• Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Watch this before you travel to Russia - not many people there speak English :) Learn Russian in Russia - goo.gl/dFChUL
    Stay in my apartment in St.Petersburg and learn Russian in a local language school (select private apartment option) - goo.gl/uMJvmn
    0:44 - Привет/Preevyet/Hi
    1:01 - Здравствуйте/Zdravstvujte/Hi
    1:30 - Да/Da/Yes
    1:33 - Нет/Nyet/No
    1:36 - Наверное/Navernoye/Maybe
    1:43 - Да нет наверное/Da nyet navernoye/Yes no maybe
    2:20 - Я люблю вас/Ya lublyu vas/I love you
    2:53 - Доброе утро/Dobroye utro/Good morning
    3:02 - Добрый день/Dobriy den'/Good day
    3:12 - Добрый вечер/Dobriy vyechyer/Good evening
    3:22 - Рада тебя видеть/Rada tebya veedyet'/Good to see you
    3:40 - Как дела?/Kak dyela?/How are you?
    3:47 - Как поживаешь?/Kak pozhivayesh?/How is your life going?
    4:57 - Хорошо/Horosho/Well
    5:07 - Прекрасно/Prekrasno/Awesome
    5:13 - Неплохо/Nyeploho/Not bad
    5:28 - Спасибо/Spaseeba/Thank you
    5:39 - Как вас зовут?/Kak vas zuvoot?/What is your name?
    5:54 - Как тебя зовут?/Kak tyebya zuvoot?/What is your name?
    6:03 - Меня зовут Марина/Myenya zuvoot Marina/My name is Marina
    6:55 - Большое спасибо/Bol'shoye spaseeba/Thank you so much
    7:22 - Не за что/Nye za shto/No worries
    7:30 - Извините/Izvyneetye/Excuse me
    7:37 - Простите/Prasteetye/Excuse me
    7:49 - Ничего страшного/Nychyevo strashnava/No worries
    8:06 - Вы говорите по-английски?/Vy gavareete po anglijsky?/Do you speak English?
    8:26 - Я плохо говорю по-русски/Ya ploho govoryu po russki/My russian isn't good
    8:40 - Что, простите?/Shto prosteetye?/Excuse me, what?
    8:49 - Что?/Shto?/What?
    8:55 - Говорите медленнее/Gavareetye medlennyeye/Speak slower
    9:04 - Как пройти к ?/Kak projty k ?/How do I get to ?
    9:22 - Класс!/Klass!/Awesome!
    9:32 - Круто!/Kruto!/Awesome!
    9:43 - Сколько это стоит?/Skol'ko eto stoit?/How much does it cost?
    9:52 - Я не понимаю/Ya nye panymaju/I don't understand
    10:01 - Я понимаю/Ya paneemaju/I understand
    10:12 - На здоровье!/Na zdorov'e/Cheers!
    10:34 - Чокнемся!/Choknyemsya/Let's kick our glasses!
    11:05 - Приятного аппетита!/Prijatnovo appetita!/Good meal!
    11:36 - Вкусно!/Vkusno!/Tastes great!
    11:43 - Фууу/Fuuu/Tastes bad
    11:51 - Дай пять!/Dai piat'!/Hive five!
    12:00 - Мне нравится/Mne nravitsya/I like it
    12:06 - Мне не нравится/Mne ne nravitsya/I don't like it
    12:15 - Я первый раз в России/Ya perviy raz v Rossii/It's my first time in Russia
    12:24 - Добавь меня в Фейсбуке/Dobav' menya v Feisbuke/Add me on Facebook
    12:54 - Я скучаю по тебе/Ja skuchaju po tebe/I miss you
    13:02 - Стоп/Stop/Stop
    13:07 - До свидания/Da sveedaneeya/Goodbye
    13:17 - Пока/Poka/Bye
    13:22 - Спокойной ночи/Spokoynoy nochi/Good night
    13:33 - Счастливого пути/Shasleevava pootee/Have a nice trip
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    • Anatoliy Shtinov
      Anatoliy Shtinov 3 days ago

      Please, don't be discouraged by some bigots spewing their hatred. There are different people everywhere, and, of course, there are different people in Russia. Not everyone here would be hostile to you. For example, I wouldn't be. And my friends wouldn't be. And a lot of other people wouldn't be hostile to you because of your sexual preferences.
      Look, right now Putin and his cronies are using homosexuality for fearmongering, quite like Trump uses migrant caravan (I don't know if you are an American, and if this reference makes sense to you, apologies if it is not). It is sad, of course, but it does not mean that regular people would treat you poorly.
      I often see girls on the streets holding hands and being way to tender with each to be just friends. I have a friend who is opening lesbian and living with another girl. It is not something unheard of, and I don't think that when come here your sexuality would be a problem.
      Good luck with your studies :)

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  • Dr Sohail Abbas
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