Save Money on RAM.. with Optane?? - Intel Showcase

  • Published on May 17, 2018
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    In a desert of high RAM prices, Intel’s Optane accelerator modules are looking like a pretty good alternative.. Does it have what it takes?
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Comments • 2 176

  • Joy D. Biswas
    Joy D. Biswas 12 days ago

    Can I use It In AMD Processor and AMD Mother Board. And If I Use it and don't use any RAM. Computer can run without RAM....
    Thank You.

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble 18 days ago


    >Cue angry Elizabeth Swann, ranting about the evils of RAM

  • Genband tv
    Genband tv 21 day ago

    I seem a laptop that had 4gb ram +16gb Intel octane ram can someone explaine to me why that is and if it's any good ?

  • pv_plays games
    pv_plays games 22 days ago

    Shows kingston 2.5" ssd to instead of intel

  • Anthony Goodsell
    Anthony Goodsell Month ago

    i downloaded a new PC and returned my old one.

  • Ryan Syah
    Ryan Syah Month ago +1

    And The Title was changed. Nice too

  • Lukas Christensen
    Lukas Christensen Month ago

    More cache is better! Always has been!

  • Ya boi Bubba
    Ya boi Bubba Month ago +3

    But what if I have 64gb of 4000+mhz ram... and happen to have 4 open m.2 slots...

  • Hyper Fluxx
    Hyper Fluxx Month ago

    Which is the best?
    1. HHD Drive + SSD in M.2 slot + More RAM.
    2. SSD Drive + SSD in M.2 slot + More RAM
    3. HHD Drive + Intel Optane Memory (in M.2 slot) + Less RAM
    4. SSD + Intel Optane Memory (in M.2 slot) + Less RAM.
    5. HHD Drive + Intel Optane Memory (in M.2 slot) + More RAM
    6. SSD + Intel Optane Memory (in M.2 slot) + More RAM

  • Shady Scizor
    Shady Scizor Month ago

    I felt that screw drop on another level

  • pato lobos
    pato lobos Month ago

    Can you make a follow up with the new Optane DIMMS? will be nice if you can run also business apps like SQL server Analysis services Tabular :-) Maybe a new revenue venue to see real life test for the business world!

  • Zachariah Drew
    Zachariah Drew Month ago

    Question i am trying to hook up 2 monitors and a VR but i can't get my Vr to work . WHY? my video card got 3 diskplay ports and HDMI port and DVI Port . so i hook up my monitor to the diskplay port and the other one to DVI port , then i try to used the HDMI port for my VR but it did not detect it. why?? need help with this.

  • Alex Betances
    Alex Betances Month ago

    How ideal is Optane for major data computing, like AI?

  • the rougemillenial
    the rougemillenial Month ago

    I’d say this is best for if you’re just starting to build a system. This is by no means an upgrade yet.

  • Gregory Novikov
    Gregory Novikov 2 months ago +1

    What about the same ram but with optane

  • zurran00
    zurran00 2 months ago +1

    i wonder if this would work in a HP Envy x360 15z ryzen 2700u?

    • Yeet Man
      Yeet Man 2 months ago

      Probably intel only

  • Ratchet Rorschach
    Ratchet Rorschach 2 months ago

    so... can anybody tell me
    if i were to make a new build
    can I just replace the ram using intel Optane instead of typical 3200Hz ddr4 ram, so what is the speed if to compare with typical ram
    I'm also getting 1tb samsung evo m.2 nvme as main OS boot
    4tb barracuda hdd for other storage

    the question again is, can I just use intel optane 32gb as my RAM and does not even bother to buy other typical ddr4 RAM

  • Rainy Relaxing
    Rainy Relaxing 2 months ago +1

    Old Video, I know...but here's something I'd love to know (and I can't find anything online about this.
    I need my computer to work with heavy music composition softwares and virtual instruments (which require a large amount of RAM and fast CPU cores).
    My rig has 128GB of DDR4 3000Mhz ram. If I install a 118GB Intel Optane SS 800P Series and run it to support RAM, will it physically increase the amount of RAM I have available to use (so 128GB + 118GB = 246GB of RAM? Will it only make it faster? Will it not do anything? Will it break the universe and create a portable black hole?
    Any comments?

  • krzysiekkanzas
    krzysiekkanzas 3 months ago

    Optane is a great solution as a swap file disk! (turn off default disk C swap file!). I used to boost my son's computer with a SSD as a Windows system partition and and old 1TB 2,5 inch 5400rpm HDD at it works great! Before while loading World Of Tanks battle we never reached countdown timer screen, now it works always reaching about 17-24 sec (default 30sec) so it really boosts! It this way we boosted disk other than C on Z270. I bought my Optane used for 10 $ and it's really great solution.

  • google inc
    google inc 3 months ago +2

    Blah blah download ram joke, why are there no computer geeks here but full of retarded meme-sters?

  • parag patel
    parag patel 3 months ago

    I am going to buy laptop for daily work and coding
    Could you please let me know should I use intel optane and ssd both together in my that laptop?

  • Addinator !
    Addinator ! 3 months ago

    Llinus how do you get so many fps in cs

  • Prius cupholder
    Prius cupholder 3 months ago

    Please do a vid on using a HDD as ram. Please. That would be hilarious

  • Kevin g
    Kevin g 3 months ago

    can you just use SSD cards instead of ram cards?

  • misavn
    misavn 3 months ago

    Intel is awesome

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 months ago

    Optane?What about propane or butane?

  • Gossip World
    Gossip World 4 months ago

  • Fer ddsc
    Fer ddsc 4 months ago

    so for illustrator, photoshop and office 4 gb ram plus 16 gb optane or 8 gb ram?

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble 4 months ago

    One: Because it is vile hardware that turns even the most respectable computers into complete scoundrels!

  • Aldo
    Aldo 4 months ago +1

    no no no no...

  • James Estrella
    James Estrella 4 months ago

    5:17 closelier?

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 4 months ago

    FUCK! I never had ads before. Now I have ads even with Adblock. Grrrr @ these fucking greedy pigs and their ads! }:-(

  • Ramin M
    Ramin M 4 months ago

    One however looses one m.2 slot to this Optane. What if one buys two m.2 ssd and puts them in raid 0 (faster storage means less dependency on ram). Isn't that even better than one m.2 slot to an Optane driver acting up as ram?

  • Jake Fleming
    Jake Fleming 4 months ago

  • westfield90
    westfield90 5 months ago

    Dell and hp desktops are now advertising enormous 24gb memory in desktops but 16gb of that is this intel octane. Not sure this is a scam

  • movado cashmore
    movado cashmore 5 months ago

    optane is not ram it helps tho big time i am having to buy 32 gig ram just so i dont get issues from google

  • tristan harmo
    tristan harmo 5 months ago

    @Linus Tech Tips ok and what about a raid 0 of multiple optane used as ram ??? i remember you doing a video about a raid 0 nvme ssd from samsung wich provides AWESOME read /write speed !!! way higher then ram bandwidth . could you check the performance ??? that would be awesome :p

  • ITX God
    ITX God 5 months ago

    So did Linus just basically show us a SATA KC400 (swapping) vs Optane? Why not do this experiment with the NVME drive that you refer to in the initial slides? For less than twice the price of already cheap Optane, you can get an NVME with 8-10 times the capacity, and it will sure as hell perform a lot better than the SATA KC400 (1.5 to 3 times better). So to answer Linus question about why Intel agreed to his pitch: Because you are a good shill.

  • Trent Borg
    Trent Borg 5 months ago

    So, question. A legit question here. What would offer the greatest increase in performance - say, I currently have a 1tb ssd, but! I have an m.2 not in use, nvme and optane compatible. I also have 16 gb of ram. which upgrade would offer the best performance gain, the nvme, optane, or 16 more gb of ram?

  • Nat Allen
    Nat Allen 5 months ago

    So basically, 4gb ram + 16gb optane memory is better than normal 8gb ram?

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 5 months ago

    If you have a system new and expensive enough to support nvme you have enough money for ram.

  • robert rennells
    robert rennells 6 months ago

    ram should be cheap

  • Alberto Aquino
    Alberto Aquino 6 months ago

    Tutorial of Config Optane please

  • psycronizer
    psycronizer 6 months ago

    I wonder if there's any spoken language out there where the word Linus or Sebastian means break, or destroy, or clumsily dropped and broken, or butter fingers, or sausage hands, or gimme gimme let me fuck it as soon as I pick it know...that sort of thing....

  • Vamsi dev
    Vamsi dev 6 months ago

    Is it neccessary of 6 mb cache and optane memory and 2 tb storage

  • wil
    wil 6 months ago

    Can you expect any improvements with Ryzen CPUs as well?

  • nowonmetube
    nowonmetube 6 months ago

    The gaming results show that you REALLY need 16 GB of RAM :^)

  • nowonmetube
    nowonmetube 6 months ago

    Just imagine when the first Optane DDR4 or 5 sticks will arrive!

  • Tuc nak
    Tuc nak 6 months ago

    0:15 "One's dick"

  • beadlesastout
    beadlesastout 6 months ago

    Another video where they dont actually explain how to do it. Please explain exactly how you set this up otherwise there is no way to prove what you are doing actually is possible.

  • Scione S
    Scione S 6 months ago

    Who here build their computer in the kitchen?

  • KSAM
    KSAM 6 months ago

    How to download ram?

  • Dominic Hester
    Dominic Hester 6 months ago

    how you get free ram can't even play bards tale 4 barrow's deep since only have 4gb ram on my lappy you need 8 gb it says.

  • daniel kinney
    daniel kinney 6 months ago

    Ginger Nice

  • daniel kinney
    daniel kinney 6 months ago

    I cannot understand how there are 1.3K DISLIKES WTH? is wrong with people. This is a great video

  • Pro Bro
    Pro Bro 6 months ago

    "Lets even take a *closelier* look"

  • jonathon rosalia
    jonathon rosalia 7 months ago

    kinda want to know how this works in a hackintosh now?

  • GamersNET0
    GamersNET0 7 months ago

    My motherboard says "optane memory supported" but it doesnt have a spot to put the optane memory?. its a gigabyte DS3H-b250m

  • NPC: Drone Class
    NPC: Drone Class 7 months ago

    Oh oh oh oh oh!!! Linus, you said Zee 370. All the cool kids are saying Zed-370. You're grounded grounded grounded!

  • Syed Tassinari
    Syed Tassinari 7 months ago


  • Indigo Cat
    Indigo Cat 7 months ago

    Yo anyone got a good link where I can download ram? Last time I just got rick rolled and it made me sad ):

  • S3thc0n
    S3thc0n 7 months ago

    Meanwhile, subtitle Linus is wondering why his Intel Potane module won't work.

  • Slayx
    Slayx 7 months ago

    when intel sponsors you

  • gipen
    gipen 7 months ago

    Now, at least here in Chile, they are selling lots of notebooks with 4Gb ram plus 16gb optane

  • Aditya Dahiya
    Aditya Dahiya 7 months ago

    Could a optane memory be added to my Acer nitro 5? It has a 7th gen motherboard.

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews 7 months ago

    I'm willing to bet you get more benefit from another stick or two of 4gb DDR4 than from 32gb Optane.

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews 7 months ago

    So basically you should not artificially limit your ram.

  • ForNoGoodReason
    ForNoGoodReason 8 months ago

    how does it work for rendering a video for example? Oh never mind.

    NORMAN JIN 8 months ago

    so whats the point of optane? web browsing and photoshops adobe-like stuff?

    NORMAN JIN 8 months ago

    intel evilness is here.

  • 譲治
    譲治 8 months ago

    Just stick a GPU in the RAM slot.

  • LiLENZO 101
    LiLENZO 101 8 months ago

    5:19 closelier?!

  • Harsh Vasoya
    Harsh Vasoya 8 months ago

    I have to choose between 16GB Intel Optane Memory with 1TB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive and 128GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive (Storage).
    Any suggestions on what would be better?
    Its for normal use and gaming.

  • Mashiur Rahman
    Mashiur Rahman 8 months ago

    Thank god I watched till the last or I'd have forgotten about the dislike button.

  • Abhijit Jacob
    Abhijit Jacob 8 months ago

    Death of Intel is long overdue. Windows 10 installation on Qualcomm chips is already here. Intel will stoop down to just making CPU fans one day.

  • idan124
    idan124 8 months ago

    afford yourself higher ram capacity and throw that crap to the garbage

  • james gayler
    james gayler 8 months ago

    Not sure what Optane does. Running intel 8700 32gb with GTX 1080 ti on a z370 MSI mobo. I was just looking at my motherboard and was wondering WTF it was. I am just using a 3tb 7200 platter so maybe it helps?

  • Xperience Gaming
    Xperience Gaming 8 months ago

    0:56 it's not POTANE!!!... Optane! idiot!

  • Ya boi Bubba
    Ya boi Bubba 9 months ago

    "dram is at a global shortage" I know a warehouse legit full of ram XD

  • Dan Casey
    Dan Casey 9 months ago

    Linus is a terrible actor; pretends to look for RAM, opens CLEAR box to look inside only to not find any RAM. CLEARLY.

  • remi
    remi 9 months ago

    Crap ram resets every time i turn off my pc and its realy slow to start up beacuse it need power all the time

  • Aune Tech
    Aune Tech 9 months ago

    Will this optane memory support MSI GS63 7RD laptop?

  • Zayn Yagan
    Zayn Yagan 9 months ago

    Please somebody help me, which laptop is better for gaming? The MSI GV62 8RD-200 15.6 (Specs: Intel core i5 8300H - GTX 1050TI 4GB VRAM - 8GB RAM - 1TB HDD - 16GB OPTANE MEMORY) or the Acer Nitro 5 15.6 (Specs: Intel core i5 7300HQ - GTX 1050TI 4GB VRAM - 12GB RAM - 1TB HDD - 128GB SSD - NO OPTANE MEMORY) Knowing that i can get each for 800$ so which one is better for gaming?

  • ka ch
    ka ch 9 months ago

    What about comparing it with raid0 of typical small size SSD's ? Will that beat the Optane ?

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 9 months ago

    Takedown the RAM supplier cartel!

  • Aleksandr Miroshnichenko

    Optane with SSD - stupid idea. Optane with HDD and not too much of RAM - would be interesting to see.

  • Superstar Roundhouse
    Superstar Roundhouse 9 months ago

    Will these memory modules increase my samsung 860 evo ssd speed further or is it only good for optimizing a slower hdd ?

  • Ghantasala Vishnu saran

    Hai buddy can you explain about Turn on LTE Ram dump in smartphone. What's the use.

  • Laura Rodríguez Tibaná

    Will be helpful for the speed of my i3-8130U with 4GB? I would buy one of 16GB optane

  • johnabuick
    johnabuick 9 months ago

    what if you use a 1TB NMVe boot drive with an optane setup?

  • Anirban Ghosh
    Anirban Ghosh 9 months ago

    Should I buy an 8 GB ram or 4gb +16 gb optane?
    Plz relpy...plz.. Thank you

  • Laniel _
    Laniel _ 10 months ago

    a few months later now, and intel has confirmed that optane dimm will become a thing...

  • kada jawi
    kada jawi 10 months ago

    I think the more important question is: How about having 16 GB of RAM, and then extending that with Optane to 74 GB or so? Or perhaps use some of the Optane memory to get to 40-50 GB, and use the rest for temporary work files? Windows should only offload to the Optane memory if it needs to, so the most needed, most crucial data is on actual RAM. Then, when Chrome decides that it needs 30 GB, it has it on the Optane portion. Optane is easily fast enough for that. 16 GB is simply not enough, but wasting money on really expensive RAM so that the browser has some breathing room?

  • John Scully
    John Scully 10 months ago

    This twaddle is only rehashing (no pun intended) what every systems programmer has known since the 1960s. They're even using 1960s terms LoL. Another "breakthrough" by Microsoft, my bottom.

  • Flimsy Fox
    Flimsy Fox 10 months ago

    Any AMD support? Or still stubborn Intel?

  • Steven S. Smith
    Steven S. Smith 10 months ago

    I'm heavily considering this for a suitable work load that uses massive amounts of ram. To be clear, you just installed Optane as a normal drive and allocated it all to virtual memory in Windows, right?? The video was not to specific on this point.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 10 months ago

    So basically, you're saying that Optane is also great as a scratch disk?

  • SPOOKS Craft
    SPOOKS Craft 10 months ago

    Please do a new Video on this, using 2 Sticks of DDR 4 for dual channel. Using Optane as an overflow. "like in gaming where the game wants 8.5gb of ram" and you might find that Optane really is a viable way to save a ton on ram, in 2018 without losing your performance in most daily drivers.
    Just built mine, Using Optane... and wow... its totally worth the $58 Bucks to use an m.2 optane drive as extra ram. considering my board has 2 m.2 slots.
    i'm running 2 sticks of ddr4 4gb sticks, Plus an optane Drive. with a Intel I5 8600, Nvme 256 SSD. Using Optane to add 24gb of Virtual Memory, Meaning i have 32 avaliable for the system. "its only use" its not used for anything else. Where this set up shines is anytime, I need more then 8, which is very rarely.
    I stole my ram out of a second system to try it with 16gb ram, +16gb Optane, The performance difference is so small that its a real wonder that more people arent doing this to save a ton, For Benifits now while they wait for Ram to come down in price.

  • ღ BabyWaffles ღ
    ღ BabyWaffles ღ 11 months ago

    Hey Linus, how about storing the software inside the OPTANE drive?

  • 지나가는사람
    지나가는사람 11 months ago

    how about raid 4 optane and use as ram?