CHEAP Walmart OVERNIGHT Camping Challenge!!! (In the Woods)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • I went to Walmart and bought all the gear I needed to go camping in the woods on a budget! I hope you all enjoy! PEACE!
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Comments • 1 994

    FLAIR  5 months ago +204

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    • Emerald Jr.
      Emerald Jr. Month ago

      When u used a tag as a spoon i thought of this 1 sponge bob episode

    • Poppy Lisa Saunders
      Poppy Lisa Saunders Month ago

      Sick dopey dope merch with ya crocs and ya MERCH dang fuckin sell outs.

    • Sped Wagon
      Sped Wagon Month ago +1

      Wait are you guys from Nebraska??? That's where I'm from too sweeeet

    • Pug Gamer
      Pug Gamer Month ago +1

      Go oof

  • Mr. Swag panda
    Mr. Swag panda 9 hours ago

    I watch flair for three reasons
    Boom boom
    Catch n cooks
    Comic relief

  • Don Jie
    Don Jie Day ago

    He doesnt know how to fish

  • Logan Humphrey
    Logan Humphrey 2 days ago

    Whoelse likes their mellows black? Like if you do! ✌️✌️👍👍👌👌😋😋

  • deric king
    deric king 2 days ago


  • Anthony Orrino
    Anthony Orrino 3 days ago

    More camping

  • Whutda Fuuuck
    Whutda Fuuuck 4 days ago

    "We need food":
    *uses chicken breast to catch fish*🤦‍♂️

  • Moises Guevara
    Moises Guevara 4 days ago +1

    that food look hella good!!!!

  • Ryan O’Halloran
    Ryan O’Halloran 5 days ago

    He shut leaves in his truck door

  • Justin Laing
    Justin Laing 5 days ago

    You don't even have beard in ur beard

  • Scott Dexter
    Scott Dexter 6 days ago

    Dude you should have cooked the bass for dinner. That would have been better then the freeze dried meals. Just bring Butter, Lemon, and Spices for the fish. Now that would be camping. Video was good now I know what not to do. Did have gas left in the boat. LOL

  • A M Watt
    A M Watt 6 days ago

    do one with a set buget like 50$ then you have to do it for a full 24 hours.

  • Hayden Howard
    Hayden Howard 6 days ago

    Shout out to Justin perdue

  • Hayden Howard
    Hayden Howard 6 days ago

    21:51 that’s what she said

  • Davin Nida
    Davin Nida 6 days ago

    18:40 staged AF my dudes

  • Georgina Phillips
    Georgina Phillips 7 days ago

    You are a great TVclipr

  • Daniel Dela Cruz
    Daniel Dela Cruz 10 days ago

    U found food but why is the chocolate not melted

  • Bubba Hicks
    Bubba Hicks 10 days ago +1

    7:37 rip mr tree😔

  • james&trixia VLOGS
    james&trixia VLOGS 11 days ago

    They set up the mallow's and the chocollate and the cookie hahaha

  • jasonexploring
    jasonexploring 12 days ago

    Next time... hit the limb on the ground, or tree.. not table! Idiot

  • David Gauld
    David Gauld 12 days ago

    When using ferro rod's/flints/magnesium, I find it's easier using the spine of the blade

  • Anything Challenges
    Anything Challenges 13 days ago

    quote " we bundle we are like cosco"

  • Unsubscribed
    Unsubscribed 13 days ago

    Chop chop chop swing log on table fuck it didnt break.

  • Jesse Taggart
    Jesse Taggart 15 days ago

    You got snagged twice

  • James Harvey
    James Harvey 16 days ago

    Don't he remind you of that Republican Senator from Florida.

  • James Harvey
    James Harvey 16 days ago

    Beware these are the kids who grow up and take people's bank accounts, homes, Ira's, lives, and whatever else their little minds can think of controlling.

  • James Harvey
    James Harvey 16 days ago +1

    It must be nice to have friends with money. These kid's parents are proud they are big enough to get out of the house. Give them enough money open the door and put their asses into college, and call it a day. Good luck children!

  • Faze Hdz
    Faze Hdz 17 days ago


  • Hannah Rickard
    Hannah Rickard 18 days ago

    The way you started the fire my outdoor edge visitors tought us with a knife blade a flintstone a little tub of vasoline and a cottenball we would try to get a good spark to light the cottenball dipped in vasoline of course we were wearing gloves for safety so we dont cut off out fingers also we were kids at this time it took me 75 scrāps

  • Ali Kaba
    Ali Kaba 18 days ago

    sen bu işi bilmiyorsun öyle kamp mı olur

  • Thank You
    Thank You 18 days ago

    Fuck Walmart! Great vid bruh.

  • A Romo
    A Romo 21 day ago


  • shayne westmoreland
    shayne westmoreland 21 day ago

    Another food that makes you feel like a toddler are dino nuggets. The dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

  • Dame Pam
    Dame Pam 22 days ago

    Dummy threw it back.

  • toxicctoinee 12
    toxicctoinee 12 22 days ago

    They sat the Hersey marshmallow and gram crackers there

    • Nolan Santos
      Nolan Santos 19 days ago

      toxicctoinee 12 they did damn my whole life must me a lie after I saw this comment

  • Jen & Kenni
    Jen & Kenni 22 days ago

    Ré day I got home fast dout

  • Calem Yorke
    Calem Yorke 23 days ago +1

    I feel like every camping vids they way oversleep

  • Forest Travel
    Forest Travel 23 days ago

    when will I learn to shoot video like this?

  • dawson w
    dawson w 23 days ago

    Go big red

  • Mom Cramer
    Mom Cramer 23 days ago

    You suck at fishing

  • I’m You
    I’m You 23 days ago +3

    No one:
    No one:

    Flair in his thumbnails 😁

  • light boi
    light boi 24 days ago

    your lucky that the beast/(the son from camping roblox) didnt attack you😂

  • Eating Large With Raj
    Eating Large With Raj 24 days ago

    Camp as if you were in a post apocalypse era in an urban setting

  • JH Candler
    JH Candler 26 days ago

    FLAIR is the best at surviving and if I could recommend anyone for survival and fishing tips, it would be FLAIR

  • JH Candler
    JH Candler 26 days ago +2

    I believe that the s’mores were faked and he just wanted somw

  • Grimm 1313
    Grimm 1313 26 days ago

    You cheated . Your a joke a you set a fire but inset of setting up the tent. No food ready . you could of get the chicken ready for your yourself instead of the fish. The Dunm leading the dummer. No take the fish thats about as big there going to be OMG .ANY coffee or tea to drink . What no plates no forks or any utensils. You didnt get more food . Don't give me any BULLSHIT ya like food laying out of no where. No jackets or paints for cold weater. What a bout if it rains. No rain gear WOOOOOOOW. And didn't buy a extra tent or sleeping bags. Didnt bring the bug spray bugs its dinner time. You didnt buy botton tarp for the boton of your tent. And you havent use the boat. You guys FUCKED UP.

  • Mohamed Al Dhaheri
    Mohamed Al Dhaheri 26 days ago

    Him:omg I found marshmallows and biscuits and Hershey

    Us:boi you lying maybe it was in a long time and it is expired

  • AUSTIN Williams
    AUSTIN Williams 26 days ago

    Quick question what is the weirdest thing you guys have ever caught mine was a snapping turtle

    I’m talking about using a fishing pole

  • Avery brown
    Avery brown 27 days ago

    11:49 I did that and it wacked me in the forehead

  • Connor Sweeney
    Connor Sweeney 27 days ago

    You should get a truck ⛺️

  • Joshua Kyle
    Joshua Kyle 28 days ago

    When id take my dual sport camping if it was damp or i waited to late to start a fire id just disconnect the fuel line and add a little to the fire

  • sandria jones
    sandria jones 29 days ago

    Awesome where are you camping at ⛺🦆

  • Reece TheBoss
    Reece TheBoss Month ago +5

    Cheapest we can go: we will get this and this and this and this and this
    $5000 later

  • Ian Laurie
    Ian Laurie Month ago

    Is this serious or is he joking around with it?

  • randy Teese
    randy Teese Month ago +1

    When changing lug nuts skip one

  • randy Teese
    randy Teese Month ago +1

    When tinting lug but go every other one

  • Fake Default
    Fake Default Month ago

    Use grasshoppers for blue gills

  • LocalUglyYoutube
    LocalUglyYoutube Month ago

    my walmart doesn’t have worms??

  • Carter Eaton
    Carter Eaton Month ago

    What pound test are you using you need like 25 pound test

  • Jacob Niemand
    Jacob Niemand Month ago

    Where are you from in Nebraska?