doesnt have the front bumber splitter that retracts at 60Mph?

  • Lasse Bauer
    Lasse Bauer Month ago +4

    12K miles on a 25 yo car? Did the owner slip into a coma while watching 90210?

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    “Upside down “u” shape”

    That would be the letter “n”, Doug. XD

  • Marco C
    Marco C Month ago +2

    Japanese people are on average "tiny" so they can actually fit in the back seat

  • Seven.
    Seven. Month ago

    america 120 grand, everywhere else, 7 grand

  • Myles Gelóneck
    Myles Gelóneck Month ago

    lol John Belein wanted to go to Cleveland

  • Ej Icon
    Ej Icon Month ago

    14:32 So sensual :)

  • Grzegorz G
    Grzegorz G Month ago

    I think in back seats there is enough space for 2 asians

  • Sam Butterworth
    Sam Butterworth Month ago

    One of the most beautiful driver-focussed dashboards, allied to one of the ugliest steering wheels in existence...

  • Sam Butterworth
    Sam Butterworth Month ago

    I know this won't be lost on you Doug, but they put the back seats in there!

  • NikoPrimitif
    NikoPrimitif Month ago

    amazing car, but that wheels are soo ugly

  • Vojtěch Nekvapil
    Vojtěch Nekvapil Month ago +1

    Rear seats in these car are for tax purposes in japan. Tax for 2 seater is higher than for 4 seater. Mazda RX7 FD for japan got 4 seats but for export only two wit storage instead rear seats.

  • Larry The Lobster
    Larry The Lobster Month ago

    Review a mk3 supra now

  • Angry Car Guy Nerd
    Angry Car Guy Nerd Month ago

    II think that this Supra is the only Supra that is still stock

  • Robert Jameson
    Robert Jameson Month ago

    I want to go to Cleveland.

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee Month ago +11

    Now this is a real Supra. The legend. Not the BMW they sort of copied in the new one.

  • Michael Cuellar
    Michael Cuellar Month ago +1

    Dude how does this not get a 10/10 cool factor? “Legend” and “icon” were both used like 20 times each in this review! Fucking Doug. He’d probably give 10 to some random rusted ass Land Rover or something.

  • Rick Walbridge
    Rick Walbridge Month ago

    I remember being at a Toyota dealership in 1994. My buddies father was picking up a new pickup truck. This exact car was in the show room, and we were blown away by it, especially the low profile tires, first time seeing them.

  • Rick Walbridge
    Rick Walbridge Month ago +7

    So sad that Toyota didnt care about spending the time and money to make a proper successor to this legend.

  • Joseph Peart
    Joseph Peart Month ago

    Sexiest rear end 😍

  • A Rak
    A Rak Month ago +5

    Anyone else come back here after watching Doug's review of the new one..?

    • Lord minion79
      Lord minion79 29 days ago +1

      Performance wise the new one was better. While in cosmetics, this is better.

    • Iamkoool2
      Iamkoool2 Month ago +1

      And this one is a million times better

  • Rory Finneren
    Rory Finneren Month ago

    What’s wrong w Cleveland.

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus Month ago

    Doug almost makes me want to work in automotive industry just so I could write manuals for him to read

  • Akul R
    Akul R Month ago +2

    Just came from the new zupra review

  • BeefNiku29
    BeefNiku29 Month ago

    Best cockpit ever Mk4 Toyota Supra and Honda S2000

  • Curt Landgraff
    Curt Landgraff Month ago

    Doug, A turbo timer would be great. What do you think?

  • Izat Izat
    Izat Izat Month ago +1

    One of the GREATEST JAPANESE SPORT CARS and ONE OF THE GREATEST SPORT CARS EVER BUILT. It's was over BUILT. As a matter of FACT it might go DOWN in auto history at that time to be the GREATEST bang for buck. They compared it to cars coasting $100,000 it was a bargain to them and preformed just as close for far less.

  • demetry trofimchik
    demetry trofimchik Month ago

    I love this car!!!!!!!!!!! 12k? That’s amazing

  • Kirill Efremov
    Kirill Efremov Month ago

    Hey Doug when the 2020 Supra will come out, try to do a review on it. Thanks!!!

  • powerboatguy
    powerboatguy Month ago

    When you consider what this car was and what a bad job Toyota did with the 2020 Supra based on a Z-4? No Manual, enthusiast are going to run from it.

  • Andrew Langellier
    Andrew Langellier Month ago

    11:58 wth

  • Juan Andrade
    Juan Andrade Month ago +1

    The Nissan 300zx is a piece of shit

  • Bogdan Gabriel Marinica

    the CoCkPiT

  • Zac Gaming
    Zac Gaming Month ago +1

    Turn playback to 2x n he'll be a *talented rapper*

  • abcdLeeXY
    abcdLeeXY Month ago +9

    This would worth even more when the Toyota z4 release!!!

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Month ago

    Can you do a review if a 04 VW R32?

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +3

    doug is the type of guy to say "are you playing the video games?"

  • Hedwall #66
    Hedwall #66 Month ago

    The funniest part is when he said a 2JZ can put out over a thousand horsepowers easily.. Good one Doug!

    • Kirill Efremov
      Kirill Efremov Month ago

      @Hedwall #66 Gotcha

    • Hedwall #66
      Hedwall #66 Month ago

      @Kirill Efremov not on a stock motor

    • Kirill Efremov
      Kirill Efremov Month ago

      @Hedwall #66 Well of course but its possible to upgrade to 1000 hp

    • Hedwall #66
      Hedwall #66 Month ago

      @Kirill Efremov not really tho, you can push the stock 2JZ block up to 700-800, after that you'll need another block, and I wouldn't call it a 2JZ if it has a billet block instead of the original 2JZ block

    • Kirill Efremov
      Kirill Efremov Month ago

      Its true though


    Engine Pic @ 1:50
    Thank me later!

  • S14 Gaming
    S14 Gaming Month ago +1

    Sitting in the back seat of a supra is so difficult telling by experience having one and the annoying triangle light in dash usually turns on for no reason sometimes lol

  • InquiziDor001
    InquiziDor001 Month ago +2

    Doug: I like to review the car experience just what Toyota wanted to be back in the day.
    Also Doug: **Rates cars by it's fratures with 2019 standars**

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown Month ago

    I mean a 300zx remote control car in the opening montage. Gold... hahahah

  • Self Made
    Self Made Month ago

    Doug the type of guys that smile when he accelerate in a tractor

  • Self Made
    Self Made Month ago

    Did you know that the orange supra from f&f1 is the golden supra from f&f2 ?