If GTA 5 was a Flight Simulator

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • I downloaded a mod called FiveM and joined a Flight Simulator server in GTA 5 called FiveM Flight Simulator... was it better than X-Plane? Watch the video to find out!
    Check out FiveM Flight Simulator yourself: www.five-flight.gq/
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Comments • 717

  • lucaas
    lucaas  2 months ago +690

    I downloaded a mod called FiveM and joined a Flight Simulator server in GTA 5... want to see another video on this? Give the video a thumbs up!

    • DeeP
      DeeP 3 days ago

      Can you please tell me what's the name of this mod

    • Wille meyer
      Wille meyer 14 days ago

      lucaas hi im from norwey whass the mod

    • Adam Apthorpe
      Adam Apthorpe 17 days ago

      why did you play that sound when other people were landing and you thought it was bad they werent as bad as your landings

    • Súper Carlos ROBLOX
      Súper Carlos ROBLOX 23 days ago

      lucaas i am in hte discord server how can i enter in the server?

    • Garena Free fire
      Garena Free fire Month ago

      4:40 WTF hard landing



  • Jtshowden
    Jtshowden Day ago

    ngl, i thought 5:17 and 4:42 were real Ryan Air landings

  • MasterVid08
    MasterVid08 Day ago

    I cant play it they shut it diwn temporaliry i think );

  • Friontox
    Friontox 2 days ago

    4:43 haha nice xD

  • Super car Lover
    Super car Lover 2 days ago


  • DaMi
    DaMi 3 days ago

    Outro song? Videos are amazing!!

  • Paul The Pilot
    Paul The Pilot 6 days ago

    It’s an entertaining video but you should listen to more atc tapes... the ifr clearance was unrealistic and some of the other radio calls were pretty far off... not hating just saying. I actually enjoyed the video overall just the certain things

  • Christian
    Christian 6 days ago

    Now that Ryanair landing was the most realistic one x)

  • Big Brother Ryan
    Big Brother Ryan 7 days ago


  • XxForever ProxX
    XxForever ProxX 7 days ago +1

    Now use real life as a flight simulator

  • Martin Oern
    Martin Oern 7 days ago

    What is the server called and what is the plane called

  • Jacob Singh
    Jacob Singh 8 days ago

    Better than Microsoft Flight SImulator 2020

  • Михаил Курносов

    Мои глаза

  • Rick te Kronnie
    Rick te Kronnie 9 days ago

    Ah this brings back memories from the SAP server for San Andreas Multiplayer

  • keale osullivan
    keale osullivan 9 days ago

    what is the outro song name

  • CoreGMR
    CoreGMR 9 days ago


  • Ian Palmer
    Ian Palmer 9 days ago

    United doesn’t fly the A350....

  • Klab
    Klab 10 days ago

    Are you norwegian? :o

  • Karl Daine Badilles
    Karl Daine Badilles 11 days ago

    5:18 halp

  • Aaron AltKid
    Aaron AltKid 11 days ago

    Imagine GTA tryhards joined this server

  • CreepysPasta
    CreepysPasta 11 days ago

    wow, amazing! :D

  • Nathan Brosh
    Nathan Brosh 12 days ago

    4:50 50knot landing

  • Menkveld
    Menkveld 14 days ago

    Try to cause a stall and recover from it

  • Elijah Ali
    Elijah Ali 14 days ago +1

    Everyone hating on Ryan Air's purposeful hard landings lol

  • Menkveld
    Menkveld 14 days ago +1

    A plane can extend its gear without hydraulics

  • Алексей Алексеевич

    What is your main soundtrack?)

  • jacob reji
    jacob reji 15 days ago

    4:44 its Ryanair mate what do u expect

    thats pretty accurate if u ask me

  • Kovatavs Music
    Kovatavs Music 15 days ago

    pls do step by step how to request a takeoff and a landing to atc

  • Diego Jose Bate
    Diego Jose Bate 15 days ago +1

    My eyes are wide open!

  • Olllyisno1 2019
    Olllyisno1 2019 16 days ago

    Lol rekt both Ryanair’s

  • M. Lol
    M. Lol 16 days ago

    Grand theft airplane V

  • PeyoCamps 1
    PeyoCamps 1 16 days ago

    This sim is not realistic at all if u wanna see how a actual planes fly try flight simulator or DCS

  • voyfan99
    voyfan99 16 days ago

    lol typical Ryanair landing

  • Andrew Sevcik
    Andrew Sevcik 17 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday!

  • Player Unknown
    Player Unknown 17 days ago

    Outro song?

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming 19 days ago

    I love no gear landings

  • ButterfaceG
    ButterfaceG 19 days ago

    as some one that has played gta v and loves xplane 10, i just realized how fucking short that runway is lol just enough to take off with a cesna

  • Jose Fernández
    Jose Fernández 19 days ago

    This air planes have autopilot or not

  • Mariusz Mazur
    Mariusz Mazur 20 days ago

    4:40 That was just an typical Ryanair landing

    • RapidZ
      RapidZ 7 days ago

      Sometimes their landings aint as bad

  • Admin ANRO
    Admin ANRO 20 days ago

    ow yeah ...luk at dat fleks.... 🤣👏

  • nautical
    nautical 20 days ago

    dont sink dont sink dont sink dont sink

  • Buk Queiroz
    Buk Queiroz 20 days ago +1

    holysh999ttt antonov

  • Buk Queiroz
    Buk Queiroz 20 days ago +1

    Muiiiito bom, thanks bro

  • JackThePug
    JackThePug 20 days ago

    Sir u forgot readback

  • Jacob Woodring
    Jacob Woodring 20 days ago

    Lol the Amount of memes gave me nosebleeds🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chicago Elevator Photography

    wait... how did you stear the plane with no hydraulics?

  • El Mundo de Hades
    El Mundo de Hades 21 day ago

    you buttered that toast!! 12/10

  • Byron Kurt Unso
    Byron Kurt Unso 22 days ago

    Classic ryanair landing lmao

  • El Buen Mexicano
    El Buen Mexicano 23 days ago

    Me encanta trabajar en el aeropuerto es unico y increible❤️✈️

  • GG Kill Urself
    GG Kill Urself 23 days ago

    runway too short

  • serhat sümer
    serhat sümer 24 days ago

    4:42 i didnt suprised

  • Brandon Yu
    Brandon Yu 24 days ago

    More realistic than flight sim

  • GabeLikesDogsCats !
    GabeLikesDogsCats ! 25 days ago

    3:05 Lmao Please be quiet we have a panic button xD they have a phone and call the stations bitch

  • Joshua Reape
    Joshua Reape 25 days ago


  • Jdgaming 51
    Jdgaming 51 26 days ago

    4:30 gta physics kicks in

  • Kheum naroth monorith
    Kheum naroth monorith 27 days ago

    Your video is so good

  • Štefis.v80 lmao
    Štefis.v80 lmao 27 days ago

    Whats that server name ?

  • Tariq Vlogs
    Tariq Vlogs 28 days ago

    Smooth 5:22

  • Davey O'Donoghue
    Davey O'Donoghue 29 days ago

    Bad landing at Zancudo