Unintentional ASMR 📰 Browsing through Japanese Newspaper & Paper Ads (Page Turning & Talking)

  • Published on Aug 6, 2017
  • Original videos: tvclip.biz/video/KZCCl5Jx1bI/video.html
    Original channel: Kouhei7JP
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    (I significantly edited/enhanced the audio & video for better ASMR effect).

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  • Spider-Assassin7
    Spider-Assassin7 Day ago +1

    Hi (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Autumn Girgin
    Autumn Girgin Day ago

    Imagine being his parents and walking into his room questioning why he’s filming newspapers lol

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats 5 days ago

    Excellent job curating all these Unintentional ASMRs, Unintentional is always best! It’s ironic however that the Unintentional ASMR videos get WAAAAY MORE views and likes than the original video.

  • Ryan Murray GM 2016
    Ryan Murray GM 2016 12 days ago

    I thought American stuff was expensive, like shit lol.

  • Max Camus
    Max Camus 15 days ago

    Everything is so expensive

  • Gentle Dragon
    Gentle Dragon 15 days ago

    I don't know why washer and dryers always fascinate me but that section he went over they had some interesting ones that looked so interesting to try out. They dont look like ones that youd use in the US.

  • TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger 17 days ago +1

    I keep coming back to this video, it’s so good

  • Gustavo Bahr
    Gustavo Bahr 20 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Zhulduz Rakhimzhanova

    Я одна Путина увидела?!

  • MissShaina
    MissShaina Month ago

    I definitely need a wireless camera to show me who's fisting my house.

    VGO VGER Month ago

    Our papers have more clothing adds

  • Ronnie Relyea
    Ronnie Relyea Month ago

    Chicken tastes better than turkey in my opinion ! I used to work at KFC and Church’s chicken when I was in college. Never got tired of it .

  • Meriki Jiya
    Meriki Jiya Month ago

    I love it!

  • anterpants
    anterpants Month ago +1


  • just-me
    just-me Month ago

    Omg I love this lil Japanese guy he is sooo soothing!

  • Jugweta
    Jugweta Month ago

    He has a crush on Prada

  • RDFB101
    RDFB101 Month ago

    i love how theres so much writing and so many colours in each one of those tiny electronics adverts 🥰

  • TheRubberStudiosASMR

    Beautiful video!

  • sterlingtx75
    sterlingtx75 Month ago +1

    At 19:15, it sounds like he's getting in trouble with his mom. And then she comes back at 19:53 to tell him that she's not fucking around.

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda Month ago +3

    My mans never heard of a nail clippers

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago

    I hope this was made deliberately as an ASMR video. He sucked at explaining what he was seeing. He just mumbled to himself in English and Japanese and flipped pages.

  • Chyllax
    Chyllax 2 months ago +1

    "if there is anything you are particularly interested in, tell me"

  • anne vnht.
    anne vnht. 2 months ago

    He has such beautiful hands

  • spik pootarb
    spik pootarb 2 months ago

    stay japanese- multi-culturalism is a death trap and will shit on everything you ever loved and wipe you out!

  • Emily Autumn
    Emily Autumn 2 months ago

    Why don’t American newspapers have stock markets in it? 😑

  • Spencer Coleman
    Spencer Coleman 2 months ago

    26:18 nice.

  • manly mollusc
    manly mollusc 2 months ago +1

    2:27 Oh crabs ...

  • BEZ
    BEZ 2 months ago

    Probably my favorite asmr vid right now

  • TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger 2 months ago

    12:03 I leaned that it’s pronounced “Toe she ba” not “Tosh she ba”

  • berthemoose
    berthemoose 3 months ago +1

    13:30 it isn’t funny, it’s bloody genius

  • afadingmirage
    afadingmirage 3 months ago +1

    When people say you can do anything, ask them if constructing a Japanese newspaper is included in that statement

  • The Hh
    The Hh 3 months ago

    It's like the matrix in paper form

  • 56squadron
    56squadron 3 months ago

    Countries like Japan should revalue their currency. A TV is 178 thousand Yen? That's like the old days with Italy... a pack of gum is 4 million Lira. "Sorry.. I've only got a 20 million on me... can you break it?" I can't fathom how that even operates. What's the smallest sum then? And if it's not 1 Yen or 1 Lira... well hell, it's ridiculous either way.

  • ♤Numbundy♤
    ♤Numbundy♤ 3 months ago

    Ya know I'm not too interested in these newspapers, because its just..... :p.... but my dad reads them, but he becomes extremely obnoxious because he reads it out loud :< its annoying

  • quitesword ss
    quitesword ss 3 months ago

    1:38 Опа ! Это ж Путин

  • Nosferatu Al
    Nosferatu Al 3 months ago

    Please do check out a guy called Michael Ashby, he works for maserati, he reviews cars. He has the smoothest voice, very calm and paces himself amazingly & it's unintentional.

  • Nosferatu Al
    Nosferatu Al 3 months ago +1


  • Yeah, sure
    Yeah, sure 3 months ago +1

    If there's anything you're particularly interested, tell me

    • Ross M
      Ross M Month ago


  • w0ahfin
    w0ahfin 3 months ago

    incredibly soft video

  • Donut Life
    Donut Life 3 months ago

    No offense but don't y'all read right to left instead of left to right like we do over here?

  • Mrunaussprechlich
    Mrunaussprechlich 3 months ago

    If Aliens come earth, Japanese people should represent us as humans. They are the manifestation respect and politenes

  • Jim G
    Jim G 3 months ago

    Do they read from left to right in Japan as they do in the UK because the way you're turning those pages makes me wonder.

    • Mrunaussprechlich
      Mrunaussprechlich 3 months ago

      They read columns from top to bottom, which are ordered from right to left.

  • aragorn767
    aragorn767 3 months ago

    Two newspapers a day? That's intense.

  • Colin Anderson
    Colin Anderson 3 months ago +26

    Rice making machine: 38 thousand
    Earthquake absorbing mat: 980

    LOGAN LIEBMAN 3 months ago

    23:12 same bro

  • Vanessa 45
    Vanessa 45 4 months ago +2

    I keep coming back to this video. I've checked out his channel since the first time I've watched it on here. He has some interesting videos. Your editing on this one makes perfect ASMR sounds. Thank you for making these videos.💖

  • HolyMacarony _
    HolyMacarony _ 4 months ago

    Can anyone explain or translate the joke?

  • Jacqueline Yamaguchi
    Jacqueline Yamaguchi 4 months ago +2

    I thought he said "Moshi-moshi" (12:21)
    something in Japanese, then realized he said "washing machine"- HA!

  • CJ B
    CJ B 4 months ago

    He should explain how much the yen is compared to us dollar. Example massage chair is how much in us?

  • Putaspellonyou
    Putaspellonyou 4 months ago +11

    Amazing that in a highly-developed, post-industrial country like Japan, newspapers are still morning/evening edition and substantial. American newspapers haven't looked that robust in 20 years. I'll be the average Japanese person is far better informed than the average American as well.

  • R L
    R L 4 months ago


  • ian sharp
    ian sharp 4 months ago

    His mic was radioactive

    • MultiZefzef
      MultiZefzef 4 months ago

      The song we ear is an Hard disk drive maybe he was defraging it haha

  • Cory Ellis
    Cory Ellis 4 months ago


  • Mr. Materials
    Mr. Materials 4 months ago

    wing wong

    COSY BOOKS 4 months ago

    MORE ASMR FLIPPING THROUGH A MAGAZINE tvclip.biz/video/FPVMHQSsk_I/video.html

  • Juliana Shavers
    Juliana Shavers 4 months ago

    When was this made lol? iPod touch? Cmon....

  • Fusion72
    Fusion72 4 months ago

    Very cool...this guys seems like a really nice guy.

  • JamesTheMeerkat
    JamesTheMeerkat 4 months ago

    The way Japanese text is written reminds me of the code text falling in the Matrix (not sure what the style is called)

    • JamesTheMeerkat
      JamesTheMeerkat 4 months ago

      Ekenwars Well now I know!

    • Ekenwars
      Ekenwars 4 months ago

      The Matrix falling text is actually inspired by Japanese writing

  • Arc
    Arc 4 months ago +1

    You asked around minute 8:36 what we hear you said after if, I heard: "if there is anything particularly interesting that you'd like..." Hope it helps!!! Cheers from Mexico.

  • Graynoble
    Graynoble 4 months ago

    1:25 Eeeeeethathatha...