New Malphite Changes Update/NEW VFX Soon - Malphite Size Now Scales with His Armor

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • New Malphite Changes Update/NEW Visual Effects VFX Soon - Malphite Size Now Scales with His Armor - League of Legends
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  • Mythios
    Mythios 3 months ago +1

    Its been 2 months does that update comes or nah?

  • Terry Galam
    Terry Galam 3 months ago

    Anyone know when we will see these changes live?

  • Cosmic Sad Boy
    Cosmic Sad Boy 3 months ago

    release date ?? anyone?

  • kenjii armada
    kenjii armada 4 months ago +1

    Kaiju malphite and kaiju zac should be a thing, malph should be godzilla and zac is the big blob

  • John Phil Galido
    John Phil Galido 4 months ago

    How bout Taric increasing size whenever male champions around?

  • Galena
    Galena 5 months ago

    I wonder how many years will take to give him de vu he deserves

  • Marc P.
    Marc P. 5 months ago

    AND now we have a growing r̶a̶c̶k̶ ROCK :D

  • Think Fight Talk
    Think Fight Talk 5 months ago

    “It’s no just a boulder, it’s a rock”-Spongebob

  • Zer0Diamonds
    Zer0Diamonds 5 months ago

    Malphite slaps the ground and it shapes a fist. What a badass.

  • Rottame Uomo
    Rottame Uomo 5 months ago

    it would be cool if yasuo gets bigger as his deaths increases

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 5 months ago

    Still have dumb face, and Q is still weird looking

  • Matthew Leiva
    Matthew Leiva 5 months ago +1

    Now his hitbox is gonna be easier and they removed the bonus armor passive from his w... great change

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 5 months ago

    I dislike his bas model - because from the front, his horn makes it look like he has a huge nose.

  • Alfredo Flores
    Alfredo Flores 5 months ago

    My question is is this aome aort of minor nerf in terms of his hit box also gett8ng bigger like with chogath? If soooo its kinda useless to even change it.

  • FrancisVertigo !
    FrancisVertigo ! 5 months ago

    But can we get a lore for him?

  • Pro file
    Pro file 5 months ago


  • Bradley Priebe
    Bradley Priebe 5 months ago

    I mean, he's going to get a VGU anyway, he's not meta, so not on camera much or at all. Seems like a waste of time/resources.

  • marites raguimia
    marites raguimia 5 months ago

    Players: We need something bigger
    Riot: There you go. A giant rock champ that scales with something

  • Esquilo BOLADOWN
    Esquilo BOLADOWN 5 months ago

    Isso era pra ser um update? Por que não dão logo uma rework completa? Ele está precisando disso a anos

  • Boss Lee
    Boss Lee 5 months ago

    Damn now gragas needs an update to still be bigger than malphite, maybe scaling with ap (booze)

  • Vague 1337
    Vague 1337 5 months ago

    lmao i thought that was malphites nose instead it was his head.
    wtf its been 7 yrs i believed its was his nose hahahahaha.
    who else thought of that?.

  • Mynadar
    Mynadar 5 months ago

    Why he grow with armor tho? He is an AP assassin... :Z

  • Low Price Edition
    Low Price Edition 5 months ago

    Being a literal mountain but all your auto attacks deal 50 dmg.

  • Spinel
    Spinel 5 months ago

    when will yuumi be released

  • moronkingz
    moronkingz 5 months ago

    Please dont riot

  • Lumery Und So
    Lumery Und So 5 months ago

    He still looks like a shitty rock lol

  • THE ribbity molester
    THE ribbity molester 5 months ago

    They should completly change the way he looks

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer 5 months ago

    Who gives a shit

  • raimi rosli
    raimi rosli 5 months ago

    Riot copying dota 2 concept slowly.... champion call 'tiny' in dota 2..

  • TheMagnet
    TheMagnet 5 months ago

    Malphite’s W for tiamat to titanic hydra

  • Y. U Reading This
    Y. U Reading This 5 months ago +1

    Plus elixir of iron it would be gigantic

  • Justin Castro
    Justin Castro 5 months ago

    I still dont understand size increase that will ever effect in gameplay

  • marosis TM
    marosis TM 5 months ago +1

    And what Galio?

  • RochieeeCake
    RochieeeCake 5 months ago

    Finally, a more realistic League.

  • Loner Meteor
    Loner Meteor 5 months ago

    liar fk u

  • Chief- DaTPark
    Chief- DaTPark 5 months ago

    Great job now rework

  • GO LD
    GO LD 5 months ago

    Monster verse

  • Nguyen Hoang
    Nguyen Hoang 5 months ago

    ornn can make him even bigger

  • Just Meep. Also Se4n
    Just Meep. Also Se4n 5 months ago

    one question: how in the fuck did you know about this?

  • Don Dolando
    Don Dolando 5 months ago

    Cho'gath: *hold my beer*

  • Gh0stPizza Edits
    Gh0stPizza Edits 5 months ago +1

    Lulu ult without Lulu

  • Xayah The Rebel
    Xayah The Rebel 5 months ago

    What a good time to quit the game

  • Climax F7
    Climax F7 5 months ago

    Oh my, reminds me of tiny

  • Antonio Tabaku
    Antonio Tabaku 5 months ago

    So, if he gets on a minus armor percentage, will he be tiny? From Trundle ult?

  • Alderiate Président
    Alderiate Président 5 months ago

    Rock solid

  • WubZehDub
    WubZehDub 5 months ago


  • tomas gago
    tomas gago 5 months ago

    hope they don't fuck up his abilities as always

  • Funny Rabbid
    Funny Rabbid 5 months ago

    My main hero 💛 Thanks 👍

  • Drunken Sheep
    Drunken Sheep 5 months ago

    Me as someone who everytime says "his neck is his head" can finally say it without shame, cuz with his passive, his neck looks srs like a face....but be srs no one is playing him and the update hitbox = X is a good idea but why should he buy just armor and which trd would play full ad team

  • Pantsu wo misete moratte mo yoroshii desu ka

    Lord knows I love my BOI Malphite, we go a long way back but he is in DIRE NEED of an update hopefully its placed somewhere soon on their roadmap

  • bla bla bla
    bla bla bla 5 months ago

    Malphite would be OP if his W can auto reset

  • ChewOnThis
    ChewOnThis 5 months ago

    Now thats a ROCK

  • Like A Boss
    Like A Boss 5 months ago

    Wow tiny on Leauge of Legends

  • bob
    bob 5 months ago

    It really annoys me that his head still looks like it would be his nose

  • Elise Vinter
    Elise Vinter 5 months ago

    New malphite stamps rito symbol into ground heh

  • Dallin Cofoed
    Dallin Cofoed 5 months ago

    Can someone give this poor boy a visual update. I still confuse his head for a nose.

  • juan guilherme vargas
    juan guilherme vargas 5 months ago

    Podia ter feito o malphite pular era melhor remake nele

  • Patako Chips and Co.
    Patako Chips and Co. 5 months ago

    Does he disappear if he gets negative armor???

  • a1
    a1 5 months ago


  • Pikachu Grill
    Pikachu Grill 5 months ago

    The good ol riot logo lives on wuth Malphite's E
    (pls dont remove it)