Save Money on RAM.. with Optane??

  • Published on May 17, 2018
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    In a desert of high RAM prices, Intel’s Optane accelerator modules are looking like a pretty good alternative.. Does it have what it takes?
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Comments • 2 141

  • GlitchingGT
    GlitchingGT 4 days ago

    Hey Linus, how about storing the software inside the OPTANE drive?

  • 지나가는사람
    지나가는사람 4 days ago

    how about raid 4 optane and use as ram?

  • Allenn
    Allenn 6 days ago

    I would like EVERYONE gives likes to my comment to He makes a video doing THIS!!!: I'd like you make a video making a [RAID O] on the ASUS' HYPER M.2 X16 CARD with [4 OPTANE 905P or 4 OPTANE 900P] so that we can see the new MAXIMUM speed today compared to the video that you did using 4Samsung 960, I'd really like to see that!!!! and I bet everyone in This channel TOO!!!!!!!.. AND is a good promotion and marketing to INTEL..INTEL can also support the cause and vice versa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [I feel really interested in watch Random 4k Read and write in CrystalDiskMark!!!! ]

  • Micheal Dapaah
    Micheal Dapaah 7 days ago

    Even closlier look
    Even closer look

  • Banana
    Banana 7 days ago

    Optane in Raid 0 with 4GB RAM?

  • George Indestructible

    How do we know that when limiting the RAM through windows, windows themselves don't split the difference between the available ram modules in order to keep the performance of the dual channel memory feature?

  • Austin Verlinden
    Austin Verlinden 7 days ago

    Intel Optane Finally On DIMMS - Forbes

  • Hidden Empire Film Group


  • teddybeerlepel1
    teddybeerlepel1 10 days ago

    And here I am with all this leftover RAM.

  • 生ける伝説田所浩二


  • Дмитрий Бобров

    So what about 16Gb RAM + optane? Useless or not?

  • Dopey Duke
    Dopey Duke 16 days ago


  • TheNOOB Official
    TheNOOB Official 17 days ago

    5:15 let's take an even "Closelier look" hehehehe

  • Arthur Jesus
    Arthur Jesus 18 days ago

    What about Optane DC?

  • Korishan
    Korishan 18 days ago +1

    On another note: AMD's StoreMI. Why hasn't Linus made a video about this!?!? I found it on some other tech benchmark channel. All I've seen from Linus Tech Tips was about Intel Optane being a performance booster. AMD's StoreMI is also a performance booster. Please do a review of this technology!

  • TGRC
    TGRC 18 days ago +1

    G.skills Rgb rams for EVER!!!

  • Adin Gamer
    Adin Gamer 18 days ago

    give me my 7 mins back

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 19 days ago

    linus dude, it takes -according to intel on their website - approximateley 4 boots of a given program/software like a game, adobe or OS to see the full potential of optane optane does have basic raw power that helps the hdd. but you wont notice it until about 4 boots of a given program. i love optane. i cant beleive im late. bought 32gb's of the stuff myself . it stopped any stuttering i had from heavy texture streaming in final fantasy xv MUCH faster boot times and read and write speeds. thank you linus for bringing this up again and great video !

  • OldDirtGuy
    OldDirtGuy 19 days ago

    Is it just me? Or has the lighting not been quite up to LTT standards lately? Old dirt biking minds want to know.

  • Jimster480
    Jimster480 20 days ago

    So basically Dell has a laptop on sale for Memorial day with this exact configuration...
    They are claiming 24G of ram when its really 8G + 16G Optane...
    ^Seems like this video was just in time for such a laptop to launch. Obviously its a marketing idea that Intel wants to run with.

  • thechosendude
    thechosendude 21 day ago

    5:17 - "Closeleler"

  • Soyuz
    Soyuz 22 days ago

    its funny how many people seem to think vram is the primary application for optane, ableit these tests were really strange. shouldve been (2x8gb)+16optane vs (2x8gb)+(2x4gb). OBVIOUSLY optane isnt meant to replace HALF of your ram. its a cheaper UPGRADE not replacement, and thats assuming you NEED more than 16gigs.

  • Ray Jacobsen
    Ray Jacobsen 22 days ago

    Intel needs to start making 1TB Optane sticks @ 1TB SSD prices. Stop pussy footing around Intel.

  • Chris Balfour
    Chris Balfour 22 days ago

    On the subject of future tech, some day there might be an 8TB memory limit due to 46 cache bit limits and memory bus sizes. Getting beyond 8TB might be accomplished by pairing with a swap drive that is absurdly faster than today's standards. Then future geeks can fully sequence their own genomes without resorting to Windows 46 Singularity Edition and the humanity enslaving TOS.

  • Bob the Ogre
    Bob the Ogre 23 days ago

    Closliy-ier -Linus

  • Snikur
    Snikur 26 days ago

    Can do you test it again using optane with 16GB ram? Just curious to see if it makes a difference.

  • Richard Hoelscher
    Richard Hoelscher 26 days ago

    Now that Optane actually supports caching a secondary drive - as of an Intel update last month - maybe it's time to revisit all the videos that couldn't find any use for it.

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 26 days ago

    Your ram is as important as your CPU depending on the task? hm... *DUH*

  • jedimaster jesse
    jedimaster jesse 27 days ago

    I HavE 10 MIl wAm sTeKS

  • Kris Keersmaekers
    Kris Keersmaekers 27 days ago +1

    CLOSELIER LOOK?????????

  • Shantonu Sarker
    Shantonu Sarker 27 days ago

    Hi Linus, have you checked Optane performance improvement for a VM host with traditional RAID configuration setup? How much it worth investment (in crease performance) for a raid VM host with & without Optane .
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hitchawk The Only
    Hitchawk The Only 27 days ago

    Da sheep ate all d ram

  • Inivican
    Inivican 27 days ago

    Or, you know, you could buy used RAM. Why do you need DDR4 anyway? DDR3 treats me fine.

  • crazydubaddict
    crazydubaddict 27 days ago

    closelier is not a word lmao

  • Tappy
    Tappy 28 days ago

    So a contrived sponsored video for optane shows it's not good for much. It might be OK in a StoreMI setup but otherwise it's interesting mainly for what it could become years down the line.

  • kgonepostl
    kgonepostl 28 days ago

    You're late to the party 8 months late.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 28 days ago

    Closlier... Linus... I almost left. 😂

  • Derpzila
    Derpzila 28 days ago

    stuff is garbage

  • Taylor Lucy
    Taylor Lucy 28 days ago

    so does this mean that cpu based ai might get a huge benefit out of using optane?

  • Frog - Tech - Tips
    Frog - Tech - Tips 29 days ago

    Hmm interesting

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  • ezyfnef
    ezyfnef 29 days ago

    Closlier sounds like it should have been a word!

  • Joe Dulik
    Joe Dulik 29 days ago

    so would it improve blender even if it also had the 16gb of ram?

  • Mirek Fe
    Mirek Fe 29 days ago

    My Fair Lady quote. ;-)
    "Where the devil are my slippers?"

  • Robert Pratt
    Robert Pratt 29 days ago

    Question: If you have 64Gb of ram would it still be useful for rendering and processing to get one of these?

  • The 32-bit guy
    The 32-bit guy 29 days ago

    Just scavenge some from a old optiplex.

  • Ed O'Neill
    Ed O'Neill 29 days ago

    what about 16gb + optane????

  • Simon Richard
    Simon Richard 29 days ago

    Man, I'm sooo happy to be tinkering on older computers! DDR2 is DIRT CHEAP!

  • Jeffrey Photonboy
    Jeffrey Photonboy Month ago

    I thought at the end you might discuss AMD's HBMC... there's a lot software can do even on existing machines without M.2 capability to swap data around more effectively. Games in particular might significantly reduce the amount of VRAM needed (for that specific game)...
    Anybody else get annoyed when they do something in Windows related to a drive (even if an SSD) but have to wait 10+ seconds because every HDD (including USB) comes out of SLEEP?

  • Frantic Uploader
    Frantic Uploader Month ago

    4...number of times Linus reaches for whatever is by his right pants pocket.

  • Xoremus
    Xoremus Month ago

    Did he say "Closelier" ??

  • Xoremus
    Xoremus Month ago

    Big surprise..."sponsored by Intel" love ya Linus :)

  • Ultimacy
    Ultimacy Month ago

    All these first time viewers not getting the 'look closelier' thing cracks me up :)

  • Mauro Tamm
    Mauro Tamm Month ago

    Guess my next build will be when Intel is over 9000.

  • Jonathan Fun
    Jonathan Fun Month ago

    So... I'm building a system soon, and ram prices are pretty bad. So could I use just optane as ram? It's like 16gb for 30$

  • sasja de vries.
    sasja de vries. Month ago

    Who makes the subtitles?
    Why do I read Potane memory in the subs?

  • Luca Dario Bützberger

    So currently, putting optane in a normal rig for editing and gaming with enough ram, SSD storage etc isn't going to boost the system, right?

    • Richard Hoelscher
      Richard Hoelscher 26 days ago

      As of April, Optane supports caching of a secondary HDD - it'd be useful in that sort of situation. Not an SSD-only environment.

  • Kevin Kötz
    Kevin Kötz Month ago

    That´s interesting that you got this Idea as well. I did some testing at Work and came to the conclusion that going with 4GB Mem + 16GB Optane gives you far better performance than 8GB Mem in daily Office Work (No Workstation/Gaming Workload). Difference was about 28% in favor for Optane at a slightly better Pricepoint. Given you are on a tight budget and you need more than 128GB Local Storage. If 128GB is enough, going for a small SSD is preferred.

  • Hiraeth Neko-chan
    Hiraeth Neko-chan Month ago

    save money on ram.... by buying used parts on craigslist or ebay

  • RelakSHUN
    RelakSHUN Month ago

    2:16 Why the hell did you use two different version of the CrystalDiskMark? There are practically two lines of data what can be compared to each other.

  • Cakeeater34
    Cakeeater34 Month ago

    0:23 The phone company's stole it

  • cheddle
    cheddle Month ago

    Id like to see a seperate Optane drive (not in an accelerater config) used as a native SSD to put the PAGE file on to see how much of a difference that configuration makes

  • Alexander Heubel
    Alexander Heubel Month ago

    LTT: Flocking to where ever the money is.

  • RedYoshikira
    RedYoshikira Month ago

    *LinusGrammarFails* for idiots...not idiotic at all.

  • Nino Segers
    Nino Segers Month ago

    Like the content, just hate the intro that blows out my eardrums

  • Lukas Perdekamp
    Lukas Perdekamp Month ago

    Would it help at all if I need more ram for streaming games? I usually have enough while gaming but when I stream It fills up

  • meatballsaucey
    meatballsaucey Month ago

    Cool experiment

  • TheSnowdruid
    TheSnowdruid Month ago

    now i wanna see a 4 way optane raid 0 used as ram. its not entirely clear to me whether latency or throughput is the bigger problem with using optane in this manner

  • James Irvine
    James Irvine Month ago

    I notice you have a lot of spare parts and shit I currently have no pc id greatly appreciate if you sent me some free shit

  • Tidal Yacht
    Tidal Yacht Month ago

    Personally, Optane doesn't do it for me.

  • Connor Southern
    Connor Southern Month ago

    Could you do an in-depth video tutorial for this?

  • Anchor Bait
    Anchor Bait Month ago +2

    Why does everyone want my D soo bad? I can only ram soo much soo often.

  • ash0787
    ash0787 Month ago

    so what you are saying is you could buy a 4gb stick of DDR4 and then use the rest in the form of optane ?

  • Max SagIchNicht
    Max SagIchNicht Month ago

    When you cannot build the best CPUs anymore so you have to do sponsored videos in order to keep ppl buying your stuff...

  • Jimit Shukla
    Jimit Shukla Month ago

    Closelier 😂?

  • Robert T
    Robert T Month ago

    "Closlier"?!?, you can do better.


    Hello guys.
    I know that I made a lot of jokes about you people wearing sandals, but now I really need help.
    Trying urgently to immigrate to Canada, can I have a job in your show?
    Would even wear sandals, talk trash and behave more autistic than I am actually are....

  • Bob Mage
    Bob Mage Month ago

    But can you use ram as storage?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    "traditional nvme" lol. I'm not sure that's old enough to be traditional.

  • TechNotarius
    TechNotarius Month ago

    Intel try selling twice Smart Response Technology, Excellent.

    OUCHIExDAxEL1TE Month ago


  • Dunno Afraid
    Dunno Afraid Month ago

    7:33 "Hitler"

  • Fossilized
    Fossilized Month ago

    huh interesting

  • Rahul129K
    Rahul129K Month ago +1

    Yay 😅 .. Linus dropped something .. 😎 Video successful 😋😄😜

  • Junker Zn
    Junker Zn Month ago +1

    There's no point, obviously, for several reasons. First, Optane doesn't have the write durability to actually be able cache ram. I mean, sure, you could do it for a little while... and then the optane will wear out and stop working. Depending on what you are doing (assuming you are doing stuff that actually needs the ram). I don't know why Intel continues to try to push it as 'memory', it just isn't useful as 'memory' yet. It needs billions of cycles of durability, possibly even more, depending on the type of memory load.
    And of course, secondly, the Optane is connected to the system via PCIe using NVMe, and while NVMe is quite fast, it still has some serious command queueing overhead (even with one queue per cpu thread, which Intel's optane module probably can't do anyway if you have a beefy system). The Optane has to be on the memory bus to really be able to take advantage of its low latencies.
    Then, unrelated to the video but highly related to wasting a NVMe slot on a small Optane cache. Why would anyone want to do that when they could stuff a much larger NVMe SSD into that slot and just store their data directly on it instead of 'caching'? Intel does not offer the price points to compete with flash. They just don't.
    So, summary... Intel is out to lunch. This stuff isn't usable for what they are marketing it for. Maybe in another few generations it might be. But until Intel solves the write durability problem, Optane is just glorified flash as far as I am concerned.

  • Patryk 2005
    Patryk 2005 Month ago

    0:22 Where did the ram go ?!

  • Talbot690
    Talbot690 Month ago

    So instead of replacing Ram could optane make 16gb of actual Ram perform even better?

  • Prince Mojahid
    Prince Mojahid Month ago

    hey linus can i sli two geforce gtx me

  • John Hinckley
    John Hinckley Month ago

    @5:18 ... A “closelier” look?!? Can you define that term for us less intelligentlier folks? XD

  • Michael Camp
    Michael Camp Month ago

    This shits like a forgin launge to me but imma learn it😂

  • Joe DeFraties
    Joe DeFraties Month ago

    Ok but can you go the other way around and use ram as system memory?

  • poinguan
    poinguan Month ago

    TIL 3GB is enough for gaming

  • pavy415
    pavy415 Month ago +1

    He made this video a LONG ass time ago I wonder why he re uploaded it and what changed

  • Stormchaser Elite
    Stormchaser Elite Month ago

    We currently live in a world where the Special RGB gaming ram is cheaper than regular ddr4 ram. wtf

  • Michael OLear
    Michael OLear Month ago

    I don't understand. Optane solves problems that at best barely exist.
    Okay, so it accelerates hard drives. Except most people are already asking "Who the hell uses a hard drive anymore?" And that statement is becoming more and more true, as SSD's are getting cheaper every day; even with the past flash memory shortage slowing down price decreases, they've still managed to get below $0.25 a GB. Those computers that do still use hard disks don't have high end enough motherboards to have an M.2 slot on them.
    Okay, so you can expand RAM with them. Except who the hell needs that? Consumers don't care. Prosumers will be fine when RAM prices come back down. Professionals don't even notice dropping $1,400 on a 128gb set of RAM because their thinking about the eight Qaudros they need for all their stations at 5 grand a piece.
    After watching every single LTT Optane video, I'm stuck wondering... Who the hell actually wants this? Maybe some super computing applications don't care about memory speed and just need the capacity upgrade, but I don't know of any. And if they do exist, then they're a niche market at best.
    Intel... why?

  • Crazycatman
    Crazycatman Month ago +2

    Where is all the RAM they say. *Pre-built company's!*

  • M Tea
    M Tea Month ago

    question, I have a really old motherboard with pci-express but no m2, max ram size it will take is 8gb and I socketed 8gb, can I add a 16gb pci-e Optane and will it work to give the pc theoretically more "slow ram" (to borrow a term from amiga) giving the system access to 24gb "ram" or no ?

  • drock1091
    drock1091 Month ago


  • Zach D.
    Zach D. Month ago +1
    Does this mean we can use optane to speed up a secondary hdd as opposed to just the boot drive? I have no need to speed up my 960 samsung evo, but increasing the speed of my hdd might be worth it.

  • Taserface
    Taserface Month ago +1

    2 hours? Chump change, I used to render on a laptop and it took 24 hours for some of my art
    I spent a week rendering an animation one time