Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
  • This past holiday, Adam took part in Imgur's secret santa gift exchange, surprising a fan with a custom modded and painted Nerf rifle! For today's One Day Build, Adam shows how he took the Nerf toy apart and put it back together with his functional and aesthetic improvements.
    Watch Adam and VSauce Live on the BrainCandy tour:
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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    Adam Savage
    Norman Chan
    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
    Kishore Hari
    Frank Ippolito
    Sean Charlesworth
    Jeremy Williams
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  • TheFlaminO
    TheFlaminO Hour ago

    I cringed so hard when he called bolt action "pump action,, 😂

  • Jo Bagley
    Jo Bagley 5 hours ago

    It's not pump action it's bolt action

  • Rołli pieszy Rołli drugi

    this is horrible how amazing person can fell down

  • Rapzer 2.0
    Rapzer 2.0 11 hours ago

    :O it's a golden 50. BMG

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 13 hours ago

    Kinda looks like the strangers rifle from destiny 1

  • Vkn tu Momo
    Vkn tu Momo 16 hours ago

    Good video of a new gun is customized you is my idolatry

  • Gean Krlo Rodríguez Hamilton

    Yo quiero una igual 😭😭😭😭

  • Justin Budach
    Justin Budach 18 hours ago

    You need to do this with airsoft guns

  • Kingblakeislit Lit
    Kingblakeislit Lit 21 hour ago

    Can u pretty plz make me a modded sniper plz

  • kareem machine gun

    I love silver very very much!


    Hello this is Andrew stribling I was hopeing you could show me how to make a artic camo color

  • Sreenesh Datta
    Sreenesh Datta Day ago

    Gosh .... Honestly i love guns ...... But this sniper is super super cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aquila Verz
    Aquila Verz Day ago


  • Olvin Munoz
    Olvin Munoz Day ago

    U should have painted it black

  • Jordi
    Jordi Day ago

    Looks like a weapon out of Borderlands, awesome!

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    check out some of my videos

  • Swiggy Swagg
    Swiggy Swagg 2 days ago +1

    (Fade in) Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Fade out)

  • In Yong Chung
    In Yong Chung 2 days ago

    "some kind of a grenade launcher"IN A SNIPER RIFLE !?!?!oh wait this is nerf... nvm

  • Mateusz Jankowski
    Mateusz Jankowski 2 days ago

    Hi Adam,Do you do similar things with airsoft guns?

  • Tazdevil 730
    Tazdevil 730 2 days ago

    How much will it cost me to have you build me one of those?


  • Honestly AV 2
    Honestly AV 2 3 days ago

    7:57All i could think about is:
    “And now I’m painting your silver pants blue...”

  • samuel mahlau
    samuel mahlau 3 days ago

    It's a dream come true I live for sniper rifles

  • Unusual Worm
    Unusual Worm 3 days ago

    I almost like it more at 4:54

  • M.A.I.
    M.A.I. 3 days ago

    29:34 i was hoping a loud shot xD

  • Ubair Showkat
    Ubair Showkat 4 days ago

    Try putting some batteries in your clock. 😉

  • Nathan Burgess
    Nathan Burgess 4 days ago

    I wish Adam could make me one of his sick guns it would be a sweet nerf gun to show off to my friends

  • Pastor Yodie Batzke Itinerate Minister


  • Alexander Station26
    Alexander Station26 4 days ago

    Am i justified in gasping and. Exclaiming he touched the butt at 6:43?

    OMARI GORDON 4 days ago

    Bad ass rifle

  • John Bradley Wilson
    John Bradley Wilson 4 days ago

    To just be a shop slave for a day . . . . i don't even want to be on TVclip, just a fly on the wall in the shop (i'll buy the beer and provide titillating conversation!?)

  • Chad Faraone
    Chad Faraone 5 days ago

    can i hav piels

  • Chad Faraone
    Chad Faraone 5 days ago +1

    its looks like its off of cod2

  • Fizzz Edits
    Fizzz Edits 5 days ago

    Is there a way I can buy that?

  • Казыбек Хакимов

    Why is there flashlight on sniper rifle?

  • Chase Vanderwal
    Chase Vanderwal 5 days ago

    Looks like a real gun

  • Dan House
    Dan House 6 days ago

    how did you use the alcohol during the weathering? the paint and water I get, but Adam never mentioened using the alcohol...

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist 6 days ago

    That's a Hyperion sniper from Borderlands!

  • Gabriel Davila
    Gabriel Davila 6 days ago

    Do more nerf customs!!!!

  • Jeff Beck
    Jeff Beck 6 days ago

    another New Word Order homosexual youtube shill channel. flush.

  • The Red Scare Channel

    hes very pleased

  • Sid P
    Sid P 6 days ago

    Inappropriate Adam: 2:00

  • The body Building crew

    dont do that in a public park. u could kill someone

  • fandango buttlicks
    fandango buttlicks 7 days ago

    Ballsack fever

  • Soggy AQW
    Soggy AQW 8 days ago


    • Soggy AQW
      Soggy AQW 8 days ago


  • Soggy AQW
    Soggy AQW 8 days ago

    I wish i was your nephew.

  • Colby Bluemel
    Colby Bluemel 8 days ago

    How much would it cost for you to make one and ship it to me…

  • Lego Savages
    Lego Savages 8 days ago

    Anyone watching is 2018

  • Serial Killer
    Serial Killer 8 days ago

    This need to be ban guns are bad and evil . The news told me

  • Blastaux
    Blastaux 9 days ago

    ORANGE mod works you mean

  • Noxii Yomilewau
    Noxii Yomilewau 9 days ago

    Any more? i want one too

  • Jomar yana
    Jomar yana 9 days ago

    That looks like a Hyperion shotgun

  • Julie Ransdell
    Julie Ransdell 9 days ago

    you rok

  • Wilson Slaughter
    Wilson Slaughter 9 days ago

    in the background you just see the HUNDREDS of nerf bullets XD

  • ThePyjamaLlama
    ThePyjamaLlama 10 days ago

    Nerfing a NERF, nerfception

  • YvNg_aLphA X
    YvNg_aLphA X 10 days ago

    When you go to a party and they want to do a nerf war but you have a pistol out and no one joins your team then you say it’s your backup and pull out that half of the other team joins.

  • Javier Dice
    Javier Dice 10 days ago

    Looks like a kind of futuristic gun

  • Sharky Games
    Sharky Games 10 days ago

    Anyone who actually dose nerf mods as a hobby cringed a little bit at this. Still an awesome video and blaster. But him not knowing things about the kit and not knowing the names of the parts made me cring a bit. Still an awesome vid tho.

  • Captain Morgan IV
    Captain Morgan IV 10 days ago

    guys he is not going to make you one of these

  • Michelle ,ahpny
    Michelle ,ahpny 11 days ago


  • Local Legend
    Local Legend 11 days ago

    looks like a movie prop!

  • Local Legend
    Local Legend 11 days ago

    sand that nerf logo off and put adam savage!

  • Bani Brew
    Bani Brew 11 days ago

    Old man playing nerf gun 😂😂😂

  • SoudBr
    SoudBr 11 days ago

    Do you like the black color?

  • Raisulakram Miah
    Raisulakram Miah 11 days ago

    can you please mod a rival kronos

  • C1
    C1 11 days ago

    Me: Finds this video. Thinks: ”who the hell watches this for over 30 minutes?”.... 30 minutes later: ”Me, apparantly...”

  • Rashod Raymond johnson

    Do you sell modified nerf gun

  • The lost Ones ranger
    The lost Ones ranger 11 days ago

    Personally I would have painted the scope yellow with gunmetal lines and then weathered it but it's not my gun so carry on. Maybe add a strap on it to. Nvm.
    28:28. 😦..... I want bad.

  • Ferenc Bata
    Ferenc Bata 12 days ago


  • Daniel Acuña
    Daniel Acuña 12 days ago

    i only need see a video for are in love with this channel :'3

  • Deano 1/9
    Deano 1/9 12 days ago

    Is it just me or does it look like a bolt action sniper from fortnite

  • Tristan Glaze
    Tristan Glaze 12 days ago

    I wish I had that

  • magodelaoscuridad
    magodelaoscuridad 12 days ago

    wow amazing creativity and nice paint job

  • GD Qwertz
    GD Qwertz 12 days ago

    nerf should hire you to design their guns like holy shit

  • Austen McNeal
    Austen McNeal 13 days ago

    14:00 Actually just a 14 min long commercial for a bunch of sticks. " BUY EM " - Adam Savage.

  • ZenTeT
    ZenTeT 13 days ago

    totally reminds me of fallout 4 :D

  • Quinn Halford
    Quinn Halford 13 days ago

    You honestly look like you have never touched a nerf gun in ur life. Im not trying to be mean its just that i dont know if your expirienced enough to mod yet. I have modded my stryfe with a 3s lipo battery. Nice mod tho. I like the paint job.

  • AirsoftTac9Tribute Elite

    quite the chicken winging

  • Shrek is Perfect
    Shrek is Perfect 14 days ago

    You can hear him stumbling while saying longer and harder

  • Jorge Arias
    Jorge Arias 14 days ago


  • Jorge Arias
    Jorge Arias 14 days ago

    Dude that thing is bad ass did really break tile

  • Dark Dammy
    Dark Dammy 14 days ago

    This guy is the real deal

  • Dark Dammy
    Dark Dammy 14 days ago

    O my gawdddddd

  • LiynX Assassin
    LiynX Assassin 14 days ago

    That’s an airsoft scope

  • Sour Kyle
    Sour Kyle 14 days ago

    plz make an amsr video

  • Ford Andrau
    Ford Andrau 14 days ago

    I’m going to paint my nerf stryde black to scare the fuck out of people it’s going to be awesome

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 14 days ago +1

      Just to be clear: I'm not discouraging people from painting/modding NERF blasters. A lot of people do it. But if you paint it to the point where it looks more like a real firearm then a toy you have to be...very careful.

    • Ford Andrau
      Ford Andrau 14 days ago

      Jacob Geshel fine I’ll put a piece of orange tape

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 14 days ago

      Good luck getting shot and or arrested.

  • Andrew Pascucci
    Andrew Pascucci 14 days ago

    Skip to 28:29 (This this this this will genuinely get you into some real trouble)

  • Rob Biberhofer
    Rob Biberhofer 15 days ago

    I would totally buy one of these if you ever decide to sell some!

  • Anda A-C
    Anda A-C 15 days ago

    Looks like the Balista from BO2

  • Freddy frizz bear pizza Dab

    I wish you can make me a nerf gun😀

  • Oliver Jacob
    Oliver Jacob 16 days ago

    It's longshot not long strike

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 16 days ago

    Is Adam in the old MB shop

    CHINO OFFSET 16 days ago

    Could you modify mine

  • Joseph Narine
    Joseph Narine 16 days ago

    Your workshop is amazing

  • Very Powerful Borking Doggo

    Ok time to subscribe 😂

  • Алексей Петров

    In our childhood we knew only hou to put the spring out of the toy pistol, stretch it and put it back. And that was awesome.

  • Cooki10
    Cooki10 17 days ago

    i can't even see the bullets firing for some reason. I usually can. That spring must be working then

  • Samuel Behringer
    Samuel Behringer 17 days ago

    He sounds like Bob Ross, while painting ;)

  • Mr Resetti
    Mr Resetti 17 days ago


  • Blake Hughes
    Blake Hughes 17 days ago

    Ok you can realy stop rubbing that gun now, my ears are burning